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Somehow I knew from the moment that you opened the door that your invitation involved a little more than just dinner. It may have been the devilish look in your eyes as I said hello that told me that this was going to be an interesting night.

The dinner and the conversation were exquisite, but I have to admit that I was having a hard time keeping my mind on either. I could feel the electricity in the air and my thoughts constantly wandered with desire to taste your kiss and feel your soft skin against mine.

When dinner was finished you asked me to go wait in the living room while you prepared dessert. I made myself comfortable on the sofa with my mind enrapt in the thoughts of how we might spend the remainder of the evening. I was savoring a particularly delicious fantasy when I heard you call out “It’s ready, come on in!”

You were lying on the table completely stripped when I walked in to the kitchen. My pulse quickened as I saw the special dessert you had prepared. Along the inside of each of your thighs was a thin line of sticky, sweet chocolate sauce, both leading to a mound of whipped cream covering your pussy. I walked up to the table just close enough to see your face when you looked at me with a grin. “Eat me,” you said, and that was all the invitation that I needed.

I pulled a chair up to the table and lowered my face between your legs. With the heat of your skin the chocolate sauce had started to run, covering almost all of the insides of your thighs, but I managed to lick up every last drop from your skin. As my mouth savored the sweet taste, my ears were tuned in to the sweet sounds of the moans escaping your lips. By the time I had finished cleaning up both of your thighs you were starting to squirm on the table, aching to have my mouth on your hot pussy. I paused for a moment, zeytinburnu escort seeing how the whipped cream had melted everywhere between your legs mixing with your own juices. I dove in with my mouth and started devouring you voraciously and licking and sucking up every last drop of wetness. Your moans were getting louder as my tongue worked all over your sweet pussy. It was only when I had licked you completely clean when I turned my attention to driving you over the edge. I sensed your entire body tense as I sucked your clit between my lips and gave it a few flicks with my tongue. As I continued to focus my attention on your swollen clit I could tell from your breathing that you were getting closer and closer to the edge. Each flick of my tongue was sending a little shock through your entire body. I brought my one hand up between your legs, wetting it with your juices. As I continued to eat you with more and more fervor I parted the lips of your pussy with two fingers and with a third finger I started to circle your ass. Your breathing suddenly turned into a long, low moan and I could tell that the waves of your orgasm were starting to hit you. Just as you hit your peak I sucked your clit harder into my mouth and shoved my fingers deep into both of your holes. Your shuddering shook the entire table as you screamed out “Oh fuck…Yessss!” As your juices flowed all over my chin I felt you tighten your grip on my hand and then release.

Driven over the edge by your orgasm, I was swimming in my lust and need to have my cock inside of you. I stood up, quickly releasing myself from my pants and immediately driving my hard cock inside of you. I felt your hot pussy open up and swallow me up to my balls. I bent over your body, giving you a long passionate kiss as I thrust myself in and aksaray escort out of you. As I opened my eyes for a moment I noticed there was still a glass of water on the table with several pieces of ice. I reached into a glass and pulled out a cube. Standing up and burying myself deep inside of you again I tool the ice and rubbed it over one of your nipples. I watched it get hard immediately before bending over to take it in my mouth as I moved the ice over to your other breast. The combination of hot and cold seemed to please you as I felt your pussy getting even wetter around my cock.

The feeling of your hot juices running down over my balls was driving me crazy. I dropped the ice and my lips left your hard nipple as I kissed my way up to your neck. I reached down with my hands, grabbing your legs and pulling them up so you could wrap them around my back. As I kissed and nibbled my way up to your ear I whispered “Hold on tight baby,” as you wrapped your arms around my back. I pressed my body hard against yours driving myself deep inside of you and with one motion stood up bringing you with me.

I grabbed your ass hard, holding you in the air and fucking you standing up. With every thrust inside of you, your clit rubbed against my body making you moan even louder in my ear. “Oh yes baby,” you moaned, “fuck me hard.” The harder I thrust, the harder my cock grew inside of you. As I moved my mouth down to nibble on your neck, I felt your pussy tighten around me. “Oh yes, I’m cumming again,” you cried out as I held you tight to me, buried deep inside of you and feeling your wetness run over my balls and down my legs.

I placed you back down on the table and pulled out of you. I knew that I had to release soon. My balls were aching from holding back my own orgasm for so long. ataköy escort I took you by the hand, pulling you up to your feet. “I want to take you from behind,” I said as I guided you over until you were facing the refrigerator. I pressed my body hard against yours from behind, pushing your breasts against the cold steel of the fridge. Your nipples reacted again to the cold just as I pushed my hot cock inside of you once again. I reached down to grab you hard around the waist with my hands. As much as I wanted this to last, I could not hold back the pure animal lust that was building inside of me. I started fucking you harder and harder almost lost in a rage. Each thrust inside of you made your body shudder. I held your waist hard pulling you back against me each time I drove your forward against the fridge. Your gasps were mixed with a growl coming almost unconsciously from within me. I felt my balls tightening and the cum starting to build in my now throbbing shaft as I pounded your pussy wildly. I was so close to the edge when you suddenly cried out “Not yet baby, I want to see you cum.” You quickly moved forward and dropped to your knees, spinning around to face my cock. Then, to my amazement, something happened that had never happened before. Without any stimulation my orgasm rose within me. I felt the waves coming over me as I exploded, shooting my cum all over your neck and chest. We both watched with wide eyes as I shot stream after stream of cum for my jerking cock, splashing against your skin and coating almost all of your upper body.

The power of my orgasm made me sink to my knees and join you on the floor. “Damn, that was amazing,” I said as I rubbed some of my hot, sticky cum over your breasts before reaching up to the counter to grab a towel. I cleaned you off as I kissed you gently. Within minutes, the kisses were growing more and more passionate once again. Your hands reached down across my stomach and my cock was springing to life once again. I held your face in my hands, pulling back from a kiss. “Let’s go to bed,” I said, “I think I am ready for some dessert again.” But that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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