David and Eve Ch. 01

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“Oh my God!”

I paused at the exclamation. The voice came from upstairs. It sounded familiar, but its tone had me climbing the stairs two at a time before I could figure out who it was.

It didn’t take me long to find my cousin Eve. She was in the bathroom washing her hands. At least that’s what she was doing before she looked out the small window and saw whatever it was that upset her. She looked shocked, stunned even. Eve was one of my more levelheaded cousins, so whatever it was had to be bad, very bad.

“What is it?” I asked, moving toward her. “What’s wrong Eve?”

She didn’t respond. I doubt she actually heard me despite how close I was. My cousin’s mouth was hanging open and she was as pale as a ghost. A moment later I was next to her. It was my turn to be shocked by what was happening below us.

“Oh shit,” I said, shaking my head.

“David, please tell me I’m not seeing what I think I am?” Eve asked, finally registering my presence.

“I wish I could,” I said slowly.

“What do I do?” she asked.

I had no idea how to answer. Her son Jake was below us making out with a girl. They were on the side of the house, well hidden by trees and bushes. I was sure they thought no one at the party could see them, and they’d be right if it wasn’t for Eve and I looking out the window.

In any other situation I would have laughed and told my cousin to rejoin the party and forget what she was seeing. Jake was nineteen and just doing what teenagers do. Of course, the girl he’d chosen to do it with wasn’t just any girl. She was my sister Frannie’s daughter Emily. Yeah, that’s right, Eve’s son was making out with his cousin, okay second cousin, but still… I continued to stare down at them in silence because I had no idea what to say to Eve. Well, that and both Jake and Emily were attractive kids.

‘Pervert!’ I thought to myself, but that didn’t stop me from looking.

Eve was also still watching. I wasn’t sure if it was out of motherly concern or her own perverse nature. I had a feeling this it was a combination of both. I mean, she was clearly disturbed by what she was seeing, but something in her expression made me think there was more to it than that. Of course, that could just be wishful thinking on my part.

‘You really are a sick bastard,’ I sighed silently.

We were at my sister’s house. Frannie’s husband Bob did well for himself and their place was one of the few big enough to host our family’s Fourth of July blowout, yet even it was crowded this year. The party was in full swing and threatened to be one of the best ever.

“They sure know how to kiss,” I observed after a few moments, not realizing I’d spoken aloud until Eve replied.

“They do, don’t they?” Eve asked softly, but then shook her head and added more forcefully, “But it’s wrong! They’re cousins.”

“Hmm,” I said thoughtfully. A memory from long past popped into my head. I waffled on whether I should bring it up or not, but I was getting too horny watching Jake and Emily not to. “I seem to remember us sharing a kiss once.” Eve looked away from her son and my niece for the first time. She was clearly surprised by what I said.

“We were twelve,” she finally said. “And it was nothing like what they’re doing.”

“True,” I said, remembering. “Neither of us had ever kissed someone before and we were curious.”

“As I remember it,” Eve smiled. “You missed the first time and kissed my nose.”

“That because you got nervous and ducked your head at the last minute!” I laughed.

“Were we really ever that innocent?” she asked with a shake of her head.

“Of course,” I answered.

It had only happened once and neither of us had ever brought it up again in the twenty-seven years since. It really was as innocent of a kiss as Eve thought. At twelve, even I wasn’t the pervert I later turned out to be.

“Well, Jake and Emily’s kiss doesn’t seem nearly as naïve,” she said, looking out the window and losing her smile.

“No it’s not,” I said, following her gaze. “In fact, I’d say it looks practiced.”

“You don’t think they’ve done this before, do you?” Eve asked, biting her bottom lip in concern.

“Maybe,” I said, glancing Eve’s way. She was still watching below. The horror was gone from her voice, but her concern was still obvious.

My cousin was a full-bodied woman. People tended to think of her a chunky, but it wasn’t true. Okay, she carried a little excess weight on her ass, but I liked her the way she was. My eyes drifted up from her ass to her chest. There was no arguing that Eve was well endowed.

She’d talked about getting a breast reduction a couple of years ago, but her husband had talked her out of it. It was one of the few things he and I agreed upon. I was glad when she dumped him not long afterward, even though I felt bad for Eve. She could do better. In fact, if she weren’t my cousin…

‘Down boy!’ I thought. Obviously, seeing Jake and Emily making out was making me horny. ‘Yeah, that’s the reason. It’s not that Eve antalya escort is leaning over with her breasts resting on the windowsill and her ass thrust out that’s doing it.’

My cousin’s waist was surprisingly small. She tended to wear bulky clothes and that hid the fact, but today she was wearing a sundress that showed off her curves nicely.

“Eve, maybe we should give them some privacy?” I asked, looking down at Jake and Emily again. It was safer to do that than look at my cousin.

“Privacy?” she asked in surprise. “What we should do is go down there and stop them! I’m not a prude or anything, but what they’re doing is a mistake.”

“The only way to stop them would be to go down there and confront them. What are the odds of us being able to do that without drawing attention to what they’re doing and causing a family scandal? Do you really want to do that?” I asked.

“We could open the window and get their attention quietly,” she said, reaching out to do exactly that. I put my hand over hers and stopped her. I ignored how nice the warmth of her skin felt against mine. Man, I was getting seriously horny now!

“And then what?” I asked. “If we let them know we’ve seen what’s going on, we’ll have to address it. What would we say? What would we do?” Eve met my eyes. Her soft brown orbs were confused and frustrated. I could understand that.

“I have no idea,” my cousin sighed, no longer reaching for the window. I didn’t take my hand away from hers at first. She pulled hers away after a few seconds and fixed her long dark hair absently. I noticed that she was watching her son and my niece again.

“You know,” I said. “It’s not like they’re first cousins or anything. Jake and Emily are both adults now. What’s happening is really none of our business.”

“Let’s hear you say that when it’s your son down there with his cousin!” Eve snapped.

“Second cousin,” I corrected.

“Like that makes a difference!” Eve cried.

“Of course it does,” I argued. “In fact, I’d say what we did at twelve is arguably worse than what they’re doing right now.”

“Please!” she snorted. “Our kiss was chaste. We had no idea what a real kiss was like back then. Clearly, Jake and Emily do.”

“They are going at it pretty hot and heavy, aren’t they?” I grinned rhetorically, looking out the window once more.

“Pervert!” Eve cried, but I saw a slight smile form in the corner of her mouth.

“I’m not the one watching my son make out with a girl,” I teased.

“You ass!” Eve cried in surprise, looking back at me. I just raised an eyebrow. Suddenly, she burst out laughing and added, “I guess you’re right.”

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked. Eve shook her head and looked in the mirror, fixing her hair again.

“Nothing,” she said. “There’s no good solution to this right now. You’re right.”

“I like the sound of that,” I grinned. Eve rolled her eyes, but she was smiling.

“Besides,” she rationalized. “It’s not like they can go much further than kissing right now anyway. They’re not that stupid.” I glanced out the window.

“Um,” I said, swallowing hard. “I wouldn’t be too sure about that.”

“What?” she asked, following my gaze.

Jake’s hand had disappeared under Emily’s tee shirt. He was started rubbing her breasts. Emily was clearly enjoying it. I noticed a moment later that my niece’s hand was making its way to the lump in Jake’s shorts. At least that’s what it looked like from this angle.

“The little minx!” Eve cried. I couldn’t disagree. I was seeing my niece in a whole new light today.

“Eve, have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss each other for real?” I asked suddenly. I think I might have been more stunned by my words than my cousin. I hadn’t planned on saying them. That was for sure! I was a pervert, but not generally a stupid one.

“First, we’re true cousins,” she said, looking at me once more. “And like you said, that would be far worse than what Jake and Emily are doing.”

“Really?” I found myself asking. “I’m just talking about a kiss. They’re doing a bit more than that now.”

“And second,” Eve continued, ignoring my comment. “Jake and Emily may be adults in the eyes of the law, but they’re still just kids. We’re not. We know better.”

“And finally,” she sighed. “We’re too old to ignore the repercussions that would follow. In short, it’s wrong and we can’t and you know it.” I blinked as my desire for her cooled when faced with her cold logic. Eve was right.

“I’m sorry,” I said, embarrassed for bringing it up.

“It’s okay David,” she sighed. “I understand. Watching them is getting to me too and I’m Jake mother!”

The right thing to do was leave. I knew that. Of course, that’s not what I did. My cousin’s words may have pushed back my desire for her, but they hadn’t dispelled it totally.

“It’s not them,” I said, but then laughed and added, “Well, not just Jake and Emily anyway. You look pretty amazing in that sundress.”

“Thanks,” she said, smiling warmly. kemer escort “It’s new. I decided it was time to move on from my divorce.”

“I agree,” I smiled. “It’s been two years since you dumped that loser. You always deserved better than Henry.”

“You never did like him,” Eve laughed. I joined her. We were standing very close. The bathroom wasn’t that big and we were in front of the small window.

“You know,” I said, looking at her mouth carefully. “You’re lips are very enticing.” She stopped laughing and looked at me.

“It’s not just the kids. You really want to kiss me, don’t you?” she asked, licking her lips absently.

“Yeah,” I answered honestly. “I do.”

Eve surprised me then by leaning into me and brushing my lips with hers. It felt as amazing as I remembered. She only let the kiss last for a few moments before pulling back.

“So much for us being older and wiser,” I smiled afterward.

“True,” she shrugged. “But it’s been a while for me and it was only a kiss.”

“A very nice kiss,” I put in.

“Yes, it was,” Eve replied, brushing her fingers against her lips. “But it’s not that big of a deal. It was almost as chaste as our first one.”

“Chaste, was it?” I grinned, moving toward her. Eve used both hands on my shoulders to hold me back.

“Chaste is good!” she laughed nervously. “We are cousin’s after all!”

“But not kids,” I argued, and let a little of my true desire for her show.

My cousin met my gaze and froze for a moment. Eve’s eyes grew big and she stopped fighting me. It was my turn to initiate a kiss. My lips found hers and I kissed my cousin passionately, letting her feel my hunger. Eve moaned into my mouth.

“Wow!” she panted, when we broke apart. “I haven’t been kissed like that in a long time.”

“Well then,” I grinned, reaching for her again.

“David stop!” she cried, surprising me. She continued to resist until I finally let her go.

Eve moved toward the door. To say I was disappointed was a vast understatement. Of course, a moment later that disappointment vanished and was replaced with hot desire as my cousin stopped, shut the bathroom door and locked it.

“Talk about your family scandals!” Eve grinned, turning back toward me. She took one look at my eyes and stopped smiling. My cousin swallowed hard once and added, “Calm down and don’t get your hopes up. We’re just kissing.”

I didn’t bother replying. Instead, I took Eve in to my arms and kissed her again. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths as we let our hunger and need surface. I don’t remember reaching up, but the feel of my cousin’s heavy breasts in my hands felt amazing!

“That’s not just kissing!” she cried, but a moment later she also moaned again.

“We’re not doing anything worse than Jake and Emily,” I said, not sure what that had to do with my actions, but I would say or do whatever I needed to distract Eve. I didn’t want to stop what I was doing.

“But I’m your cousin!” Eve gasped.

“I know,” I said. “And that’s only making me hotter!”

“You pervert!” she cried, but a moment later I felt her hand caressing my cock through my pants. It was my turn to moan. My cousin crushed her lips to mine briefly before pulling away and adding, “This is so wrong!”

“I know!” I cried, reaching to pull off her clothes. “But I want you so badly!”

“No!” Eve cried. “We can’t!”

“But Jake and Emily…” I began. She cut me off.

“Fine!” she said quickly. “We can do whatever Jake and Emily do, but nothing more!” I was about to argue, but then I looked out the window.

“Sounds good to me!” I groaned. Eve frowned and looked out the window. Her eyes grew big once more before she looked at me again. I grinned and added, “Well?”

“Your niece is such a slut!” my cousin said in disbelief.

“A deals a deal,” I said meeting her eyes again.

Eve shook her head, but the hunger and need I was feeling was mirrored in her eyes. My cousin slowly dropped to her knees and took my cock from my pants. I looked out the window briefly and watched as Emily worked Jake’s cock with her mouth. It was quite a sight, but it couldn’t compete with Eve’s experienced tongue.

I watched my cousin and forgot about Jake and Emily for a time. Eve was looking up at me and smiling sexily as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth. It didn’t take me long to cum. I couldn’t hold off with such a hot woman taking care of me.

“Oh wow!” Eve cried as I started cumming in her mouth. She obviously liked the taste. She licked and sucked until I was completely spent.

“Are you okay?” I asked afterward.

“Yes,” she smiled. “You just cum a lot more than my ex did.”

“Is that bad or good?” I grinned.

“What do you think?” she asked, licking her lips.

I laughed and glanced out the window. I saw that Emily was still working at giving Jake his release.

‘I thought teenage boys were supposed to have a hair trigger?’ I thought. ‘Of course, Eve is probably konyaaltı escort a lot better at bringing a man off than my niece, not that it looks like Emily isn’t giving it her all.’

“What are they doing now?” my cousin asked as she stood. I helped her. I could see that she needed a release very badly. I’d cum already and she hadn’t. That didn’t seem fair to me.

“Let me show you,” I said, pushing Eve away from the window and toward the sink.

I made her lean forward over the sink. I lifted her dress. It was my turn to drop to my knees. I pulled Eve’s panties down and got the first look of my cousin’s ass and pussy. She had a dark patch of hair between her legs. If was soft and smelled wonderful as I nuzzled through it and found the entrance to her center.

‘Okay,’ I thought. ‘So this is technically cheating, but just because Jake and Emily weren’t doing this a moment ago, it’s doesn’t mean they aren’t now. Besides, Eve deserves her release too.’

“Oh yeah!” my cousin cried, spreading her legs wider, justifying my lie to me.

The feel of my cousin’s thick ass against my face as I licked her pussy was something I liked a lot. I continued until Eve gasped out in orgasm. She flooded my mouth and the taste drove me crazy. I licked and drank as much of it as I could get.

“Thank you,” my cousin groaned as her orgasm ended and she fought to recover.

“Maybe you should be thanking Jake and Emily?” I joked. Eve laughed.

“Sure, you want me to thank my son for fooling around with your niece and getting me so horny that I enter a incestuous relationship with my cousin and let you bring me off.”

“Technically, we haven’t…” I began, but she cut me off.

“Don’t you dare try and use man logic on me!” she laughed, but then grew serious and added, “What we’ve done is bad, very bad. Maybe Jake and Emily haven’t technically committed incest since they’re not first cousins, but we are and have.”

“If you’re waiting for me to feel remorse, give it up,” I shrugged, deciding that honesty was the best policy. “You’re one hot woman and I don’t regret one single moment of what’s happened.”

“Even the fact that we’re cousins?” Eve asked.

“Actually like I said earlier, that just makes it hotter,” I answered. My cousin looked at me in silence for a moment before smiling slowly.

“It does, doesn’t it?” she asked rhetorically.

“Look at what just talking about it does,” I said, focusing my cousin’s attention on my hardening cock.

“Impressive,” she smiled.

My shorts were still on, though unbuttoned. I let them and my underwear drop to the floor and then pulled off my shirt as well. I stood there naked next to my cousin. She smiled sexily and pulled off her sundress. I’d already removed her panties, but her bra was still on. It was the heavy-duty type, no surprise there. Eve smiled at me and removed it. I swallowed hard and reached for them. She slapped my hands away.

“That’s cheating!” she grinned. “We can only do what Jake and Emily are doing.”

“Damn!” I snapped.

“Well,” she laughed. “Don’t just stand there. Look out the window and see what they’re doing!”

I laughed as well and looked. The sight was extremely disappointing. Jake and Emily were gone. Obviously, they were smart enough not to get too crazy.

‘Yeah, like making out and a blow job on the side of a the house with the place packed was smart!’ I thought, but then shook my head and sighed. ‘Now what?’

“Well?” Eve asked.

I turned back to my cousin. She was looking at me. It was obvious to me that she didn’t want to stop anymore than I did, but I was afraid that if I told her the kids had left, she’d insist we stop too. I wasn’t willing to chance that, especially not with the sight of her freed breasts. I’d already lied once for Eve’s pleasure. It seemed only fair that I now lie for my own.

“Sit,” I said.

My cousin put the toilet cover down and sat down without question. She looked up at me hungrily. I leaned forward and kissed her once before straightening and holding my cock out.

“She’s licking him again?” Eve asked.

“Not quite,” I smiled, and moved forward. I lay my cock between my cousin’s heavy breasts. Eve smiled and used both hands to wrap me in her tits.

“Tell me what they’re doing now!” my cousin demanded as she stroked my cock with her full breasts. The window was too high for her to see out of.

“Emily has her mouth open,” I improvised. “Jake is occasionally pushing his cock up so hard that the head is slipping in.”

Eve moaned and opened her mouth. I pushed up until the head of my cock entered her mouth. I felt my cousin’s tongue swirling around. I groaned. I reached down with both hands and pinched Eve’s nipples.

“Oh yeah!” she moaned. “I can’t believe Jake is doing this to Emily!”

“He seems to be doing very well,” I said, realizing that the though of Jake with Emily was really getting to Eve. “Your son has a nice cock. He’s really working Emily tits with it!”

“I’m sure it’s not as big as yours!” Eve groaned, stroking my cock harder with her breasts. She was watching my face as she stuck out her tongue and licked as much of my cock as she could reach.

“That seems only fair!” I gasped. “Because Emily’s not nearly as large as you either!”

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