Cooking Lesson

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“Why won’t this stupid recipe work!?” I was groaning under my breath, my red-headed temper starting to brew. I knew why – I knew it was because he distracted me so much. He’d been spending so much time teaching me and all I could think of when he was showing me different ways to sauté was how his hands would feel all over me, how those lips would feel on mine, how his goatee would tickle my flesh. I should stop torturing myself, but I couldn’t focus on anything when he was with me except wanting him. He invaded my dreams as well. Did he even know the effect he was having on me?

I heard him come in, always aware of his presence. He came up behind me as I was stirring the sauce. He covered my hand with his while holding the whisk and corrected my whisking to the proper method. “If you do it like this, it will thicken it better.” His hands sent shivers of heat all the way up my body and all I wanted thickened was… well…

After the sauce thickened a bit more, he took the whisk out, dipped his finger on the whisk and licked it to taste it. The immediate rush of heat went straight through me, pooling right where it should. He was looking in my eyes when he did it – he HAD to see my lust soaring. My eyes can hide nothing.

“Does it…uh… taste good?” I stuttered.

He put his finger back on another portion of the whisk and got more sauce on it and put it to my lips. “Taste for yourself, Summer.”

Surprised at this turn of events, I opened my mouth, my eyes never leaving his, and took his finger in my mouth. I sucked his finger with the sauce on it. Completely wrapped in the erotic moment of sucking his finger, I bahçelievler escort noticed his eyes change. I saw the lust shade them from one shade of blue to another and it was empowering. I saw his Adam’s apple bob as I sucked his finger, knowing it had a strong effect. He put the whisk down and put his other hand to the back of my neck and pulled me in to him and took my mouth. The kiss was all-encompassing – taking, giving, communicating all the need we both had.

Ensuring the stove was turned off, he bent down and before I knew what was happening, he had picked me up as if I weighed hardly anything and took me to the lounge area placing me on the couch. He laid down on top of me – both of us still in our chef’s aprons and clothing. Before I could even ask anything, he kissed me again – just as urgently, just as passionately. The kiss went from urgent to sweet back to urgent again and I felt his arousal next to my stomach. There was a river of lava flowing through me, the need so great.

His mouth moved to my neck, my very sensitive neck, where small light kisses sent sparks of pleasure everywhere through my body. He picked me up and sitting on the couch he undid my apron, unbuttoned my shirt and leaned in to kiss down my chest. His lips outlined my blue lace bra, his tongue dancing along my skin and small mews of pleasure escaped my lips. He then took my nipple in his mouth through the lace of my bra sending me to yet another height. Completely immersed in the pleasure his mouth was giving, he kept undressing and kissing, undressing and licking, undressing and teasing. Before I knew it, bahçeşehir escort I was on the couch naked, him still in his clothes.

I needed him naked before me. I undid his apron and started unbuttoning his shirt. “Not yet, Summer, soon.”

His mouth again took my left nipple in his mouth, first tugging, then sucking gently… then harder. “Mmmmmmmmmm,” I moaned. He nibbled on it, sucked it, teased it, driving me insane. Then he moved nipples… unaware that my right was far more sensitive. He took it in his mouth and I groaned louder, my fingers in his hair, pulling him in. He soon realized the difference in sensitivity and feasted as I moaned and groaned in pleasure. He sucked and then blew on it, sending me closer and closer to the edge. He kept sucking, nibbling, teasing me… He grinded himself against me as he did this and I was soon climbing and climbing…needing..aching.

“God, Summer, you’re so sensitive here, aren’t you? You’re getting closer and closer and I haven’t even begun.”

He then took it deep in his mouth sucking hard with his other hand playing with the other and my body started to shudder and convulse under his hand and mouth.

“Oh, I like that, Summer… I like that a lot.” He quickly undressed before me and I was in awe over all of him, the perfect amount of body hair splayed all over his gorgeous body. His desire was all over his body, and his hard cock just reaffirmed it. He came back on the couch and kissed my mouth again. I gave everything I had in that kiss, desperately telling him how much I needed him. He kissed down my body, teasing me more… down bakırköy anal yapan escort my belly, right below the navel, down…down… When he got to my pussy, he gave a quick lick, light as a feather and I jumped in reaction. He then started kissing my upper inner thighs and just occasionally licked and teased my pussy til the ache became unbearable.

“Pleaseeeeeeeee, Jonathan, pleaseeeeeeeeee!” I begged.

“You want me to kiss here?” his finger touched my clit sending another ache through me.

“Yesssss, please.”

“Or here?” he stuck his finger deep inside sending my body in to another orgasm with no warning. “Your eyes change color when you cum, Summer, did you know that?”

I didn’t, but I couldn’t even talk. I just stared at him. Then he winked and started to kiss me there, knowing that once I came twice, how sensitive I was. His strong hands held my hips as he feasted and I just felt build upon build and wave upon wave and filled his mouth with what he wanted.

I was still shuddering when his mouth came back to mine and he kissed me. I tasted myself and his passion in his mouth. “Now where do you want me?”

“Inside…. please…inside. Fill me, Jonathan!” I kissed him deeply and he rewarded me… entering me deeply, sending me to yet another peak.

He took and took, looking deep in to my eyes thrusting deep inside of me, feeling my hot, wet heat clamping him, squeezing him, needing only him. He slowed then quickened, pounded, then teased. I couldn’t stop cumming – over and over – gushing all over him. He then moved my legs over his shoulders and started pounding me in earnest, staring down at me, possessing in his gaze. I was transported to a world, not knowing or caring about anything but the pleasure he was giving me. He growled deep almost feral, as he exploded deep inside of me, his pulses and throbs sending me to a height I hadn’t ever been to.

He told me that the cooking lessons needed to continue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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