Draining Daddy Pt. 02

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Ten years later…

“Daddy, I have a…rather shocking idea for us, but I want you to at least listen with an open mind. Do you remember my friend Jessy? Yeah, cute Latina, long, black hair, slender body, soulful brown eyes. That’s her. There is no easy way to say this, but she needs a husband. She knows about us and she hesitated to propose this, but I suggested it to her. The idea is pretty simple. She should become your wife. I would still be your daughter…and your lover as well. I don’t know about whether or not anything would happen between us, probably not, so don’t get any crazy ideas for threesomes and such. I don’t see that happening at all, but then I expected that we would remain monogamous.

“Before you say anything further, yes, I know that I have a strong jealous streak and so does Jessy, but we’ll just have to work on it. She has needs. So do I. We both need things that only you can give us, so rather than lose her as a friend and deny her what she badly needs, I prefer to be unselfish and share you, if you’re okay with it. Please…please do this, Daddy. Pretty please…she needs this, needs you, Daddy. It would just be the three of us, of course. I wouldn’t do this for anyone else, just her. It would throw some people off their suspicions, anyway. What do you say to this?” Dora O’Neal urged her father, much to his complete surprise, given his knowledge of her jealous ways, the only flaw in their longstanding relationship.

“Well, you’re sure about this, then? You’re in earnest? I mean, once this is done, there’s no turning back. I’ll have committed to both of you and I’m a man of my word, you know. You can’t share me and then take me back. Are we clear on this? If we’re going to do this, I want to make it legal, make her a formal part of the family. Can you handle her being technically your stepmom? This arrangement is no joke, if it happens, that is. I want you to know what this will be like, going in. I’ve read and studied polyamory, never expecting to practice it, just being curious about it. This lifestyle is about many other things than sex, but sex remains an integral part of it. So, what is your feeling on this matter now? If you back out, I’m sure that she’ll understand, as will I. Your call on this…last opportunity to change your mind,” Dan warned his daughter/lover, Dora O’Neal, who had functioned as his wife for a decade now.

“Yes, Daddy. I’ve thought long and hard, and I want this to move forward in such a way that I have no way of turning back the clock, no way to undo it. I want this to be a covenant, a commitment of sorts. Mom’s dead. Beth’s dead. You’re single. You’re free to remarry in the Church. I’m Catholic. You’re Catholic. Jessy’s Catholic. See where I’m going here? A church wedding, with a priest and everything. I want the sacramental grace and power of Holy Mother Church behind your union with her, which you know that it can’t be with me. We might well go to Purgatory for failing to tell them everything, but we’ll just have to deal with that when it happens. I want this to be a match made in Heaven, so how about it?” Dora encouraged her father, pleading with him to understand her change of mind.

“So, this would mean raising children together as a family, too, and having them keep our secret as well, if you understand that, too,” Dan reminded his daughter of those consequences.

“That sounds like a very wonderful way to raise a family myself,” Jessy interjected, announcing her presence as she walked up to Dan to give him a very sweet and loving kiss, “Confession time, guys. I had to work you guys to this point, but I prayed for it. Yes, prayed for it. I believe that God understands this…these particular circumstances, just as He understood Lot and his daughters, Abram and Sarai, etc. You should know that I’m a virgin and I will remain so until our wedding night. I saved my virginity for Dan and only for Dan, a risk that I was prepared to take to be with the right man, with the man destined to be my husband. I will give you my virginal body that night and until then, we can do…other things together. I will share you with Dora because I know her needs, though. I love the idea of being one flesh with both of you, strange as that might seem.”

“So…you’re really as much of a romantic as I thought, but your version of romance is to wait for a man that you know is dating his own daughter. Very interesting. And what…’other things’ did you precisely have in mind, sweetie? Incidentally, I’m very honored and flattered that you want to be my wife, but you deserve a proper proposal, which you will receive. Then we should also have a renewal of vows for Dora and me, you know, from our commitment ceremony some time back. In any case, I accept, including the idea of waiting for sex until your wedding night, not because of any such convictions on my part. I’m too much of a sinner myself for that. No, this is because I want you to be happy and proud of yourself and able to sleep at night, etc. I don’t want you to have any regrets, baby.

“I’ve known and cared for you too long to dismiss your feelings about that. If you need to abstain from full intercourse and come kaynarca escort to the wedding night and the marriage bed a virgin, I’ll respect that desire. I don’t really subscribe to such notions myself, but you’re making a huge fucking concession to both of us by sharing me with my own daughter. Given that, I can meet you halfway. I’ve been intimate with only one woman for a decade. I can wait a few more months or whatever it is to sleep with you, dear.

“It might take that long to get past the years of babysitting you and doing playdates with your mother, driving you home from school and tutoring you in history and English grammar, anyway. It certainly didn’t come easy at first to fully wrap my head around the idea of making love to my own daughter, I can tell you that much. It doesn’t just happen overnight to a Catholic, given how much it’s turned me into a bit of a reprobate who will be lucky to stay out of Hell. You’ll need to say some real prayers for my soul, I fear, but I love too much perhaps for a jealous God.

“I do not know. I only know that I had to give my daughter the love back that she gave me in equal measure, whatever the consequences. That is the same way that I will love you as well. As Esther once said, ‘If I perish, I perish.’ I know that my last confession will be a real serious one and I can only imagine what the priest will say or do about it. I’m still a Catholic, but I’m also a very bad sinner that way. Then again, so were Lot, his daughters, Amram and Jochebed, just to name a few in that sense. Damn the consequences! I will love those who love me! I do not know how to deny love to others who give me love, especially someone whom I have known and loved for so long, though in a different sense back then.

“I guess what I am saying now is…Jessica Cecilia Martinez, will you marry me? Knowing that you must share me with your sister-wife, my daughter? And that I will breed both of you. It’s high time that I expand the family by siring children on both of you. What do you say, girl?” Dan’s eyes moistened with tears as he popped the question.

“Hell, yes, I’ll marry you, Daniel Patrick O’Neal. And I will be honored to do so, because I know what kind of man you are. Mama left me repeatedly in your hands and you only looked out for my welfare, and you did so without charging her a dime. She trusted you and you kept that trust in spades. You let me befriend your daughter, you let her befriend me, you let us have slumber parties, tea parties, and such, all without even a hint of anything inappropriate, but also without a single complaint to my mother. I know that you never once spoke ill of me or mentioned things that you could have used to get me into trouble with her. You always let me eat as much or more as you did, including dessert and everything. You let me watch movies and TV with Dora without even suggesting that I go home.

“You spoiled her a bit, yes, but you also spoiled me, and I’ll never forget that fact. I fell in love with you as soon as I was able to understand what mature love was and I’ve never fallen out of it. How many times, as a grown woman, might you have sent me packing when I annoyed you? Did you? No! When Dora and I got drunk that night, you picked us both up and let us sleep it off in your bed while you slept on the sofa. In other words, you treated me as if I were your daughter as much as Dora was. That’s part of why this is so shocking to you, perhaps, but it’s how I honestly feel. Every time that I jill off to thoughts of coupling with my future husband, the face is always yours.

“As for the other things, well, let’s just say that the only cherry that I plan to keep until my wedding night is the one between my thighs, and only in the penile sense. Dora, do you have some olive or canola oil on hand? I mean to give up two virginities tonight, in fact. Tell me, fiance, have you ever fucked a woman in the culo, the ass? That act doesn’t deny me the right to wear white at my wedding, after all,” Jessy reassured Dan, as she unzipped his pants and joined his daughter on her knees to begin sucking his cock with a passion that none could deny.

“Oh, God, girls…this is…amazing! Oh, damn, I don’t know how long I’ll last with both of my women doing that to me! Just wait until I get my tongue busy on your two twats, ladies! You’ll be forced to redefine ecstasy, I swear!” Dan exclaimed while stroking both women’s hair as they shared the delightful work of giving him head.

Dan did his absolute best to keep self-control, but try doing that when your daughter and her best friend both suck your dick and your balls with a vengeance, even play with your ass to add to the experience! For them, though, this was a natural expression of their love and their joy in being his. Both were normally so jealous when it came to men, but for Dan, they would share gladly these days. They found, in each other, the perfect sister-wife and the perfect catalyst for compersion strong enough to overcome their jealousy. They had both found Mr. Right and they weren’t letting him get away…never!

A year later…

Dan was exhausted, drained, sweaty, kaynarca genç escort afraid for a moment that he’d have a heart attack from his wedding night with Jessy, which was carefully planned to ensure that she conceived by him now. Dora also let him fuck her, but as she was already pregnant to him, six months along, he pulled out after several strokes to finish up inside Jessy, his new bride. Judging from the way that Jessy cussed in Spanish, clawed the bed sheets, and curled her toes, the reality that she was now Dan’s good lady wife, his bride, and that she could let him knock her up…that was incredible to her, a dream come true! It was more than enough to make her cum and loudly, as helping them couple was enough to get Dora off.

By now, of course, everyone came three or four times each, and Dan slumped on the bed after the last act of mating. This was cowgirl style as it taxed him less and allowed Jessy to selflessly service him before she also collapsed. Dora, meanwhile, creamed herself on his face and lay down on top of him next to her girlfriend. She was glad that he didn’t mind eating her out, but then both Jessy and she shaved their twats to make the experience more pleasurable for him. She took up more space now, due to the baby bump, but they never complained as she drifted to sleep in his arms, another fantastic experience that she shared with Jessy. She was quite happy that she had found Daddy a bride who didn’t mind sharing him with his own daughter, but that was the beauty of him marrying her best friend.

God might not approve of their union, but He at least knew her well enough to know her reasons, her father’s, and her best friend’s, for this menage a trois. Knowing that, perhaps He would forgive them after all. Surely, He would know what kind of man her father was and let this one besetting sin go…just for them and just for about fifty or so years. At most, Daddy would spend some time in Purgatory, but Jessy and she would work on getting him out, and she hoped that someone else in the family would do the same for her.

Twenty-two years later…

“Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” the minister asked, somewhat amused at the old-fashioned choice of words, but sometimes retro was a good thing.

“Her mother and I do,” Dan spoke in response, finishing his walk, arm in arm, with his daughter/granddaughter, who was named Marisol, after Jessy’s mother, who had passed away the year before.

“Thanks, Daddy,” Marisol told her father, pleased that society had grown to embrace family love like this…including her marriage to her brother/uncle, Patrick.

Admittedly, their union was monogamous rather than polygamous like their parents’, but love was love, wasn’t it? Patrick didn’t care that Marisol was slightly older than him, either. He just knew that he had always loved Marisol, his sister-niece, and always would. He didn’t hesitate to take vows to her, even if not sanctioned by the Church and thus not held in it. God would just have to understand, wouldn’t He? At least the State permitted such unions these days, even if it took a Supreme Court decision to force them to do it. To have Dad give the bride away to him, his own son, that was something else, wasn’t it?

Dan only knew that his eyes were moist with tears as he watched his son marry his own sister, just as he had bedded his own daughter and then married her best friend. None of it mattered except for love, anyway, right? Listening to the happy couple exchange vows, he felt two heads cry on his shoulders, those of the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, his daughter-wife (whom he had eventually married once it was legal) and his first wife, her best friend (and these days, also her lover after all). Dan choked back tears and held his ladies tight, the love from inside him warming both of his girls and theirs warming him back.

“We did it, papi. The three of us. We raised two great kids, who are now two great adults, and who are going to give us grandchildren and raise them very well, too. I regret nothing. I’m so proud to be your wife, her girlfriend, and their mother, too,” Jessy told her husband with a full heart of love and joy in this bittersweet moment.

“Hell, yes, we did it, sis! Daddy and us. I’m so happy right now that I can’t fight the tears. This is everything that I’ve dreamed of, isn’t it for you? How about you, Daddy?” Dora asked her father.

“It’s the most beautiful moment since they wheeled our babies in. I’m so glad that we’re all in this together, that you treat Patrick as your own son, Dora, and that you treat Marisol as your own daughter, Jessy. I can’t wait to be a grandpa, too. So, have you thought of where to go for our long delayed proper honeymoon, now that I’m retired?” Dan inquired, “Both of you, that is.”

“How about…Greece? We can practice some Greek love there, too. I, for one, would love to get fucked in the ass in Athens. Wouldn’t you, Jess?” Dora blushed, but she also snickered as she proposed sodomy in a foreign land.

“Just remember to take a trip to Lesbos, too. You know what I’d want to do there, kaynarca olgun escort right, babe?” Jessy teased her, “Don’t worry, dear…I’ll want you to do us both while we rub our clits together and trib a lot.”

“Promises, promises,” Dan winked at both of them, “but, seriously, Greece can very much be arranged. I’ve always wanted to see the Parthenon.”

“It’s a good thing that I’m richer than both of you together, right, papi?” Jessy laughed, noting her own career as a stockbroker, which brought in twice as much as her husband and her stepdaughter/sister-wife combined.

“Hey, this patriarch approves of you being the breadwinner, strangely feminist as that might sound,” Dan chuckled.

“See, patriarchy’s not so bad, is it? Not in this case, anyway,” Dora giggled.

“Hey, I come from a culture where one’s man is called papi…I’m not exactly against patriarchy, you know! It deserves more credit than it gets. In fact, I love it! Three cheers for the patriarchy, and that’s from a career woman like me!” Jessy assured them both, though they’d had this talk before, facetiously as always.

“Dad, Mom…and Mama…please, will the three of you get a room?” Patrick half-seriously complained, making Marisol laugh.

“I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re about to do, as are we…I can’t wait to get you alone, Uncle Patrick, and have my way with you! I love making love to my uncle-brother, after all. I love how you spoil me, in bed and out of it,” Marisol replied with a giggle.

“Hey, you are my niece, right? It’s what uncles do!” Patrick laughed as they headed to the reception, eager to cut the cake and feed the slice to his beloved sister-niece-bride…incest really was best, wasn’t it?

“Don’t you forget it…papi!” Marisol said as she squeezed his butt and he slapped hers, “Ooooh, kinky! I love it!”

“Now, who needs a room?” Dan teased his son and daughter.

“Apparently, all of us do,” Dora got the last word, as even the minister broke into laughter.

Eight years later…

Dan held back his tears as he kissed his two wives, their children, and his grandchildren one last time, and drew out his final breath. He slipped away into darkness, his life force exiting his body and his soul escaping its prison at last. He wandered upward, flying toward the light, unsure of what to expect, hoping that he would be okay, that he wouldn’t be judged too harshly for loving so much, but if that was his crime, he was more than prepared to do the time for it. Whatever else happened, he had truly lived and he had truly loved. That, to him, was a life that he could point to with pride. If God was really just, He would appreciate that.

“Coin?” a voice behind him broke his thoughts.

“Coin? For what?” Dan thought aloud.

“Great, another foolish mortal who can’t pay the fare! What do I look like, a fucking charity? I’m Charon, the ferryman. I’m here to take you across the Styx into Hades, but it looks like you’re going to be stuck on the other side for a long time. Why do you think that there are so many ghosts on Earth? Nobody has the fucking fare to pay me anymore. It’s a good thing that I’ve saved up enough to last forever, since I never spend it. What were you expecting, Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates or Satan at the Gates of Hell?” the boatman asked Dan.

“Kinda, but it’s fine. Spending eternity watching over my family is Heaven enough for me. Sucks for you, though. My sympathies. I’m a Catholic…or was, I guess. All that is wrong, then?” Dan wondered aloud.

“Afraid so. Believe me, you’re not the first to be shocked, but thanks for the sympathy and for taking the news so well. More than a few have been pissed off to find out,” Charon assured him.

“Hey, it’s still better than Hell, which was what I feared for what I did with…well, my daughter,” Dan mused as he shook hands with Charon and prepared to go back home to his family.

“Dude, seriously? Zeus married his sister! The Gods don’t care if you pork your daughter, trust me! Leave it to a prig like Jehovah to have such silly hang-ups. Did you treat your fellow man nice and did you give to beggars while alive? Did you refrain from murder, theft, rape, etc.?” Charon asked him now, “More than a few Christians have been shocked to land in Tartarus, that’s the really bad place, and suffer horrible punishments when they expected to fly with wings and play harps for Jehovah in some golden mansion in the sky.”

“Wait, who does Jehovah get to keep with him, anyway?” Dan probed.

“Jews, of course. Who else? They’re His Chosen People. He’s their God. It’s nice enough for them. They mostly hang out with Abraham and throw constant parties. Well, Jehovah’s Witnesses, too, but they find the adjustment a little harder than the Jews do. Hell, Jesus is there, too, and that confuses the hell out of them all, but he was never a Christian, after all. He was simply a Jew like most of the people in Paradise. He even gets along with the scribes and Pharisees these days. Anyway, you were a good man and if your family had paid the fare for you, you’d be able to cross over and have a decent afterlife in Hades. Since they didn’t, well, enjoy being a ghost. It’s not so bad, actually. You get to haunt people, after all. Play pranks and all that jazz. It’s a lot better than what happened to several preachers, imams, and Popes. Oh, and can you do me a favor?” Charon asked Dan before he went back to work.

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