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Anna was stressed. Extremely stressed.

The air conditioning at work was stuck on heat and it had been sweltering in her little corner office on the 16th floor of one of the busiest insurance offices in New York. Her underwear was soaked with her sweat, her usually light and airy suit felt rough and tight. Her hair refused to stay put in its bun and stray wisps were wafted about her face by the useless micro desk-fan.

Adding to that, all morning she had had to deal with the most belligerent and obnoxious of her client base. They were the type that did not listen to reason and would swear blind they knew more than her. Her boss had also been his usual lecherous self, openly staring at her bosom, and finding as many opportunities as he could to put his hands on her but without appearing perverse to anyone watching.

At 42 years of age, Anna was not the stick thin girl she had once been but she still held a good figure, if with a few extra pounds here and there; she could still turn men’s heads and enjoyed appreciative glances. Right now though, having escaped the office for her lunch break, she was not in the mood. She wanted to just go home and soak in a warm bath but she had to be back in work in an hour. Her friend had recently told her that she had found a quick and easy way to relax that always worked; full body massages. It was not exactly a cheap option but it did the trick every time she had been told.

Anna knew it was probably a long shot at this time of day that she would even be seen, but she pulled out her iPhone and quickly found one not far from her. It was a couple of blocks away in an area she was not familiar with but she did not care right now; if it meant feeling anything but horribly stressed she would take the chance. So she flagged down a cab and had it drop her near by. Using her phone to find the right place she studied the outside. The windows of the building were blacked out and only a small sign above the door even let you know it was a massage parlour. Still, do not judge a book by its covers, her mum had always said, so she opened the door and stepped inside.

In front of her was a set of dingy stairs which she ascended, her stress elevating as she worried if she was making a big mistake, but still she climbed to the door at the top. A little sign said to knock for entry so she knocked and waited. There came a buzzer noise from the door then the lock clicked. She opened the door and went through.

Anna caught her breath; she had just stepped into a small square room, white walled, brightly lit and very clinical looking. In the corner across from the door was a plain white corner-desk that could only be accessed by the matching white door behind it. In the white office chair sat a petite girl in a white uniform dress with white-blonde hair. Even the few chairs and coffee table were white.

“Yes?” the girl asked sweetly as she looked up from her white Mac PC and Anna could instantly tell she was foreign, French perhaps?

Remembering why she was there, Anna moved to the desk, hearing the door shut behind her.

“I’m very, very stressed and I really, really need a relaxing massage, is there any chance of getting one just now?”

“Oui, Madame, Monsieur Vinnae is free just now. If you would take a seat, s’il vous plait?”

Definitely French. Anna crossed to a seat and sat with her briefcase on her knees, gripping and ungripping the handle as she wondered what she was doing; she had to be back at work in twenty minutes. Her shoulders were exceptionally stiff and her stomach was in knots as she thought of what returning to work would mean; more heat, more rude clients, her perverse boss. No, she needed some release before she could face that. While thinking this she noticed the girl speak softly into the mike of her white headset and wait for a reply. The girl acknowledged and then turned to Anna.

“You may enter, Madame. Monsieur Vinnae is ready for you.”

She indicated a door Anna had not noticed before, in the corner opposite the one she had came in by, and made her way towards it. She pushed open the door and went in. She was met by another white square room but not as brightly lit, more atmospheric and there was music softly playing. It was also warmer in here than the other room, but a nice warmth.

By a table across the room from her stood a very fine looking young man. He could not have been more than in his mid-twenties but he looked very professional in his white jacket-shirt and trousers. His skin was lightly tanned and his hair was short in that almost severe way and he had neatly groomed stubble upon his chin. He was broad shouldered and well built from what Anna could make out.

As he stepped towards her, he had a warm smile and his blue eyes flashed. Even as up tight, tension fuelled and emotionally drained as she was, Anna had to admit her interest was piqued and she thought just looking at him was helping.

“Madame, I am Monsieur Vinnae, may I know your name, s’il vous plait?”

His voice ataşehir escort was deep and husky. She was almost too distracted to reply.

“Anna, Anna Melrose, Monsieur.”

“A pretty name, for a pretty lady,” he beamed at her.

She felt herself blush but knew her already hot face would not show it.

“If you would undress for me, all but your panties for now, then lie face down on the bed, we shall begin.”

He turned away from her back to the table, busying himself with the items there on and she noted his well formed rear. After a few moments she realised he was not going to leave while she undressed so she turned away from him too, a little unnerved. She placed her briefcase on a chair by the door, thinking about how she should be back at work in ten minutes but she was clearly undoing her suit jacket so obviously she was going with the massage instead.

Having removed and neatly folded her clothes and her jewellery atop her case, she moved to the bed. This put her behind him on his left. She was sure he could see her out of the corner of his eye but as far as she could tell he made no indication that he had so she quickly got settled, face down on the bed, resting her head on her crossed hands. He seemed to know she was ready without her saying because he turned back to her almost immediately. She saw him appraising her body with a critical eye.

“You have a very beautiful body Madame, to match your pretty face. It shall be an honour to work with it.”

Anna smiled to herself; she always appreciated compliments about her figure as she herself was self conscious about it. She could feel herself relaxing more with each passing second in his company. First he moved to her side and laid a warmed towel across her pelvic area, covering her buttocks and hips for now. It felt good. With her permission he teased her hair from its bun and ran his fingers gently through it, playing with her scalp as he did so, smoothing the hair out behind her head to expose her neck more. Anna groaned as his cool hands touched her hot back. The thumb of one hand ran the length of her spine, stopping before the towel, and back up while the other hand squeezed and probed at her shoulders.

“You carry a lot of tension, Madame, here in your shoulders, and down your back. We shall take care of this first.”

He moved her arms then so they lay by her side before she heard him applying the massage oil to his hands from a tube. Expecting it to be cold she tensed and was surprised to find it had been warmed to a nice temperature.

“Relax Madame, Vinnae will take good care of you.”

His hands quickly began to glide across her right shoulder, easing the oil into her stiff skin before slipping down her side one hand over the other, teasing her heated flesh. He pressed harder now as he worked back up to her shoulder. After this he oiled his hands once again before crossing in front of her and repeating the process for her left side. Anna groaned once more as she felt his warm hands bringing her back to life.

“Now you are warmed up we can fix your shoulders, Madame.”

His hands were at her shoulder blades now and he pushed them over her shoulders and around to the front of her neck and back again, squeezing with his fingers and kneading with his thumbs. It felt so good Anna could not help but groan in time to his ministrations. After a minute or two he changed sides again, and took up her left arm. He began by running his hands up the length of her arm, pausing to knead and rub the shoulder joint, repeating the action several times. He then did the same with her right arm. Both arms now felt so undone Anna did not think she could move them even if she wanted too.

Now he came to stand in front of her and leant over her shoulders as his hands placed themselves on her sides, tucked under her armpits. From here they ran down her back, fingers caressing her sides and the thumbs pressing into the depression on either side of her spine, stopping just above the towel once more. Here he paused and his hands massaged her lower back, working his digits into her soft skin. Anna’s groans had became soft moans by now as it no longer hurt as it had when he began, simply pleasurable.

“Yes, Anna, tis good, know?” he said breathily.

The use of her name and the way he spoke caught her attention; she turned her head just enough that she could see the top of his trousers, a few inches away; the bulge there was clearly visible. Instead of being put off, Anna smiled, beginning to be turned on by the fact that working her body was bringing him as much pleasure as it was her. It showed that he enjoyed his work.

Next he moved to the other end of the table. He gently took hold of her right ankle which was swollen from the pressure of her stiff work shoes, holding it while he slowly rotated her foot to ease the joint. It felt good and Anna sighed, bringing her arms up, folding them under her chin and resting her head upon them. He repeated the action avcılar escort with her other foot before moving on to her calves, running a hand up each lower leg, just touching the skin, before pressing harder, gripping the muscles as he slowly dragged his hands back the opposite way. This push and pull motion teased the skin and stretched the muscles, warming her tired legs.

Anna moaned as his hands went higher, fingers running along her outer thighs while thumbs pressed against the back. On the way back down to her knees the fingers kneaded her skin, the thumbs squeezing the back of each. He repeated the action a few times, stopping briefly to re-oil his hands before he turned them the other way so that his pinkies faced away from him up her body. She caught her breath as she felt them placed against her inner thighs, just above the knee. It seemed to her that they crept up the inside of her legs at an agonisingly slow pace, her breath getting shallower and a fire building deep inside her the nearer his hands came to her womanhood.

She gasped quietly as his pinkies just touched that sensitive join between leg and groin, bracketing her now damp mound, before they pulled away, sliding back down to her knees. Then they crept up again, once, twice, three times more, his hands now making small circles as they came. The whole thing took less than a minute but to Anna’s now very heated womanhood it felt like hours as she enjoyed the sensations, gasping for air each time they came near.

She almost missed when his hands withdrew from her body and he spoke.

“Madame Anna, we have reached the time I must ask you a question. Depending on how you answer this is the end of the massage …”

‘No! This can’t be it! I want more,’ she thought.

“With your permission, I can now work on your beautiful derrière, but it requires the removal of your panties, Madame, so I would need your permission?”

‘What? You can’t see I’m dying for more?’ she thought.

She would have ripped them off herself if she was not so comfortable and relaxed, in body at least if not in mind.

“Yes, Monsieur, you have my permission, please continue.”

“Merci, Madame.”

Almost before she had finished, she felt him gently take hold of her underwear and slide it slowly off her rear. She lifted her hips a little and then her legs to aid him. She was so aroused now that she would be surprised if he did not note how damp her panties were.

He moved to stand on her left by her midriff, applying oil once more. His warm hands suddenly were gliding across her right cheek in circular motions, working the oil into her generous amount of flesh. He repeated the action with her left, before returning to the right. Starting from the base of her rear he began softly pinching her skin with his whole hand, hand over hand until he reached her lower back and then descended once more.

Anna moaned now at ever touch, not caring anymore, it just felt so good. His hands performed the same pinching routine on her other cheek and now both were glowing with warmth. He concentrated on just one cheek at a time now, kneaded the skin and pinching it between thumb and finger as his hands swept back and forth, leaving no patch untouched.

He returned to standing in front of her head and leant over her once more, placing his hands on her lower back.

“Part your beautiful legs a little, s’il vous plait, Madame.”

It was not a question and Anna obeyed readily. His hands slowly slid up and over her behind, pressing down partway into her valley and coming to rest on her inner thighs. During, they had came dangerously close to her womanhood, brushing against the outermost regions. Instead of worrying her it had only made her squirm and want more. On the return trip they did the same but in the opposite direction and Anna found that this felt different again but good.

He repeated this three or four times and was about to go again. Anna was so hot now she felt naughty and uninhibited. Daringly, just as his fingers were passing her slit, she jinked her waist almost unnoticeably and the index of his right hand hit the very edge of her outer lips and ran its length. She hissed, sucking breath through clenched teeth at the pleasure it caused.

Immediately, his hands withdrew, and he uttered what she assumed was a curse.

“Madame, please forgive me, I do not know what happened. My deepest apologises, it will not happen again.”

“Why not? I liked it,” she said bravely, “it felt good.”

“Oh no, Madame, it is not permitted. A masseuse should not touch his client like that.”

Even though he was protesting, looking at his face she could see he was warring with himself. This once confident young man now looked flustered and very young suddenly, but she was exceptionally aroused now, wanting more and she knew how to deal with indecisive men; appeal to their base nature.

“Please, Monsieur, it felt so good and I am so very stressed, you would be doing avrupa yakası escort me a great favour.”

This snagged his attention and he looked down at her.

“If you would do this favour for me, I’m sure I could do one for you.”

She gave him the look that would imply exactly what she meant and he gulped. Slowly she felt his hand return to her mound, cautious fingers running the length of her outer lips, brushing her neatly trimmed womanhood. Anna moaned and whispered words of encouragement. He grew noticeably bolder as she felt his middle finger slip between her folds and find her inner lips. She gasped as the tip found her bud and, having obviously regained his confidence, he began to rub it in slow circles. Anna let out a long moan of ecstasy and his ministrations increased in speed.

Anna kept up one long, continuous moan now as his warm fingertips played with her bud. Her hands gripped the edge of the table and her toes curled up as she tensed her whole body, sucking in her stomach to heighten the feelings. It was almost more than she could take when a second finger joined the first and they began to flick back and forth across her clitoris instead of in circles. Anna hissed through clenched teeth to keep from crying out loud as she relished the feelings building up inside her.

“Do not hold it back, Anna, let it out!”

As he said this, his fingers plunged into her already dripping pussy and it tipped Anna over the edge and she gave in to ecstasy. She cried out long and hard as her orgasm crashed through her, her womanhood spasmming around his fingers. She had not felt like this in many a year and longer still since she had had such an orgasm as this one.

Although she was still caught in the last waves of pleasure, Anna could not wait for more. Shifting her chest so she rested more comfortably on her breasts, which had moved during, she reached out and took hold of an ass cheek in each hand, pulling him right up to the table. This put his pelvic area right in front of her, at the perfect height just above the edge of the table. Anna grabbed his belt buckle and began to undo it. She felt him tense and his hand left her rear.

“Madame Anna, what has just happened is one thing, this another. I cannot allow you to do it.”

Anna heard the words and feared for a moment that he really would stop her but they sounded hollow, almost as if he were saying something he thought he should not what he really wanted to. When no further indications of resistance were shown she simply continued, unbuttoned his trousers and slowly drew down the zip. She pushed his trousers down his legs as far as the table angle would allow her arms to reach, revealing white silk boxers.

The boxers were being stretched by the bulge within and tight enough for her to make out the shape and size of his erection as it was held off to the left. Carnal desire burning within her, Anna slipped the first two fingers of each hand under his waistband and lifted the boxers up and over the object of her desire, pushing them down to join his pants and releasing his member from its confinement. It was fully erect now but it still hung pointing straight ahead, not rigidly upright. Anna preferred it when erect cocks could still be manoeuvred like this; it made what was coming next that bit easy.

The very tip was close enough to her mouth that she could easily lick it and so she did, drawing the point of her tongue slowly up the slit. The thing bucked and she grinned when she heard him gasp. Wasting no more time she wrapped her left hand around it at the base and wet her lips. Shimmying forward a little, she brought the head to her pursed lips. It jumped again and he moaned. Slowly she slid the whole head into her mouth, sliding effortlessly onto the shaft beyond aided by his lack of foreskin. She kept her lips in an ‘o’ shape so there were no gaps meaning everything in her mouth was fully enveloped.

When her lips met her hand, his head had reached the back of her throat. There must have been at least four inches within and her hand held about the same again. She began to suck as she pulled off, her tongue gliding up the back of his cock till she was almost fully off before descending once more, faster this time, steadily increasing the pace until she had a good rhythm. She felt his hands placed upon her shoulders, the fingertips digging in a little but gently, heard him moan and suck in his breath in time with her bobbing head.

‘What are you doing?’ she thought, ‘You’re sucking off a guy almost half your age when you should be at work!’

He growled then, a deep guttural sound and she thought, ‘Who fucking cares? I’m enjoying this.’

After a just a few minutes his breath quickened and his fingers gripped her shoulder blades. His moans had become a constant growl, deep and sexy and Anna knew what was coming next. She sucked him for all she was worth as he pumped into her hot, wet mouth and it was not long before she felt him stiffen, his cock throb and the slow rising of cum along his member before it fired into her throat. She gagged on the first load, before managing to swallow the next two, marvelling that she had forgotten how much she loved the taste of cum. It had been far too long and she greedily swirled her tongue around the head, not wanting to miss a drop.

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