Date Night

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After ten years of marriage, Friday night was still date night. It had been since they met in high school, James just 17, Hannah barely 16. They had dated for five years before James finally popped the question on one of their date nights.

He had taken her to their favorite movie theatre, trying to keep it casual despite the butterflies in his stomach. When the movie let out, they took the usual five-block stroll back to the parking spot they had always used. Halfway through the walk, in the middle of an intersection, James stopped, spun around, and pulled Hannah toward him. He gave her a soft, sweet kiss on the lips, then got down on his knee and proposed.

Tonight, the couple was celebrating the anniversary of that night the same way they always did, with a trip to the theatre. It had been a crisp, cool night when they first arrived, but the weather had turned on them during the movie. They huddled outside the theatre under the overhang, watching the rain pour relentlessly onto the pavement.

“This is ridiculous!” Hannah said, amused.

“What?” James screamed back at her. He couldn’t hear a thing for the thunder of the rain on the roof.

“Haha, this is ridiculous!” she repeated.

“I know! How did this start so fast!”

James put his arm around her waist as they stood there, watching the rain. It plopped hard onto the ground, the drops splashing into the puddles that had already developed and spraying water on their ankles. They stayed for several minutes, until Hannah finally became restless.

“Can’t we just make a run for it?” she asked him. “It’s only a few blocks. God only knows when this is going to let up!”

James checked his watch. They both had to be up early for work the next morning.

“Yeah, why not?” he said, smiling. “It could be fun.”

Hannah bent over to roll the cuffs of her pants up. She removed her rubber flip-flops; she didn’t want to slip on the wet sidewalk.

“What about my purse?” she asked. Her purse was made of quilted material, and she knew the rain would soak through it quickly and ruin the entire contents.

James took off his sweatshirt and wrapped her purse in it. He took her by the hand and tugged her onto the sidewalk.

They ran down the street, hand-in-hand, stomping into puddles and laughing hysterically. By the time they reached the spot where James had proposed, they were drenched, as if they had jumped into the nearby bay. James stopped suddenly, doubling over with laughter.

“Come on, why did you stop?? I’m soaked!”

“Exactly! What’s the point? We’re already drenched, we might as well enjoy the walk.”

“No!” Hannah said playfully. “This is silly, we have to get home! I promised Anna we’d be home by midnight.”

“Oh, please. We pay her enough, we’re never late and she loves our kids. She won’t be upset if we take a little extra time tonight.” James put his hands on Hannah’s hips and pulled her toward him.

“Haha, stop!”

“Resistance is futile!”

James put his mouth toward her neck and made gobbling noises. Hannah laughed loudly.

“Ah, that tickles!”

James continued his attack, but slowly he calmed down, until his aggressive tickling had become slow, sensual kisses. Hannah’s giggles of protest gave way to soft sighs. James lifted his head up and pressed his lips against Hannah’s, kissing her passionately. They made-out in the street, exploring each other with their tongues as the rain continued to pour on top of them. Their innovia escort hands wrapped around each other, their grips tightening to stretch their soaked t-shirts.

A sharp honking noise came from nearby, and James laughed and pulled Hannah out of the way of the oncoming pick-up. The played on the sidewalk for a while before Hannah pulled away, giving James a teasing look. She lead him by the hand back to their car.

The rain had soaked Hannah’s white halter all the way through, and her purple nipples were exposed against the wet cloth. She never wore a strapless bra if she could avoid it, so tonight there was nothing hiding her pale breasts. Her espresso-brown hair clung to her face and back, her eyeliner running down her cheeks just a little as the pouring rain washed it away. Her once light blue jeans were now dark and clung fiercely to her ass and thighs.

When they reached the car, Hannah pushed James against it, forcing her weight on him as she tugged on his ear lobe with her teeth. Her hands slid up his shirt and her fingers clung to his bare back, her nails digging in deep. She reached to pull off his shirt, but it was so wet it got stuck around his neck. The couple laughed, and James sat off the car enough to remove his shirt and throw it on the ground with a flop as it landed in a huge puddle.

Now James took control. He dragged her to the trunk of the car and bent her over it, groping her breasts from behind. He played with them roughly, and she curled her fingers against the edge of the car.

“Mm, I want to fuck you right here in this parking lot,” James moaned.

“Ohhh, god,” Hannah whimpered. She heard James unzip his jeans and turned back to give him a devilish smile. But when she leaned back, she caught a glimpse over James’s shoulder and sighed in disappointment. Busted.

James hadn’t noticed. He continued to fondle her, biting on her back and reaching his hand around to find the zipper on her jeans.

“Baby,” Hannah said softly. “Baby, we have to stop.”

“Why? Oh, doesn’t this feel good?” On “good,” James pressed his fingers over her jeans against her clit.

“Uh, yes, yeah, yeaaaah…” Hannah turned around to meet his face and leaned up to kiss him. “But there’s a cop car right behind you.”

James peered over his shoulder and confirmed that she was right.

“Damn. And right before the good part.”

“Oh, don’t worry baby, the good part will come…” Hannah gave the bulge in his jeans one hard squeeze before turning to get into the car.

James followed behind her, opening the door for her before picking his shirt off the ground and getting into the driver’s side.

“These pants are soaked, I have to take them off,” James said. He took his shoes and socks off, then pulled his jeans down over his skinny legs and threw them in the backseat. He drove out of the parking lot and headed toward the highway, in nothing but his boxers.

Hannah unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over to James.

“I’m thirsty,” she explained before using her mouth to suck the water off of his bare chest. James tensed, his hands griping the steering wheel as she made her way down his neck, and to his chest, teasing his nipples a little before continuing down his stomach.

“I think I’ll take the long way home tonight,” he said, turning away from the interstate and toward a back road.

Hannah continued to kiss down his stomach, stopping just above the line of his boxers. istanbul escort She pulled away and started rubbing him with her hand. Moving faster, she went back to kissing his neck, blowing on it occasionally to send shivers down his spine. Then, with one hand, she slowly removed his cock from his boxers, pulling it out of the hole in the front. She bent over and flicked the tip of her tongue over the opening in his penis before licking her way up and down the length of his shaft.

She dragged her tongue slowly from base to tip, running it along his veins, then circled it around his velvety soft head. She put her lips on the tip of him and gave it a few soft kisses before opening her mouth onto him slowly.

James tensed further, and his hands drifted a little to the right, causing the car to shift into the next lane. He corrected quickly, biting his lip and trying incredibly hard to keep his eyes open. He let out a deep sigh and let his head fall back against the headrest.

Hannah continued, at first taking just his head in her mouth before plunging down onto him, taking him entirely. She worked her way slowly up and down, massaging his testicles with her right hand as she went. She used her left hand to follow her mouth, her saliva dripping on him and making the tightness of her mouth and wet hand on him feel almost as good as her tight little cunt. She worked slowly at first, deep throating him once in a while to let the tip of him punch against the back of her mouth. Her tongue made circles around his shaft as she came up. She worked her way faster and faster, dragging leisurely up and then thrusting herself back down.

James could tell she was working to get him off. She got progressively quicker, the hand on his shaft working in sync with her mouth, her opposite fingers rubbing his testicles.

“Don’t finish,” he said. “I know somewhere we can go.”

Hannah eased off, still taking him in her mouth, just more slowly. James continued down the road. He was getting light-headed at the pleasure coursing through him, but he knew they would be there soon.

He took a left at the next stop light into the parking lot of an abandoned mall. Hannah sat up, kissing his neck while she watched where he took them. James drove around the perimeter of the lot until he reached the back, the furthest away from the road. The rain still pounded down on the roof of his car, creating a loud, tinny sound.

He found an overhang and parked the car underneath it. He unbuckled his seat belt and leaned over the seat, wrapping an arm around her. His tongue found her mouth and he kissed her passionately.

“Let’s get out of the car,” he said with a wink.

James hopped out the driver’s side while Hannah pulled her soaking jeans past her ankles, revealing a black thong with several rhinestones in the shape of a star right above the crack of her ass. She peeled her shirt off and hopped out, now naked except for her panties. She met James at the hood of the car. He picked her up off the ground, holding her exposed breasts against his chest. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks.

James pushed Hannah against the hood of the car, laying her down, her breasts and pussy facing him. He pulled down his boxers, then peeled her thong off, finding it soaked with not just the rain water but her hot wetness as well. He pulled his own underwear off, then traced her pussy lips with the head of his cock.

Hannah sank back into the car. It kadıköy escort was cold and slippery from the rain, so she took her hands and gripped the edge of the hood, wrapping her fingers around it so that her nails brushed the underside of the hood near the windshield. She closed her eyes and just listened to the sound of the passing storm as James teased her. He brushed himself up and down her slit, pressing on her clit with his hand. Then he positioned himself over her entrance and plunged inside her.

The feeling of entering her was more shocking than it had ever been. It had been so cold outside, and she was so warm and inviting, the contrast made James’s hard penis even stiffer. He pumped himself in and out of her, using the lubrication of the wet car to slide her body up and down, in and out of him. Hannah’s grip on the hood tightened as she pulsed her vaginal muscles against his shaft. She knew this drove him crazy, and it had the desired effect. James let out a wild, loud groan of pleasure.

Hannah took her legs off the ground and wrapped them around his waist. She matched his rhythm, thrusting him in and out of her. She could feel his wet testicles slapping the skin between her ass and her cunt, harder and harder with each time he entered her. Her arms ached from holding herself up, but it was worth it as she could feel her head spinning in ecstasy.

James’s cock twitched inside her, his inner thighs tightening, his balls lifting and tensing before his hot liquid erupted out of him. It hit the back of Hannah’s tight cunt hard. He held his breath as he came, prolonging the feeling. He could feel his juices spilling out of her and dripping down his shaft and onto his testicles, but he was still coming.

Finally, with one last jerk, he finished, then collapsed on top of her. Their chests rose and fell with each other, both of them just laying there with their eyes closed. Eventually James got up and pulled his boxers back up to his waist. He offered Hannah his hand to pull her off the car, then eased her into his arms, holding her close to him. He kissed her forehead gently.

“I really fucking love you, you know that?” “I know,” Hannah responded coyly. She stood on her toes to give him a peck on the end of his nose, then scampered around to the passenger seat, panties in hand.

On the drive home, Hannah tried to pull her jeans back on, but they were too wet. She managed to get her shirt on, but there was no way that she would be able to get those jeans over her hips. She finally resigned to getting a towel out of the trunk.

James and Hannah entered the house quietly. Both of them were only half dressed, and there was a bit of an awkward encounter with the babysitter.

“Oh, we just got so…wet,” Hannah told her, giving her twenty extra dollars. “I’m so sorry we were late, the rain really slowed us down.”

“It’s alright Mrs. T, I just did some studying. Finals this week, ya know?” Anna took the money gratefully and slipped out the front door.

“Bedtime?” asked James.



A few months later, James was driving the car to work when one of the tires blew out. He called AAA, and they had a tow truck out there in no time. Hannah came to pick him up and take him the rest of the way to work. When she arrived, the guy from the towing company was just hitching the car to his truck.

“Say, I don’t know if you noticed,” the guy said to the couple, “but you have a huge dent in your hood. What did you do?”

James and Hannah laughed quietly. They hadn’t noticed the dent, but now that they saw it, it seemed quite obvious.

“Some kid from the neighborhood must have sat on it,” James said.

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s what happened,” Hannah agreed, giving him a tight squeeze on the ass.

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