Dreams Or Reality

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There he was standing in the sunset, which he did at the end of a long hard day’s work, with his shirt off and his tanned skin glistening in the sun. He was looking out on the ocean longing to bathe his hot and sweaty body in the salty, clear water. He has worked so hard and long on this renovation and every day at this time I go to my window to look at him. I have dreamt of him every night for so long, my body aches and my heart yearns for him. I am an admirer from afar and tonight like any other night I will go to bed and dream of him.

My dreams are getting more vivid and real, so as I can smell him, feel him and taste him, like he is really with me. I see him standing there and quietly walk up behind him all the while admiring his near naked body, his work built arms and the firmness of his ass, his broad and muscular shoulders. I reach out to touch him feeling the heat that the sun has put on his skin as it burns like a passion.

I breathe deeply of his manly scent and run my hands down his rippled back moving closer to feel him near me, softly kissing his shoulders. He turns and smiles as though he were expecting me and runs his hand up my bare arms to push aside a loose strand of hair that has fallen over my face. He hypnotizes me with his eyes, bends towards me to give the softest whisper of a kiss on my lips. My breath freezes in my lungs and my head begins ataşehir escort to spin. I feel faint.

He holds on tighter and I can feel the taught muscles of his legs and stomach against me, his hot breath and gentle nibbles on my neck. I can feel myself melting in his embrace. He lifts me and carries me over to a soft grassy patch all the while never taking his gaze from me and lays me down.

He runs his hands through my hair and lets it fan over the grass still kissing me softly on the face and down my neck. I can contain myself no longer, I have to touch him. His chest is so firm and warm and I can feel his heart thumping and feel his quick breaths. He undoes my blouse slowly and licks each new piece of flesh presented to him.

I can feel his swollen member against my leg. I have to; need to feel it in my hands. I tugged at his loose fitting shorts to reveal the most handsome and erect cock I had ever imagined. I started to massage him and groans of pleasure come from deep within him with his mouth on my nipples biting and licking them. I lost control and gently nudged him to let him know I wanted him to lie down.

I started at his mouth with a hot and needy kiss and worked my way down his body covering every area. A light bite and tongue flick around his nipples and further down to the inside of his thighs when I licked avcılar escort and squeezed his balls. I worked my way up his long hot shaft till I took the head in my mouth. He groaned as I took it deeper in and flicked my tongue around his tool and sucked as I pulled back.

He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me above his face in a 69 position and I shivered in anticipation. I knew what I was going to get and my body started to respond even before the first touch of his tongue. In my dreams it never took him long to bring me to climax and it was no different this time as my body spasmed and shuddered with the avalanche of orgasms. His cock still in my mouth I moved faster up and down his shaft flicking with my tongue and running it along the underside of his shaft, so he could feel every taste bud, until he almost came but I stopped.

I wanted to feel him inside me. I moved down his body till I was sitting above his hot and swelling penis and very slowly lowered myself onto him and began slowly riding his hard and throbbing cock. I spun around like a top so I could now see his face. I started rocking back and forth, up and down and with every up stroke, I grabbed his balls with my ass cheeks, pulling them up with me.

He began to moan and call my name, he tried to thrust up faster but I wouldn’t let him. I kept him on the brink avrupa yakası escort for what seemed eternity. He drove me wild pinching and twisting my nipples till I could no longer stand it. Very slowly I raised my hips allowing his swollen head to part from my own swollen body. He grabbed me and rolled me over.

I was on my stomach when he crawled between my legs, grabbed my hips and pulled them up in the air. He was sitting on his knees and slowly pulled me down onto his waiting cock. When he entered me, it took my breath away. I gasped for air, he held onto my hips as he thrust his dick deep inside me, in and out, in and out, till we were both ready to explode.

Suddenly he stopped and rolled me over again. He just knelt there staring at me; I was about ready to start begging him not to stop, when he spoke, “I want to look into your eyes when we cum.”

With that he laid his warm heavy body on mine, and spread my legs. I could feel his heart pounding and his breath was heavy. He entered me once again and we began making love to the rhythm of the waves crashing on the beach outside, his tongue swirling in my mouth as if he would crawl right in.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, my heels dug deep in his ass cheeks pulling him in deeper with every thrust. It was time and we both knew it, there was no way to hold it back any longer. He gazed into my eyes as we both let out the lustful noises of orgasm.

He collapsed on top of me and we held each other tight, bodies covered in perspiration and the smell of sex in the air. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. When I awoke he was standing there smiling like he expected me.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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