Emma’s Secret Pt. 06

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*All characters in this fictional story are 18 or older*

Emma’s Secrets Pt. 06

Emma was overjoyed at giving her mother several orgasms and loved how her mother had kissed her, tasting her own juices on her face and giggled,

“From one of my girlfriends that I’ve fooled around with.” Emma answered

“I never knew, or had any idea that you were into females,” said Cathy.

Emma didn’t want to tell her mother about Barbara from the lingerie shop just yet that would come later.

She had something else on her mind and as she began sliding her mother’s bathrobe off her she giggled, “Now let me get a good look at you and see you naked.”

Cathy let the bathrobe slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor and stood there in front of her daughter, completely naked except for her panties that were still around her ankles.

“Mommy you look amazing… I want you to make love to me just like I did to you,” pleaded Emma lying back down on her bed.

Cathy knelt down between Emma’s legs and buried her face against her daughter’s pussy and began licking it. When her mother flicked her tongue over her small love bud several times, Emma screamed, “I’m coming, oh god yes keep licking my pussy.”

When Cathy sucked Emma’s young bud into her mouth, Emma gasped and pressed down on the back off her mother’s head keeping her mouth onto her wet pussy. After taking another deep breath Emma chuckled to herself knowing that she had successfully seduced her mother.

When Emma heard her bedroom door being opened, she looked up to see her father standing at the door stroking his cock. Emma smiled at her father and waved for him to come into her bedroom. Mal moved into his daughter’s bedroom and lifted his wife up off her knees.

Cathy lifted her mouth off Emma’s pussy and looked over her shoulder and was shocked to see her husband standing there stroking his hard cock. She tried to open her mouth to speak but before she could utter a word, Mal pushed his wife’s mouth back onto their daughter’s pussy. He then pushed his fingers into his wife’s wet cunt and started furiously finger fucking her.

A few minutes later he removed his fingers and thrust his hard throbbing cock into his wife’s wet cunt making her moan into her daughter’s pussy. He then began slamming his cock into his wife’s pussy as he smiled down at his daughter.

It was long before Mal’s cock was exploding inside his wife’s cunt When he had finished coming, he pulled his soft spent cock out of his wife’s cum filled cunt and sat down on the bed.

When Emma removes her hands from her mother’s head, Cathy lifted her mouth off their daughter’s pussy and sat down on the bed next to her husband. She was shocked to see their daughter sit up and take her father’s soft limp cock into her mouth and start sucking it, trying to make it hard again.

As soon as Emma had made her father’s cock hard, she lifted her mouth off and laid back down on the bed, spread her legs and said, “Fuck me Daddy.”

Cathy watched in disbelief as her husband stood up and moved between their daughter’s legs, thrust his cock into her pussy and start fucking her with hard fast thrusts. It was plain for Cathy to see that Emma was no virgin and that she had been fucked before. Without hesitating Cathy pushed her fingers into her cum filled cunt and began to furiously finger fuck her cunt as she excitedly watched her husband fucking their daughter.

It didn’t take long before Mal’s cock was erupting inside Emma’s pussy, filling her with his daddy cum. He left his cock to go soft inside his daughter’s pussy, before removing his cock. He then sat down on the bed beside his wife and chuckled, “I guess we should talk.”

“How long have you been fucking Emma?” cried Cathy.

“How long have you been fucking your boss?” asked Mal.

Cathy’s face turned bright red and she begged, “It’s not what you think, please let me explain.”

“I’m not upset, and you don’t have to explain, or stop fucking him,” replied Mal.

“You’re not angry or upset?” asked Cathy.

“No, I’m not, I understand how you had to let your boss fuck you to keep your job,” replied Mal.

“Mommy are you fucking Mr. Wilson for money?” giggled Emma.

“Emma! You don’t understand,” cried Cathy.

“I think it’s time for Emma to tell you her secret,” chuckled Mal.

“What secret?” asked Cathy.

“Mommy, I’ve been letting men fuck me for money,” replied Emma.

“You’ve been fucking what?” screamed Cathy.

“Our daughter has been letting men fuck her for money,” said Mal.

“That’s dreadful and so wrong,” cried Cathy.

“Mommy, I just wanted to help,” said Emma with tears in her eyes.

“Cathy, it’s just the same as what you have been doing… fucking Mr. Wilson and his clients,” barked Mal.

“Who told you that bullshit?” asked Cathy.

“Bill did, the other night at dinner with him, he told me about what was happening. He wanted to know how I felt about you going away with him to the conferences,” replied Mal.

“He beylikdüzü escort did… What did you say to him?” asked Cathy nervously.

“I told Bill that you would do anything he wanted,” replied Mal.

“Why did you tell him that?” barked Cathy.

“Because it was true, and we needed the money from your job,” replied Mal.

“I can make us money,” Emma excitedly cried.

“I know you can sweetheart, but you shouldn’t have to support your parents… the money you’re making is for your college education,” replied Mal.

“Can Mommy and I meet men together?” asked Emma.

Mal chuckled, “That might not be such a bad idea, there would be a lot of men wanting to fuck a mother and her daughter… including your mommy’s boss.”

“My boss, you’re joking about Mr. Wilson, aren’t you?” cried Cathy.

“No, I’m not joking… Bill was asking a lot of questions about Emma and asked if she loved having sex as much as her mother does,” replied Mal.

“What did you tell him,” asked Cathy.

“I told him that Emma’s appetite for sex was probably stronger,” chuckled Mal wrapping his arm around Emma’s naked body and giving her a cuddle.

“Oh my god, if he finds out that Emma is being fucked for money, he will want to fuck her himself,” cried Cathy.

“Bill already knows,” chuckled Mal.

“How would he know?” asked Cathy.

“I sort of let it slip out that was what she was doing,” replied Mal.

“Oh Mal, what the fuck have you done,” cried Cathy.

Emma reached out and gave her father’s limp cock a squeeze and giggled, “Mommy is Mr. Wilson going to fuck us both?”

“I don’t know sweetheart, I will have to think about it,” Cathy replied standing up and walking out from her daughter’s bedroom.

“Babygirl you were fantastic, you seduced your mother, now everything is out in the open and we don’t have to keep any more secrets from each other,” chuckled Mal.

After giving his daughter a kiss Mal returned to his bedroom where his naked wife was lying awake. He climbed into bed with Cathy and pulled the bedsheets up over his body and turned and gave her a passionate kiss.

After their lips had separated Cathy asked, “Are you sure you’re okay with all this and don’t mind me fucking my boss?”

“Don’t forget about all your boss’s friends that you’re also fucking,” said Mal.

“Oh fuck you must think I’m a slut… all I was trying to do was to keep my job,” cried Cathy.

“I don’t think you are a slut and I understand why you fucked them,” replied Mal.

Cathy leaned over and kissed her husband and asked, “Has your cock recovered enough to fuck me?”

Mal chuckled, “My cock is always ready to fuck you, now roll over onto your stomach for me.”

“You’re not going to fuck my ass are you,” Cathy asked as he lifted her up into her knees.

“Do your boss and his friends fuck your ass?” chuckled Mal.

Cathy just nodded her head and buried it in a pillow as she felt her husband’s cock being pushed into her asshole. Once his cock was all the way inside his wife’s ass, he pulls it partly out and then slammed it all the way back in. Mal was soon fucking Cathy’s ass like he was in a hurry to cum. He slammed his cock in and out her ass at a raging pace as if he was punishing her for letting her boss and his friends fuck her ass.

With her head lying in a pillow Cathy’s moans of pleasure were muffled. She had one of her hands under her body furiously rubbing her cunt when she lifted her head off the pillow and screamed, “I’m coming, oh god yes you’ve made me cum.”

Mal had never given his wife orgasm from fucking her ass before. The only thing different he was doing was fucking his wife’s ass hard and fast; did she like being fucked roughly and hard, Mal wondered as his cock exploded inside her ass.

After pulling his soft spent cock out of her ass Cathy collapsed face down on the bed with Mal lying beside her and after catching her breath she rolled onto her side and said, “That was incredible.”

“Emma loves having her ass fucked too,” chuckled Mal.

“You’ve fucked her ass?” asked Cathy.

“I have and so have plenty of other men,” chuckled Mal.

“How long has she been letting men fuck her for money?” asked Cathy.

“I’m not sure, I only found out when she phoned and asked me to bring her clothes to a cheap motel. Her clothes and underwear were stolen by two men she was with,” replied Mal.

“Who were the two men?” asked Cathy.

“She doesn’t know or won’t tell me, she said she was drugged, but they left money on the table for her,” replied Mal.

“That’s terrible, what about the other men that were fucking her?” asked Cathy.

“When she went shopping with you, she left her mobile phone at home and when I saw the messages on it, I decided to follow her,” replied Mal.

“Where did she go? asked Cathy.

“Not to school, like we thought she went to a man’s apartment that she had met and fucked several of the man’s friends,” beyoğlu escort replied Mal.

“Oh the dirty slut is just like me,” giggled Cathy.

“I spoke to the man and thought it be safer for her to meet men at his apartment so he could look after her,” replied Mal.

“Are you going to stop her from going to the apartment?” asked Cathy.

“I don’t think she would stop going there, she likes making money,” chuckled Mal.

The next morning after Cathy had left for work, Emma came down to breakfast wearing her high school clothes. Mal chuckled, “Emma are you going to school or to Thomas’s apartment?”

“I really have to go to school this morning as I have an exam to do,” replied Emma.

“And in the afternoon?” chuckled Mal.

Emma giggled, “Maybe, depends if Thomas finds someone willing to fuck me for money… now how about giving your babygirl a lift to school.”

On the drive to school, Emma reached over and opened her father’s pants and after pulling out his cock started stroking his cock, when Mal moaned, “I’m going to cum.”

Emma leaned over and took her father’s cock into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. Mal’s cock erupted filling his daughter’s mouth with cum just as he was driving into the school’s parking lot. As Mal stopped the car, Emma lifted her mouth off his cock and wiped her mouth of cum, her teacher Mr. Roberson walked past and saw Mal pushing his spent cock back into his pants.

He stood and waited for Emma to climb out of the car and as he walked into the school with her, he said, “You should be careful that no one sees what you’re doing to your father.”

“I was excited and feeling horny and wanted some of Daddy’s cum,” giggled Emma.

“You’re such a slut… do you know how much you excite me?” moaned Mr. Roberson standing at his office door.

Emma rubbed her hand over the front of her teacher’s pants feeling his hard cock and giggled, “You’re really excited aren’t you Mr. Roberson.”

Her teacher looked around to see if anyone was watching and pulled Emma into his office. After pulling down the blinds and locking his office door, he turned around, wrapped his hands around Emma’s body sliding his hands under her school skirt to cup her ass cheeks as he gave her a passionate kiss.

As soon as their kiss was broken Emma knelt down. opened her teacher’s pants and pulled out his cock and took his cock into her mouth. She began moving her mouth up and down on his cock, sucking it. After letting Emma suck on his cock for only a few minutes Mr. Roberson lifted Emma up off her knees and lifted her dress up around her waist as he sat her down on the edge of his desk.

After opening Emma’s school blouse and lifting her bra up, he kissed each of her small breasts. he then pushed her down onto her back and spread her legs wide apart. After he pulled Emma’s red thong to the side Mr. Roberson drove his hard cock into her bald cunt, Emma let out a soft groan as her teacher began pumping his cock in and out of her cunt.

Suddenly the office door was unlocked and someone else entered the office. Emma turned her head towards the door and saw Mr. Turner another of her teachers walk into the office. He came over beside her and smiled at her as he looked down at her being fucked. The two teachers exchanged grins and then a few minutes later Mr. Roberson’s cock exploded inside her cunt and started filling her with his cum.

After he had finished coming and had removed his spent cock from Emma’s cunt he chucked, “Steven, do you want to have a turn at fucking this slut?”

“Yeah I do, she has been teasing me all year by flashing her panties at me in the classroom,” replied Steven, opening his pants.

After his pants and underwear had fallen around his ankles and he had stepped out of them, he moved between Emma’s legs and thrust his cock into her cum filled cunt.

“I’ve been dreaming of fucking this slut for months,” chuckled Mr. Turner slamming his cock deep inside her cum filled cunt.

Emma didn’t mind hearing her teachers calling her a slut because that was what she was; she just laid there moaning softly as her teacher fucked her. When Mr. Turner started to cum, he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her back onto his cock as he exploded and added more cum to her already filled cunt.

When Mr. Turner had finished emptying his cock inside her and had removed his cock from her cunt, he helped her to sit up and climb off the table.

“Fix your clothes and head to straight to your classroom here’s a note for your teacher telling him why you’re late to class… I want to see you back in my office straight after lunch,” said Mr. Roberson.

After Emma had pulled her bra back down over her breasts and fastened her blouse, she fixed her thong over her cunt. She walked out of the office with cum running down the inside of her thighs and headed to the closest toilet to clean herself up. When she entered her classroom the other students were doing an exam and her bostancı escort bayan English teacher Mr. Brown was on the phone talking with someone.

After he hung up the phone, he looked at her with a look of lust in his eyes and licked his lips and waved for her to come closer and whispered, “I’ve been told that you are exempt from sitting the exam as you have already passed.”

Just then the bell rang for lunch and Mr. Brown yelled, “Pens down and bring your exam papers to my desk.”

As Emma walked out of the classroom her girlfriend Ashley asked, “Where were you; how come you were late coming to class?”

“I had to talk to Mr. Roberson,” replied Emma.

After lunch, Emma returned to Mr. Roberson’s office as she had been told and knocked on the office door. Mr. Roberson opened the door and escorted her inside the office. Emma was surprised to see Mr. Brown and Mr. Turner sitting there on the couch.

“Emma, why don’t you remove your clothes for us?” chuckled Mr. Roberson.

It was no good Emma protesting or complaining as she knew what was about to happen to her. What pissed her off, was knowing that she wasn’t going to be paid.

“If I do what you want, you will all give me a high aptitude pass mark to help me get into college?” asked Emma.

“Yes you will pass all your exams with a high aptitude pass mark,” chuckled Mr. Roberson.

This was Emma’s final year at the high school before heading off to college and with a high pass mark, Emma could pick whichever college she wanted to go to. After removing her shoes, Emma removed her school blouse and skirt and stood there in front of her teachers in her thong and bra. After letting her teachers stare at her for a minute she removed her bra, lowered her thong to her ankles, and stepped out of them.

“Which one of you rogues is going to fuck me first,” chuckled Emma.

After her teachers had undressed, Emma wiped everything that was on top of the desk onto the floor, laid down on it and spread her legs. Mr. Brown moved between her legs and thrust his cock into her cunt and began fucking Emma like a wild animal, grunting and groaning as he thrust his cock in and out of her cunt.

Mr. Turner moved up next to her head and turned her to face him and held her steady as he drove his cock into her mouth. He began fucking her mouth, pumping his cock in and out. Mr. Roberson stood on the other side of the table stroking his cock with one hand as he squeezed and fondled her breast with his other hand.

By the end of the school day, her three teachers had all fucked her mouth and cunt at least once. Mr. Robertson was about to fuck her again when there was a knock on the office door. Everyone in the office froze and went quiet. With no one answering, the door was unlocked and the school cleaner came in. He stood there in shock at seeing a female student lying naked on the desk with three naked teachers standing around her.

“I’m sorry to have interrupted you… but I thought the office was empty,” he said.

Mr. Turner and Mr. Brown quickly dressed and left the office, leaving the cleaner staring at Emma’s naked body.

“If you don’t tell anyone about seeing us, I’m sure Emma will let you fuck her,” said Mr. Robertson starting to get dressed.

“Really you’re going to let me fuck you?” asked the cleaner.

Emma just nodded her head at the cleaner, who looked to be about seventy years old, as Mr. Robertson walked out of the office, leaving the cleaner alone with her. The cleaner quickly undressed and when Emma saw the size of his cock, she was shocked. The cleaner’s cock was massive, it was thick and long with a large knob; it was the biggest cock she had ever seen.

The cleaner moved between Emma’s legs and leaned down and licked her cum filled cunt for several minutes making her body shudder.

Emma screamed, “You’re making me cum, oh fuck I’m having an orgasm.”

The cleaner lifted his mouth from Emma’s cunt and stood up between her legs. After rubbing his large knob up and down her slit he pushed the knob of his cock into her cunt.

“Oh fuck your cock is huge, it feels like you’re ripping my cunt apart,” Emma screamed as he pushed his large cock deep into her cunt.

The cleaner began pumping his cock in and out slowly at first and then began to increase the pace of his thrusts. He was soon thrusting his cock deep into Emma’s cunt that he bottomed out with each thrust. Emma was now gasping for breath and let out a loud moan as she had another orgasm.

The cleaner kept fucking her, giving her two more orgasms before his cock erupted and shot his massive load of cum into her cunt. After he had finished coming, he removed his cock and sat down on the couch with Emma who started laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked.

Emma giggled, “I always wondered why your nickname was Horse, now I understand, you’re hung like a fucking horse.”

As they both started laughing Emma asked, “Horse do you have any friends with a cock as big as you?”

“Yeah, I have a friend that’s as big as me,” he replied.

“Do you think he would pay me if I let him fuck me?” asked Emma.

“I’m sure he would, he would love fucking someone as cute as you,” replied the cleaner.

After giving horse her phone number and saying goodbye to him, Emma headed home. When she arrived home her parents were waiting for her.

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