Fantasy for You on 1st Day Away

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Dear Heart, on this your first day away, I am feeling a bit blue, well more black and blue, hence the black lace and blue mesh negligee. You like to know what I have on, and I like it when you know what I am wearing. It is Wednesday, I have become accustomed to our Wednesday mornings. And you are not here.

I dressed up in play clothes, before I remembered you will not be here this morning, no coffee to brew, no good morning chat in the Kitchen before I lead you to the bedroom. Even the puppy is looking for her treat, laying by the kitchen door. I suppose I will have to make do with the scent from your shirt and my imagination.

I put on your shirt, one that I bought for you in my colors, as the fabric warms from my body heat, your scent awakens, surrounding me in memories of you here with me…

After your coffee, I lead you to the bedroom, to the bed that only you and I have shared, you let me unbutton your shirt, stealing kisses, then I remember the trick to your belt allowing me access to unbutton and unzip your trousers, you are at attention it feels good to be desired. Your back is sore this morning, too much driving, I have you get the pillow you like, and lie down so I can administer the care you need, my hands working out all the knots and tightness in you. My hands gliding with the unscented halkalı escort oil on your strong back. While you are relaxing you get a bit handsy, you love how wet you make me, I was wet when I made your coffee, I am drenched in the bed. This morning you take the initiative, and skillfully use your hand to bring me to climax, it doesn’t take much effort, just the scent of you has me aroused, touching you swells my clitoris, I was ready for this the entire time I massaged you.

I snuggle in to your side playing with your luxurious chest hair, using my teeth on your nipples, the way only I do. You are not done with me, you want me to work lower, you know I will, but I like to make you hunger for my oral skills, until you can not help yourself and push me lower. Today I face you, and take all of your enormity you can feel the back of my throat, you love that I don’t have a gag reflex and can take all of you. My hand is gently massaging the rest of you. You place your hand one on the base of my neck the other in my hair, massaging my neck, tugging my hair as I work my way up and down the shaft, never forgetting to circle the tip, and keep pressure with my tongue along the back. You get close but hold back, you want to be inside me, I want you inside me.

You tell me it harbiye escort is time to put on your armor, I am getting better at putting all of you in the latex free sheaths you found, so thoughtful not wanting to hurt me, you have me check the wrapper every time just to make certain I will not be burned. I put it on you, you are so very large I have to use both hands and pay attention while I apply the sheath, preparing you to be inside me. This makes me wetter. You let me lower myself on to you. As I straighten you clasp both of my hands in your strong capable ones, allowing me the leverage to move as I please, you striking the magic spot inside me with every stroke. You never lie still, always taking the initiative you move with me until I am sated at least twice, now you want to be in complete control.

You turn to your side, lowering me to the bed, you get up and signal me to come to you and turn around. I am excited, I love the look you give me when you take control, I want you to dominate me. I oblige, quickly moving being careful not to snag a heel in the sheets, today is navy blue suede, you take a moment to stroke the top of my foot and my shoe, such a turn on for us both. Then you firmly guide me to a kneeling position, using your hand to smear my wetness, then you grasp ikitelli escort my hips thrusting into me, I ask permission to touch myself, I want the internal and external orgasms, you tell me ” please do”. You grab my behind with firm control, while the thrusting continues. I am noisiest when you take me this way, I love that you do not mind, I can be free with you. You have been paying attention and know what sounds I make and how I move when I am close to climax, your pace intensifies bringing me closer faster, you hold back some of your seed, you want me to finish you orally.

Always the gentleman you remove the sheath, and come back to bed and to me. Now you run your hands firmly down my back, ensuring I am relaxed, once again I have my fingers playing with your long silky chest hairs, and take a nip at your neck, you make the tiniest moan, and again are fully erect for me. I move down and take all of you using my finger to externally massage that special piece of skin, using my tongue working up and down, in and out, there is a little noise you make right before you are near completion, I now use suction more intensely, ensuring I get every drop of your nectar none to be wasted.

I am sated, only thinking of you, my scattered multitrack brain concentrating on one thing at a time. I wish you could stay, but you have to go, you leave the bed, and start dressing, I get up and gargle, so that you will kiss me again before you leave. I button your shirt, preparing you for your day. You kiss me one last time before you leave me in the kitchen, promising to find another morning for me soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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