Digressions with a Colleague

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I met Tanya through work. I remember the first day I clapped eyes on her. I was preparing conference tables on the first floor of a meeting room at our offices, readying them for an up-coming management presentation.

I was watching the teams funnel over in small groups from the adjacent office and then I saw her. Tanya definitely stood out from the crowd. She looked about 5’7″ in heels, with blonde bobbed hair that would’ve reached her shoulders if it weren’t for the soft curl under her chin; thin black rimmed glasses that gave her the professional look; and shapely body, curves in all the right places, with toned legs that were clad in black nylon and standing on high heeled smart shoes.

I was pleased to see Tanya, this beautiful sexy vision heading for the conference block and after a few minutes, she entered our 10-tabled room and walked confidently straight to her allocated seat at one of the tables.

I couldn’t help but cast my eyes up and down her attractive body albeit briefly as she disappeared within the crowded tables. She truly took my breath away, wearing a purple and black dress, that showed her slim curves off well and which was not too short for work but short enough to give wandering eyes a glimpse of her lower thighs. Classic yet sexy.

Although I glanced over to Tanya during the presentations, I never managed to catch her eye, so I was looking forward to hopefully doing so back at work in the days to come. I’m not a model-type but I’m not bad looking either and what I do have in my favour is I’m a gentleman, a very sensual one too, I’m discreet and I have a persona you would instantly trust.

It was this trust that Tanya and I instantly had together. We clicked right away. Our politeness and pleasantness meeting each other turned to friendly chat which then turned to flirting and then to subtle teasing via text and finally to an opportunist moment that I took whilst both in an otherwise empty lift. I moved towards her and kissed her neck, a hand gently on her waist. It was certainly an electric moment between us and it was the start of a more intimate sharing of quality time. The following is the story of one of these very sexual meetings.

Tanya stayed a few nights each week in a hotel close to the office to break up her long journeys to and from home. It was after work that we’d agreed to meet up. It had been a while since our last meeting and the anticipation had been building for a while. I eagerly knocked with my familiar ‘hello’ and the door opened before me with nobody in sight. I took a few steps inside and found Tanya hiding behind the door wearing only a towel, a naughty smile and a sparkle in her eyes.

I stepped inside, laid my bag down then turned back to Tanya, greeting her with my hands caressing her cheeks, softly moving her hair away as I held her face and our lips met again – finally! It had been a long wait and I wanted her so much. We kissed softly at first and then as my hands moved down her neck onto her back and then over the damp towel onto her ass, she let out a gasp as I pulled her close against me, our kissing now so passionate and wanting, only a towel and a pair of trousers between my thick cock and her perfectly tight pussy.

A few softer, quicker kisses ended the greeting and as I undressed, we talked about our respective days, with the trust and ease that all of our conversations had. I left my underwear on, showing a very obvious bulge kağıthane escort as I walked over to Tanya once again. I took her breath away with another sensual, passionate kiss and a tug of the towel allowed it to drop to the floor around her feet. I backed up a bit, sat on the bottom edge of the bed and pulled her close, my hands against her ass, me looking up at her beautiful face as I first teased each nipple in turn with my tongue and then began sucking firmly, feeling her hands on the back of my head and on my shoulders as the pressures of the day just oozed out and away from each of us.

I told Tanya to shut her eyes and with that, I stood up, took a few steps towards her open suitcase and found a pair of black nylons to use as a makeshift blindfold. Until now, she had no idea what I had planned for her in the way of how I was looking to please her this time. Everything had to be spontaneous between us but that’s not to say that I didn’t think about it in my own mind first.

I discarded my underwear, my cock springing up hard and I walked up behind her, wrapping my arms around her, holding her close from behind with my lips gently kissing the sides and back of her neck and working around the top of her spine. She let out another gasp as my cock pressed firmly between her ass cheeks, grazing her now moist pussy lips, the top of my hard shaft being coated lightly with a smear of pussy juices. We could feel the heat between our bodies.

I placed the nylons over Tanya’s eyes then had her turn round as I tied the end of the nylons at the back of her head. A few giggles each and then I ushered her to the side of the bed where she sat down and then wriggled into the middle of the bed still with her blindfold on.

I approached her from the bottom of the bed, parting her legs and kissing up her inner thighs as I went higher and higher. With not being able to see, her other senses were fully heightened so every sound was listened to carefully, every touch greeted with an air of anticipation and every feeling causing her pussy to moisten further.

I moved close to her pussy. Tanya must’ve felt my warm breath as her own breathing got noticeably faster. I reached out with my tongue and started slowly lapping at her clit with the tip. She let out small moans from her open lipped mouth each time my tongue came into contact with her clit. My tongue then traced it’s way in a wishbone shape up, up around and down the inside of her wet pussy lips, flicking the clit once again sending her wild. I then stopped, licked her juices from around my lips then kissed my way up her body to her nipples which I again licked and sucked in turn.

Rising up further still, the top length of my cock came into contact against Tanya’s wet pussy, teasing us both so much, her lips giving way a bit to the firmness pressing against them, while my lips were now pressing softly against different sensitive areas of her neck. Both of us were now moaning, both so keen to have my cock deep inside her but for the moment I opted to tease her clit with my cock, her pussy juices covering the parts of my cock it came into contact with.

I had other plans but I had to feel myself inside her first so I positioned my cock at Tanya’s wet hole and slowly but firmly pushed. The first few inches stretched her hole, both of us moaning as my cock head pushed inside. I held there for a moment, looking deep into her kartal escort sparkly eyes, feeling her tight haven surround my cock.

Our breathing was faster. I leant down and took an erect nipple into my mouth, sucking firmly, my tongue teasing the very tip. Then I pushed my cock in slowly inch by inch as deep as it could go, high inside her pussy. Tanya was moaning loud, her head pushing up into the pillows, her blindfold still on, her hands grasping onto my shoulders, her pussy so fucking tight around my cock. Then I pulled out and rose up.

I leant down and whispered into her ear “this is the point when you really have to trust me”.

Tanya heard me reach over into my bag, then heard me take something out and open a lid. Even with her makeshift blindfold on I could tell she was very curious and eager to find out. She trusted me implicitly but was maybe still a tiny bit scared which added to the excitement of it all.

I positioned myself between her legs again, my head level with her eager pussy. Tanya then felt something not yet recognisable being pressed against her lips, then softly being moved over her clit which made her gasp out again and then it was pressed against her hole. A thin end slid into her hole and she felt it smoothly and quickly widen a bit keeping her hole grasped tightly around whatever it was.

Tanya moaned out loud as my tongue started lapping at her already throbbing clit while I pushed in a bit further the cool feeling item I had in my fingers. I then pulled away from her, leaving her pussy and clit tingling, as I stretched towards her face I teased her open mouth with the pussy juice covered object then told her to bite.

Tanya’s perfect teeth bit carefully at first into and then through the delicious strawberry. She let out a moan and then a giggle as she savoured the pussy juice soaked fruit before then eating the rest of it from my fingers.

I then took turns dipping each strawberry into Tanya’s wet pussy, licking her clit and then feeding us both in turn. The coolness of the strawberry to the warmth of my lips really got her clit throbbing hard.

At one point, I knelt between her legs and teased firstly her clit then her pussy hole with my hard cock head before then pushing in deep, making her scream out sharply, filling her and holding there. I then pulled out and offered my strawberry pussy juiced-up cock to blindfolded Tanya which she as always expertly licked and sucked before I pulled away again.

I’d got both of us so very turned on that I couldn’t wait any longer – I had to make Tanya cum. We both had to cum!

I made out as if I was going to use another strawberry but instead, I started sucking her clit firmly and pushed a finger inside her pussy, caressing her g-spot up behind her clit as I sucked then lapped then sucked again at her sex button. As the intensity grew for Tanya, so did the sound of her Oh God’s! Suddenly her pussy grasped at my finger so tightly… her legs straightened… her hands gripped my shoulders and she almost shouted out the intense orgasm that then ripped around her body from her throbbing clit that I was sucking firmly, outwards!

When I felt her orgasm subside, I stopped the attention on her clit and removed my finger, Tanya inhaled quickly as the stretching of her hole eased for now at least. I was licking my lips and offering my finger to Tanya’s lips which almost automatically küçükçekmece escort opened and sucked her juices off of it. So fucking sexy!

I lay on my back beside her, removing the blindfold. She was smiling broadly and very smugly. We kissed each other softly and sensually for a short while then Tanya moved down, placed her fingers around the base of my shaft and looked up at me so very sexily as she lowered her head and started sucking me. I moaned out as Tanya licked and sucked me so perfectly. I wanted to be inside her however so I surprised both of us by pulling her gently off of me and ushering her to kneel astride me.

Now Tanya had previously told me that her being on top of a guy wasn’t one of her favourite positions but it just felt right at the time to try it… and I’m so glad that we did!

Tanya’s eyes sparkled bright. We didn’t take our eyes off of each other, the look of want came from deep inside us both. She knelt astride me, leaning forward onto her hands while I positioned my eager cock between her wet pussy lips.

A slow combined leaning back by her and a firm upward hip motion by me and my cock pushed inside her tight hole, stretching it with the thick cock head then slackening a bit but still tight as my head was sucked inside, Tanya’s juices coating my shaft inch by inch as she continued to lean backwards until I was so very deep inside her.

I held that position as I leant upwards, passion coating our lips as they connected followed my the tips of our tongues. We parted and were both moaning with how wonderful it felt for us both, me finally being inside her again. The feeling of Tanya’s pussy sucking tightly on my shaft, the head so deep inside her was nothing short of being truly amazing. It was so very intimate and so very sexy!

I started moving my cock slowly nearly out of her, using my thighs under her ass to hold her as my cock withdrew from her sweet haven right up to her hole surrounding the base ridge of my cock head then I’d push back inside, pushing upwards with my hips against Tanya’s ass.

With each slow fuck deep inside her, her moaning grew and grew, as did my own sounds of being so bloody turned on. Tanya’s hands moved from my thighs to my chest and back again. My hands were caressing her pert and perfect breasts, the nipples occasionally being slowly pressed and slightly pulled which I could tell only further enhanced things for her.

Tanya started riding my cock harder and I met her downward thrusts, fucking her so deep. Her pussy tightened so firmly around my thickness. Her nails dug into my chest and she panted out loud that she was cumming! I pushed my hips up, she lent down, her face against my shoulder, my hands gripping her ass cheeks, keeping tension in her skin between then I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could! She let out a short scream that sounded muffled against my shoulder, her pussy drenching my cock in her juices as her orgasm exploded from her clit sending waves of ecstasy around her body.

The feeling of Tanya cumming on my cock sent me over the edge and waves of my cum shot fast up my shaft and deep inside her pussy, causing her to moan loud and orgasm again which meant another deep fuck by my cock ensuring that my shaft continued jerking strongly and all of my cum filled every part of her pussy and higher inside beyond. Her pussy drenched with our mixed juices.

When my cock stopped jerking, Tanya raised her head up and we kissed so passionately, our tongues caressing each other’s. A few minutes went by then Tanya raised herself off my cum soaked cock and we cuddled, my arm around her, her head resting on my chest, our legs wrapped together.

Those times with Tanya were always so very special.

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