Danger Comes

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I was just driving along through some wide open country. Initially I was by myself but I’d run across a young woman hitch-hiking so I gave her a lift. I’d like to point out at this stage that I’m not a lecher and all I was doing was offering her a lift to the next town. If it hadn’t been threatening to rain I might not have bothered, but I didn’t like to think of her stranded in a storm.

The skies were getting very dark now and I was feeling a little concerned. The storm looked like it was going to be quite bad and I had a nasty suspicion that this was going to be tornado weather.

I explained my suspicions to my passengers and told her that as soon as possible I intended to pull up where we could take proper shelter. I asked her if she knew anywhere in the area that we could head for, but she was a stranger here as well.

Then wouldn’t you know it, I saw a damned funnel start down from the clouds a couple of miles in front of us and then go back up. That potential shelter just went screaming up to the top of my to-do list but we were still stuck out in the middle of nowhere. If there were any convenient farms around with nice strong storm cellars they were very inconveniently hiding.

That was the situation when I ran out of time. That funnel came down again and this time it touched down on the road ahead of us and started strolling towards us. It seemed to me my options were few. I could try to turn and outrun it, pile out of the car and head off across the fields and hope to get beylikdüzü anal yapan escort out of its path or pile out of the car and dive into a handy ditch and pray.

I’d noticed that there was a ditch paralleling the road and from what I’d read that was probably my best bet for getting out of this.

So here I go, piling out of the car and dragging the hiker with me. I helped her into the ditch and told her to lie as flat as possible and to cover her head in case of flying debris. (That sounds so much better than saying I pushed into the ditch and yelled “lie down, you idiot”, which is probably what I really did.)

So there we were, lying down, covering our heads, hoping for the best and praying. It’s amazing how fast you can become a Christian in certain circumstances.

Next thing I knew there was a lot of noise and wind and objects hitting us. This went on for about half a minute, but seemed from my perspective to last an hour or so, and then it was over.

We were OK. I could hear the funnel drawing steadily away from us and good riddance to it. We stayed low for a couple of minutes and then we both sort of stuck our heads up and looked around.

The tornado was gone. So was the car, unfortunately, but at least we hadn’t been sitting in it.

I stood up and reached down to help the hiker to her feet. The adrenaline was flowing and we were feeling jumpy but really happy to be alive.

I stood for a moment, beylikdüzü balıketli escort just looking at the hiker. What was registering on me now was that she was young and pretty and alive and I suddenly wanted her. Urgently.

I didn’t say anything. I probably wasn’t even consciously thinking of what I was doing. I just reached over and started undoing her jeans.

She stood there, watching as I unbuttoned and unzipped and then started pulling them down. I pushed them down below her knees and then reached for her panties and tugged them down. Then I was tugging on her t-shirt, hoisting it up and over her head, collecting her bra along the way.

I stood back and looked at her, standing there naked and female.

Now I reached over and took her arm, pulling gently downward so she sank onto her knees and then onto her back as I guided her down.

I stood over her, looking down at her, enjoying the sight of her nudity while I undid my belt and quickly stripped off my trousers and jocks.

Kneeling before her I pushed her legs roughly apart, my actions saying I was going to take her with no preliminaries. She was offering no resistance but seem fascinated by what was happening to her. As I moved her legs apart her knees rose and spread, presenting me with the gift of her body.

For some reason I wasn’t even surprised to find that she was already wet, with her lips naturally parting and her bottom lifting to urge me to beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş enter.

I didn’t need the silent invitation, I assure you. With no further preliminaries I was driving myself deep into her body, celebrating the fact that I was still alive.

I gave a shout as I rammed deeply home, hearing her give an answering cry as she jerked upward to meet me. Then my hands were clamping onto her breasts, holding and worshipping them while I repeatedly drove deep into her.

She was gasping and giving excited little cries as her hips thrust continuously upward, meeting my strong stokes with an eagerness that excited me and drove me on.

I have to admit that as far as I was concerned the sex was all about me and what I wanted at this time. I was determined to come in this woman and I put all my effort into driving ever deeper into her. I rammed myself in as hard and as fast as I could, no slow building to a climax for me, but an all out attempt to sate myself.

I repeatedly pounded her, feeling the tension rising within me and I rushed to meet it, finally exploding and flooding her with a rush of seed. I could hear her screaming as I came, and I could feel her legs clamping around me while her hands were clawing at my back.

Gasping after my release, I could feel her relaxing and settling lethargically back down to the ground. It was evident that she has also climaxed and was now totally done.

We lay there for a short while, still connected but unmoving.

Finally I withdrew and sat back and looked at her, admiring her sated nudity. Then I stood, straightened my clothing, and reached down to give her a hand up. She quickly dressed and we then climbed back onto the road.

It was time to go and seek help. And report my missing car to the insurance company.

We headed off down the road, this time both of us hitching a ride.

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