Feel free…to Indulge

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This morning you texted me a picture of you caressing your nipple. This got me going. And you knew it would.

I’ve wanted to rip your clothes off ever since. Thrust deep inside you and make you come so hard….

“Do you trust me, really trust me?” you whisper as you lustfully stare at my naked form lying in front of you.

“Yes.” I can barely utter the word as my desire for you is almost choking me.

“I have this fantasy….” You pause, painfully slowly unbuttoning your blouse, caressing your skin as you show me more and more. I can see your nipples straining through the sheer white fabric, and as you pinch one nipple teasingly you say:

“And I want you to fulfill it.”

I can feel myself growing even harder, the skin around my cock straining, hurting, and involuntary my balls contract and some pre cum forms on my tip. You lean forward and with just the tip of your tongue take all of it and taste me.

From nowhere a black silk scarf appears and before I realize it you have bound my wrists to the top of the bed.

You say “This is for both of us” putting my puzzled expression at ease.

Swaying from side to side as if dancing to your favorite song you seductively remove the rest of your clothing. Your heavy breasts jut out as they are released, your nipples already hard and dark. As you are about to pull your see through g-string down I notice that you are soaked, confirming that your lust for me is far more than I realized. Slowly the material slips off your pussy and I can see that you are glistening, and those sweet lips of yours swollen ortaköy escort with sexual want.

I could and would probably come with you just standing there, knowing that you want to feel my cock fill your pussy. Wet and hot!

As you sit on top of me, you position the tip of my cock against your pussy lips, slightly parting them, barely caressing your clit.

“Feel what you are doing to me!”

And I do. I can feel your burning heat envelope the top of my cock; I can feel your juices running down my shaft to my balls. You have never been this wet. What are you up to?

And then you take your fingers and lubricate them with your own juices. You gasp loudly as you slide down on me, taking the full swollen length of my cock deep inside you. I almost pass out with the unbelievable sensation of heat surrounding me. You push down harder; opening your legs even wider as if you want more, but your wet swollen lips has already taken all of me. I can feel you slide against my skin around the base of my cock as your juices keep flowing.

Sitting very still, you smile as your glistening fingers disappear behind you. Slowly you start caressing my rectum, and then without warning you slip your finger in. Surprised I gasp at the sensation, wanting to push up, but you hold me down and start moving your finger in and out of me faster and faster as you slowly start to slide up and down my cock. I can feel your pussy tightening around me as you start losing control.

The harder you are riding me the quicker you are finger fucking me.

Your otele gelen escort whole body stiffens as your cry out with ecstasy, your pussy gripping me tight as the orgasm rips through your body and you thrust your finger even deeper inside me.

I can feel my insides stiffen and my balls clench as I come hard, shooting up into you over and over again

“Please, I am not quite done. Please, now it is my turn.” The words are barely audible as your orgasm has left you breathless and hoarse. I am rather drunk with lust as I realize that we both had come very quickly, trying to recover from the intense orgasm.

Keeping your finger in me, you slowly start moving up and down on my shaft, making sure I stay hard. Then you suddenly lift yourself and I can feel my warm come flow over me, running over my balls down to where your finger is still sliding in and out.

I cry out with displeasure as you slip your finger out trying to comprehend the ‘your turn’ that I may or may not have heard properly. You lean forward and offer me your nipple, dark, hard and wanting.

I can feel your hand on my cock, slowly caressing me up and down. Your breathing gets deeper as I suck as hard as I dare. Suddenly you lean forward and bite down on my nipple. Intense pain shoots through my chest. You look up and smile as I realize that was rather enjoyable. Your hand lets go of my cock for a second and then you take me again and guide me towards your ass. Gently you push my tip into your hole, where you have just lubricated yourself a second ago with our otele gelen escort juices. Together we cry out, you with the realization of your fantasy and me with the knowledge that this is your first time.

For a few seconds you don’t move, almost looking for confirmation by biting your lower lip, and then you close your eyes and take me slowly up your ass. I groan loudly as I feel how unbelievably tight you are. You start breathing loudly as you slide up and down, increasing your own tempo progressively.

Your mouth is wide open, heavy breath after heavy breath. You take your hand and as I look down two of your fingers disappear into your pussy. The sight of you fucking yourself, the feeling of your tight ass around my cock is driving me insane, and I so want to drive deeper and harder into you. However, you are in control, taking and giving intense sex.

You push your fingers deeper into yourself, and suddenly I feel them against my cock through the thin skin separating them. You are now thrusting hard and your hand is a blur as your fingers loose control deep inside of you, stimulating both of us. I cannot control myself and my whole body contracts as I feel my come escape and surround my cock. Again a second wave of come shoots up your ass, my body almost cramping with pure ecstasy.

You throw your head back and scream as you come even harder that before, your ass tightening around my cock forcing even more come out of me. Your whole body is shaking, your breasts bouncing up and down as orgasm after orgasm rips through you, every time squeezing my cock tighter and tighter.

Just when I thought I was going to loose consciousness, you collapse against my chest.

For a while you just lay like that, my cock nestled between your ass cheeks, warm come and pussy juice all over me, and then you say:

“Next time…… feel free to indulge.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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