Controlled Embrace

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Both of us could feel the passion pent up between us. We both knew it was there, and we both knew it was building up to be very, very strong. We’d known each other for two and a half years, been dating for about two years of that time, and had been living together for six months now. We were always about taking things slow, and as of this point, we had only kissed passionately and done some very heavy necking and other things of the sort. It was starting to be not enough, and our fire was being fueled more and more every day we were together. I think that both of us had wanted to move on for quite some time now, but neither of us wanted to mention it to the other, with us both being shy. Finally I decided to swallow my pride (and fear) and mention the subject over dinner. After all, I had an amazing idea that would really heat things up between us.

The resteraunt was spectacular: I had told him today was a special occasion in the car and had made reservations at the classiest place in town. The meal was absolutely wonderful, but I could hardly enjoy it because my nervousness kept building up more and more with every passionate stare we shared. Amrit was curious and very excited about my “surprise” – I had told him I had a surprise for him, and that it would give us a chance to release all the frustration of having all of these amazing feelings pent up inside. So, I would say he was extremely edgy at dinner as well, but in a good way.

I drove us home quickly after dessert; both of us were more than ready to get this evening started. My hands were shaking when I put the key in the lock and slowly turned the key. He came up behind me and put his hands on my hips, guiding me inside. Once we were safely in our living room, we faced each other and kissed. I didn’t let the kiss last long, or get too intense; I wasn’t afraid that tonight was going to be an amazing night, and I didn’t want to get started too soon. There was no rush.

“So, what’s this surprise you had in mind?” Amrit asked me.

“Close your eyes,” I replied. I watched his eyelids close and then I went into our bedroom. Thankfully, I had just bought the stuff we’d need for tonight earlier today, so he didn’t have time to find my bag yet. I grabbed the sack with everything inside and walked back into the living room. “Keep your eyes closed,” I reminded him.

“I’m not opening them.”

“Good.” I turned on some very sensual music; a mixed CD I had made yesterday of all the most sexual songs I could find. The playing time for the CD was close to an hour and a half, and I knew that would be the perfect amount of time for what I had planned. “Give me your hands,” I said as I walked over to him. He held his arms out, and as soon as he felt the cold metal of one of the pairs of handcuffs touch his wrist, his eyes jerked open.

“What the-” he started to ask, but I silenced him with a kiss.

“Trust me. You’ll love this.” He nodded in response. I put the other side of the handcuffs around my own wrist, and then I got the other pair from the bag and attached avcılar rus escort our other wrists together. Now our hands were firmly put together, and they couldn’t be separated. He interlocked his fingers with mine, which is what I had wanted him to do. “Lights, off,” I said – he had a voice activated light switch installed a few months ago, which came in handy quite often. The lights turned off, and we were there alone in the dark.

“Now, here are the rules to this game. For the first five minutes, we stand apart from each other, our arms fully outstretched. The next five minutes we move a step closer, then closer, and so on. After we’re as close as we possibly can be, we play that little kissing game we have done so before, do you remember that game?”

“Um, no, not really. We haven’t played it in so long.”

“Well, the rules to that are simple as well. We position ourselves like we’re going to kiss, but with our lips just brushing together and we talk to each other. The person who kisses the other first loses. Except, with this, there will be no kissing whatsoever. The purpose of this game is to let our passion surface, and to see if we can contain ourselves when alone, in the dark, and our lust is enflared. Okay?”

“Sounds perfect to me,” he replied. I felt his smile. We positioned ourselves as we were supposed to. At first, I was afraid that he would get bored with this, and that he would just want to take the cuffs off and get intimate in a more physical manner, and that wasn’t the purpose of tonight. Thankfully, the first five minutes were the worst.

In ten minutes, we were pressed firmly together, our lips brushing against the others’ and we were sharing each other’s breath. The song in the background began to pick up speed, and become more sultry, and I started to gently move to the music. Although I hadn’t planned it, we began dancing with each other; grinding our hips together and pressing firmly against each other. My hips swayed and his moved in synchronization with mine. As the song began to slow, our words began to flow.

“I never knew you to be so sensuous, Amrit. I can feel the heat from your body, and I can feel your cock pressing against me,” I said to him as I pushed my hips firmly into his. His hands grasped mine tighter; our palms were sweaty now, as were our whole bodies. I felt his lips against mine as I spoke to him, and he spoke back. Our language became more obscene as the music to a new song began to pick up. We rubbed the sides of our noses together, having to try our very hardest not to give into the temptation to kiss one another.

I felt him stick out his tongue and lick my lips. I moaned and this time it was me gripping his hands tighter. Somehow I could look into his eyes, and feel him staring into mine, even though we were in complete darkness. I felt the lust burning from his gaze, and I knew he sensed mine as well. I opened my mouth slightly and reached forward enough to bite his bottom lip. This time, he moaned. For some avcılar türbanlı escort reason, I felt like we were already closer than we ever would become; and we were both turned on to the point that we were both trembling against each other.

Our eyes met in the darkness again before neither of us could contain ourselves anymore. We both seemed to lunge at each other, meeting halfway in the most passionate kiss we’d ever shared. Within seconds, our tongues were entwined within our mouths, and our kiss had become so fierce it seemed like it was the first time we had kissed after years of not seeing each other. All the pent up energy, passion, and lust we shared was released in that moment.

For hours, it seemed, our kiss went on. His lips were all over mine, and mine were all over his. Our mouths seemed to be connected, and our tongues were going crazy. I couldn’t seem to get enough of Amrit’s hot mouth. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, making him slightly lean back in shock. He welcomed my intrusion, however, after the initial shock. As a response, he did the same to me, pushing my tongue out of his mouth and shoving his into mine. Our tongues swirled around each other as our lips parted for the first time since the kiss had started. It seemed like we were already making love to each other, but with our mouths and tongues. And, to make this thought even more real, before our kiss was broken, our mouths seemed to lock at the same time, then dive back in for one last lustful and tremendously passionate embrace.

Finally, after twelve whole minutes, our kiss was broken. We leaned our foreheads together, catching our breaths, because neither of us really thought about breathing the whole time our kiss went on. The music was still playing, the lights were still out, and our fingers were still interlocked. I couldn’t believe the feelings I had for Amrit that I had never unleashed, and now that I had let those emotions out, I felt a very high level of elation and giddiness. I giggled and felt Amrit’s smile against my lips.

“What was that for?” he asked, slightly giving out a chuckle.

“I don’t know, I’m just so happy for some reason, I couldn’t hold it in.” He smiled and kissed me again, however, we both knew that tonight was basically over, and neither of us knew whether we could endure another kiss like that tonight. He broke the kiss, and, surprisingly, moved his mouth down to my neck.

“Amrit, you can stop,” I said to him. “The game’s over.”

“I don’t want to stop, and I’m not going to,” he said as he bit my neck gently. I moaned. “I’ll take that as a sign you don’t want me to stop, either.”

“No, I don’t want you to stop. Please, continue,” I replied.

His mouth was all over my neck; kissing it, licking it, biting it, blowing on it…every imaginable sensation that you could think of, he was giving me. No one had given me such a high with just a kiss, and I knew it was the same for Amrit, too. I grasped his hands tightly as his tongue began avcılar ucuz escort to flick my earlobe. It was torture not to run my hands through his hair as he kissed and sucked on my neck, since that was what I had always done. Now, all I could do was grip his hands tightly when he did something pleasurable to me.

I shrugged my shoulder, telling him that I wanted a turn. His mouth regretfully fell away from my neck; a small trail of saliva dripping from his mouth connecting to a nice coat of it on my neck followed him. I attacked his neck with a new amount of energy and adrenaline that I didn’t realize I had inside me. I was biting him visciously and tugging at his earlobe with my teeth; so passionate that nothing seemed to quench my thirst for him. My fire was only fueled more and more with every moan that escaped from deep within his throat and every hard squeeze of his hands against mine. I flicked his earlobe and blew into his ear before I returned to his neck. I licked up his neck, leaving a trail of saliva behind. I blew back down the side of his neck and I felt him shiver. I raised myself up and kissed him full on the lips again.

The new kiss was just as passionate as the one before. Our breath was hot in each other’s mouths and our tongues wrestled fiercely with every second that passed by. Both his and my hands were beyond sweaty now, and keeping a firm grip was becoming difficult. Still, our passsion lit a fire in the room and seemed to make our bodies glow. I inhaled his sweet breath as we continued our kiss; his breath still smelled of the strawberries that we had eaten for dessert earlier. I couldn’t believe that this night was still progressing.

I broke our amazing kiss and moved one of his hands up to my mouth. I took two of his fingers into my mouth as if they were his cock. I sucked on them hard and drew them completely into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his fingertips. He moaned and I knew he had his eyes closed, picturing that I was giving him these amazing sensations on his cock rather than his fingers. I sucked on his fingers hard, showing him how much I wanted him. He curled his fingers at the back of my throat, now acting as if his fingers were his cock as well. I closed my throat up, clenching my muscles around his fingers and holding them tightly in place. I took in a deep breath and loosened my throat, opened my mouth slightly, and let my breath out through my mouth. He felt the hot air from my throat envellop his fingers and he moaned aloud. Now I knew he was imagining it was his cock.

I pulled his hand away from my mouth and licked up his fingers. He lunged forward, moving his hand aside, and kissed me hard. He had come at me so hard I almost lost my balance, but caught myself just in time to welcome his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues played for a while, rolling around and flicking each other. It seemed like I hadn’t stopped to catch my breath in hours, and I couldn’t even think anymore. After another five minutes, our kiss had slowed greatly, and diminished into a few soft kisses and touches. We leaned our foreheads together, looking down, and we were both thinking the same thing in unison.

“I love you,” we said together, accidentally. This was the first time we had said it aloud. It was the perfect ending to tonight. And I knew we would be experiencing this new kind of embrace very, very often from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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