Close Colleagues

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“Are you going down to the pool after tea?”

Marisa smiled. “After dinner, you mean? My god, I need to! Did you see how much there was to eat at lunchtime?” She put both hands around her waist. squeezed and frowned. “I’ll need a whole new wardrobe by the end of the week.”

We were both stuck in the middle of an interminable residential training course, in a classroom full of our colleagues from around the country, and had until about five minutes ago been practising our advocacy skills on each other.

Different companies take different approaches to these things. I’ve got friends who get put up in incredible hotels across Europe and have to put up with a nominal amount of “training” in exchange for a free hand with the company credit card and a gentle shove in the direction of the nearest strip club.

Our own firm had chosen instead to maroon 60 of us in a charmless maximum security compound somewhere in the midlands, twenty miles from the nearest large city. We were sharing the place with ashen faced delegates from a high street fashion retailer and a couple of major banks, all of whom looked like they were wondering what they’d done to deserve this. It was an excruciating waste of the first week of warm weather we’d had that year. It was also making me unbelievably horny.

I snuck a glance at Marisa. She worked in the London office, and she was wearing a beautifully cut wool suit, with a skirt that was a little below the knee. The double breasted jacket was cut short, emphasising the curves of her hips and bum, the lapels framing her full breasts. Her blond hair was cut short, pixie style, and textured, so that I could imagine ruffling it with my hand. Her blue eyes were playful, and had been gazing at me for most of the afternoon.

My concentration had gone at about two pm, when one of her shoes had brushed my leg under the table. I was so sensitised that I could feel the exact curve of the shiny patent leather and the hard spike of the heel. I’d spent the last three hours imagining sliding my hand up her warm thigh, caught between the sheer nylon of her stockings and the silky lining of her skirt. Would she be wearing stockings? I watched her breasts rise and fall against the tailored pink blouse. Absolutely, I decided.

Through all this, she had been professionally and cleverly defending her client in the mock dispute resolution scenario we had, and I had been fencing with her equally well, both of us polite, giving a little when needed but pressing for the points that really mattered. Which was how we got to meeting each other at the pool, after tea.

“So I’ll see you down there then? About 8?” she said.

“For sure. We might actually be able to get a look in on the jacuzzi.”

Marisa giggled. The jacuzzi had been occupied on rotating shifts by the teak tanned Jackie Collins lookalikes that made up the membership of the hotel health club, and the sweating bulk of John Colshaw, a rubbery lipped tax genius from the same office as me.

Having read this far, you might guess that I spent the next few hours imagining Marisa dripping wet, every curve of her body displayed in her brief swimsuit, stepping slowly into a frothing jacuzzi. And you’d be right. Eventually I went straight down to the empty pool after tea and hammered up and down, trying to work enough of a sweat to at least feel like I’d be able to hold a conversation with her. The clock on the wall slipped past eight while I was doing this. Eventually, I hauled myself, my throbbing dick and the gallon of underused sex hormones powering my massive hard on, out of the pool and into the boiling hot jacuzzi. I hit the button and bubbles frothed all over the place. I was just closing my eyes and wondering why she’d changed her mind – boyfriend, perhaps? – when I heard the door to the pool open.

“Hi!” Marisa called. “I’ll be up in a minute – just let me get my thirty lengths in.”

I illegal bahis couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her swimsuit was pretty modest really; dark grey lycra to her tummy, then a band of mid grey to beneath her breasts, then white wrapping her breasts and for the halter. It was scalloped above her hips, so I could see the fair skin of her flanks. But it held every curve of her athletic body as she stalked across the tiles, lined up on the diving board and jumped cleanly in.

In no time at all, she was towelling her short hair dry and walking across to the jacuzzi, water streaming down her. I watched as the water in the tub fold around her graceful calves and her ripe arse, over her body until it lapped at the U shaped neckline of her swimsuit and the curves of her tits beneath.

Marisa sighed happily. “Right – gimme bubbles!” she said.

“OK. Hang on to your… well, just hang on.” I hit the switch and the water frothed around us.

“Woah!” she cried. “I can see why those old ladies spend so much time in here!”

She slipped both legs across my lap, holding them demurely together but rubbing her smooth, smooth skin gently back and forth.

“D’you mind? It’s smaller in here than it looks…” she said. She half closed her eyes, letting me run my eyes over her from her toes to her cute button nose, looking at the bubbles coiling around her body, caressing and stimulating her. She gave a long contented sigh.

“That working for you?” I asked, smiling.

“It’s lovely, but it does have its problems. If I sit the wrong way, it can get me a bit…excited.” she murmured.

My head was buzzing, my mind almost stalled by the level of my desire for her. My fingertips tingled as I imagined the feel of her warm, yielding body.

“Five thirty on a Friday excited?”

“No,” sighed Marisa, gently rubbing her bum closer to my lap. “The other kind…”

Under the water, I cupped her buttock with my hand, feeling the difference between her bare skin and the slightly rough, clingy lycra.

“Oh I see. That’s not really an issue for boys,” I said, trying to ignore the pulsing throb in my dick and how close she was to touching it. “What would be the wrong way to sit exactly? So we can… avoid it.”

Marisa rolled onto her belly, floating herself in the hot bubbling water, one dainty foot on the wall of the jacuzzi on each side of me.

“Mmmm…” she sighed, “this is the one.” I could imagine the bubbles tickling the sensitive skin between her thighs, streaming over her open cunt and bursting against the tight lycra sheathing her tits. Her ripe, pulpy bum bobbed out of the water, her slim waist still beneath the boiling surface. Gripping the chrome rail at the side of the jacuzzi, she rocked gently backwards and forwards.

She looked at me over her shoulder. My cock was on fire, desperate to feel her slick heat wrapped around it.

“Yes, you can.” she said.

“Hmm?” I said, gently stroking the tender skin on the back of her thighs. She wanted my cock deep inside her, my belly slapping against her beautiful arse as I fucked her hard. But I just had enough self control to make her ask for it. I trailed my fingers up the inside of her thigh, lifting the lycra of her swimsuit away from her gaping pussy so she could feel the rising bubbles in the water rushing over her bare skin. Marisa gave a long sigh, wiggling her bottom and rubbing my hand between her thighs.

“Yes… you can fuck me from behind…” she murmured.

I pushed my own legs forward, forcing Marisa’s a little further apart. She moaned appreciatively, sinking a little closer to my dick. I laid one hand on each of her hips, admiring her slim waist and her round, peachy backside.

Marisa pushed back hard, her slick lycra wrapped body slipping between my hands as she neatly caught my cock between her buttocks, rubbing against me.

“Mmmmm that’s what I need. You’re illegal bahis siteleri going to slide all of that inside me so that I can come.” she sighed, rubbing her arse against me in little circles.

I could see stars. Holding on to her hips, I guided her, slowing her down to that her perfect bum was describing the tiniest circle against the sweet spot on the shaft of my dick.

“I’m going to have to lube you up…” sighed Marisa, thrusting back more strongly with her thighs. “Rub that naughty cock of yours all over with my hands…would you like that?”

My self control had left the room a long time ago. Desperate to come, I let go of her, shoving my cock down and forward, between the soft, smooth skin of her thighs. With my other hand I lifted her swim suit away from her skin, exposing her cunt.

Marisa knew what was coming. She gave a long, high sigh that urged me on. I jerked forward, making her squeeze her thighs around the shaft of my cock.

“So naughty…” she moaned, her eyes closed. “What if I decide to keep you just there?”

She rocked gently backwards and forwards, each movement of he hips bringing me a millimetre closer to her wet, slick hole. Her breathing was throaty and ragged now. Neither of us could last much longer.

The bulging head if my cock touched her. I slid forward, not aware of anything apart from the delicious feeling of her lips sealing against my dick and then gradually parting as I pushed further into her. The water around us was hot, but she was so much hotter. I could feel her juices slickly coating us as we moved closer together.

“Give it to me all at once.” she said, looking back over her bare shoulder again. I squeezed her hips a little tighter, ready for the thrust –

and the door to the pool room squeaked as someone worked the handle.

“Oh sheeit!” hissed Marisa, jumping off my lap. She turned and sat herself down quickly next to me, as prim as you like, only her flushed cheeks and matted hair suggesting she might have been anything other than an angel.

Big, chubby John Colshaw walked in, all set to unwittingly spoil mine and Marisa’s attempts to build inter-office relationships.

“Oh hi guys.” said John. “Just thought I’d pop down for a quick dip. Got to keep in shape on these things, haven’t you?”

Under the water, I felt Marisa’s slim hand pull the waistband of my shorts open, reach inside and close warmly around my cock.

“Going to do many lengths John?” I asked, thrusting upwards a little. Marisa squeezed harder, locked he blue eyes on mine and mouthed “NO TALKING!”

“A fair few I think.” Said John, dolefully. “Right, here we go-” and he dived in.

“Sauna!” whispered Marisa laughing at me.


“Sauna NOW, or you’ll have some explaining to do…” she said, slipping her other hand around my cock and jerking down a little more forcefully. I half closed my eyes, and then forced myself to stand up. Holding hands the two of us did a Tom and Jerry style run on tiptoes across the tiled floor to the wooden door to the sauna, while John was busily steaming slowly up the pool on his first length.

Marisa grabbed her towel on the way and banged the door shut. She stepped back against it, her breasts heaving up and down inside their lycra wrapping, her long, shapely legs crossed at the ankle.

I went in for the kiss, slipping one hand into the small of her back, and letting my fingers spread wide so I could feel her bum lifting as she pushed her hips against me, moaning softly.

Our lips met, hers parting wide, the tip of her tongue teasing mine. Her soft belly and full breasts pressed against me through the sopping wet swimsuit. We parted slowly, Marisa biting her naughty tongue and letting her fingers stroke the length of my cock through my shorts.

“You are just rude!” I exclaimed. “You were going to leave me marooned in a hot tub canlı bahis siteleri full of my own spunk!”

Marisa shrugged, giggling. “I do like getting my own way.” she said. “Now sit down on the bench.”

I did as she said. There was a single red light bulb in the sauna and it was baking hot. I could feel the oily perspiration starting all over my bare torso. She moved closer to me and I could see the perspiration beading and mixing with the water from the tub on her skin too. I watched, hypnotised as the glistening drops slid over the smooth mounds of her breasts.

Marisa straddled me, setting her towel aside. Putting her hands high above mine, she leaned forward, bringing her full breasts closer to my mouth.

I breathed on the little peak of her nipple, pushing up the pure white lycra. Marisa sighed, and leaned in a little closer.

I cupped her waist with my hands, pulling her closer until her belly touched my chest. Gently, I licked the smooth, tender curve of her breast, and her swelling nipple.

Marisa dropped her own hands to her breasts, cupping and massaging them while I kissed and licked her through the material of the swimsuit. Tiny little moans and sighs escaped her as we both rubbed her tender nipples.

Gently, she slipped her fingers beneath the halter neck of her costume and lifted it a little, stretching the material even more tightly over her breasts.

She lifted higher, slipping the ribbon of fabric over her head and then dropping it. She rolled her costume down, unveiling her beautiful breasts. Showing herself off now, she ran her hands up over her slim body, cupping and lifting her boobs closer to my mouth.

Desperate to have my mouth on her tits, she shoved her body forward, her crotch hard against the top of my belly, her smooth, slick thighs to either side of me. She lifted her nipple closer to my lips, rubbing herself against me, using the friction between our sweat soaked bodies to part her lips.

I engulfed her nipple in my hot mouth, sucking hard. At the same time I reached between her legs, lifting the clinging wet lycra to one side and exposing her gaping cunt. I rubbed her own juices over her over sensitised clit, making her moan and twist.

We were both ready to fuck. I wriggled my shorts out of the way, and Marisa lowered herself slowly on to the tip of my jutting cock, cooing and moaning as I penetrated her. She took all of my inside her, arching her back as I filled her up.

Needing a little more stimulation, her hands snaked down over her beautiful body, playing with her own clit as she rode me. I could already feel the hot pressure building in my balls as the girl’s cunt lips squeezed and gulped at my bulging cock. But I wanted to give her one last surprise.

Holding her tight, I lifted her up, carried her to the bench in the middle of the room and lay her down so that I was on top. Marisa gasped at the reversal of roles, stretching her arms high above her head. Her body writhed and twisted below me as she moaned and cried her way towards her climax.

Crossing her legs behind my back, she crammed as much of my cock into her as she could, crying out as her swollen lips pulsed powerfully around my cock. I let go too, loving the feeling of my dick pumping hard inside her.

Marisa rode out the orgasm, her sweat slicked body slipping against mine, her blond hair plastered across her face and her swimsuit bunched around her waist.

She stroked my back, gazing up at me, still obviously enjoying having me inside her.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about what I need to do tonight…” she said, slipping the head of my cock naughtily in and out of her.


“Well, there is something about fucking on clean hotel sheets that just…makes me wet.” she said, shrugging her bare shoulders.

“We’d better get up there then.” I said, my cock jumping at the idea of twelve hours alone with this woman.

Marisa pushed me off her. Smoothly sinking to her knees and sucking my dick between her soft red lips. Her fingers closed around the shaft. She looked up at me.

“I’d better do something about this first.” she said.

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