Erotic Encounter at Home

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Walking in the front door of the house all the lights are off and you can only see the dim outline of the furniture. You reach for the light switch and feel my hand blocking the switch. Softly I whisper in your ear that I would rather start with the lights off so that we can feel our way around each other’s body. A slight grin comes across your face and before I can control myself I am kissing your lips. Your eyes close and your body seems to go limp from feeling me touch you so tenderly. You softly kiss back thinking about the light touch on your face when suddenly you become overtaken with desire. You want me now more then ever before in your life.

You reach for my belt, however again you are blocked. I pull away from your kiss and say, “Not yet my dear.” I slowly start to remove your blouse and kiss the tenderness of your neck the entire time. As your shirt falls to the floor I start to kiss your arms, shoulders, stomach, sides and chest. Just as I start to nibble on your ears you shiver and your knees give way.

Landing on the floor I continue to undress you and remove your pants. You start to protest about me having all my clothes on and you being there in your bra and panties only, however as I continue to kiss your soft skin your protest gives way to moans of pleasure. I suddenly move down and start to kiss the outlines of your panties. I can smell your excitement from your pussy and even make out a small damp spot on your panties. I continue my slow journey down your body and kiss the length of your legs. From one to the other and back again I plant small kisses on them and even drag my tongue along in certain spots etiler bdsm escort to add to your pleasure and excitement.

Looking up at your face I notice that your eyes are closed and you are completely caught up in the moment. I grab the edge of your panties and pull them down. You push you hips up to allow me quicker access to the hidden treasure. Once I remove your panties and throw them to the side I kiss the outer edges of your pussy and take in a deep breath of your aroma. I push myself up to your body and remove your bra. The moment your bra comes off your nipples are at full attention and just waiting to be sucked on. Your move your hands over your breasts, pinch both nipples and remind me just how much you love your tits to be played with.

I move in place and suck on your left nipple while you play with your right one. At the same time I reach down and slide my fingers along the edge of your pussy. The very moment I touch your clit, you moan with delight, spread your legs and beg me to push my finger in your wet pussy. As I slid a single finger in your pussy I switch breasts and start to suck on the other. You know that I love to play with your tits as you feed yourself to me. Your pussy starts to shiver and is getting wetter and hotter by the moment. Just as you get to the point of your orgasm I remove my finger and stand up. You start to complain about me stopping, however change your mind when you notice what I am doing next.

Slowly I remove my shirt and allow it to fall on your body. You grin at me knowing what is next. I undo my belt give you a smirk and remove etiler elit escort my pants. As my jeans hit the floor you notice that I am very erect and even can make out movement within my underwear. I move my body right in front of your face as I reach down and remove my shorts. Just as my underwear comes off my hard nine-inch cock hits you in the face. You smile and tell me that you can’t wait to get me inside of you. You reach up and wrap your hands around my cock and start to stroke me. You sit up the rest of the way and suck the head of my cock in to your mouth. However after just a few short strokes I once more stop you.

I stand you up and we move to the bathroom. You look at me as I reach in and start the shower. While waiting for the water to heat up we continue to kiss and even drop hump each other. You brace yourself against the sink and I pull your naked body up to mine. You can feel my cock brushing up against your pussy entrance. Your eyes roll back in to your head while you suck in your lower lip and bit down tenderly.

We step in to the shower together and start to feel the warm water hit our bodies. I reach over and grab the soap to lather up your body. Slowly I start to touch you from head to toes. You lean back against the wall and tell me that no one has ever done this for you before. You are still standing there with your eyes closed when suddenly you feel the edge of my tongue at the entrance of your pussy. You grab my head and pull me in to your pussy. Slowly I lick your clit in to my mouth and suck on it likes it’s made of candy. Without notice or warning you suddenly etiler escort have a quick orgasm that rocks your body to the point you feel faint.

In order to keep you in the moment I stand up, hold you against the wall with my body and kiss you again. As your mind comes back down to earth you look at me, smile and say…”Let’s get in bed and fuck!” I remember reaching to turn the water off, but am not even sure if I got it to stop before we were both out of the shower and heading towards the bed. I glace at your naked body and take in the full view of your ass while you bend over.

Once in the bed you waste no time in getting to business. I am flat on my back and you move your pussy lips down over my hard cock. I fill you up with one full hard stroke and as you hit bottom you just hold yourself in place and enjoy the pleasure. You slowly start to move your wet pussy up and down my cock while I reach out and start to play with your tits. Sucking on your hard nipples I can feel you getting close to yet another orgasm. I roll you over on to your back and pull your legs back. I slid the entire length of my cock in you and your orgasm hits with such power that you squirt pussy juice out. Relentless in my fucking power I continue to stroke in and out of your pussy. You come again and again all the time calling out my name.

Suddenly I tell you that I am getting close and your smile and grab my ass. You tell me to let you know when I am ready to come because you want to taste this load of come. I tell you that I have been close this entire time and am having a hard time holding off much longer. Just from hearing those words you scoot your body down, have me straddle your tits and you start to suck my cock in to your mouth. I close my eyes and reach down to grab my cock. Suddenly I start to unload come all over your face and mouth. You catch as much of it as you can in your mouth all the while saying nothing more then “mmmmmm.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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