Fantasies Of You Ch. 05

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Chapter Five All Together In The All Together

“That story makes me tingly all over, you know.”

“As in nervous tingly or horny tingly?”

“Both, I suppose. It does make me very turned on, although I’m not sure I can be quite as wanton as your fantasy suggests.”

“I bet you could. I’ve seen your exhibitionist side a few times so I’m pretty sure you would play this part exactly the way I’ve scripted it.”

“Hmmmm, I don’t know but I’m always willing to try, sweetie,” you say, smiling broadly. “There’s always the washroom.”

“Yes, but not yet. What I wonder is whether you would do it if you knew, absolutely, someone was watching, say like on a stage or a movie set or something.”

“Oh gawd, no. Not a chance. I don’t see sex as a performance. I see it as an act of love between you and me. If someone accidentally – or even a little bit on purpose – sees us, well I don’t have a problem with that and, truth to tell, maybe I rather enjoy it. But to just blatantly make love in public for someone else’s enjoyment, no I’m not interested.”

“Not even a little bit?”

“No, I don’t think so. A little erotic exhibitionism is one thing – and, okay, I admit that does turn me on. But deliberately seeking it out. No, that’s not me.”

“Okay, we’ll put you down as undecided on that question. How about sex outdoors?”

“Well, you know I love that, sweetie. Where did you have in mind.”

“Well I’ve told you about this fantasy before and we’ve actually done it more or less but it still ranks up there with my best.”

“Let me guess,” you say, taking my hand. “The banks of the Salmon River.”


There is something both very innocent and very sensuous about making love outdoors in broad daylight. Maybe because, on the one hand, it’s sort of like little kids discovering each other’s bodies on the playground – “I’ll show you mine if you show me etiler otele gelen escort yours” – and maybe, on the other hand, because it’s so liberating to be naked in the sunshine.

Today we’ve decided to play hokey from work since it is your birthday. It’s a warm, clear, bright late morning in mid-July as we pack a light picnic lunch and a bottle of chilled Chardonnay in the cooler, stuff a tartan blanket in a bag and head for the great outdoors.

We are not going far, at least in terms of distance. But a discovery I made while shooting a little movie along the river a few years ago revealed some picturesque locations that feel hundreds of miles from civilization.

Of course there’s always the chance we could get caught since if I discovered this place so could others. But my experience has been the spot we’re heading to now is secluded and very private despite being almost in the centre of a city. And that’s what we want – seclusion and privacy and outdoors and semi-public, if that’s not all a ridiculous contradiction. It’s really not.

We park the four-by-four on a residential side street and walk about 10 minutes along a pathway near the river. Where the path climbs a hill, however, we take the low road, a narrow weedy trail that leads to a broad grassy field and then down a bank to a small patch of grass surrounded mostly by trees. In front of us is a backwater of the river. And although I filmed in this located for several days the only person I ever saw was a fly fisherman. He’s not with us today.

Because it’s a warm day we’re dressed in summer gear – Bermuda shorts, T-shirts and sandals. You’re not wearing a bra (you racy little devil) and I rather doubt you’ve got underpants on either. Well, neither have I.

We spread the blanket on the grass and I open the wine as you check out our surroundings, just to make etiler rus escort sure we haven’t wandered into a police trap. But there’s no one around but the birds and the bees; in fact we can hardly even hear the sounds of the city around us.

“I would like to take your clothes off,” I say as we kiss standing beside the water. “I want to see you absolutely naked and then I want to kiss every inch of your lovely skin.”

“Well, I want you naked, too.”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

I pull your T-shirt over your head and bend to suckle on one of your magnificent breasts. As they say, you’ve got great tits, baby – even if you don’t like to use that word – but for some reason they look even more spectacular when they are exposed outdoors.

You pull my T-shirt over my head and then we crush together, your bare breasts against my bare chest in a French-kissing writhing dance of rising passion.

I fiddle with your shorts, finally unhinge the button and release the zipper and push them over your hips. They slip to your feet and you step out, kicking them onto the blanket. I kneel in front of you tracing my lips across your belly and hips and thighs and then take a long swipe with my tongue along the slash of your pussy. Your hand runs through my hair.

When I stand up you undo my shorts and push them down and now I’m as naked as you are. Once more we embrace with erotic longing and then you kiss your way down my body until your warm mouth finds my cock hard and straight.

But we’re not quite totally undressed yet. I pull you to your feet and remove your gold chain necklace and watch. You remove mine. Now we are as much in our birthday suits as we can possibly be – which is only appropriate given the occasion we are celebrating.

Hand-in-hand we walk around our little grassy space, feeling totally free and uninhibited, etiler türbanlı escort the way nature intended. As I look at you I marvel at how beautiful your body is and I feel my cock grow even more.

“What are you looking at?” you ask.

“At you, sweetie. Gawd you’re gorgeous without clothes on. You make me so fucking horny,” I respond. “I wonder if our ancestors wandering around like this. It just makes me want to bend you over and ravage you from behind.”

In two quick steps you close the distance between us, wrapping me in your arms.

“Do me that way, the way you want.”

You turn and bend over with your hands on the ground. I waste not a moment on further niceties. I move behind you and shove my hard cock deep into your pussy, which fortunately is soaking wet and totally receptive to my sudden advance. Suddenly I feel, well, primal.

“Oh gawd yes,” you urge, “take me hard, sweetie, give it to me.”

I grab your tits for support. I bang away with urgency into your hot little cunt. You rock against me, pushing me deeper and deeper into you pussy with each thrust. I feel the pleasure well up in my loins. I’m going to cum soon. Oh gawd, I’m . . . going . . . to . . . cum . . . NOW.

But just as I start to pump my sticky semen I pull out of you and splash my load across your ass and up your back, jacking myself off until my cock is limp. I collapse behind you, breathing hard against your bum.

The move quite stuns you. You remain bent over for several seconds as I hug your hips before standing up. Gobs of cum run down your back and into the crack of your ass.

“Why did you do that?”

“I don’t know. Seemed like the thing to do,” I say, holding you tight and kissing your belly. “Sort of primitive – early birthcontrol.”

“Well, I quite liked it. What do you do for an encore, oh cave man.”

I stand up and rub the cum across your ass and down the crack to your pussy as you grind against my softened cock.

“I think this cave man would say: Me eatum now.”

And with that I push you down onto the blanket and, as promised, lick every inch of your soft, smooth skin before spreading your legs to enjoy a wonderful feast of fresh pussy in the great outdoors.

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