European Holiday Ch. 02

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I arrived back at my hostel in Rome around 6:30pm. It was still light outside, but the air had cooled and the sun had dipped slightly. I needed a shower after my little countryside ‘excursion’, so I parked up my scooter and headed to my room in the hostel. I entered the dormitory to the sound of laughter. At the far end, taking up two bunks were a group of four girls, probably student travellers. They weren’t speaking English, so I couldn’t talk to them, but they sounded German. They stopped talking so loudly and the voices descended into whispers as I entered. I didn’t look at them too hard at this point, but they seemed pretty trim.

It was a pretty cheap place, so all I had as a cupboard was a plastic box under my bed with a padlock on it. I opened it up and grabbed my towel before heading to the showers, just along the corridor. As I passed through the door on the way out, the girls behind me suddenly burst into laughter again. Of course, I couldn’t tell whether they were laughing at me or were simply having a private joke, but I made a mental note to give them a funny look next time I saw them.

The showers were semi-communal. There wasn’t much privacy if you wanted it, and the shower spaces were arranged in blocks of four. Luckily the place was empty so I could wash my body in peace. After that I went down to the little shop at the entrance of the hostel to get some cheap food. I figured I’d eat something before having a quick nap. After that, the Roman night was mine to enjoy. Down in the shop, that same gaggle of German students were huddled around one of the tables. When I entered they went through the routine of going suddenly quiet before erupting into laughter. If it wasn’t for my incredible encounter I had had earlier that day, this kind of behaviour would have had me squeaming with embarrassment. As it was, I simply looked over to them as they leant over the table and made obvious expressions that I was looking them up and down, checking them out, undressing them with my eyes. It worked. The girls were young to have been unnerved by such noticeable mental undressing and although they tried to disguise it, I could see they weren’t going to fuck with me any more. With that, I bought my food and ate it back in the dorm before catching an hour or so worth of sleep.

I awoke around 8 and went straight out. I wanted to hit a few bars, meet some people and enjoy the Roman nightlife. It was warm but crisp outside and the city was buzzing with activity. It felt good. As I wondered the small streets and piazzas, I cast my mind back to the beautiful Italian girl I had encountered in the countryside earlier on. Images of her luscious lips wrapped around my cock, her breasts shaking as I thrust into her and her petit gasps of air as she orgasmed on me was making me feel horny again. I started to hope that I would bump into a group of drunk tourists as I wondered around the streets, but I knew that was ridiculous. That chance meeting was a once in a life time thing… it must be. As my mind explored its thoughts and my eyes gazed at the beautiful architecture of the ancient city, I only just managed to hear a voice, calling. Eventually I realised it was my name that was being spoken, “Joe. Joe!” I turned to look where it was coming from. It was female and sounded familiar. After scouring the scattered chairs and tables that littered the Roman piazzas my eyes fell on the face that was looking at me and saying my name. I know that face.

“Hello Joe, from Britain,” the girl from the scooter shop smiled.

“Er, good evening,” I replied. I looked around her table to see who she was with, but the other chairs seemed empty. She was holding onto a bottle of Italian beer and in the other hand was a smoking cigarette.

“Come. Sit with me,” she motioned with her cigarette the chair nearest to her.

“You alone?”

“Si. I like to sit and watch. Lucky me, seeing you,” she said playfully. She lifted the bottle to her lips and smiled at me while she flicked the end with her tongue. Once again, she was dressed simply. A simple white t-shirt and leggings. On her feet she wore sandals, and her dark shiny hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She had the kind of body that could get away with such simplicity.

“So, Joe… what does a man like you do on holiday?” She took a drag of the cigarette and blew it into the air, exposing her smooth slender neck.

“Well… I look for experiences… sample the delights…”

“And have you seen anything you want to… experience?” Glancing down, I saw her foot lift gently out of her sandal and she rubbed gently against my leg. When I looked up, she was staring straight into my eyes. The way she was looking at me, brushing her foot up and down my leg and tantalizing the bottle with her tongue was getting to me. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as my crotch began to swell. This did not go unnoticed and she raised her eyebrows in mock surprise.

“You… you seem like a nice girl…” I offered pathetically.

She fulya escort stared at me for a few seconds without saying a word. I could see her mind was ticking over. Suddenly she threw back the bottle and downed the beer. Slamming it back onto the table she stood up and offered her hand.

“Come. I show you Rome — give you an… experience, yes?”

“Er, OK, sounds good,” I said eagerly and stood up. Automatically she linked her arm into mine and led me down one of the streets.

“I take you to a good ruin. People not know this one.”

I nodded my head and allowed myself to be dictated to. I had no idea what she thought I wanted, but her attitude was irresistible. As we walked in silence through the streets of Rome, my semi-erect cock rubbed against my trousers, the tantalizing softness of her skin on my arms and the smell of her hair sending primeval signals through my body.

Eventually we came to a halt.

“Look. We here,” she gesticulated with her hand to a large area in front of us. It was surrounded by a low wall. It was dark and quiet, but as I stared into the gloom, looming columns and arches emerged from the darkness. I turned to her.

“This is the ruin?”

“Si. It nice and quiet in there.”

“That’s because it’s closed. We can’t go in there,” I went over to the wall and made signals to her that it was not possible for us to get in. “It’s too late.”

“I thought you said you want experience,” she chuckled. Before I could answer, she leapt onto the surrounding wall and down into the ruin below.

“Come!” she whispered back up to me. In a panic, I threw myself over the wall and landed on my feet next to her. We were about 10 feet below street level.

“You OK?” she asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m cool. I just feel a bit…”

“Uncomfortable?” she interrupted.

“A bit, yeah.”

“Is that because of the wall, or is it this,” she stepped forward and rested the palm of her hand against my crotch. Her hands closed gently around the shape of my engorged member. I laughed out of shock.

“Yeah, maybe it is that.”

“Follow me. I can help with that,” releasing her grip, she turned and walked further into the ruin. I shook my head and laughed to myself before following. What was going on? Could this really be happening? She had disappeared among the Roman columns that were standing upright in the darkness. A solitary flood light lit one side of them, casting on side into deep shadow while the other was bathed in a dim yellow glow.

“Joe.” I heard her whisper as I tiptoed into the stone forest. I turned to see her leaning against one of the columns, hidden in the shadow. I walked over to her.

“Joe. What is my name?”

“I — I don’t know… sorry.”

“My name is Maria. Now that you know my name, we can begin.” She grabbed my hand and shoved it down the front of her leggings. My fingers pressed up against the soft mound of fur and felt the gentle warmth emanating from her slit. ‘Fuck me,’ I thought. This is going to happen. This nubile young thing wanted me, and wanted me bad.

“Do you know what to do, Joe?” she asked leaning forward and placing her lips on mine. I mumbled a response in the affirmative. I was suddenly fixated with the idea that I was going to make this girl come, and come hard.

“Sure I do,” I said. Keeping my right hand firmly shoved into her leggings, I stood behind her. One hand was resting on her throbbing snatch, the other lying on her stomach, feeling the perfect contours and soft downy hair that glimmered in the semi-darkness.

I started my simply massaging her mound, moving all four fingers in a circular motion, taking in the softness of the skin between her legs. My other hand shifted up her torso and tentatively brushed her pert breast. The cool night air swept under her t-shirt and sprang her nipples to life. My fingers exploring her crotch started to make more deliberate circles as they looked for her entrance, separating her sweet pussy lips and exposing her clit. Rubbing the entrance of her slit, I coaxed some of her juices out and spread it over her lips and clitoris. Meanwhile my other hand was gently squeezing her breast. I moved it over her nipple so that my palm just skimmed the tip. I gave her goose pimples in anticipation. She breathed in sharply and leant her head over. I covered her neck in kisses, tasting her sweet skin, allowing her perfume to enter my nose. Her pussy was now wet and my fingers slide along her turgid lips with ease. I played delicately with the opening, dipping one finger in and out, increasing Maria’s burning need to be filled. The delicateness that I displayed made her stomach seem strangely hollow, wanting the void to be filled, the blood in her veins waiting anxiously for the command to come rushing forth, filling her vessels and wrapping itself around the large invading cock.

Her whole body rippled with pleasure as finally, I snuck my middle finger into her gebze escort wet snatch. My other hand quickly tweaked her nipple and she shifted her balance — the tingling pleasure she was experiencing was making it difficult for her to stand. My finger slipped in and out smoothly so I decided to press in another. She was warm and wet and I could feel her thighs trying to clamp down on my wrist as my middle and ring fingers probed her cunt, curling upwards to brush the small rough patch that was her g-spot. She began to gasp once I began to curl and twist my fingers inside her, fucking her pussy with my hand. She reached around to grasp my head and neck to stop her from falling down as my palm began to slap against her soaking mound, driving her upwards, almost lifting her. She went on her tiptoes from the force of my strokes. My palm rubbed her clit while my exploring fingers stimulated her g-spot. My other hand was now rubbing her tits, pinching the nipples and making her feel as if my large hands were all over her, violating her, kneading her like putty while pleasure and excitement bubbled up from within her body, soaking her skin like a wet sponge until she felt utterly helpless in my hands, weakened at the knees and gasping for breath. My fingering action was now becoming violent, but I could tell she loved it, with every stroke I could feel her orgasm rising. She suddenly took a sharp intake of breath and went silent for a few seconds, high on her tip toes and her nails dug into my neck… then, a rush of pleasure washed over her, starting from somewhere in her abdomen, charging down into her pussy sending quivers of pleasure into the tip of her clit, up and down her wet slit and eventually making her skin hum… she gasped, half growled as the orgasm shuddered her body, twitched her muscles, wiped her brain of all thought then finally collapsed. Her hot juices coated my hand as I rubbed her pussy in large gentle circles, extracting the last vestiges of her orgasm, making her jolt and tremble. She breathed “Stop…” and when I pulled my hand out from her leggings, her hands dropped to her side and she fell to the floor. She lay there for a few seconds, feeling herself, regaining control of her breath, rubbing the inside of her thighs with her hands. Then, as if gripped with a sudden claustrophobia, she started to wriggle out of her clothes, desperate to take them off, to release her skin, to embrace the moment.

Her body was divine. She was slim, probably about a size 10 with smooth, toned skin. She had an exotic olive shade to her skin, combined with her deep dark hair, she looked like a goddess lying on the ground. The insides of her legs were glistening with her pussy juices and her small dark nipples were neatly erect in the night air. I enjoyed watching her lie in front of me, exhausted, as her chest rose and fell from her breathing, taking in every inch of her. My cock was rock hard and it wanted to fuck her so badly, like an irresistible itch, my cock needed the full treatment. I unzipped my trousers and pulled down my boxers, allowing my member to stand to full attention, ready and waiting to do its duty.

“Hey, Maria…” I whispered. She opened her eyes and smiled softly when she saw my boner.

“You want to collect your prize, yes?” Maria said seductively. She rose to her knees and shuffled up to me. My cock was only inches from her face, and it was all I could do to stop myself grabbing her head and shoving my cock into her mouth. My rigid probe jumped a little in anticipation.

Maria’s small, delicate hand rose up and her fingers gently wrapped themselves around my cock. She whistled softly on the end of it and the cool breath tickled my cock-end and balls. Slowly she lifted my cock up and lowered her head. Sucking, she trapped one of my testicles in her mouth, letting it roll around inside, feeling the warmth. She looked up at me, the whites of her eyes glazed and the pupils holding a dark secret. She started to hum, sending tiny tingling messages through the sensitive nerve endings clustered in my balls. She went to the next one, doing the same thing, then started to gently stroke my cock, slow at first just letting my foreskin pop over my rim, then pulling it back again. It felt amazing. After pleasuring my balls in this way, she lifted her head back up again and started to play more vigorously with my dick. She gave an expert hand-job. She gripped my dick in just the right position so it neither pulled my skin back too far nor failed to stimulate the head. To aid her action, she spat on the end of my dick and smudged it all over, spreading it using her palm so that at one point, my whole bell-end was covered by her warm wet hand. She started to pump a bit harder now, gripping a bit tighter, making the veins on my member bulge. Then once again, her head dipped and she continued sucking on my balls, flicking them with her tongue while her small fist pumped and jerked at my cock. The sound of her fist thumping against my stomach, gültepe escort and the faint popping sound as she released my balls from her mouth echoed around the Roman columns in the darkness.

And then she stopped abruptly.

“Let’s see how quickly I can make you come, yes?” I looked down at her, her beautiful face with my quivering cock just inches away from her lips, her naked body, sublime, near perfect… her smile and innocent yet dirty looking eyes. I was close to coming already!

She moved her hands around to grip my buttocks, leaving her no defence from the weapon that stood before her. She kissed the end, a big sloppy kiss which didn’t stop. The kiss continued until she had taken most of my head into her mouth, her tongue rolling over and over it, tasting the drips of pre-cum my balls had surrendered. Gradually her lips slid further and further down my shaft, gobbling it up like a snake eating its prey. Eventually she had over half my dick in her mouth and I could see her concave cheeks we sucking gently, drawing the blood to the surface, her lips keeping a tight seal. It was a gorgeous feeling, the warmth of her mouth over my dick, her tongue with barely enough room to move lolling softly over my crown and her warm breath from her nose caressing my balls. She looked up at me. My God, this girl knew what she was up to. To think, everyone goes on about deep-throat, whereas that doesn’t have to matter when a girl like Maria knows exactly what the fuck she is doing. The thought of it made my dick lurch again inside her mouth. She seemed to take this as a cue because suddenly, without warning she started working my dick in and out of her mouth, rolling her head around, getting it at different angles, poking it into her cheeks and really going for it. One of her hands moved from off my buttocks and regained a firm grip on the base of my penis, both to pump the shaft and to help her keep it firmly directed towards her. It was a bit of a racket to be honest, the sounds of her snorting and sucking all over my dick bounced off the ruins, increasing the volume, making the situation all the more horny. I really couldn’t take any more. She seemed so eager for my spunk, so loving of my dick, how could I refuse her anymore? Besides, she was dragging my orgasm out of me with every snog of my cock, jerk of her hand on my shaft, roll of her tongue, every time she looked up at me, her wide eyes glistening as my dick moved in and out of her head, pumping into her, violating her mouth.

My balls twitched, sending the first little burst of semen into my cock, along the shaft and onto Maria’s tongue. She must have tasted it as she immediately looked up at me and started to pump the more furiously on my dick, and her head began to move frantically back and forth like a woodpecker. My dick swelled as it sucked up the spunk from my balls then began to pump it directly into Maria’s mouth. It felt like more than I had ever shot before. Her hand pumped and pumped on my dick, forcing every last drop to spray into her awaiting mouth. As she sucked, I saw her taking gulps as each fresh batch of my sperm fired itself into her mouth. My body jolted as she extracted the last of my semen. She pulled her head off my dick and opened her mouth, showing me it was completely empty. As my erection gradually subsided, she pushed the last of my semen out, letting it drip into her mouth before swallowing once again.

“Oh, Joe. You taste good.” I didn’t say anything, but let out a huge gasp of air. She stroked and petted my body as I recovered from my orgasm, all the while looking up at me lovingly. I slid down the column I was leaning on and squatted on the floor.

“That… that was fucking incredible!” I said.

“I know,” she said nonchalantly. “I could tell you liked it. Cigarette?” She rummaged in her purse and pulled out a packet, put two in her mouth and lit them together with her lighter before passing one to me. We sat there in silence for a minute or two while we both recovered, blowing smoke into the still, luke-warm air around us.

After a few minutes, Maria, lying on the ground, turned on to her stomach and looked at me. I was beginning to recognise this characteristic she had, it meant she was thinking about doing something.

“Hey, Joe. You still have clothes on. Come,” and without asking permission, began pulling my trousers off my legs, taking my trainers off with them. She threw them to one side.

“Now your top,” she crawled over to me and straddled my stomach, then reaching down began to tug on my t shirt.

“OK, ok,” I laughed and took off my t-shirt, so the two of us were completely naked, her body sitting on top of mine. From this position she looked awesome. Her pussy was a neat little furry patch that curved upwards into a smooth rounded stomach. She had a deep tummy button surrounded by the lightest of downy hair which spread up to her rib-cage. Here hung her two beautiful breasts. The crease on the underside gave them a beautiful shape and the contours never strayed far off perfect, making them pert, nubile handfuls. Her nipples were slightly dark and smooth. Until they were stimulated they rested beneath the surface of her skin. Maria pulled at her pig-tail and let her hair cascade onto her shoulders.

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