Downtown at the Sewer

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Mmmm.. Vodka and Mountain Dew. A “pregaming” favorite for me. Sipping out of a Wendys cup as I light one of my Swisher Sweets on the walk downtown, I wonder what the night has in store. The sewer has always been a favorite bar even though most my friends think its a dive, Maybe that’s why I like it… Its real.

Its slow tonight.

That’s ok really, I just want to drink and be out of my house. I wonder if it counts as drinking alone when you are surrounded by other people also drinking alone….

“You’re fucking cute!”

My thoughts are interrupted by an obviously drunk older woman sitting a table away from me.

” Its good you are over there.”

She continues..

“Who knows what I might do if you were over here..”

I’ve never been the type to go into a bar to pick up on women. Its not my thing, I figure if a girl is interested she will strike up a conversation.

I guess this counts as striking up a conversation so I decided to get up and sit at her table.

“I’m sorry, what was that you said?”

I barely finished my sentence when she practically attacked me shoving her tongue into my mouth. I like aggressive girls, and being buzzed and lonely this was great.

After she unattached herself from my face she leaned back into her chair with a little smile and a giggle. She had short blonde hair kinda messy in a planned out sort of way.. overall a petite woman in sexy little dark dress showing some nice cleavage up top and her slender smooth legs down below. She had her legs crossed in her chair and idly swung her foot as she appeared to be sizing me up much as I was with her.

“Sorry about bakırköy escort that hon…” she said sounding very unconvincing in her tone.

We chatted about random bullshit between buying more drinks and small bouts of frenzied making out. At first look on any other day I would have thought of her as a “hot mom” and probably continue on with other thoughts. But the more we drank and I would watch the little things about her, the more and more I wanted this woman. The sexy, shy smile that seemed innocent, but also hinted at something so far from innocence.. Those lips I wanted wrapped around my cock, her intense eyes that kept practically screaming “FUCK ME!” Her beautiful petite feet so nicely manicured adorned with a toe ring encased in sexy open toe shoes.

“Last call! close out your tabs and get your cards people!”

Holy shit! the entire night had slipped away chatting and flirting with this woman. After closing out both our tabs we walked out to the street. Leaning in for a final goodbye kiss for the night before I started my drunken walk home she whispered in my ear ” I’m parked over across the street.. would you mind walking me to my car?” I gladly agreed and we crossed over and went into the dark parking lot in back of the buildings. Her minivan was the only car in the parking lot and just the fact it was a minivan made me chuckle a little to myself about the “hot mom” thought I had earlier in the night. Suddenly she was attached to my face again pushing me into the side of her van aggressively kissing me and breathing heavy in a real sexy way. Her hands ran slowly down my sides and finally ended groping başakşehir escort me through my jeans, rapidly making me hard. She obviously noticed this as she undid my belt and dropped down taking a good half or so of my rapidly growing cock into her hot, wet mouth. God damn could she suck dick…

Sucking and slurping bobbing her head up and down my throbbing cock right in the middle of the parking lot. Almost as if she heard my thoughts, she took my dick out of her mouth and while slowly jerking it,looked up at me and softly whispered, “Maybe we should take this inside….” I just nodded stupidly while she lightly flicked her tongue on the underside of the tip of my cock a little smirk present on the edges of her mouth.

Climbing inside the car and sitting in the passenger seat I leaned back, my cock throbbing, aching for more all while still glistening with her spit. She walked around the car and got in the drivers side throwing her clumped up panties in the back seat. “They were totally soaked anyway!” She exclaimed when I looked at them and smiled. Leaning across the seat she brought her face real close to aching cock. So close I could feel her warm breath on it. She was obviously teasing me, but I didn’t really mind. She tickled my balls a bit and licked up and down my cock making me want her mouth around it even more. Watching her with her back arched, ass up, head in my lap I ran my left hand up her inner thigh to her soaking wet pussy lips. As soon as I brushed my finger along them she moaned and went slightly limp making my cock brush across her cheek.

She wasn’t lying! She was totally soaked bebek escort and my finger was getting quite wet running up and down her pussy teasing her. Finally with a moan she shoved most my cock into her mouth and started sucking hard and fast. Feeling my nuts tap her chin and her moaning muffled by my cock filling her mouth was really turning me on. I responded by effortlessly slipping 1 then 2 fingers up inside her while circling her clit with my thumb. Not much longer after that I felt her pussy spasm on my fingers and her stop the pistoning action on my cock.

Balls deep in a attractive strangers mouth while she cums on my fingers… I could feel I was close too. She could obviously tell as well, since she backed off leaving only my tip in her mouth as she swirled her hot tongue in circles all the while rapidly beating me off.

I shot a thick spurt far into her mouth and she didn’t even slow her tongue action or her pumping on my cock.

The 2nd and 3rd spurts were much smaller but the tell tale glisten of cum was present on her lips and hand that was jacking my dick at a slowing pace. Finally when I stopped cumming she sucked on me a little longer, looking up at me with that little smirk growing on the edges of her mouth again.

Girls who gladly eat cum is a huge turn on, and the way she carefully licked my cock clean and then licked her fingers and lips of any cum residue had me semihard debating another go at it.

Noticing this she giggled and made some comment about needing to hookup with young guys more often.. They stay hard and taste better.

With that she kissed me, the taste of my own cum still faintly on her tongue. She offered me a ride home, but I declined preferring to walk after a long night drinking. We kissed goodbye and I haven’t seen her around since.

Even though I don’t even know her name and she was older than I usually go for, she still gave some of the best head I have ever gotten.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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