Dear Diary Ch. 04

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Ok, here is part 4, I wrote it fairly quick and I’m posting it the same way, trying to get part 5 started while it’s in my head. JFYI the “Nov 18” entry below is showing events that happened from the night before… (Susan usually writes in the morning)


Nov. 17

I’m still in a good mood this morning about Marie coming home in less then a week. Michael was very happy as well when I told him Friday evening, he missed her as well. I’m still nervous though about the kids, I know they promised to behave but I wonder if something will slip while Marie is here, a quick touch or slipped words. I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and try to relax and hope the kids are good at their words. But even with that concern, this is the most relaxed and happy I have been for some while. It will be good to have Marie home…well that and not having the others naked and panting, or pawing at me for that matter.

Nov. 18

Oh my god, it finally happened! I can’t believe what happened yesterday afternoon nor can I for an instant figure out what’s going to happen now…

For Susan it was just another Monday, she was bored in the morning, doing chores around the house leisurely, beginning supper preparations just before the kids got home. Throwing them greetings as they entered the house and receiving their hugs in return…and getting only a slightly playful nipple grab from Peter as her only daily harassment. She glanced their way as she asked how was their day, getting mumbles in return between sips of sodas and juice. She felt her heart beat harder with their casual way they grabbed each other, Mary licking juice from her sister’s face and then winking at their mother as Susan looked on. She tried to ignore them then as they walked out of her sight and into the back of the house.

Susan finished the dish, placing it into the oven to cook and tried to get her mind off her children’s activities and failed utterly. She hadn’t masturbated that morning and often that led to her ‘discovering’ her children as they played in their rooms…and her own finger sessions in her room shortly afterward. She cursed herself as she slowly walked down the hallway, listening to the soft moans and purrs leading her onward. She followed them to Mary’s room this time, and hesitated as she took in the sight before her. She felt her body grow flush as she looked on as Peter knelt between Mary’s open legs, his ass thrusting quickly as he buried himself inside his sister then back out. Susan could hear the very audible liquid popping noises that his thrusting was making. And along with the sounds that Genie was making as she straddled Mary’s head, the room was quite noisy. Susan heard herself groan as she watched the scene before her, and her knees grew weak as her panties became quickly soaked. She felt her hand pressing between her legs and watched through glassy eyes as Genie stared back at her.

“Oh god mom…uuuhhh…come join us!” Genie pleaded through hazy eyes as her body jerked, getting close to orgasm. Susan gasped as she saw her son look back at her, still thrusting into his sister. Susan shook her head…clearing it slightly and she pushed herself along down the hallway to her room. Before she closed the door she heard the sounds of Genie as her orgasm overtook her. “Ohhh god…yeessss…lick, lick….aahhhhhhhhh shhhhiiittttttttt!” Susan closed the door and reduced the noise as she rolled into bed.

“What am I doing?” She muttered softly to herself, not referring to her hands which at that moment were sliding into her pants and underwear. She gasped as she felt her finger slide between her pussy lips. She then began to pant as the digit penetrated deeper and she began to thrust inside, plunging deeper with each stroke. She could softly hear her children as one or two of them orgasmed and she felt her own pussy grip her finger like a vice, her own orgasm hitting her like a train. “Uhhhhhhh…fuuuucckkkk!” She cried out through clenched teeth, trying to be silent, least her children hear her. She bucked on the bed, her finger flying now between her legs, her hand drenched to the wrist. She then gave one final gasp and lay panting heavily on the bed. She slowly pulled her hand out of her pants, dropping it down on the bed, smiling beyond her concerns and feeling nothing but contentment at that moment. She sighed as she closed her eyes and slowed her heart, feeling a fuzziness of thought and wondered if she wanted to fight off the sleep that was coming.

Michael was happy as he drove, thinking what a surprise it was to be getting home two hours early today. Work had been super slow, with all the work done and no new clients calling or busting down the doors, so his boss decided to let everyone else go home early. The last time that happened, Michael thought, was along time ago…at least a year he figured. He thought about grabbing a bite to take home, but figured if he hurried he might be able to get antalya escort home before Susan finished making supper, maybe even before she finished her preparations for it. If he did, he was thinking they could all go out for dinner. He smiled at the thought; it had been months since they had gone out to dinner as a family. He pulled up into the drive a short time later and entered the house.

He didn’t see his wife or any of the kids, but he figured the kids were off doing homework or playing or such. He started to call out to his wife and ask if she wanted to go out, but decided to ask her privately to make sure he didn’t interrupt any plans she had for supper, she could get very cranky if he ruined her supper if she had spent hours preparing it. As he walked into the kitchen he did in fact see signs she was working on dinner and continued to their bedroom, thinking she was in the bathroom. After just a few steps he heard strange sounds and started walking slowly, trying to figure out what they were and where they were coming from. He had just reasoned out that the sounds were sexual in nature and he was now expecting to find his wife cheating on him just as he crossed in front of Mary’s door and saw the truth. He stood aghast, unable to comprehend the scene before him, not believing what he was seeing, though he could tell right away his wife wasn’t in the pile of flesh before his eyes. He felt like vomiting as he looked on and saw his son as he had his face between Genie’s legs, obviously licking her pussy and at the same time Mary was getting her pussy licked by that very same daughter as she lay on her back on the bed. The incredible craziness of the moment finally caused a eruption inside him. “AARRRGGHHH!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” Was all Michael could grunt out as he felt bile and anger inside him.

“AIIIEE!” Mary cried out as she fell off her sister and onto the floor.

“Jesus dad!” Peter gasped out as slid out of his sister and sat down on the bed, looking at his father just feet away.

“Oh God daddy!” Genie finally moaned out as she sat up, even now starting to cry as she attempted to cover her body with her hands and knees. They all looked at their father as he stood in the doorway, mouth agape and his hands clenching and flexing. He looked at each of them, but after a few seconds he could no longer look at his naked daughters, it felt wrong even under these conditions, so his eyes settled on his son.

“WHAT WERE YOU DOING?” Michael asked through clenched teeth, his eyes burning a hole into his son. He had directed the statement to all of them, but the longer he looked at his son, the more convinced he was whose fault it was, at least in his mind.

“Oh My god daddy…we’re sorry!” Genie mumbled as she cried into her hands and Michael looked at her and noticed the others glancing her way as well. Michael then looked back at his son and Peter nodded in agreement.

“We’re all sorry dad…” Peter trailed off as he looked at his fathers face, turning a deep angry shade of crimson. Somewhere in his mind he knew what was coming. “Daddy please…” Was all Peter got off as his father lunged at him and grabbed his arm and lifting him up like a doll.

“You BASTARD!” Was all Michael could manage to grunt out as he struggled to speak as his rage got the best of him. He didn’t even think that it was his son was being gripped in his hand, only that this was the creature that had violated his daughter’s before him…even after he started hitting him, his fist growing bloody from his knuckles and his sons face.

“AIIEEEEEEE!” Mary screamed out as she watched her father start to pummel her brother.

“DADDY! NO, NO, NO!!!” Was all Genie could intone as she stood up in the bed and looked on the violence before her. But Michael did drop his son at his daughters screaming, though he only hesitated a few seconds before reaching down again, this time grabbing him by the hair, causing yet more screaming from the two girls.

Susan must have fallen asleep, because she felt like she was pushing out of cotton candy, then she wondered what woke her. Then she heard raised voices from another room in the house. She sat up quickly wondering what was going on, when she heard the unmistakable sound of her husband’s voice in anger. “OH SHIT!” Susan croaked out as she threw herself out of the bed and almost ripped the door from its hinges as she tossed it open. She took the hallway in just three leaps as she bounded off the wall and hurtled herself to Mary’s room and had to grip the doorframe as her body continued past it. She got there just in time to see her husband as he reached down and pulled her bloody son up from the floor. “MICHAEL, STOP!” Susan shouted out as her body responded and stopped in the doorway. Her husband either didn’t hear her or refused to. And she looked on as he slapped Peter incredible hard across the side of his head, knocking him back to the floor and out of her husbands grip. Susan threw herself at her lara escort husband and tried to grip him and make him stop. “GODDAMMMIT MICHAEL, FUCKING STOP IT!” Susan screamed at her husband and her fear and anger gave her enough strength that she held him for a few seconds. When she knew her husband was breaking free she cried out. “Dammit girls…help ME!” Susan gasped as she struggled for air as Michael pushed her back onto the floor to get at Peter.

“Daddy stop!” Genie cried out as she tentatively rushed forward and pushed her father away, causing him to take a step back. Michael looked at her for a second then glanced back at Peter, and moved toward him again. Susan reached for him from the floor, wrapping her arms around his legs.

“MICHAEL STOP DAMMIT!” She shouted and used her weight to slow his steps. But her husband was still moving forward, like a machine that had its sights on Peter. Mary looked at him and grew scared…and angry.

“Daddy fucking stop!” Mary growled out as she stood up and jumped her body full onto her fathers, in a move that would make any wrestler proud, her weight and Susan’s grip knocking him to the floor with a loud thud…and a loud cry from Susan as his weight fell on her and twisted her arm beneath him. Michael seemed stunned for a few seconds before moving off of his wife and sitting on the floor, looking at all of them. Susan grimaced as she started to get off the floor, rubbing her shoulder where she had twisted it. Genie had sat back down and was sobbing uncontrollably while Mary stood stark naked and looked like she was ready to fight her father.

“Oh god Peter!” Susan said as she moved to help her son up, his nose and cheek bleeding and one eye already swollen part way shut. He reached his hand out to be helped up when his mother got near him and together they got him to a sitting position, Susan then looked at his face.

“Dammit Susan, don’t you care that he was molesting the girls!” Michael uttered out as he stood, seeing his wife only care at that moment with how Peter felt. Mary shook her head violently.

“He didn’t rape us daddy.” Mary told him evenly, her voice filed with anger. Michael looked at her to respond but Susan interrupted her as she stood up.

“Michael, he didn’t molest them. All of them…ALL of them were having sex, consenting sex…sex…not rape!” Susan soft growled, her own voice tinted with anger and fear. Her husband looked at her like she was crazy. “Michael, they were fucking…ok? I’m going to assume that was what you saw anyway.” She said then looked down at her son. Michael stared at her in amazement, and then looked at each of the girls, both of them nodding at him though Genie was still crying. He looked hard at his wife again.

“You knew about this?” Michael asked his wife as he stood dumbly in the doorway. Susan seemed to deflate and then she sighed and looked over at the girls.

“You two put some clothes on please!” Se said gruffly before turning to her husband and cautiously looking into his face and nodding. “Yes…yes I knew about it.” She answered timidly, hoping he wouldn’t go off again. He eyes grew wide and he stood dumbstruck for a minute.

“Why didn’t you tell me? How long has this been going on? How…How could you let them…how could you let them…FUCK EACH OTHER?” He shouted at her, almost to the point of tears.

“I COULDN’T FUCKING STOP THEM!” Susan growled out loud back at him. She then took a deep breath and looked at him again. “Believe me I tried to stop them, they had minds of their own and…and I could stop them.” Susan finished meekly, now thinking about weather she should try to be honest with him or keep everything with herself out of the picture. She was wondering if she should lie to him.

“You couldn’t stop them? How couldn’t you? All you had to do was tell me and they would have stopped.” He said, and in his mind it was that simple.

“That easy huh? Michael, look down at Peter…THAT is why I didn’t come to you. THAT is why I didn’t tell you. You would’ve at the least tossed him out on his ass out of the house! He’s our son…he’s MY Son, and I didn’t want that! I tied to stop them, but they were very…very determined Michael!” Susan growled out, fighting for breath as she panted out the words, feeling emotionally and physically drained.

“So Peter was the one to start this shit?” Michael said, latching on to his wife’s choice of words.

“No Michael, Peter didn’t start it, all of them were in on it but if one of them started it, it was Mary. She talked to him about it…at least at first.” Susan told him, then immediately regretted pointing the finger at anyone. Mary gave her a shocked look and started to defend herself, but gasped out and remained silent. She looked up at her father and nodded to him in his silent question on his face.

“Mary? You?” Michael asked her, unable to ask what happened. Mary started to tremble.

“I’m sorry daddy…I’m manavgat escort sorry. I…we…were just talking at first…and it just happened…I’m sorry.” Mary cried out, feeling confused and not sure what or how much to say, but feeling so much like a child under her fathers stare. She started sobbing and wanted his forgiveness at that moment and just threw herself into his arms to find it.

“Jesus Mary…” Michael muttered out, not knowing what to do or say, but settled for embracing his daughter, hesitating only a second at his daughter’s nudity. Susan reached out and embraced Genie when their other daughter moved close to her, partly in fear of the moment. He crying slowed at her mother held her. Michael looked over at them and shook his head softly.

“Susan…still…why didn’t you tell me?” he asked her softly. Susan sighed and gently pushed her daughter away as she moved to her husband.

“Michael…Michael, we’ll talk about that in a bit, ok? Go to our room and I’ll be there in a bit, I think Peter needs some help.” Susan told him curtly as they both looked down at their son. Michael sighed and nodded.

“Fine, I’ll wait in there, but I want a full explanation.” He told her as he started to leave.

“Fine, just let me clean up your handiwork first ok.” She chided in as she turned back to help her son. Michael paused and started to reply to her remark, but decided to continue onto their room.

“Come on Peter; let’s get you to the bathroom. Can you two help me?” Susan asked the girls as she helped their brother up. Both of them quickly moved to help him up and walk to the bathroom next door. “Genie, you and Mary go get dresses now…and bring back lover boy here his under shorts.” Susan said, glancing down at her son’s nakedness after they set him down on the toilet lid. Even hurt Peter gave her a weak grin and she just shook her head in disbelief.

“Sure mom.” Mary said and they both left to get dresses. Meanwhile Susan grabbed a wet cloth and began gently cleaning her sons face. She had to step over him, her legs straddling his to reach his face easily and she couldn’t believe it when she felt a hand snake between her legs and run up the inside of her thigh. She slapped her sons hand away and glanced out the door to make sure it was clear.

“Are you fucking nuts? After what happened you want to do that…did your father knock what little brains you had loose?” She whispered softly to him as she held his eyes, making him look away in guilt. He returned them a second later with a slight grin.

“I’m sorry mom, I…I was just trying to make light of it all, I feel like shit is all.” Peter whispered back as he looked at her and shrugged. She shook her head again.

“Doing that now…even in play is going to get you hospitalized. I thought you were smarter then that!” She grunted out in a harsh whisper and stopped further chastising when she heard the girls coming back.

“Ok mom, here. How is he?” Genie asked as Mary handed over his shorts. Susan had peter put them on before really taking a look at his face. “Oh god Peter…you look horrible even with the blood gone.” Genie said as she looked at her brother, feeling rather Ill having looked at his damaged face.

“She’s not kidding Peter.” Mary agreed with her, and Peter pushed past them and looked into the mirror.

“Oh fuck!” Peter said softly to himself.

“Watch the language at the moment young man.” Susan told him and moved to close the door. She then came to stand next to him and looked close at his face. “Oh yeah…a black eye for sure, maybe both if the blood pools the right way. Both your cheeks are going to puff up and I’m not sure but your nose might be broke.” Susan announced with concern, trying hard not to cry as she looked at him. A few tears escaped her sons eyes before he forced them to stop, but both his sisters were crying, though Mary on slightly. Susan looked at the three of them. “I really hate to tell you so but…” She started to say.

“Then please don’t mom.” Mary muttered, looking at her and trying to stop her tears. Susan nodded to her.

“Ok, you two go back and fix Mary’s room up and I’ll bandage up your brother’s face. Peter, we might need to take you to the hospital, in fact we probably should. Let me talk to your father and then we’ll see about that.” She told him as she placed a large bandage over his bleeding cheek, but she left the busted eye uncovered to see if the doctor wanted to cover it. “Ok, get one of the girls to get you some ibuprofen or such and go lay down for a bit.” Susan said as she left the room and taking a deep breath and walked to her bedroom. She opened the door and saw her husband sitting on the bed, his back to the door.

“Ok start explaining.” He immediately said as she closed the door behind her.

“You know I’ll have to take Peter in tonight to get looked at, I think he has a broken nose.” She said as she walked in front of him and he stood up to look at her…and to walk further away from her.

“Fine, but he had that coming after what he did…they did or whatever.” He said softly, anger tinting his voice, but at whom Susan wasn’t sure. “Can you please explain how this happened for god’s sake?” He repeated, raising his voice slightly.

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