Dicked Down in Detention

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All Characters 18 and over, yadda, yadda, yadda. Just read the story.


Kyle was hammering Victoria on her bed on Friday morning just as she should have been getting ready to head to work. Instead, her legs were wrapped around Kyle’s waist as he gave her a proper wake up fuck, her nails digging into his back as he fucked her hard.

“Fuck yeah!” she cried, “Destroy my pussy you hung motherfucker!”

“OH SHIT!!” Kyle yelled as he tensed and blasted his load into her cunt. Victoria panted and released him, feeling Kyle pull his sticky cock from her stuffed pussy as he left the room and entered Marie’s, her own cries of pleasure sounding soon after.

Victoria took a quick shower and dressed, donning a tight and revealing floral top which would any man’s mouth water in anticipation that it would soon rip and allow her beautiful tits to be free. As she left, she smiled as she saw Kyle’s eyes follow her while he drilled Melanie on the couch and heard him grunt as he came just as she closed the door.


The day went on as usual at Hobson High. Victoria taught her classes, assigned and graded tests and had lunch hall duty. In the teachers she had her usual gangbang with some of the teachers before heading to the gym and letting the hung black coach, Coach Johnson fuck her senseless in the shower room.

Just as she had finished her 7th period and was preparing to go home and have some more fun with her hung son, son-in-law and grandsons, the Principal, Mr. Schilling walked up with a study, Aaron “Buddy” Wood in tow.

“Ms. Reynolds,” the principal greeted politely, “I know this is last minute but I just called in for a board meeting and I have no one left to watch detention so I was hoping you wouldn’t mind.”

“No, not at all,” Victoria said, though she wanted to get home as soon as possible. Her phone chimed with a message from Emily, her mascara running down her face as she sent a video of herself choking on Kyle’s dick while Thomas fucked her from the back while she jacked off Ethan and Simeon.

Grabbing Buddy’s arm, she escorted him to her classroom.

“Now I don’t want any funny business out of you, young man.” She scolded, “its bad enough I had to cancel my plans for this.”

“I’m sorry,” Buddy replied. “But it wasn’t even my fault…”

“Save it,” Victoria interrupted as she unlocked the door and pointed to a desk, “save that story for your parents.”

Buddy sighed and sat down. Victoria then sat at her desk and put in her headphones, pulling up a new video of Grayson fucking one of the company’s new tranny hires, Roxanna, her thick cock slapping against her stomach as Grayson fucked her hard, leaving her ass full of his cum.

She could feel her pussy getting wet but the only available to fuck her Now was Buddy, the boy looking all around the room. She noticed though that ever so often, his gaze drifted toward her visible cleavage and saw the bulge in his pants. Soon, he remained locked on her tits, Victoria smiling as she knew she had him where she wanted him.

“Buddy!” she shouted, the boy nearly jumping out of his skin as he met her gaze, “My eyes are up here!”

He gulped. “I-I’m sorry, Ms. Reynolds.”

“Imagine! I can only wonder what your parents will say when I tell them how you were ogling me while you were already in detention.”

“Please don’t!” he begged, “My dad would kill me.”

She stood and walked over, leaning over so her tits were right in front of him.

“Go ahead,” she challenged, “try and resist these. Because are the most natural, most perfect tits you will ever see in your life.”

Buddy couldn’t help but be drawn in, his dick straining to be free from the confines of his jeans. He then felt Victoria’s hand inching up his thigh and across his bulge as she leaned to whisper in his ear. “I expect some big things from you, Buddy. Or else, your parents will be hearing about a lot more than you just staring at me.”

She backed away and he inhaled sharply, finding he had unknowingly been holding his breath as she leaned against her desk. “Come here.”

He stood and came closer, feeling his heart raising as he came near his MILF of a teacher. He then watched as she slowly fiddled with the buttons of her top.

“Are you a virgin, Buddy?” she asked softly.

He nodded. 1 button came undone.

“Do you jack that fat cock off to me?”

He nodded. The second one was unfastened.

“How often?” she asked, rubbing the front of his pants.

“Just a few times,” he said.

“Really?” she asked, preparing to button it back.

“Every night,” he choked out quickly.

She smiled. “Good answer.”

She undid the third and shrugged the blouse off, Buddy coming face to face with beylikdüzü escort his first pair of real life tits. She had him pull his pants down and she gasped as she saw how big his dick was, at least 7 inches. She took in her hand and he moaned softly. Soon, she was sucking him off, twirling her tongue around the head and slurping on his shaft.

When she stood back up, he began to suck her tits, Victoria moaning and gripping his hair while she continued to stroke him. He softly bit and spat on her nipples, sucking them as deep as he could into his mouth.

“I bet you get a lot of looks with these,” he panted, continuing his relentless attack on her huge tits.

“Mmmm… you have no idea…” Victoria laughed.

She then sat on her desk and grabbed his dick again, beginning to fuck it with her tits. Buddy was in heaven, his dick sandwiched between her perfect boobs. She began to suck him off again, Buddy groaning as she sucked his balls before returning to his cock, coating it with her saliva.

“Oh god, that feels fucking good…” he groaned, Victoria smiling as she jacked him off.

“Only reserved for my best students,” she laughed.

He grinned and she took him back into her mouth, Buddy fucking her throat as Victoria slobbered all over his thick cock. Gagging, she pulled back up and the two kissed furiously before Buddy attacked her huge tits, sucking hungrily as her thick and sweet milk filled his mouth, Victoria moaning as she jacked his cock. Buddy pulled back from her tits and gave a lip to his lips before they kissed again, Victoria sitting on the desk and spreading her legs.

“Come eat my pussy,” she said.

“Yes ma’am,” Buddy replied with a wide smile, his dick twitching in anticipation.

He began licking deep in her pussy, kissing and sucking her clit as Victoria moaned and played with her nipples. Buddy kept eating her, sucking and slurping on her wet gash, Victoria shaking and moaning as she felt her orgasm approaching.

“I’M CUMMING!!!” she cried, her pussy creaming into his mouth. Buddy swallowed all she gave, her juices sweet as honey. He stood and they kissed again, Victoria’s hand pumping his dick while she fondled his nuts until they pulled apart. She then got to her knees and took his cock between her tits again.

Buddy groaned in pleasure as she began to fuck his cock with them, holding them to his shaft with her arms.

“OH FUCK!!” he groaned, gripping the desk.

She smiled and looked down, watching the swollen tip appear between her tits as it leak with his precum. He began bucking his hips and Victoria laughed wildly.

“Yes Buddy!” she yelled, “FUCK MY TITS GOOD BABY!!”

He watched the scene, Victoria occasionally licking the tip as he heard the squishy sounds of his dick sliding between her beautiful tits. He couldn’t hold it in anymore and he yelled out, the first rope of hot jizz shooting from his dick. Victoria held her mouth wide as it just kept shooting, round after round firing all over her.

Once he ran dry, she smiled, seeing he was still hard. He leaned down and kissed her, tasting his cum on her lips and in her mouth as they explored each other with their tongues. He couldn’t help but grab her tits as they kissed, feeling the humongous tit flesh in his hands, warm and soft.

“I want to fuck you so bad…” Buddy groaned.

“I want that too…” Victoria replied, sitting in the desk and spreading her legs again.

Buddy grabbed his dick at the base and shoved it into her pussy. Though such a move would’ve hurt most women, Victoria took it like a pro. Buddy began fucking her hard, squeezing and sucking her tits. Her muscles gripped his cock and he went even faster, Victoria grunting hard.

“Right there motherfucker!” she cried. “FUCK YEAH!!!”

“Holy shit!” Buddy grunted, slamming his dick into her cunt.

Victoria got more and more vocal, Buddy continuing to fuck her senseless. She then got off the desk and used the lube she kept in the drawer to grease Buddy’s cock as he began to fuck her ass while she was bended over.

“OHH FUCK YESSSSS!!!!” she screamed, gripping the desk as he picked up speed.

She cried out again and began playing with her tits as he drilled her ass like his life depended on it.

“OH MS. REYNOLDS!!!” Buddy yelled. He fucked her for a little longer and pulled out. “Get on your knees.”

Victoria complied, feeling his dick slap wetly against her right cheek and move slowly until it reached her lips. She opened wide and took him inside, Buddy groaning as her wet mouth enveloped him. In no time she was sucking hard on his throbbing organ as she held onto his tightly clenched ass cheeks.

“Fuck, this feels so good…” beyoğlu escort he panted, Victoria slobbering all over his dick.

She dig her nails into his ass and sped up, Buddy grunting and groaning even louder and she pulled off his dick and started jacking him off and she sucked his nuts. She returned to his dick and licked all along his shaft, spitting on it and jacking him off. She then teased his asshole with her tongue before kissing him hard, her tits pressed against his chest as he palmed her ass.

Their tongues clashed with each other, his throbbing cock pressed against her cunt as she spread her legs again for him, Buddy sliding in and beginning to fuck her hard. He grunted, looking at Victoria’s tits bouncing and his hard dick, covered in her saliva and pussy juice.

He then began fucking her so hard that she had to grip tightly onto the desk to avoid being knocked off. She cried out and came hard, Buddy grinning as he watched her jerk with every hard thrust of his dick. She kissed him again and began rubbing her clit furiously as he kept driving into her.

“Oh fuck…” they moaned in unison.

He continued thrusting, kissing and sucking her tits as she moaned loudly, spreading her legs to take him deeper.

“OH MY GOD!!!” she cried, Buddy driving into her hard.

She had him pull out and sit on the desk, taking his dick into her mouth, sucking energetically as he moaned. She then took lubed his dick with the lotion bottle on her desk and took him between her tits and began fucking his dick.

Buddy began moaning and shaking, watching his dick squeezed between his sexy teacher’s beautiful boobs. She raised her tits up and down slowly to get a feel for her student’s huge dick that was now lost in the cleavage.

“Ahhhhh…fuck, that’s good, keep going,” he moaned. He grunted and sighed as her impossibly enormous fun bags massaged every inch of his 10 inch cock.

“That’s it baby, fuck my giant tits, feel the firmness around your cock. They were made for fucking a beautiful dick like yours. God, I’m gonna hold you for detention more often.”

Buddy was panting and moaning nonstop. She was getting into a good rhythm now going a little faster. She squeezed her tits a bit tighter now as Buddy could really feel her huge tits over every inch of his cock and over the sensitive head. His cock was perfectly squished between her and right in the middle of her tits. His teacher now jiggled her tits around his cock in a perfect motion adding extra sensation to the already over stimulated dick.

Pulling back yet again just before he came, Victoria got up on the desk and began to again suck his dick, licking around the tip as she fondled his swollen balls.

“Oh fuck…” Buddy groaned, feeling her saliva oozing down his shaft to his nuts.

After a little while longer of the amazing blowjob, she sat up and Buddy instantly struck her tits, sucking as much of the warm, juicy nipple as he could fit into his mouth, Victoria moaning and stroking him.

“Fuck, I love these tits,” he gasped as he came up for air.

“They’re all yours baby,” she replied with a smile before they kissed. Victoria then had him lay on his back on the desk and she again took his dick into her mouth, moaning softly as she pleasured his cock. She then swung around so they were in a 69 position, her pussy pressed to Buddy’s mouth as she sucked his dick.

Buddy was definitely talented, eating her pussy as if he were starving, Victoria moaning in pleasure as she continued to suck his dick to the base. She screamed as she pulled off, Buddy flicking her clit with his tongue as he slowly but expertly fingered her ass.

“Oh fuck…” she moaned, squeezing his dick with her tits and moving them up and down as she continued to rub her pussy on Buddy’s face. “Fuck, I gotta ride this dick.”

She held his cock as she slid down the wet pole, Buddy instantly shooting up and squeezing her tits, Victoria giggled.

“Excited aren’t we?” she laughed.

“Very,” Buddy replied, his dick twitching inside her pussy.

She giggled again and began to bounce, Buddy groaning as he squeezed her swinging tits.

“OH YEAH!” she groaned, “you like that way I ride your big fucking cock?!”

“YES!!” Buddy yelled, Victoria slamming herself down even harder and rubbing her clit. He was in heaven, his fingers squishing into her big, doughy breasts as her pussy juice coated his dick. They began fucking each other hard, their bodies meeting in wet, hard slaps.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!” Victoria screamed as she came on Buddy’s cock. “God, I’m cumming!!”

Buddy barely restrained himself from doing the same, gripping her tits tighter as her pussy squeezed the life out bostancı escort of his dick. She continued riding him furiously, the desk creaking under them. Just when it seemed that he would give out, she dismounted and swallowed his cock once again.

“Oh shit…” he moaned, Victoria sucking him aggressively before jacking him off as she sucked his balls. Mounting him again in reverse cowgirl, she began riding him as she did earlier, Buddy slapping her ass before she pulled off and mounted him again, facing him this time.

“Ooooh…” she moaned, riding him hard as he squeezed her ass and sucked her tits, Buddy fucking back at her, his ears filled with the impact of their bodies and Victoria’s moans.

“YES YES!!” Victoria screamed, her ass clapping against Buddy’s thighs as he fucked her like a boy possessed. She pulled him up and kissed him fervently for a few moments before sliding her pussy off his cock, having him stand on the floor as she got to the edge and spread her legs just as he instantly slid inside her.

He began thrusting, Victoria moaning as he fucked her hard, Buddy grunting as he pounded the wet cunt hard and deep.


“Yeah… yeah…” Buddy panted, hammering her harder and harder before getting to his knees to eat her pussy. Victoria rubbed his head and moaned, playing with her tits as he skillfully ate her out. He then moved back up and fuck her as hard as before, her legs over his shoulders as he ravaged her.

“OH GOD YEAH!!” she screamed, rubbing her clit frantically to the pace of his aggressive fucking, cumming again on his cock. “ITS SO FUCKING BIG!”

The passion was flowing through Buddy’s veins as he fucked her harder and harder, his teeth clenched as her fluids squirted out on his cock.

“Oh god… oh god…” he panted as he struggled not to finish yet, wanting it to last forever.

Victoria looked absolutely gorgeous. She was covered in sweat, her tits bouncing with each of his hard thrusts in his hands. He couldn’t resist.

He plunged her face to her right tit, biting on her nipple, making her scream at the top of her lungs and he began to really give it to her.

“OH FUCKING GOD YES!!!!!” Victoria cried, her nails digging into his neck.

Almost simultaneously, Victoria’s orgasm struck her, her pussy violently clenching his dick. The pleasure was indescribable, Buddy struggling to keep fucking her without the fear of his dick breaking off inside of her.

His balls were boiling, his dick buried inside of her to root. When she cunt muscles finally relaxed, he pulled out nearly completely, fucking her with just the head as she struggled to breathe.

He then slid back in all the way, Victoria falling back with her back completely on the desk as Buddy fucked her madly, squeezing and slapping her tits.

“FUCK!” he grunted, his cock numb with pleasure as he fucked the hell out of his sexy teacher.

“Cum Buddy,” Victoria moaned, gripping his forearms as he continued to grope her tits, “Cum inside me. Fill me with all that hot, creamy baby cream.”

“OH FUCK!” Buddy yelled, buried to the balls inside of her as his dick exploded, rope after rope of cum shooting into her filthy mature cunt.

Buddy thought it would never stop, his dick pumping more and more of his seed into Victoria, more than he ever gotten jerking off to her or even the most extreme porn videos. It felt so good, so right.

“FUCK YES!” Victoria cried, fondling his aching balls, churning to give her the biggest load imaginable.

“Fuck…” he panted, jolting as he gave her one final blast and pulled out. There was no question that this was the best day of his entire life.

His dick ached and throbbed, coated in the mixture of his and Victoria’s juice. His back stung with claw marks but he didn’t regret it a bit, seeing Victoria dip her hand into the pool of cum which had oozed from her and onto the desk, licking and swallow much as she could.

“So how’d I do?” he asked, beaming.

“You were fucking incredible,” Victoria answered, struggling to stand as she got off the desk, “I think we should do this at least twice a week.”

“I’d love that!” Buddy replied, grinning from ear to ear.

Victoria smiled and kissed him, stroking his sore dick. “The only condition is that you can’t jack off. I want that dick hard and ready to fill me with only the biggest load.”

He nodded. “I won’t. I promise.”

The final bell rung and they rushed to get dressed, Buddy running to get on his bus. Victoria giggled as she cleaned up the sordid liaison, her phone chiming with a text message from Calvin Grant, the black football team’s quarterback.

Attached was a photo of he and the rest of the team, all naked with their dicks on full display.

‘Practice cancelled today,’ he texted, ‘but me and the boys said we can still have some fun.’

Victoria smiled and replied: ‘On my way!’ before grabbing several lube bottles from her drawer and placing them in her bag.

This was going to be a long night.

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