Drunken Daughter Ch. 01

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Thanks to Dmbdriver1 for the idea for this story.

All people in this story are 18 or older.


Hanna had turned 18 just two weeks before graduation. I was so proud of her, her mother would have been proud of her too, but she had cancer when Hanna was one and didn’t survive. Hanna was almost the spitting image of her mother, full C almost D cup breasts, narrow waist, fully rounded hips and a butt to die for.

Yes, I had chosen my wife mostly on physical looks, but she had one helluva brain between her ears. We had a good life until the cancer took her.

I spent over a year in remorse, then one of my best friends said “Hank, you need to let go and get on with life.”

This was sage advice that I took to heart, because he always played straight with serious issues. I looked at where my life was and decided to get my head straightened out, that took almost six months, but I managed. My job picked up, my life with my adorable little daughter Hanna got better, in all life was better. Yes Hanna missed mommy, but she soon adjusted to the fact that mommy was not there anymore.

Hanna did very well in school, had lots of friends, and we had several BBQs and pool parties during the late spring thru early fall each year. We had several of my friends and about 10-12 of Hanna’s friends to each BBQ, which was very popular among Hanna’s friends. As I look back, her girl friends were an extremely attractive bunch growing up, but Hanna didn’t seem to date boys. I was concerned that she was turning lesbian, but I never had any proof of that.

When Hanna graduated, I was so proud, but she wanted to attend one of her friend’s graduation parties.

I said OK, but you must be home by midnight. She agreed, and went to change for the party, it was after all, Friday and no commitments for Saturday for either of us.

Midnight approached and no Hanna, I started to get a little worried since she had always been a responsible young woman growing up. About ten minutes after midnight, Hanna approached the front door stumbling and obviously drunk, as a car sped away from our house. I opened the door in time to catch Hanna from falling on her face, reeking of beer and almost passing out.

I picked her up in my arms since she was only 105 pounds at 5 foot 2 and I had stayed in shape all these years. I took her to her bedroom, laid her on her bed, removed her shoes, socks, jeans, and blouse, rolled her over and removed her bra. Rolled her back facing up and pulled the covers over her.

Boy she had about the same size and shape tits as her Mother.

I moved a trash can next to her bed in case she had to vomit and left the room with a ten inch hard on in my pants that needed relief. I went to the master bathroom to relieve my aching cock from the sight of Hanna’s breasts and realized that I hadn’t seen any sign of pubic hair through Hanna’s thin panties.

I took off my pants, pulled my cock out of my boxer briefs and started stroking ‘Junior’, that’s what I’ve always called my cock. I hadn’t been with a woman in many years, devoting my time to Hanna and my job, so it only took about five minutes to squirt what seemed like a cup of cum into the toilet.

I couldn’t get the sight of Hanna’s tits out of my mind and the thought that she shaved her pussy hair was also very enticing. She also had the same butt shape as her Mother, nice round hips, almost a bubble butt, with a deep crack between her butt cheeks. I had never thought of my daughter in such a lusty way and I was going to have to have a talk about her drinking too much beer.

The thought of someone molesting my daughter in her drunken state made my anger rise to the surface in a way that almost frightened me.

The next morning Hanna came to the kitchen table in one of my old T-shirts with the same panties on as last night and stretched to the ceiling, revealing that what I saw last night was true, shaved pussy. I started getting hard as I sat at the table and scooched in so she wouldn’t see my hard cock.

She greeted me, thanked me for getting her to bed, and turned to the refrigerator to get milk for her cereal. As she bent over, her panties were pulled into her butt crack showing me a sexy pair of butt cheeks, full pussy lips, and my cock rose to full hardness. I stood and went to the master bathroom to stroke ‘Junior’ again, God that girl has a sexy body.

The florya escort rest of the day passed quietly, without further incidents, and that evening just after dinner, Hanna announced she would be going to a friends house to celebrate with the group that couldn’t make it to the Friday party.

I told her to watch how much beer she drank and she agreed to be more careful this time. I set the curfew at midnight again and told her to be home on time.

She said “Dad, I am 18 now, it is legal for me to be out past that, but since I love you, I will be home by midnight.”

I was relieved to hear that and told her to have fun, but be careful.

A few minutes before midnight, a car pulled up to our house, a door opened and Hanna got out. Apparently she had forgotten to not drink too much since she stumbled up the steps. I opened the door to catch her again, picked her up in my arms again and took her to her bedroom. Like Friday night, I removed her shoes and socks, jeans, blouse, and bra. But tonight I decided to feel her breasts and her nipples popped up, almost half inch long just like her Mother’s.

She moaned and spread her legs some, so I started feeling her pussy lips and she was wet! I slipped her panties off, staring at a beautiful set of pussy lips with a clit that was almost an inch long and fat, just like her Mother’s pussy and clit. I stroked first one nipple, then the other while my other hand played with her pussy lips and clit.

She started moaning with her hand reaching out to touch who or whatever was exciting her. When she brushed against my cock, she gripped it in such a sexy way, I almost came on the spot. I stopped to drop my pants and briefs to let her jack me off in her drunken state and started playing with her nipples and clit again. She grabbed my cock and the pre-cum was starting to really drip which lubed my cock nicely.

Meanwhile she was starting to undulate her hips to my clit play and moan even harder. I felt her pussy lips that were drenched in wetness and even reached down to her little brown pucker that was wet from the pussy juices. I inserted a finger in her asshole and she came on my hand next to her pussy and opened her eyes looking directly into mine.

I froze until she said “I was hoping you’d play with me tonight since I was just outside your bathroom, listening to you jacking off to my little display this morning! Daddy, I love you and I want you to fuck me any way you want in all my virgin holes!”

With that, she raised up and took my cock in her mouth, then started bobbing up and down, taking more in each stroke down until she deep throated my full ten inches into her throat.

She pulled off, looked me in the eyes and said “I’ve known for a few years how big you are, and have been practicing with a vibrator that is the same size as your cock. I’ve used it in my pussy and asshole so I could give you the pleasure you deserve. You have been a great Dad and I know you have forgone dating to take care of me. Well, take my virgin holes, because they are ready for you and your big cock!”

I couldn’t believe my ears, here was my virgin daughter, sucking my cock and deep throating me as well. She just told me that she had practiced with a vibrator that was the same size as my ten inch cock and could take me in all her holes.

My cock was like steel and she started bobbing her mouth on my entire length while rubbing her fingers in her pussy juices. Then she reached between my butt cheeks and inserted her middle finger into my asshole all the way and began rubbing my prostate. I didn’t last more than two minutes before I blew a load of cum down her throat.

She licked and sucked my cock until it wilted and hung down partly hard a good six inches. Hanna looked up at my face and smiled as she wiped the cum from around her mouth and swallowed it. I lay down on the bed and had her get into a 69 with me and started eating her pussy and tongue fucking her asshole, God, she had cute girl parts with large pussy lips and clit just like her Mother’s.

I knew there was no turning back and even though society frowned on our incestuous relationship. I knew I wanted my daughter in all ways a husband wanted his wife. Her clit got hard again and I started sucking and tonguing it while I put my index and middle fingers in her pussy, lubing them up. Because she came göztepe escort when I fingered her asshole previously, I reasoned that she would cum easily again fingering her anus.

I withdrew my fingers from her cunt and placed them at her backdoor, pressing in gently, they slid in fairly easily. I then knew Hanna had told the truth about loosening her holes so I could fuck her anyway I wanted.

I was going to avoid her pussy so she wouldn’t get pregnant, but she raised her mouth off of my now hard cock and said “Dad, I’ve been on the pill for 3 months now, a girlfriend got extras and gave them to me. We had talked about my getting you to fuck me and she got extras for me. So I want this cock in all my holes tonight.”

After I inserted my well lubed fingers in her asshole, she almost screamed a moan of deep sexual satisfaction and squirted my face with pussy juice. I grinned and licked it all up except for my face, as she withdrew my cock from her mouth and turned around, licking her pussy juice off my face.

She said “Damn, I taste good! Is it like Mom’s pussy juice?”

I said “You taste as good as your Mother and I will give you whatever sex act you want! I’m just happy you like sex like your Mother, because you look so much like her. You have the same set of pussy lips like her, but she never gave me a chance to have anal sex with her.”

“After you turned one, she came down with a cancer the doctors couldn’t cure. All they could do is prolong her life for the next two years and she still died in serious pain. I wished we had an assisted suicide law in this state back then.”

Hanna had tears of sorrow, so she cuddled with her me and cried a little.

She said “Thank you for sharing that with me, I’ve always wondered, but thought it was too sensitive a subject for you to tell me.”

We cuddled a little longer when Hanna suggested we get back to fucking. I told that we weren’t going to fuck, but we were going to make serious love to each other. Her face lit up at that statement and she flipped back around to arouse my cock that had wilted some.

She had the whole thing down her throat and I almost lost it right there, but she pulled off ‘Junior’, flipped back around and guided my cock in her virgin pussy. Holy shit, she was so tight and wet, when she finally bottomed out, her clit was rubbing in my pubic hair.

She shuddered at the contact with my pubes and started rocking first back and forth, then from side to side, finally in circles. My God this girl was as good as her Mother had been and I just lost it, blowing another big load of cum in her pussy. My climax set off her climax and she squirted all over my pubic area and balls, drenching both of us.

She gently pulled off my cock with a pop and stayed over my belly to let her cunt drain. Then she surprised me by wiping her pussy to make sure all my cum was out, leaned over me and started slurping my cum off my belly. I swiped a little of my cum tasting it and she was right, I did taste good, so I had her do a 69 again and cleaned out her pussy. She went back to deep throating me again, hoping I would get hard and ass fuck her this time. It took about ten minutes to get me hard and I had been sucking on her clit and fingering her asshole through four more climaxes for her.

When I was fully hard again, she got off of me and onto her hands and knees. I re-positioned her on her back, drawing her legs up to those wonderful tits, thus fully opening her butt crack.

I put my cock back into her pussy, she pouted and said “I thought you were going to put it in my ass Dad.”

I said “I am sweetie, but I want you to experience me hitting your G-spot a few times. If you are really like your Mother, she would have the best climaxes from that and oral.”

Hanna replied “I know what it feels like, I have hit that spot with my Daddy vibrator several times when I Jill off. But, having a real Daddy cock hit it would probably be even better and I really do like your cock.”

So I started parting her pussy lips with ‘Junior’ and slowly worked it in a ways, pulling back out until just the cock head was still in Hanna. Then back in deeper and back out until I was buried in her pussy.

As I started thrusting in harder and faster, I angled my cock so it would hit her G-spot on every thrust in. After about a dozen thrusts halkalı escort in she climaxed again, squirting all over the bed, and on us.

I then angled her legs back further, withdrew my cock from her pussy, lined it up with her asshole and gently pressed forward. All Hanna could do was moan loudly as I pushed more cock into her not so little anymore brown star. When I was finally buried in her ass, I started stroking in and out just like I had done in her pussy.

Hanna said “Dad, pull out so I can get my vibrator and find out what a DP really feels like.”

I withdrew from her ass and noticed it did not totally close up but stayed gaped a little. She went to her dresser, got her vibrator and some lube, because she wanted her Dad to really ream her ass. She had been dreaming of this day for the last 3 years. She laid back down on the bed, but put a pillow under her butt for elevation. She motioned to me to come closer and applied lube to my steel hard cock.

I had stayed hard watching my little girl wiggle across the room, so after she had lubed my cock, she lubed her vibrator even though her pussy was almost dripping. I took the lube while she impaled her pussy with the vibrator, lubed two fingers, pushed them into her anus, spreading the hole enough so I could drizzle more lube in her asshole.

She moaned when I did this and at the thought Daddy was finally going to fuck her asshole. She turned the vibrator on low, pushed into her pussy and started moaning even louder than before. I pushed her legs back again and lined up my dick at her asshole, pressing forward again, back again, until I had my dick up her asshole again. She held her legs back, reaching around them at the back of her knees and was tweaking her nipples, while I started gently pinching and rubbing her clit. I stroked in and out of her ass with increasing speed.

I knew I wasn’t going to last as long, knowing how sexy and the absolute slutty way Hanna was taking me fully. Hanna knew she wasn’t go last long the way Daddy was pounding her asshole and the way I had made her cum more times in the last few hours, than she had in the last two weeks. She started moaning loudly and squirted a real shower over everything causing me to bury my dick fully and cum one last time, I was wiped out and my balls empty.

I pulled out of her asshole, grabbed a couple of tissues, plugged her anus so she could get to the bathroom and empty her rectum. I looked at the bed and the big wet spot from her cum squirts, stripped the bed and threw the bedding down to the laundry room.

Hanna came out of the bathroom and asked about the bedding.

I said “You absolutely soaked the bedding and the mattress, so I guess you’ll have to sleep with me.”

She giggled “Oh goody, then we can suck and fuck whenever we want.”

“No Hanna, I am wiped out and have empty balls to boot. You fuck like your Mother and I am grateful for your love and to have you and your body to relieve my sexual needs. But, for the rest of tonight and probably most of Sunday, I will need time to recuperate.”

She frowned, but wasn’t too unhappy since I had fucked all three holes in our first encounter. She knew that this wasn’t going to be a one time thing either, because of her close resemblance to her Mother.

She led me into the bathroom, soaped up my cock, lifted the toilet seat and had me pee. Then she took a wet warm washrag and cleaned the soap off of my cock, looked me in the eyes.

Noticed the question mark on my face and told me about a girlfriend that got her Grandfather to relate some stories about Vietnam. Her girlfriend knew Hanna was getting her ass ready for me and related the anti STD methods the medical staff taught all the soldiers.

I had not had to serve, so I knew nothing of this method, but realized that if I got hard during the night, she would ride her pussy or mouth on my cock without running the risk of a nasty infection.

I picked her up and carried her to MY bed, where she squealed a loud giggle knowing she could now sleep with me. She also knew that guys get piss hardons and she could impale her pussy or mouth on it until I woke up.

I felt her pussy moisten again and said “Don’t squirt in my bed please. We’re going to have to use the shop vac on your mattress with some carpet cleaner to clean your squirts. God you are a wet one, just like your Mother.”

Hanna giggled again, knowing her wish to be Daddy’s little sex kitten was finally coming true. I knew that she would always be there for me, but I had to get her on her own birth control prescription. I also knew that I was going to introduce Hanna to sex during her period in the shower and finally to doggy style sex.

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