Crippled Girl Ch. 02

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When we awoke in the small hours, we smiled at each other. We knew we were a couple. I wasn’t going to be afraid of people seeing me with the gimp girl. She didn’t care if I was the strange French-speaking guy.

I helped round up her clothes and sighed as I watched her put them on. I was already in love with her naked body. I hated to see it covered.

She seemed to read my thoughts. “Don’t worry big boy, we’ll be naked together soon enough. I’ll need me some more fucking. But now, I have to study for a sociology test tomorrow. I smell like animal lust and need a shower. And I should eat…something more nutritious than cum, which is what you are probably thinking of. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I followed her out of my room.

As we entered the common room, we saw one of my pod-mates. He just looked at me and cocked an eyebrow. To her he said, “Hey neighbor.”

She glanced at him and said, “Hey.” Then she looked at me and took my hand. “Tom, it’s been nice.” Then, she kissed my hand. “See you soon.” It was the coolest move I have ever seen. She grabbed her sticks and walked out the door with a sly glance over her shoulder. Damn, she was good.


I saw her the next day in French class. She arrived before me and saved me a place. Not only that, she had gotten me a coffee

“Wow, thanks.” I took her hand. “When are we going to be together again?” I asked as the professor came in and started to get ready for class.

“You are way too distracting for me to spend any time with you in the next day or two. I have a paper due in European History tomorrow. And did you remember that we have to submit our critical analysis, in French, of her selections from Les Fleurs du Mal on Thursday?”

“Oh, fuck!” I hadn’t read Baudelaire since high school. I was supposed to have been reading it the last couple of weeks, but I had been distracted.

“Let’s get the damn poetry behind us. Then you can come to my PE class with me on Thursday afternoon.”

“Your PE class? Really?”

“What, the handicapped girl doesn’t have to take PE? The ADA says we are to be treated like able-bodied people – with accommodations. I bet my PE is way more fun than anything you have done. Bring your trunks and meet me at the natatorium at 5:30 Thursday.”

“The natatorium? What?”

At that point, Madame said, “Attention, mes amis!” And I had to keep my questions to myself.

I got my Baudelaire done. Even though we sat next to each other, India didn’t say a word to me. When Madame finally stopped talking about the effect of the Franco-Prussian war on the writing of Mauriac and we were leaving, India spoke.

“5:30, Natatorium, right?”

“Sure, but I’ve done my PE requirements,” I answered.

“Not like this,” she said and clipped-clopped away.

When I arrived at the Natatorium, the girl at the counter asked, “You here to see India?”


“Sign in here. You have to wear bakırköy türbanlı escort your swim suit, and you have to shower before you can enter the water spaces. Don’t worry, it’s pretty warm in here. When you exit the men’s locker room, you’ll find the endless pool to your right, at the end of the hall. It’s none of my business, but you might want to flip the latch once you go in there. I’m just saying… Here’s your locker key. Return it when you come back through. And please shower again – for my sake.”

I really didn’t get what was happening, but I was getting the idea that I might have a really good time.

“Oh, and India’s swimming class is just scheduled for an hour, but nobody’s scheduled after her, so… Well, hope you get a good workout.” And she turned back to her paperwork.

I donned my trunks in the locker room, passed through the shower and exited the locker room. I followed the hallway to the end, and I walked through the door marked “Endless Pool.” It was probably 15′ wide and 25′ long, full of water that was obviously streaming from one end to the other. I had seen smaller versions advertised on TV. And swimming the crawl in this rectangle was India. Her normally awkward limbs seemed in fluid motion.

And she was wearing a thong bikini. I saw those perfect ass cheeks working hard. Her back was beautiful, with just the elastic strap of her top across her lower shoulders and those skinny arms working hard to propel her against the force. I started to get hard.

She rolled over onto her back and started the backstroke. Her breasts seemed to keep her small frame afloat. She saw me and said, “Hey!” It was interesting to see her swim the strokes and actually not move in space because of the water movement of the pool.

“Are you going to jump in and swim a few laps with me, or just stand there looking at my tits?” I jumped in and began doing the sidestroke next to her as she continued her leisurely backstroke. Swimming wasn’t really my thing, but my mom made us take swimming lessons throughout childhood, so I was adequate.

We watched each other as we moved through the water. After a bit she said, “Stop.” She stayed on her back and flipped the opposite direction, the water carrying her to the back of the pool. I floated toward her and landed in her open embrace, both arms and legs.

“You really like this,” I commented.

“Yeah, it’s the only place I feel like a normal person. In hot, bubbling water my muscles relax and I can move like other people,” she answered.

“I get the feeling we’re going to spend a lot of time shriveled up like prunes,” I said.

She put her arms around my neck and lightly kissed me on the lips. “Do you know what cerebral palsy is?”

“I’ve heard of it. There are telethons for it. But I have no idea what it is.”

“Well,” she began as she kissed me on the forehead and pushed her pussy up against my semi-hard bakırköy ucuz escort cock, “It’s a failure of the brain to communicate the right messages to the rest of the body.” She bit my ear. “It manifests in different ways for different people. For me, my brain tells all of my muscles to be tense, all of the time. That’s why it’s hard for me to walk. Each step requires a conscious thought on my part – step, relax, step, relax. For you it’s a reflex once you begin.”

“Are there medications that can help?” I asked.

“For some forms, yes. But for my manifestation, drugs don’t make it better, they just make me feel stupid. They can basically only offer pain meds. And I’m not in pain. Well, I am, but it is just because of the tense muscles. I quit meds when I was ten and was diagnosed as retarded, or the new word for it. I knew I wasn’t stupid. But by then, I was really far behind in school. It took a lot of work to get just to grade level.”

I took her face in my hands and kissed her – on her nose, her eyelids, her tall cheekbones, the line of her jaw.

“So the hot water makes things relax?”

“Yeah, but only while I’m in it. Five minutes out, and I’m back to gimp girl.”

“So CP makes all of your muscles tight? Is that why…?”

“Why my pussy is so tight? Yes. And it makes me feel every contour and movement of your cock. I’m so tight, your cock would never enter my pussy if I didn’t consciously relax my vaginal muscles to let you in. That’s why I have so many little orgasms as you fuck me. And when you shoot into me, I feel every spurt in every nerve ending. It is literally the only upside of CP. I bet I cum more in one fuck session than the average woman does in six months of sex.”

Her arms were around my neck and she was pushing her pussy up against my now totally rigid cock. The water was pushing me into her even more.

“So were we to fuck right now, would your pussy muscles relax in this hot water, like your other muscles do?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve never fucked in a pool before,” she answered. “I was kind of hoping we could experiment and see.”

I reached up and untied the strings around her neck and pulled her top down to reveal her ample breasts.

“Wow, my tits float,” she said.

“Indeed,” I replied as I started to suck on them. India pushed her thong aside, pulled down my trunks and started to stroke my hard cock. The pool wasn’t more than four feet deep, so my feet were on the bottom.

India positioned my cock head between her pussy lips. I pushed in and her pussy opened wide for me – until the head hit her ridge. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply and my cock was virtually sucked up into her pussy. I almost came immediately as I entered that velvet stocking, but I held off.

In the water, she was virtually weightless, and her muscles (other than her pussy muscles) were relaxed. So, we tried all kinds of positions, some başakşehir escort I had never imagined, both of us freed from gravity and her freed from CP, except for her tight pussy.

She lay back and floated, gently stroking her arms to keep her close. Her tits pierced the water surface and danced back and forth as I floated her back and forth against my cock as I drove it deep inside her. She continued to have those little ripple orgasms as I pummeled her tight pussy.

She pushed me back to sit on the pool step. She floated around so that her ass was facing me. She raised up that beautiful ass and dropped her wet pussy onto my cock as she used her swimming strokes to hold her in place. It was as if her tight pussy sucked my cock up into itself, making it her own. I took her hips in my hands and guided her tight stocking up and down my rigid shaft.

Every time I got close to cumming, she let her vagina muscles tighten on my hard cock and my ejaculation was effectively stopped. It was the most exquisite torture. My body told my male parts to shoot, but her female parts held mine in check. And we kept on fucking.

In the end, she was floating on her side with one leg over my shoulder and the other between my legs as I pounded her pussy when I could hold back no longer and she didn’t want me to. India had been having small orgasms throughout. She was incredibly pumped.

Up to this point, India hadn’t been really vocal in her orgasms, but that changed. As I approached that point, she began to moan loudly. Then she revealed herself as a screamer.

When I began to shoot my load up into her, she came like no woman I had ever known. The moans moved from breathy pulses to outright cries to screams. She may have been speaking English or French or something else. She screamed words like, “fucking hard cock!” and “Encore! plus! n’arrête pas!” and something like “omnignomphfkthck!” I think her orgasm filled every tissue of her body. I know mine absorbed more of myself than I had ever known. Every ounce of jizz was out of me and still my cock pulsed. I could feel her pussy convulsing on my cock and waves passing throughout her. Slowly it subsided for both of us.

Once it was over, I had to lift her out of the pool and lay her beautiful nude body, still trembling slightly, on a lounge chair. I barely had the energy to do that and collapsed beside her.

“I don’t think my pussy muscles relax in the water. But that’s okay. That was the most amazing fuck of my life,” she said.

“Me, too,” I replied – truthfully. And I hoped to have that kind of fuck again and again with this beautiful, sexy woman.

We walked back to the pod together, her clip-clopping and me wanting to hold her hand or have my arm around her. But that just didn’t work.

We kissed goodbye on the landing.

I knew that sex wasn’t love, but this was an amazing woman. She was smart and funny. She made me think about things in a different light. She provoked my mind and excited my body. She was intriguing and amusing, beautiful and sexy, intelligent beyond words and practical beyond pretense.

And she had an incredible body, great tits, sweet ass and slim legs. And she fucked me like I never imagined was possible.

I was falling in love – lust, too, but definitely love.

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