Corporate Mergers Pt. 07

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Alexis Texas

Jennifer felt George getting hard and knew as a professional he would be able to hide his erection from the cameras. She moaned as she felt him hide it inside her. She saw him wink as her thrust into her making her breasts flop around.

“Christ, there he goes again.” Leon moaned, “Camera two, back off and camera one, move to your left.” He turned to Steve, “We spend more time editing his love scenes…let’s write him out of the script next week. Can you do that?”

George grinned as he felt his unsheathed cock sliding into that tight pussy. The pussy no one in Hollywood had been able to access. He focused on the intense pleasure emanating from his fat cock, but responded to direction, kissing Amber, grabbing her impressive breasts, bending over and biting those nipples. He reluctantly climbed off his fellow actor when Leon wanted him behind her. He flipped her onto her stomach and kissed his way down her back, feeling his wet dick cooling, even under the hot lights.

“Camera one, let’s zoom in and catch her expression, camera two, catch George from the side.”

Jessica felt that large hunk of flesh slide out of her pussy knowing it would be back, but thinking she was in for a treat since George was into full realism in all his scenes. She felt his lips travel down her spine and onto her tailbone. She saw the camera zoom in on her face as she groaned feeling his tongue bath the crack of her ass and flick against her tender anus. She found herself opening her legs past where Leon wanted her to as the gorgeous actor attacker her puckered hole with his tongue and his fingers probed her wet slit and pinched her clit. Knowing her face filled the entire frame, she felt all her nerves peak and explode, “Ohhhh fuck, uhhhhh, uuhhhh, uuhh, uuhhh. Yeeeessssssss.” She grunted out and when the feeling subsided she licked her lips feeling drool on the pillow.

“Camera one, you can back out now. Camera two get ready. Cut to camera 3, let’s finish with an overhead.”

George grabbed onto a cheek as Jessica humped against his ministrations and felt his fingers pumping her pussy get soaked. He crawled up and guided his eager cock into the wet snatch and pressed his wet fingers against Jessica’s lips. He felt his cock slide into her as his co-star sucked passionately on his two fingers. He began pounding hard into that cunt, thinking back on how many time he’d tried to get her to go out with him. How many refusals. And here he finally was. He heard Leon tell the camera crew to shift as he felt his balls and cock begin the familiar climb towards his ultimate pleasure. With a loud groan, he gave one last thrust of his hips against her ass as he anticipated spewing his sperm into the beautiful girl’s pussy.

Jessica heard George’s breathing change and knew he was going to cum inside her and pressed her ass back up against his thrusts. “That’s it baby, cum inside me. Ooooohhhh.” She moaned as she felt the warmth spread throughout her insides.

“Camera three, back off and…Cut!” Leon strode over to the bed, “Fuck! George. I’ve told you. You cannot actually fuck your partner. This is TV, not Pornhub. Christ! We’re going to have to spend hours editing this so it’s fit for cable.” He looked at the grinning crew, “What? Oh yeah, you’d like to spend hours poring over these tapes also.” Suddenly he grinned, “Yeah, I guess there might be worse things.” He looked at Jessica who was pulling on a robe while holding her hand against her crotch. “I thought you of all people would not have allowed that.”

Jessica blushed thinking how many people were in the studio all watching her get fucked. “I couldn’t. Not without ruining the continuity of the scene. You told us we had to show no restraint since we’d been teasing and building to this scene. Well, there you go. No restraint.” She looked over at George who was proudly standing there stark naked and groaned, “Come on, George. Put it away. Christ!” She looked around the set. Seeing her makeup artist, she nodded and headed back to her dressing room.

“God damn, Jess.” Her cute assistant said pulling her into a chair. “I am so going to make Tim happy tonight. Your scenes are always so hot, but this was the first time you…” Steph said fanning herself dramatically.

“That was not planned, but I sure needed that. It has been months since I’ve been with a man.” Jessica sighed, “I hate being so well known. I’d like to meet a man who wants to see me, have dinner with me. Who wants to talk to me. This town has nothing but men who want to fuck me and then tell some reporter how great, or how bad it was.”

Steph reapplied the makeup and unsnarled her hair to the straight golden tresses. “George is hot. I could talk to him. I could have dinner with him, but I’d be under him in a flash if that’s what he wanted.”

“I’m sure Tim would understand,” Jessica said feeling a pang thinking how Stuart understood. ‘God! Stuart. How did we go from best friends growing up, to convenient married couple…to exes. I just don’t think he would ever had looked at me avcılar elit escort as Carol ever again. He may have loved Carol, but he needed me to be Jessica and here I am. Still Jessica. Jessica the whore.’

Steph finished brushing the beautiful blonde’s hair and put down the brush, “Why don’t you ever go out with anyone? You say you want to have someone to talk to, but you won’t even go out on a date.” She looked at Jessica who sometimes would suddenly look like a little girl, “You go home alone every night. You never even have coffee with any man.”

“I’d like to, but in this town coffee means sex, dinner means sex, everything means sex.” Jessica sighed.

“You don’t like sex? You sure seem to play the part well.” Steph asked.

“I love sex. I just don’t need it all the time. Perhaps I’m a sucker for those movies where a boy meets a girls and they do a million things together until they finally get naked.” She looked at Steph, “If I tell you something, can you keep it a secret?”

“Stephanie put her hands on her hips, “Please. You know me. I’d take whatever you tell me to the grave.” She looked insulted.

“I know, that’s why I stressed the need.” She looked at the girl and pulled her into the chair next to her. “I’ve never been on a first date, at least in the conventional sense. I married the boy, the man I grew up with since I was four. We never actually went out on a date and, I don’t know. I never thought anything about it.”

Steph looked at her, “What happened? I never knew you were married. Are you still married?”

Jessica laughed, “No. No, we’re no longer married. It’s a long story, but circumstances arose where he worked, that sort of gave me an opportunity to experience other men. Sadly, when I was done with the week, he didn’t want it to end.” She looked at Steph, “Sadly, there is no longer any possibility to have a first date. Stupid as it sounds, I long for a man who I can learn about as he tries to get to know me. Around here, I run into people all day long who know me and just want to ‘Know me.'”

“You’re kidding. He actually liked you experiencing other men? I wish we had time, I’d love to hear about it. The whole first date thing is over-rated. I went on quite a few blind dates, arranged dates, even dates through dating sites. Guess what they wanted after they got to know me?” Steph asked.

“Pussy?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah. A few guys I really liked, and after four or five dates, we finally, you know. Did it. That was it. Never heard from them again.” She looked really frustrated, “But Tim was different. I got really lucky. I had to actually rape him since all he wanted to do was bike and head up to Tahoe and hike. Finally, one night in the tent, I climbed into his sleeping bag.” She grinned at Jess, “I don’t recommend it…a bit narrow to, you know, spread your legs. Anyhow, after that we went at it every day.” She looked at Jess, “There are men out there like that. You’ll find one.”

“Tim’s great. He’s so down to earth. When we’ve met, he seems oblivious to any glamour around him.” Jessica said looking at her assistant, her friend, “Does he have a brother? Any friends who don’t have a television…computer?

“Sadly, not that I know of. He has always been a kind of loner.” She looked at the naked blonde, “Um, Jess? We have to clean you up…clean you up down there. The scene in the alley is next and we have five minutes.” The girl told her.


When Jessica got back to her apartment, she grabbed a glass of wine and slipped naked into the hot tub. As she felt her body relax she reached down and felt her pussy. ‘Until today, six months since a man was inside me. I’m 23 and living a slutty, celibate life. Steph is so lucky to have found a man who shares all the things she loves.’ Her hand came back up leaving her feeling a bit depressed. She sighed, thinking her only real sexual experiences were fake. They were fun, satisfying, rewarding and fake. Acting like a hooker doing pro-bono work to cheer up distraught men might be rewarding, might be fun but still left her empty inside. George being inside her should have been something for her and for him, but she felt nothing towards him, and right now George has a glass of 25 year old Macallum in his hand bragging how he fucked Jessica Miller. He’d acknowledge all the jealous grins and smugly swallow a huge gulp. Word will get around, if it already hasn’t, and Jessica would now find every man wanting that.

Thinking how no other actor would be allowed near her twat on the set again, she climbed out of the tub. The dried off and heading into the kitchen to throw something together.

Friday was an off day and she headed to Pacific Coast Greens to restock, her head planning the meals for the coming week. She dressed on an old tee shirt, torn blue jeans and tennies. She didn’t bother with the usual oversize sunglasses and baseball cap since they broadcast “Movie Star! You can’t see me!” That actually avcılar escort made people study you more. She decided no makeup. Bed head and old clothes were a lot more comfortable anyhow.

She was reaching for tomatillos and looking at them thinking about the Green Chile recipe and ready to put a couple in her cart.

“Stop, those are too old.” The man took the tomatillos from her and picked one up in the back, “Look for a bright green husk and the flesh should be soft and not wrinkled.” He put a couple in her hand and with a smile, turned and walked away.

Jessica looked at the tall man. He looked confident in himself, wore clothes no neater than what she had on and didn’t have that stubble all men in LA seemed to think was sexy. “Wait,” She saw him stop ant turn, “how are you at picking out pablamos?”

He looked at her, “What are you making? Rellenos?” Seeing her nod, “Anaheims are better.” He walked over to her cart and looked in. “This is the pork shoulder? How much are you making? Do you have serranos?” He walked over to the peppers and counted selected eight. He held them out, “These are perfect. Are these enough, too many?”

“I like to make a few and freeze the left overs so when I get off work it’s easy to heat up, so whatever I make is fine. I was going to get some serranos, but I think they are out.” Jessica said, studying the man. Relieved that he showed no signs of recognition when he looked at her face, “Look. I didn’t come here to pick up men, but would you like to come over and help me make these?” She looked hopefully at the man, “I’m Jessica, by the way.”

“Troy, I know. I blame my parents.” He said holding out his hand. “My mother warned me about strangers approaching me, well you know how it is.” He said studying the young blonde.

Taking his hand and feeling the rough callouses, she shook it feeling the firm grip. “You’re safe. I know since I just old you and I don’t lie. Trust me now?”

Troy laughed, “Whew, I was worried there, but that makes me feel so much better.” He looked at his work clothes, “I’m not really dressed for going out. In fact, you’d be really happier if I took a rain check and got cleaned up.”

“I have a shower and there’s a lock on the bathroom door.” She looked at him and added, “And there’s a souvenir shop next door if you want to pick up clean clothes.” She hesitated, “I mean, if you don’t want to, that’s fine too.”

“No, I want to. A beautiful woman asks me to her place. I’m good with that.” He looked at her, “I’m not getting into a car with you, though. My mom was really clear about that.”

Jessica laughed, “Crap, and I had the handcuffs all set.” She looked around, “I’ll have to find someone else.”

As they were loading the groceries onto the belt, the girl behind the counter just stared at Jessica and when she finished bagging, she blurted, “I think you are the greatest.”

Jessica looked down and blushed, “Thanks.” She picked up her bags thinking Troy would now recognize her and the entire dynamics would change.

Troy joined her and as they walked out, she found him studying her. “I get that all the time. It’s my food selection. They really like it when you have all the basic food groups.”

Troy laughed, “Ok, I believe you. I just hope you’re not one of those stuck up actresses.” He stopped seeing her abruptly halt. He looked at her and stammered, “I’m sorry. Are you an actress? Someone famous?”

Jessica looked at him trying to figure out if he was kidding, but his face showed no deception. “Yes. You may want to reconsider. I’m one of those stuck up actresses and you’d probably be better off somewhere else.” She headed toward her Tesla.

“Stop. Please, I don’t care. I never watch TV so I am an outsider in this town. Please stop.” Troy begged.

“If you don’t like actresses, then I’m afraid you won’t like me. I’m that and a lot of other things, but I cannot see spending time with someone who labels me as that. Goodbye Troy.” She turned and walked rapidly to her car. As she put the bags into the back seat, she felt a gentle pull on her elbow.

“I don’t want to label you as an actress, but right now, that’s all I know about you. I’m sure you are a lot of other things. Can you let me find out what they are?” He looked at her intently, “Take a chance. Perhaps we have things in common, outside of the acting thing.”

She looked at him, “Ok, but tell me the truth. Do you recognize me?”

“You did look familiar, but I don’t even own a TV and never make it to the movies. I really suck at Trivial Pursuit, by the way.” He said firmly.

She pointed to a bus passing by. “That might be why I look familiar.” She said bitterly.

Troy looked at the girl posing in a navy blue suit and white shirt exposing plenty of cleavage on the ad stuck to the side, and looked back at Jessica. “That’s you?” He said raising his eyebrows. “I guess you clean up good.” He laughed.

She punched him, “Thanks. It’s my day off and I didn’t bring my make-up avcılar eve gelen escort girl home with me this time.” She saw him glancing at her chest, “Yeah. Their mine also…yes, they’re real.”

He blushed, “Sorry, it was hard to notice anything else on the billboard. Come on, let’s go get some fresh clothes and we’ll go back and cook. Just don’t expect me to put out on our first date.” He laughed.

“Sorry, what did you say?” Jessica asked, “Never mind. Yes, let’s call this a first date.” She felt something lift as she laughed.


Sitting at the table, Troy put down his beer., “Seriously? You’ve never been on a first date? How the hell did you ever even get married without dating?”

Jessica looked at him, “Ok, there had to be a first date. I guess what I mean is I’ve never gone out on a date with a stranger, or even an acquaintance. I grew up with Stuart and we did everything together. Our families even vacationed every summer together.” She took a sip of wine, “We even went to University together and one day I was wearing a wedding dress and, well. That was it.”

“Christ. I cannot imagine that. You’re not going to think much of me, but I’m the opposite. I have been on more first dates than I can remember. There have been second dates and a few thirds, but not much more than that.” Troy said sadly.

“Ok, what do you do? You know what I do. What defines you. What am I going to hear that makes me want to run?” Jessica asked, “Tell me what you do for your job. Then what you are outside of your job.”

Troy paused, “You’re not going to like it. I’m an architect.” He looked sadly at her, “I know. I guess it’s good I get that out of the way early. God, you have no idea. The paparazzi, the cameras…though, the babes tossing their panties at me. That’s ok.”

Jessica laughed, “I guess it helps when you go out with a woman and you know where her bedroom is…actually, that might be kind of creepy. Ok, outside of work.”

“I actually am really boring. I love to get outdoors. Like to hike. Do some climbing. Love skiing, especially in Utah. There’s just something about their powder. Anyhow, basically when I’m not working I like to play. Oh, it is not all hedonism. I volunteer, you know, Habitat for Humanity. Construction. I seem to know something about that.” He looked at the girl. “I assume you don’t do any of those things.”

Jessica thought about her trails, the lake and thought how much she missed that, “Actually yes, yes I do. I grew up skiing, though it was on ice. We used to spend Christmases in Stowe. I mean, it wasn’t all ice, but never really skied powder. And I love the woods. Getting out where the only sounds are streams and birds singing.” She sighed, “I miss that.”

“Well, if there is to be a second date, that might be something we can remedy.” Troy said.

“Can I ask you something? It’s fine either way, I’m just curious.” Jessica asked.

“Sure, I mean why am I nervous all of a sudden?”

Laughing, she said, “Relax, I was saving the ‘Would you like to see my padded room thing’ for later. I am just curious. My friend Steph said that when she was dating, she found men she liked and as soon as they had sex, she never heard from them again. Are you one of those guys?”

Troy looked doubtful, “You know what? I think I am one of those guys. I probably am not the most committed guy you’ll ever meet, but I’ve slept with women and then never seen them again. But I’ve also slept with women and went out with them after that. What always seems to happen outside of the sex, is I feel like walls are closing in. I don’t know if it’s real or not, but after sex, women treat me differently, like I’m theirs.” He looked at Jessica, “I start looking for the exit when that happens.”

“I never thought of that. You wanted a no-strings affair and when you feel the strings…” Jessica said thoughtfully.

“Hey, look. I’m sure I’m boring you. Why don’t we screw and then you can induce me to leave?” He grinned at her, “Win-win as I see it.”

Jessica laughed, “God. If I’d only known. If I want to keep you around, just keep my legs together. The more we don’t have sex, the more I’ll see of you. Can I have sex with other men while we’re dating? I mean, a girl needs release.” She grinned.

“Absolutely, and to be fair. I’ll sit at home and write you poetry.” He paused, “Not to woo you. As punishment. Every man you sleep with, I’ll read you one of my poems.” He smiled, “You have no idea how soon women open their legs for me after hearing my poetry. Of course I have to promise never to write another stanza.”

Jessica laughed, “Christ, you’re funny. Why don’t you put on those shorts and get in the hot tub while I clean up the kitchen.” She got up and picked up the plates.

Troy came in carrying glasses and silverware, “I’m sorry. I like doing dishes. So, go ahead, I’ll join you.”

Jessica looked at him, “Ok, I’ll get my suit. Can I get you another beer?”

Troy slipped into the hot tub. “So, you use this a lot?” He sighed as he slid down into the water, “I sure would. This is great.”

“I do. Every night after finishing work, I come straight here. God, it just makes all tension disappear.” Jessica sighed. She looked over at him, “No, no one else. I’ve never been in here with a man before.”

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