College Reunion

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This is a work of fiction.

College Class Reunion

I was heading down to my 25-year college re-union next weekend, so I went online to see who else was going. There are only 17 people signed up from my class. As I reviewed the list however, one name popped out at me. I hadn’t seen Sharon since we’d graduated. She’d been cute back in the day. I wondered how time had treated her. I’d seen some pictures of other classmates who’d put on a number of pounds. I hoped that wasn’t the case with Sharon, it would be a shame.

I took off Thursday for the 8+-hour drive. My parents live in the same town I went to school, so I will be staying with them.

Friday, I tour the campus and run into a few old teachers. Of course that evening, I went to the local watering hole and ran into some of my frat brothers. We shared stories and drank till last call. Then we went to Perkins for an early breakfast.

I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I graduated from college 25 years ago. During school, I majored in Information Technology. Back then; I was more interested in working as a consultant than studying or working out. So, when I graduated, I was 6’1″ and 160 pounds. Luckily, I started workout shortly after college and have maintained the same weight as when I graduated. Not all is the same however, now I wear glasses and have grey hair (I blame it on my daughter). The other thing you need to know is that I’m married. She is a great lady and a great mother, but as I’ve heard many married people say, she/he has not interest in sex anymore.

Continuing with the story, the next morning, we were due to have our class pictures taken at 10:30. I was standing in the area designated for the class of 84. I’m catching up with Scott and his wife Sarah, who are also from my class. Then I started talking with Susan, an older lady I didn’t even recognize. I discovered later, that she was a nursing major and started after working as an LPN for a number of years.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Chuck talking with someone. When I glance over, it takes me a moment to recognize who it is. She’s changed her hair color since I saw her last, not as red now. What really catches my eye is the smile on her face and the light in her eyes. My gaze then travels lower to her purple funnel necked sweater. It certainly did a good job of hugging her softer curves. She is also wearing black slacks that matched the black belt highlighting her trim waist. I see she has a dark jacket folded over her other arm.

“Sharon” I exclaim as I step towards her. “It’s Terry Smith”

I can tell she doesn’t recognize me at first but then a knowing smile came to her face. I put my arms out and we give each other a quick friendly hug.

I remember one summer I’d spent some time with her as friends and even asked her out once or twice. I don’t remember why, but we never had that date.

I continue talking with her and the rest of our classmates till it was time for the “class of 84” picture. We all march over to the bleachers so the photographer can line us up. We have to wait a few minutes while our class president arrives, late as usual. At least he had called Chuck to let him know he was running late.

The school put on a nice buffet for us after the pictures. I spotted a table with Steve and his family and joined them. As I approached, I noticed a purse and jacket sitting there. Guessing it was Sharon’s I sat a few seats away for a better view.

The conversation through lunch centered on what we’d been doing for the past 25 years. I’m sure everyone got sick of hearing me brag about my kids. Steve’s daughter was the same age as mine, so I was able to ask her about classes and college plans and so forth.

Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz.

I heard someone’s cell phone ringing. You reached to pick it up. “Hi Lisa, where are you? OK, see you soon, we are right inside the left set of doors.”

“That was Lisa X. She just pulled into the parking lot,” you informed us.

A few minutes later, I see you grin, looking towards the doors, which were behind me. As I turned around, I saw a nice looking blonde and instantly recognized her. Lisa was wearing a dark blue turtleneck sweater, tight blue jeans and black leather jacket. Her blonde hair was loose and she still has her amazing dimples. I stand as she approaches the table, planning to shake her hand. Instead, she gives Sharon and then me a big hug.

I hadn’t really known her that well back when we were students here. Lisa and Sharon had been little sisters of a rival fraternity. We weren’t hostile or anything, we just didn’t party together much.

Lisa took off her coat while Sharon told her to go grab a plate. With her coat off, I see she too has on a black sweater. What is it with black sweaters today I ask myself? Her jeans are nice and tight, showing off her “junk in the trunk”. I took her coat and put it over the chair between Sharon and I.

After lunch, Steve and his family indicated illegal bahis they were heading to the football game. “I didn’t attend the games back then, so I think I’ll just head to LSB for the afternoon.” I should note, that LSB was one of the main bars just off campus. I’d been in there the night before.

Sharon indicated she wanted to see at least the first half of the football game. To my surprise however, Lisa piped up that she’d love to join me after we visit the Book Store. As Lisa and I started out of the gym where the luncheon was held, she asked if I knew where the “Archives” were. “I think they are in Library. Did you want to see the old yearbooks and stuff?” I asked. The Archives were a section of the library that the university had section off to hold copies of old school newspapers, yearbooks and such.

When she nodded yes, I said, “Let’s go there first, then the bookstore will be on the way to LSB.”

Sharon had been listening to our conversation. “I wanted to see the new Archives. Mind if I join you? Then I can go to the game and catch up with you guys later.”

The archives were in a separate section of the library that they must have closed off most of the time. Sharon and I found our senior yearbook and began laughing at how we and others looked back then. When looking at a corny picture of her, I commented, “Sharon you are like fine wine, you certainly improved with age”. She elbowed me in the side saying, “I wish I were that thin now” as I looked her up and down. She had grown into a very attractive lady. And from our conversations, I could tell she was a bright and successful lady also.

After the archives we walked across campus arm in arm. I didn’t mind having these two lovely ladies, one a blond and the other a brunette, acting like the bread of a Terry sandwich. Coming out of the liberal arts hall, we found someone to take our picture. As a gag, they decided each should be giving me a kiss on the cheek, “This one is for your wife” they kidded.

“Weren’t you going to the game?” I asked Sharon as we neared the bookstore.

“I wanted to get some shirts for my kids. Now is as good a time as any since most alumni are at the game.” was her reply.

So I was treated to these two ladies trying on almost every sweatshirt in the place. Lisa couldn’t make up her mind. Of course I didn’t mind watching as she took the pullover sweatshirts on and off. When Sharon was pulling off a pink one, it lifted her shirt, exposing a nice midriff that got my mind a whirling.

At LSB, they ran into some other friends. I went on to join a different group who already had a table. When Lisa and Sharon arrived, they took the seats on each side. Sean, a guy who I’d chatted with the night before was on the other side of Sharon. Both Sharon and Lisa had been little sisters of his fraternity. I started talking with Lisa. I found out she’d been divorced about 3 years. The bombshell was that she’d found out he was a habitual cheater. I could tell she’d been hurt and was still upset about it. I quickly changed the subject to her kids.

As we were talking, I noticed my leg touching Sharon’s. It wasn’t a rubbing, I don’t think she even noticed, or at least didn’t let on that she did. But it got my mind to thinking.

We began seeing a number of people come in. It was obvious the game had finished and that our team had lost yet another Homecoming. I nudged Sharon and whispered, “I guess you missed the game.” She just chuckled and shook her head yes.

Since it was my hometown, I’d arranged to have dinner with some high school friends. Sean, Sharon, Lisa and a number of others where all going to a Fraternity specific dinner.

That evening was our Class specific gathering. It was held in the new Observatory our campus now had. I was with some other people who were in my graduating class looking at the moons of Jupiter when I heard another group of people coming up the spiral stairs. I decided I’d had enough fun and went down for some more wine and Hors d’oeuvres. As I was walking down one side of the tiny stairs, Sharon passed me on the other. She was now wearing a black sweater, a black knee length skirt, black hose and knee high black leather boots. And the way she had her coat tied around her waist showed off her hourglass figure nicely.

The reception ended around 10:30, so many of us walked over to the Winery, another off campus bar. I was surprised to see it wasn’t wall-to-wall people, but it was by no means empty. Sharon grabbed a chair from a neighboring table only to have someone come up and say that was theirs. Lori and two other girls had already taken a seat in the booth, so I looked around for more chairs. That is when I spotted two stools next to the bar in the corner. I grabbed them and offered one to Sharon. This put us a little higher than the people in the booth, which didn’t make talking with them easy, so Sharon and I chatted together. A few guys we both knew joined us and the drinks showed up. illegal bahis siteleri I knew that if I kept drinking my scotch like this, I’d not be able to drive home. I started having 3 glasses of water for each glass of scotch. I think it was dark enough that no one noticed.

As we were talking, I felt Sharon’s leg against mine again. I also caught us look at each other while talking to someone else. I let my fingers begin touching her legs casually. She didn’t move me away, but neither did she acknowledge what I was doing.

About 45 minutes later, Lisa announced that she was heading back to her hotel on the other side of town. She mentioned she had to be home by noon the next day and needed to leave by 8am to do so. I could tell Sharon was reluctant to leave so early and I knew that Lisa was her roommate and ride. “Sharon, I can take you back later if you like. My parent live out that way” I offered.

“Are you sure? That’d be great if you could.” Sharon replied. I glanced over at Lisa who was looking at Sharon to make sure she was really OK with this. I was relieved to see the nod and a smile on Sharon’s face in answer to Lisa’s unspoken inquiry.

Not long after that, Sean, Steve and a few others wanted to go to Perkins for breakfast. I’d been there the night before so wasn’t really in the mood. Besides, I’d been thinking about Sharon and how nice she looked.

I was brought back to reality when Sharon asked, “Do you really want to go? I enjoyed myself way too much at dinner and will need to spend the whole week at the gym to get rid of it.”

I chuckled saying, “Girl, from what I seen of you in that outfit, I wouldn’t want you to change a thing, but I’m not really hungry for Perkins either.” She just grinned shyly and patted my hand. I wasn’t sure if she caught my other meaning or not. In the end, the guys took off to Perkins, leaving Sharon and I.

“I think this calls for an Irish Coffee” I suggested. “I’ve never had one, why not” Sharon responded.

I went to the bar and ordered two of them for us. The bartender only had enough whip cream for one, so he added some Baylee’s instead to both of them. After her first sip, I could tell she enjoyed it. “Now all we need is a nice fireplace,” I grinned. When we finished them, I asked if she was ready.

It was a brisk night out and my car was parked two blocks away. As we walked it seem to me our bodies were always touching. This certainly got my mind wondering if I dare make a pass. I knew she’d been divorced for over 10 years. I didn’t know if she had a boy friend or not but I wasn’t sure how she’d feel knowing I’m married.

We got to my car, which was already warm. Thank god for long distance remote control starters. They are a necessity for the Minnesota winters. As we were approaching the car, I debated about trying to kiss her there. Unfortunately, there were a number of college students loitering in the parking lot.

On the drive out to her hotel, I took out some gum, and then offered Sharon a piece. Rather than dropping her off at the door, I pulled into a spot between two minivans. I turned to her and said, “Sharon, I hope this doesn’t offend you, but all night long I’ve wanted to kiss you.”

To my surprise, she quickly reached into the garbage to retrieve the gum wrapper. She put her gum in it then threw it away. I’d already spit mine out in preparation. I reached over with my left hand to caress her cheek then gently pull her face towards me. I didn’t feel any resistance, and when our lips touched I felt hers part. Our first kisses were tentative flicks of the tongue, but the passion quickly grew. I felt how soft her hair was as I ran my fingers through it. I felt the butterflies in my stomach as the passion intensified. Our tongues started dancing faster along with our breathing.

I broke the kiss to nibble along your chin to your ear. I both heard and felt you moan. When I resumed kissing your mouth, the fire was still there. Your fingers were now running through my hair, something that really turns me on.

Imagine my surprise when you lowered your hand, only to grab mine. I felt you slowly slide it down your neck, past your shoulder till my fingers where just inside your coat. Did you want me to go further I asked myself? Your hand left mine to resume playing in my hair, so I let my hand tentatively drop lower to the swell of your chest. Your breasts were even bigger and firmer than I imagined. I let my fingers brush along the sides while my palms touched the surface. You took in a quick breath when I touch the knob of flesh behind your sweater and bra. You pulled my mouth tighter to yours, your tongue delving deeper when I began squeezing.

I moved my hand so I could cup your breast and let my thumb tease your nipple. When my thumb and finger began squeezing your bundle of nerves a shudder went through your body and you let out a moan. I then moved my hand to the other side, testing its firmness also. You felt so good.

You canlı bahis siteleri then broke the kiss, using your hand to guide my head so you could nibble along my chin. I then heard you whispered breathily, “Terry, please go inside. I want to feel your hand against my skin.”

I hadn’t notice but you must have opened your coat earlier. I let my hand find the bottom of your sweater. My fingers snaked inside and felt the warmth of your soft belly. It was soft like a mature woman that knew what she wanted and took care of herself. I slowly move upwards, caressing back and forth, from side to side. I soon felt the lace of your bra. When my fingers brushed that tops, if felt like a pinky was pushing out against the material. I took the opportunity to fully grasp your breast. If I were to guess, I’d say you were at least a D if not a DD. When I pinched your nipple you stopped nibbling on my earlobe to moan a “Yes” into my ear.

Your hand was now exploring inside my suit jacket, feeling along my shirt and chest. I began wondering if you were wearing pantyhose or stocking. I also wondered if I’d find out.

I reached higher till my fingers found the bare flesh above your low cut bra. I slid my digits inside your left cup till I found your nipple. This elicited another deep breath and an arching of your back. I caught your hard knob between two fingers and squeezed and wiggled my fingers. You resumed kissing my mouth with a new vengeance. I sucked and nibbled on your tongue as you pressed it into my mouth. I repeated the treatment of your nipple on the other side getting an equally enjoyable response.

It was now time to find out if you were indeed wearing stockings. I let my hand slide down your abdomen, caressing your flesh as I went. “No” I heard you moan into my mouth.

I pulled away so I could look into your eyes. I could see they were alive with a fiery lust. “Patience you sexy lady. I’m not running away” I grinned. I then took your lower lip in mine, sucking and nibbling on it to distract you from where my hand was heading. I let it slide along the outside of her right thigh till I reach the hem and the slit.

You giggled when my fingers started tickling the backside of your left knee. Your giggles turned into moans, as they started moving up your thigh in a slow circular fashion. I pulled away from your lips again when I reached the tops of your stockings. “I wonder what other surprises you have me.” I grinned before attacking your mouth again.

You slid down in the seat, causing your skirt to rise up and giving me easier access to your treasure beyond your stockings. As my fingers got closer, I could feel the damp heat of your excitement. You jumped when I first connected with your wet panty covered sex. I was amazed at how damp and slick the satiny material that covered your mound was. It was easy for me to slide my thumb along and was instantly aware of when I touched your clit by the way your body reacted. You bit my tongue softly, while moaning into my mouth.

I let my thumb begin rubbing up and down your slit, pausing when I felt your body tense before flicking it up, sending waves of pleasure through your body.

“Oh gawd” you moaned as this continued. You slid further down till your ass was on the edge of the seat. You legs were parted, giving me easier access. If only there were more room, I so wanted to taste your honey. Instead, I used one finger to pull aside your panties. I grinned to myself when I felt your smooth bare skin beneath.

My thumb was now able to touch your slippery clit directly. I used my finger to lightly flick over that bundle of flesh, sending jolts of fire cursing through your body. I increased the pace and felt you pull away from my mouth, panting in pleasure. A few times, when I used less pressure, I could feel you lift your hips in an effort to increase your pleasure.

I took this as a sign that it was time to move onto the next phase. I turned my hand over and let my middle finger slide slowly down your slit, over your clit. It then teased the opening of your velvety channel. Your legs went rigid in anticipation as my finger moved in circles around your opening. I could feel you urging me to enter you. So I slowly slid first one finger and then two inside you. I couldn’t believe how wet you were. I could feel your muscles clamping around me. You let out a loud moan when my fingers found that fleshy pad called the G-spot. “You like that?” I whispered as I began moving my fingers back and forth inside you. All you could do was nod and moan. Then you whispered for me to go deeper.

I pushed further inside you. You jumped when my fingers pushed against your cushy cervix. You took in a deep breath of air and attacked my mouth. I began moving my fingers in and out of your slippery cave. I could tell you were getting wetter from the stickiness in my palm. In addition to the motion of my fingers inside you, I let my thumb continue brushing your slippery clit. I felt you lift your skirt above your waist and took the opportunity to gaze between your legs. I was mesmerized by the view of your bald pussy in the shadows from the street lamps, with just a little landing strip of hair at the very top. You looked sexy as hell.

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