Dear Aunt Laura Pt. 01

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Neal used the Xbox controller to control the Orlando Magic team in the newest basketball game. He had a small trickle of sweat running down his forehead; he was intensely focused on trying to beat his buddy Brian, because it might be a while before they could play again.

Neal’s friend Brian held the other controller, sitting on the couch across from Neal. Brian was from California, and was in Orlando, Florida for school. This was Brian’s first year in Orlando. He previously went to a university in California, before he decided to let partying and pussy take priority over his studies. Brian came from a wealthy family, so his parents had no qualms with sending their son off to study in Florida to get him away from friends they considered to be bad influences; his parents even rented a house for him, and it was a beauty. The house was massive, and even had an outdoor pool.

Brian was crazy about bodybuilding, and with his bulky muscular frame, piercing blue eyes, and long blonde hair, he attracted plenty of attention from women. It was in the gym that Brian met Neal, after striking up a friendship while waiting to use the cardio equipment.

Brian pressed furiously at his own Xbox controller, trying to will his chosen team, the Los Angeles Lakers, to victory. The game was coming down to the wire, before Brian finally pulled out the win. Jumping off the couch with his massive frame, Brian pumped his fists in the air, his mane of hair bounding up and down.

Brian was celebrating because he would be able to hold on to that victory for a while. Since he didn’t have too many friends in Orlando yet, Neal was over at his house often; over the next few weeks, however, Neal would be busy with family visiting.

Neal’s parents were from Colombia, and Neal still had a lot of family there. Neal’s uncle from his mother’s side, Eduardo, was coming to visit Orlando next week with his family: his second wife Laura, and his daughter from his first marriage, Jacqueline.

Neal said his goodbyes after the game, and started to drive home. On his way there, Neal started to think about how boring it would be to have to stay home and spend time with family he had never met, instead of hanging out with his friends.

Last week, Neal overheard his parents talking about how his uncle Eduardo’s marriage was on the rocks, and that he hoped this trip to Florida would help spark the romance between him and his second wife Laura.

Later that day, once Neal was home and eating dinner, Neal’s parents asked him to pick up his uncle and aunt at the airport, as they would both be at work when they arrived.

Three days before his uncle was supposed to visit, Neal’s mom told him that something had come up with his job and that he wouldn’t be making the trip. His wife Laura and his daughter Jacqueline decided they would still come to Florida without him.

The day his aunt arrived in Florida, Neal was having car trouble and couldn’t get his car to start. He didn’t want his aunt Laura waiting at the airport too long for him, so he called his friend Brian to see if he could pick up Neal and then pick up his aunt Laura. As it turned out, Brian was already by the airport and offered to make the quick trip to the airport to pick up Neal’s aunt and cousin, and then drop them off to their hotel. Neal decided that would be best, as his aunt’s flight had already arrived. Neal sent a message to his aunt over Whatsapp explaining the change of plans, knowing she would receive the message when she connected to the airport WiFi.

Brian dropped off Neal’s aunt and cousin at their hotel, and sent Neal a text to let him know. Neal was relieved that was done with, and he could relax until later tonight, when his aunt and cousin would be coming over to his house to have dinner with the rest of the family.

After playing some video games and doing some homework, Neal heard antalya escort his mother calling him downstairs. He knew his aunt and cousin would be arriving for dinner. As Neal was coming down the stairs, the front door opened, and Neal’s cousin Jacqueline walked in.

The sight of Jacqueline took Neal’s breath away. Jacqueline had perfectly tan skin and had dyed blonde hair, with an absolutely ridiculous body. Her white crop top barely covered her ample breasts and showed off her belly piercing, and her tight pair of blue jeans clearly outlined what an amazing ass Jacqueline had.

If Jacqueline had left Neal breathless, his aunt Laura made his jaw drop. He didn’t know who looked younger, Jacqueline or Laura. His aunt Laura sauntered in with her red party dress and high heels, and Neal had to try his hardest not to stare and drool. Laura’s long black hair and enchanting brown eyes drew Neal’s attention, but not nearly as much as the tattoo of Laura’s first husband’s name on her right breast. Neal couldn’t believe it, but while checking out his aunt Laura’s legs, she had another man’s name tattooed on her thigh too, with her short dress clearly showing off both tattoos. Laura’s skin wasn’t as tan as Jacqueline’s, and her bright red dress and lipstick stood out in stark contrast to her white skin. Neal felt horrible, but he couldn’t help but notice how HUGE his aunt Laura’s tits and ass were. With her slim waist, big but firm breasts, and a bouncy, juicy ass, Laura looked every bit as sexy as a porn star.

Dinner with the Colombian side of Neal’s family was predictably awkward, as Neal had to force himself to not stare at the beauties across the table from him. Neal was thankful that the dinner table hid his raging hard cock. It was shameful to admit, but his aunt and cousin were hot enough to turn any man on. Finally, after two hours of having to make small talk and Neal having to pretend he wasn’t discretely staring at both of their tits, his aunt and cousin called a taxi back to their hotel room.

Now that his aunt and cousin were gone, Neal was bored. He wondered if he could sneak out of his house once his parents went to sleep, and head over to Brian’s house to play some video games. His aunt and cousin were supposed to come over tomorrow, but Neal figured if he snuck back home by 2 a.m. after playing video games, he could sleep for 6 hours and still have enough energy for tomorrow. Neal called Brian, but Brian didn’t pick up his phone.

Still bored, Neal decided he would go for a drive over to Brian’s house. They were good friends, and he was sure Brian wouldn’t mind. Brian might just be in the shower, and that’s why he didn’t pick up the phone. Besides, if Brian was busy, Neal could just drive home and sneak back into his house; at least Neal would have wasted half an hour instead of just staring at the ceiling.

Neal snuck out through the backdoor of his house, and debated taking his car or his bicycle over to Brian’s house. Neal settled on taking his bike, because he was scared turning on his car would wake up his parents. The bike ride to Brian’s house was about half an hour, but it was a warm Orlando night so Neal didn’t mind.

When he arrived at Brian’s house, he saw Brian’s car was still parked at the front, meaning Brian was home. Neal gave Brian another call, but Brian still didn’t pick up. He rang the doorbell, but still nothing. Neal figured that maybe Brian was taking a dip in the pool, which would explain why he wasn’t answering his phone or the doorbell. Regretting that he didn’t bring his swimming shorts, Neal headed around the house and took the pathway at the side of the house headed to the back. The back of the house had a fence to protect strangers from entering, but Neal could always shout over the fence and Brian would let him in.

Neal got to the back of the house and peeked over the fence. What he saw completely shocked kemer escort him, to put it mildly.

Brian was indeed in the back of the house, but he wasn’t taking a swim. Swimming shorts down by his ankles, he was pounding a woman doggy style. The woman was bent over a poolside chair, naked except for her high heels, with her red dress thrown on the floor. It was only when the woman threw her head back in pleasure that Neal could see who the woman was.

Neal’s aunt Laura.

Neal finally came to his senses long enough to duck underneath the fence before anyone saw him. Crouched behind the fence, he crawled towards a hole in the fence and peeked through it.

Neal kneeled, silent as a statue, peeking through the hole in the fence as he watched his friend pound his aunt Laura from behind. Mouth wide open, in complete shock, Neal started to feel ill. He could not believe what his aunt was doing.

Neal couldn’t help but notice the look of pure pleasure on his aunt’s face. He had to admit, Brian’s cock was huge. Laura extended her arm behind her so her hand was on Brian’s six-pack abs and tried to use her hand as a barrier, to keep Brian from getting close enough to slide his whole cock inside of her, but Brian mercilessly kept pounding her as deep as he could. Neal was ashamed to admit, but he couldn’t draw his eyes away. He was mesmerized by the sight of his aunt’s big Colombian ass slapping against Brian as he manhandled her.

Brian grabbed a handful of Laura’s hair and pulled her head back, giving Neal an even better look of the sheer pleasure on his aunt’s face. Brian was really pounding her, and it was clear from Laura’s face that she was loving it.

“Grab your phone,” Brian commanded Laura, “and get on top of my dick!”

Laura did was she was told, getting her phone while Brian lay down on the poolside chair he had been ramming Laura on. Neal couldn’t tell for sure from a distance, but he was pretty sure there was no condom on Brian’s massive cock. Phone in hand, Laura didn’t hesitate to hop on Brian’s impressive cock.

Laura rode Brian like a pro, while Brian lay back and relaxed, content to let Laura do all the work. Neal watched his aunt Laura’s ass bounce rhythmically up and down, her screams of pleasure cutting through the warm Orlando night.

“FaceTime your husband,” Brian ordered. “And show him you belong to me now!”

Furiously bouncing up and down on Brian’ meat, Laura unlocked her phone and dialed her husband. Neal watched in horror as after a few rings, his aunt Laura’s husband picked up the call.

Still impaling herself on Brian’ long and thick cock, gasping for breath and moaning in pleasure, Laura managed to get out, “Te odio!”

Being born in Florida, Neal didn’t know much Spanish, but he still understood what his aunt had said: I hate you!

Laura continued to ride Brian while her husband stared, speechlessly. What seemed like an eternity later but was probably only 10 seconds, Neal’s uncle Eduardo mercifully ended the FaceTime call.

Both Brian and Laura didn’t seem to mind, and went back to the hardcore fuckfest they were having.

Brian held Laura’s hips so she could bounce faster. He was about to cum, but he wasn’t done with this bitch yet.

“Get on your knees and eat my ass, now!”

Laura obediently hopped off Brian’ cock and got on her knees. Brian bent over the poolside chair. As soon as Brian bent over, Laura shoved her face between his ass cheeks and her tongue deep inside his asshole.

Neal knew he should stop what was going on, but he was frozen in place and could only watch as his aunt Laura ate Brian’ ass.

This clearly wasn’t his aunt Laura’s first time eating ass. She expertly licked Brian’s asshole, flicking her tongue around it to tease Brian before shoving her tongue as deep inside his ass as it would go. It seemed konyaaltı escort to go on forever, but Laura never slowed down. She kept working Brian’s asshole with her tongue.

“Let me cum on that pretty little face.”

Laura stopped licking Brian’s asshole, but stayed on her knees. When Brian made his way to his feet, Laura closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. She was ready.

Neal couldn’t do anything as Brian covered his aunt Laura’s face with a thick layer of hot cum.

Neal didn’t stick around to see what happened next. He silently made his way to his bike and began the solemn ride home.

The next day was a blur for Neal. He knew he had to tell his mother what had happened. His aunt Laura was only his aunt by way of marriage; his uncle Eduardo was his uncle by blood. When Neal approached his parents to ask to speak to his mother in private, he found his parents sitting at the table, looking shocked. Neal’s mother asked him to take a seat and his parents informed Neal that his uncle Eduardo has passed away after driving his car off a bridge while drunk. Seeing the suffering in his mother’s eyes, Neal decided against telling her anything.

This decision would soon come to bite Neal in the ass. Eduardo’s death sped up the process for Brian and Laura, and after a few days, Laura informed Neal’s family that she intended to marry Brian and stay in the United States.

Having previously met Brian when he came to pick up Neal at their home, Neal’s parents could not believe what was happening. Neal’s mother blamed Neal for her brother’s death, saying that Neal had brought Laura to the United States to introduce her to Brian, and that was the cause of her brother’s drinking and death that night. Neal tried to explain he had no part in it, and that his uncle Eduardo was originally supposed to join his wife and daughter on their vacation. He was never able to convince his mother of his innocence, and since he was already 18, his mother decided to kick Neal out of her house. Neal’s father was also sickened and didn’t dispute his wife’s decision.

Now homeless, Neal was forced to live in his car. He had room only for himself and some clothes. The first day after he had been kicked out of his house, Neal received a call from an unknown number. He ignored his cell phone, but the same number called again. This time, the caller had left a voicemail.

Out of curiosity, Neal checked his voicemail. The caller was his aunt Laura. Neal was shocked as he listened to the message. His aunt said she felt horrible about what happened, and was reaching out both so Neal had her new American cell phone number and to offer Neal a place to stay at Brian’s home.

Neal went red with rage, and could not believe the audacity of his aunt. However, needing a roof over his head quickly changed Neal’s opinion. Working only a part-time job because of his studies, he was unable to afford to rent a room. After a few days of living in his car, Neal was forced to accept Laura’s offer.

Living with Laura and Brian in Brian’s home was mentally draining for Neal. The house had three floors and had a bedroom on each floor. His cousin Jacqueline lived in the house too, and she had already taken the bedroom on the first floor when Neal had arrived. Brian and Laura took the master bedroom on the third floor, leaving Neal with the bedroom on the middle floor. Fortunately for Jacqueline, the constant sounds of Brian and Laura’s lovemaking did not reach the first floor. Neal was not so lucky.

Neal didn’t like spending much time inside the house, so he often left very early in the morning and only returned very late at night. He spend the day outside of the house, either at work, at school, or doing some sort of activity to entertain himself.

One day, Neal decided to catch a movie at the cinema to kill some time. As he parked his car, he saw some familiar faces leaving the movie theatre. The same sick feeling he felt when he first saw Brian fuck his aunt Laura invaded Neal’s body again.

Brian walking out of the theatre with Neal’s cousin Jacqueline, with Brian’s hand firmly on Jacqueline’s ass.


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