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Disclaimer: All characters depicted in this story are nineteen or older. This story is pure fiction.


“No way!” said Babs.

Sabrina cocked an eye at her, “I did to see Phil’s penis!”

“Oh, yeah, when?”

“Last weekend he thought nobody was home so he went skinny dipping in the pool. I watched from my window. I saw it!”

“Well, if you saw it, what did it look like?”

“I don’t know why they call them ‘weenies’, they’re not anything like a weeny except they’re round.”

“Can I come to your room the next time he skinny dips? I’m nineteen and I’ve never seen one in the flesh.”

“He skinny dips every Saturday. You could come over this weekend.”

“Great! How is it different from a weeny, anyway?”

“Well, it’s a lot bigger and it has a big purple knob on top. I got so hot watching him. I wanted to grab it!”

“Eww! That’s your brother! Are you some kind of perv?”

“Wait until you see it. Then you can decide if I’m a perv or not.”

Across the hall in his bedroom, Phil chuckled as he listened to the two nineteen year olds discussing his dick. That intercom system he had installed last year was the best investment he had ever made. He was an apprentice construction electrician. He made pretty good money and paid his parents monthly rent. His ears perked up when he heard Babs say, “I’ll touch it if you’ll touch it.”

“Okay, replied Sabrina, “but we’ve got to do it carefully. Let’s think up a suitable ‘accident’ that will allow both of us to squeeze it just once.”

Phil listened as the two girls plotted his abuse. He knew that he would play right into their hands when the time came. He might even slip in a squeeze or two of his own. He was so happy! He had wanted to feel Babs up for the last two years. He knew he would do anything to his sister that she allowed.

Saturday afternoon found the two conspirators hiding in Sabrina’s closet. They heard the bedroom door open and Phil say, “Sabrina?”

The bedroom door clicked shut and the girls crawled out of the closet. Dusting themselves off, they raced to the window. Phil was in his swimming suit standing by the chaise.

“He’s got his suit on!” Babs accused.

“Wait. It won’t be on long.”

As they watched, Phil stretched, pulled his suit off and dived into the pool.

“Hey! I didn’t get to see anything!” Babs complained.

“Be patient. You’re turning into a slut.”

They watched as Phil swam for about fifteen minutes. He paddled over to the ladder and slowly stepped out of the pool.

“It’s not long and hard like you said it would be. It’s kind of loose and floppy,” whined Babs.

“Be patient. He hasn’t played with it yet.”

They watched in horny expectation as Phil’s hand went between his legs and fondled his balls. He stroked his awakening cock bağcılar escort and soon it was at full mast and hard as concrete.

“Wow!” said Babs. “It even has that big purple knob on the end!”

“Admit it. You want to touch it, don’t you?”

“Oh yes. I would love to find out what it feels like. Look! He’s stroking it faster now!”

“He’s gonna squirt! Watch this!”

Several strings of cum shot out of Phil’s cock. He kept stroking it and soon it was shooting again. Babs just stood there with her mouth open. She was breathing hard and her hand was in her panties. She looked at Sabrina. Sabrina had her hand down her panties too. The girls rubbed themselves off. They lay panting on the bed.

“That was so hot!” puffed Babs.

“I told you! It makes me cum every time,” replied Sabrina.

“When he comes in, we’ll grab it!” said Sabrina.

“I can’t wait!” replied Babs.

They heard Phil enter the house and then the shower came on. Like two jungle cats, they lurked in the living room waiting for their prey to show up. Ten minutes later Phil walked into the living room. He had made it easy for them. He had on a thin, skin tight Speedo.

The girls had decided on a mock fight to give them and excuse to feel his cock. They had their bikinis on. As they maneuvered around in front of him, Babs ‘threw’ Sabrina onto Phil. Her hand wrapped itself around his cock. She held it for just a brief second too long. She got up and ‘threw’ Babs into Phil. She also got a fistful of his dick.

“Wait a minute girls!” Phil shouted. “Are you guys trying to tell me something?”

The ‘fight’ stopped. Babs looked at Sabrina. Sabrina looked at Phil. “Were we that obvious bro?”

“I would guess from the way you two horn dogs are acting that you want to take a look at my cock. Is that about right?”

“Actually,” replied Sabrina, “we want to touch it.”

“I don’t see a problem with that as long as you let me feel your pussies.”

Sabrina and Babs stared at each other for a few minutes. “Okay,” said Babs, “but feeling is it. Nothing else.”

“Let’s get on with it,” Phil declared.

“Not here,” Sabrina admonished. “Let’s go to my room.”

All three of them got up and marched down the hall. Phil locked the door behind them. “Okay, get naked,” he ordered.

“Bras too?”

“Yup. Let’s see it all.”

The girls stepped daintily out of their swim wear. Both bushes were neatly trimmed and waxed.

Phil got out of his Speedo. His cock hung limply down his leg. It was huge. He sat on the edge of the bed.

“When does it get big?” Babs asked.

“Making it stand up is your job. Come sit beside me.”

The girls padded over to the bed and sat down next to Phil. Sabrina’s hand snaked over his lap and grabbed his bahçelievler escort cock. Babs got a handful of balls. Phil was playing with their tits. He pinched their nipples and both of them moaned. They felt his cock growing in their hands. “Open your legs,” he commanded.

He could sense the aroma as soon as their legs opened. His hands soon found their pussies and he started to slide his fingers up and down their virginal slits.

“What do we do now?” asked Sabrina.

“What do you want to do?”

“Can I kiss it?”


Sabrina bent to kiss his cock and so did Babs. Two sets of inexperienced lips were sliding up and down his cock. It got longer and harder. Phil poked a finger into each little pussy. He scooped up some pussy juice and massaged their clits. Both of them jumped.

“I want to kiss your pussies.” He told them. He stood up and slid them back onto the bed a little further. He selected Sabrina as his first target. Her legs were wide and trembling. She didn’t know quite what to expect. Then she felt his tongue glide across her slit. His lips enveloped her clit and he sucked it into his mouth. She screamed and groaned loudly as he made her cum.

He immediately switched to Babs. She was scared. She didn’t know what had happened to Sabrina. She felt Phil pry her legs apart and then his lips were on her pussy. She looked at Sabrina who was smiling. Phil’s tongue raked her pussy from top to bottom. Her hips started to shake uncontrollably. Phil sucked her clit into his mouth and rapidly stroked it with his tongue. Her world disintegrated. She screamed and lost control of herself. She was flopping around like a fish. Her orgasm overwhelmed her and she temporarily departed consciousness.

Both of the girls panted themselves back to the present. “Holy shit!” exclaimed Sabrina. “That was the best thing I ever felt.”

“I loved it too much!” declared Babs. “But look, Phil’s cock is still hard. What can we do to fix it?”

“Well, we could fuck him!”

“We’re both virgins. Sabrina, he’s your brother. You can’t do that! But I can!” Babs grabbed his cock and started licking it.

“You greedy little slut! If I can suck him, I can fuck him!”

“Okay, but I think I ought to go first. You might not leave any for me!” Babs calmly answered.

“Well, you do it first. I want to see how much it hurts anyway,” agreed Sabrina.

“How do we do it?” Babs asked.

Phil rolled over on his back. “Just straddled my hips and stick it in,” he invited.

Babs squatted over his cock. Babs guided it into her pussy. She slowly sank onto the hard rod. She whimpered a little when her cherry popped and then slammed herself all the way onto him.

“Are you alright?” Phil asked.

“Pump me.”

Phil drove himself bahçeşehir escort up into her and then let his hips drop. His cock almost came out. “No, no, I’ll do it!” she whined. She was pumping up and down on his cock. Her pussy was on fire. Strange feeling assaulted her as she fucked him hard. A drop of blood trickled down her pussy and landed on Phil. When Phil saw the blood, he grabbed her hips and thrust hard into her. He felt her cervix bump his cock. Her pussy was trembling around him. Her cunt muscles massaged his manhood. She came in a gush of fluids as he released his seed deep within her. His cock went flat and fell out. Babs rolled off of him and kissed him hard, her tongue rolling around his mouth.

“I knew it! You killed it!” Sabrina cried looking at his flaccid dick.

“Not to worry sis, it’ll be back pretty soon. Men need to rest between breedings.”

Sabrina’s hand was on his cock. She squeezed it. A tear rolled down her cheek. Phil gathered her up into his arms and hugged her roughly. He kissed her and ran his tongue around her mouth. He sucked on her nipples. She was getting hotter and hotter. Her pussy was sending her unfamiliar feelings. Triumphantly, she felt his dick stir within her fist. She jacked it and felt it slowly start to ascend.

She rolled away and looked at it. It was now very hard and the head looked like it was about to burst. She licked it and tasted Babs on it. She couldn’t wait any longer. She threw a leg over her brother. She straddled him as Babs had and lowered herself onto the harpoon. She stopped when he got to her hymen. She bounced little, but it wouldn’t break.

“You know you can wait honey. It doesn’t have to be tonight,” her brother whispered.

“Bullshit! It’s happening now!” she cried and slammed herself onto him, penetrating all the way to her cervix. Her cunt was on fire. She had never felt a pain like that. She started to cry. Then she felt him start to withdraw. “No you don’t! I didn’t damn near kill myself so you could chicken out. Just hold still for a while.”

“But sis, you’re hurt. I want to help you.”

“You’re helping me right now. Don’t take your cock out of me. I want to feel what Babs felt.”

They were locked together motionless for five minutes. She wiggled a bit and found it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as it had. She slipped slowly up and down his pole. The longer she fucked him the better she felt. Finally she kicked herself into high gear. He started thrusting into her. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. The pain was almost gone. Her pussy was throbbing around her brother’s cock. It clamped down on him. Her legs straitened out. She screamed her climax. Phil shot her full of juice.

“Leave it in. I want to feel it droop in me.”

It finally did droop and fell out. Blood was everywhere. Boy and girl fluids were everywhere. The whole room smelled like sex.

“By the way, you girls are on the pill aren’t you?”

“Oh shit!” exclaimed Sabrina.

“Damn!” said Babs.

They looked at each other and cried in unison, “We could be pregnant!”

As it turned out, both of them were pregnant. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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