Crowded Room

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The place is crowed as usual. People. People of all sizes, ages, and shapes. All seemingly talking at once. Talking about this and that, mostly about nothing of any importance.

I’m sitting at a table next to the wall with my friend James who touches my wrist to get my attention and yells something in my ear. I cannot hear him. I turn. He is pointing at a woman at the bar. Long legs, tight skirt. James is almost panting. “Gawd, James. Go talk to her and leave me alone.”

I go back to surveying the room. Just looking at people. Then for just a moment, the standing crowd opens and I see her sitting there. Her hand on the drink on the table in front of her doing much the same that I am. She is dressed in a short black skirt and lavender blouse with a neckline that plunges down to reveal the cleavage between her ample breasts. Her hair is dark and falls below her shoulders. For just a moment our eyes meet. She smiles then her eyes pass on. The crowd closes around me again, but I can still see her occasionally through the crowd. Breasts heaving, partially covered by her long, dark hair. Her funky shoes at the end of her bare legs crossed to hick her little black dress up to reveal her upper thigh. I stare at her crossed legs. Then again our eyes meet through a break in the milling crowd. Just then she crosses and beylikdüzü anal yapan escort uncrosses her legs to reveal the skin farther up her legs under her skirt where she plainly is wearing nothing. Her shaved mound visible for just a moment. Then she is lost again in the crowd.

Someone is yelling in my ear again. It’s James pointing out another woman he is too shy to meet. I turn to look. Nothing of interest. She looks very much like a hooker. I look at James and roll my eyes, shake my head. “If you want it, I hope you have the cash, James.”

I get up and work my way though the crowd to the men’s room. It too is crowded. But the wait is short and soon I’m standing in front of a urinal relieving my swollen bladder thinking about the dismal evening.

Standing the with urine streaming from my bladder I think about the regulars out there in the lounge. Same uninteresting people. Same brainless airheads I find so tiresome. Same idle chat about this and that and nothing at all. It is all so boring and predictable. Little Miss Blonde-Everyone’s-Fucked- Her smiling over her glass slowly moving her shoulders so her perky, paid for, breasts gently rub against your arm, smiling, hoping you will pay her bar bill and be repaid the same way others have beylikdüzü balıketli escort been repaid before. Then there is Miss Tease-But-Never-Fuck glowering in the corner. Her mental fences in place around the corner table where she resides. Gently rubbing her left nipple, smiling at every guy in the place and daring them to come close enough to feel the sting of her bite.

Turning from the urinal without washing and pushing the door open I stepping out of the men’s room, I see her again emerging from the ladies room across the hallway. Our eyes meet for a moment. She stops. Smiles. I extend my hand. She takes it. I turn and lead her down the hallway away from the lounge towards the darkened end of the hallway leading to the storage room. Her hand is warm. I put my arm around her waist. At this she seems to shudder then calms and continues walking towards the dark.

At the storage room door I stop and turn to face her. I tighten my arm around her waist and push her against the wall. My hands on her breasts feeling her hard nipples through the light material of her blouse. Her mouth opens and I hear a soft moan. My hand slide under the hem of her short skirt, between her legs. She is not wearing panties and my fingers feel her, clean, smooth shaven beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş pussy. Her wetness tells me she is excited. Her mouth opens wider and she kisses my mouth hungrily, her hand fumbling with my fly.

I hook my right arm under her left leg and lift it up as high as my waist. Her hand is on my swelling cock, stroking it, guiding it towards her hot, wet pussy.

As my hard cock slides into her wet pussy she makes a little sound as if her breath is being sucked in quickly. Her arms slide around my neck. Her breath hot on my neck. My hips pressing hard against her driving my cock deeper into her pussy.

She raises her other leg and locks her ankles behind my back as I thrust deep inside her. Her head is thrown back, mouth open. He breath coming in gasps in time to my thrusts.

I can feel my cock growing even harder from the stimulation. Driving ever deeper into her. I can feel the load of cum growing in my balls. My cock begins to throb. The muscles around my asshole begin to contract as I send my load deep into her pussy. She screams as the muscles of her pussy crush my cock as spasm after spasm wracks though her..

As I release her from my grasp, she unlocks her ankles… and slides down the wall to her knees. She takes my cock in her mouth and began sucking and licking every drop from me. When she was done she stands leaning against my chest and kisses my cheek. Smiling, she said, “I’ll be waiting for you at home, dear. That was such a rush and I told you we wouldn’t get caught.” Smiling, she walks down the hall towards the main room.

I knew what I was in for tonight now that one of her fantasies had been fulfilled. Tomorrow night what will it be?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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