Double Dip

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“Oh god that feels good.” She moaned as he entered her hard. He withdrew and thrust again, making her groan. She loved the feeling of a large cock, sliding in and filling her to the hilt.

His lips and tongue were on her throat and as he thrust again he nipped her skin. She cried out, “Yes, more,” arching her neck, inviting him to taste more.

He shuddered and moaned in her ear then started to build a rhythm. He reached down and pulled her leg up over his hip and settled his chest on hers, pinning her to the bed.

Burying his head in her shoulder he quickened his pace.

“Hard and fast baby, fuck me hard,” She moaned, pressing her hands firmly into back.

“oh fuck!” He exclaimed as he made one last thrust and came. His body tensing as he pushed as deep as he could.

For a few moments he stayed that way, catching his breath. As he slid off her he asked, “Are you sure I can’t stay, we could do that all over again?”

“Sorry babe, I told you, I have dinner with my parents tonight, I can’t” she replied.

It wasn’t the complete truth, in fact far from it. She just wanted to treat herself to a bath and a Kopperberg.

She got up from the bed and wrapped herself in her silk robe. He made a pouty face, but reached for his jeans and slowly got dressed. Her bed was a mess of tangled sheets and smelt of sex. As he pulled his t-shirt over his head she opened her door. He reached for her, pulling her into him and began kissing her. His lips searching, begging, his hands reaching to untie her robe to touch her again. As he pressed her into the door, she realised that he wasn’t turning her on. She pulled away and shook her head. He was still trying on his puppy dog look as the door closed in his face.

Her deep tub in the bathroom called to her, and with her lack of orgasm, a play with her latest sex toy addition, Mr Big.

As the water cascaded into the bath there was a knock at her door. beşiktaş türbanlı escort “Seriously, don’t you get the message” she groaned, shutting the off the water.

Opening the door, ready to give the guy a serve for leaving her be, she was shocked to find someone else at the door.

He smiled the familiar thousand watt cheeky grin at her “Surprise!”

Elated and excited she rushed at him. He caught her and held her close, kissing her lips softly and walking her backwards inside the door.

“What a nice surprise” she purred, her skin suddenly awakening and aching for him to touch her.

He looked down at her, assessing, and then pulled back from her embrace. His jaw tensed and his eyes darkened. She suddenly realised her state of undress and the possible smell of sex.

“You’ve been with someone else?” He said softly, cocking his head to one side.

She went to deny, to lie, but his finger traced a path down her neck to the bite mark on her throat. She began to back away, stumbling over her apology. He caught her waist, pulling her into his chest and then backed her up against the lounge room wall. He tilted her chin up to make her look in his eyes. They were black with desire, power and greed. His hunger for whatever he had in mind was hypnotic and made her gasp out a “Yes!”

“I’m going to make you forget” he whispered and then covered her mouth with his.

He kissed her passionately, causing her body to arch into his. He hissed as her hips met his and his already hard cock.

Expertly he untied the knot in her robe and slid the sash out of the loops. He took her hands and placed them behind her back and firmly tied them together with the sash.

He bent and kissed her again, pushing the robe off her shoulders, restricting her arms further.

“Did you come baby? Did he make your body quiver as it is now?” He asked so softly she beşiktaş ucuz escort almost couldn’t hear. He trailed his tongue down her throat. He paused over the small bite mark took a large amount of skin in and sucked hard “My mark is bigger” he stated and continued to work down her chest to capture her nipples in his teeth. In those few intense moments, he did indeed have her quivering with delight. The feel of his tongue and teeth against her skin was making her wet, she could feel her own juices on her thighs. He continued his torture on her other breast, tender one second and harsh the next making her cry out.

He grazed his teeth up the other side of her neck and then caught her face in his hands, forcing her to look up at him.

“Did he wear a condom? Did he come inside you?” She nodded, not willing to take the chance of not telling the truth. His gaze was fixed and jaw tense

“Did he make you come?’ he demanded

She shook her head and was relieved to see a smile play on his lips “Good, because that’s for me to do.”

He pulled her away from the wall and led her towards the couch. It was high backed with high cushions. He turned her around, “Bend over the couch” he demanded huskily.

She shuffled her feet wider and then bent over the couch. He held firmly onto her tied hands, stopping her from toppling over.

His lifted the back of the robe and bunched it up her back, running his free hand down her back and over her thighs, tantalisingly close to her hot, wet pussy.

A sharp slap made her cry out, more from the shock than the pain. Then his fingers found her swollen clit and she heard him moan as he felt how wet she was.

“Is this all for me baby, or was some of that for him?” he murmured.

“Just for you, he didn’t make me come, didn’t make me wet” she gasped the pleasure intensifying as he circled his thumb over and around her swollen beşiktaş üniversiteli escort clit.

“Good” he replied and suddenly all sensation stopped.

She heard shuffling of clothes, and then felt the hardness of his cock against her hip

“I’m going to fuck you now, so you know who is best, and then when we’re done I will wash you so I can lick those fucking amazing pussy lips of yours. Right now, I just want to claim you, I want you to come and I want to hear you come loudly.”

Before she could say anything he had thrust inside her. God he was so big. He filled her, he was thick and full and was hitting a spot she never thought she had.

He withdrew and thrust again, hitting the spot that made her legs tremble and her moan against the cushions.

He began a steady pace, each time hitting her G-spot. Sending electric sensations through her body. She arched her back into him, wanting to feel more of him inside her.

He stroked her tight pussy with his cock,, building up then slowing it down. Teasing her, making her pussy quiver. She could feel her orgasm, so close. He must have felt her muscles start to clench because just as the first wave began he reached around her front and pinched her swollen clit between his fingers.

She came, and came loudly, grinding her hips into his, greedy for more of him. As he thrust he untied her hands “Hold on to something baby, this is going to be hard and fast”

She barley had time to grasp the edge of the couch as he pounded his cock inside her. His fingers pressing deep into her hips. She felt another orgasm building and as he pushed deep in her one last time she came, her pussy spasaming around his cock, milking him.

She lay over the back of the couch, legs trembling, pussy pulsing, chest heaving, arms shaking.

He pulled down her robe and helped her stand. He turned her towards him and kissed her gently on the mouth.

“You ok?” he asked

She nodded and smiled “More than yes” she replied softly.

He laughed “Well. I didn’t quite expect that to happen!”

She shook her head and smiled “Neither did I”

“Fancy a shower?” He asked, eyes gleaming, heating her skin.

“How about a bath instead” she suggested and took his hand to lead him to the steamy water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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