Elevator Ride

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Everything changed the day he was hired into the company and walked into our office. He was a handsome man but there was something different about him. He had the most beautiful eyes and a smile that could light up a room. Looking into those eyes took my breath away. One smile and in an instant I was wet. Little did he know with that luscious smile and those gorgeous eyes I was willing to do anything for him. However, I knew that would never happen, as I was married.

Married or not, I could still fantasize about him and I seemed to do it a lot. It was particularly hard to concentrate when he was in the same room. I would try my hardest not to let my eyes wander to his crotch area and wonder what he hiding behind his boxers. What I wouldn’t give to see him without his clothes on!

One evening as I was leaving work I ran into him as he was waiting for the elevator. He smiled and said hello. Immediately I could feel the tingle in my nipples and the wetness forming between my legs.

We continued to make small talk. I felt myself flirting, hoping no one would interrupt us.

I briefly stared at his lips and imagined what they would feel like kissing my breasts and sucking on my nipples. I could almost feel his tongue flicking my perky nipples. The more I imagined it they wetter I got. I tried to concentrate on our conversation but my mind continued to wander.

The elevator seemed to take a long time etiler bdsm escort to come but I didn’t mind. I figured I would cum before it would! I continued to flirt and for a fleeting moment I thought that he was flirting back. It was probably my wishful thinking. Good thing I brought my portable vibrator with me for the ride home. I knew I would be left frustrated after this tête-à-tête and would need to stop to take care of myself before dealing with the outside world.

Finally the elevator came and surprisingly no one else was on. We got in and for the first time we were alone.

As the elevator descended we continued our conversation. I flirted, slipping in sexual innuendos where I could. He seemed a little anxious. I figured that I had crossed the line of what was proper conversation. Surprisingly he shared that he was so tense lately that he couldn’t seem to unwind and “relieve” himself. I quickly thought to myself of a great way to help him and it involved my mouth wrapped around his dick! A little smirk came over my face. He smiled and asked what I was thinking about. It was amazing how hot it got in that elevator (and how quickly). Just then the elevator came to an abrupt stop.

He reached past me, slightly brushing the back of his hand against my right breast, to call for assistance from the elevator phone. A flirtatious smile came over his face. While he talked etiler elit escort with the operator I tried to breath. The fact that he touched my breast made my hot, wet pussy throb with anticipation. I really entertained the thought of pulling out my vibrator at that moment. I could have really used it.

The building was experiencing a power outage and it would be at least 15 minutes before it could be restored. The thought of what I could do in 15 minutes brought another smile to my face. He enticingly smiled back and I decided that I would make my move.

Without saying a word I reached over and gently caressed his face. He didn’t say a word but his striking eyes drew me in. I slowly moved closer and our lips met. At first it was soft and moist but as our tongues met the intensity grew. My right hand slowly made its way down to feel his tight ass (his pants didn’t do him justice). Gradually I made my way around to the front of his pants to feel the growing hardness of his cock. I continued to massage the outside of his pants while he played with my breast through my shirt.

His hand then made its way under my blouse and was gently fondling my silky bra. As his fingers found their way to my nipple I undid his belt. I quickly unzipped his pants and reached under his boxers to feel his hard, throbbing cock.

I slowly stroked him. It was all that I imagined and more! etiler escort The thought of me holding his dick in my hand made me wetter.

Then with my hand still grasping his hard cock I dropped to my knees. Looking up at his beautiful eyes I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, licking his tip and caressing his balls with my hands. When I felt I had teased him long enough I wrapped my lips around the tip of cock and gradually took him completely in my mouth.

Moving slowly at first I pumped his warm, hard cock with my mouth and hand. His hands were caressing my head while I gradually sucked him with greater intensity and speed. I stroked, sucked and licked like I’ve never done before. I couldn’t seem to get enough of him.

I alternated between running my tongue up and down his shaft to sucking on his balls then back to swallowing him whole. His dick felt so good in my mouth I didn’t want it to end.

Just then he quietly made it known that he was about to cum but I didn’t stop. I kept riding his cock with my mouth until I felt him release. I pulled back a little so I could swallow his sweet cum. I continue to lick his cock clean as he let out a soft moan. I could feel the wetness and throbbing of my warm pussy.

I stood up, licked the cum from my lips and gave him a warm passionate kiss. Just then the elevator started again and quietly descended to the first floor. He quickly zipped up his pants and smiled. When the elevator doors opened we exited, smiled at each other, said good night and went our separate ways. I headed to my car where I hoped that the batteries worked on my vibrator. I knew it was an elevator ride neither of us would soon forget and I think he had found a way to relieve himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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