Childhood Friends Ch. 01

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Jenna opened her apartment door, surprised to see her best friend Mike standing there. He was living a few apartments down, with their friend Shane. His eyes raked up and down her body, causing her to shiver with suppressed lust for a moment. She had known him since they were children, and he was the object of all of her fantasies. At 5’8, with sandy blonde hair and expressive blue eyes, not to mention a nice build, Mike was in the dreams of most of the women he met.

“Mike? What are you doing here?” she asked, smiling and ushering him inside. Closing and locking the door, she walked to her kitchen.

“I thought we could just talk for a while, talk about all the good times we have had. I brought a treat!” he enthused, and produced from behind his back a bottle of champagne. It was still sweating, and it was obvious he had been chilling it before he came over.

“Alright, sounds like fun. Let me get some glasses.” she agreed, turning to the cabinets and stretching her short frame to reach the fluted crystal on the top shelf. As she did, he was treated to a great view of her cute, tight, round ass in form-fitting yoga pants. He whistled appreciatively.


“I was just admiring you. You’re gorgeous”

“You think so? Thank you” she said, smiling, as she brought back the glasses and set them on the table. He opened the bottle, and poured each of them a generous glass.

“A toast,” she said, raising her glass, “to friendship, and to happiness.”

They toasted, and then sat, talking, mentioning past experiences together, and generally having a wonderful time. Soon, the bottle was empty, and both of them were feeling a little buzzed.

Mike stood up and held his childhood best friend, his large arms encircling her small frame easily. Then he leaned back, paused for a moment to gather the courage, and kissed her. She melted into the kiss, pulling him closer and cupping his face gently with her hands, deepening the kiss. Pinning her gently to the wall next to her door, he moved his mouth to her ear by placing gentle kisses along her jaw.

“I’ve been waiting to do this for years” he whispered, a slight shiver running through her at the words. In reply, she tugged his mouth back to hers, her hands exploring his torso tentatively. His tongue traced her lips slowly, asking for access, which she granted him. Their tongues began to wrestle for dominance, which she allowed him to have while she unbuttoned his shirt, running her hands up and down his chest once it was open. A groan from him prompted her to continue her exploration of him as his hands began to move up and down her sides. She felt her t-shirt lifting slightly.

“Wait, Mike” she panted, breaking the kiss. He groaned in disappointment, looking at her questioningly. “Are you sure you want this?” Looking away, she waited for his answer, or to wake up and realize that this was all a dream.

“Yes,” he panted, a little out of breath. “I have wanted to do this since a day in 7th grade, when I realized that my feelings for you were more than just friendship.”

“Mikey” she whispered, her voice cracking as she kissed him heatedly, her fingers tangling in his hair. He pressed closer to her, pressing her more into the wall and pulling off her t-shirt, whistling.

“Well, fuck. I’ve always known you were gorgeous, but wow!” Her cheeks flooded with color as she pulled his mouth back down to hers, entangling their tongues once more. He picked her up gently, carrying her into the bathroom.

“What are we doing in here Mikey?” she asked, her voice husky as she leaned in to nip at his neck.

“We. Are going to take a shower together..” he stated as he pulled the curtain aside and turned on the water to warm it up.

“We are?” She asked, biting her lip and tilting her head as she looked at him, her voice full of confusion.

“Do you not want to?” he asked, concerned that he was taking things too fast.

“I do, a lot.” She mumbled, blushing even more and biting her lip harder.

“Then what are you waiting for?” he teased, shedding his shirt and starting to unbuckle his pants. She stopped him, hand on his bulge, and took over what he was doing, unbuckling his belt avcılar escort and pulling down his pants, Then, standing, she reached behind her and slowly unclasped her bra, and dropped it to the floor. Next were her yoga pants. He tugged off his boxers, then reached over and hooked a finger under the edge of her panties, and teased them down. She raked her eyes over his naked form, biting her lip to keep in a moan.

“Better?” She teased, turning in a circle and leaning against the counter

“Much..” he affirmed, placing his hands on her waist, then reaching around to cup her tight ass in his hands. “Water’s hot!” he said, lifting her by the ass, still pressed against him, into the shower. She wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing him quickly as he pressed her up against the shower wall. A small moan escaped her lips as he marked her neck and collarbone with his teeth, his free hand moving up to cup her tit, rolling the nipple between his thumb and index finger. She buried her face in his shoulder, groaning under her breath. She felt his cock pressed up against her, the heat in her pussy having nothing to do with the shower.

He set her down, and she realized that he had gotten hard while she was being carried. She looked down at him, his cock pointing out toward her like a pole, and choked down her surprise. He was bigger than she had expected. She kneeled and grabbed the base of his dick with one hand, and started to tease him, licking the head, all the while the water pounding down on her back, reddening it. Her tongue slowly ran down his cock and back up again. She took just the tip into her mouth before repeating the process, taking him into her mouth and applying a light sucking motion, her other hand still gripping the base of his cock. Relaxing her throat, she took the entire length of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue along it and humming slightly.

During this entire process, he had been moaning softly, but when his head popped into her throat, he went weak at the knees and gasped. Suddenly, he grabbed fistfulls of her hair and began throat-fucking her, being cautious to give her enough time to breathe. She took him with vigor, swallowing his cock as deeply as she could.

He felt his balls beginning to tighten, and knew he needed to stop soon. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, trailing saliva with it, and pulled her to her feet. She gave him a devilish grin, and he pushed her shoulders against the wall, and pulled her pussy toward him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself against him and winking. She tangled one hand in his hair, her eyes half lidded as she observed him.

He leaned into her stomach, tongue teasing around her belly button, then down to her thighs. He kissed the insides of her thighs, working his way up toward her pussy. As he licked her outer lips, she moaned and drove herself into him, shoving his probing tongue deep into her soaked, waiting slit. He explored, being sure to avoid her clit.

“You tease,” she gasped. “Please, just do it, please suck my clit”

He finally gave in to her desires and allowed his tongue to flick back and forth on her little clit, then he sucked on it and gave it his complete attention. Soon she was spasming under him, and he felt her knees weaken. In response, he grabbed her ass and pulled until she was resting on his shoulders.

“Aaaaahhh… Mikey! I’m cumming!” She moaned out, her hands tightening in his hair as she came explosively, spraying her juices on his face. Panting loudly for a few breaths, she supported her own weight again and pulled him back up to stand. Her mouth found his again as she grabbed a bar of soap, chuckling.

“We should probably get washed up” Teasingly, she lathered up the soap in her hands, running them down her body slowly. She closed her eyes, her soapy hands cupping her breasts and rubbing them softly. Jumping slightly when she felt hands cover hers, she opened her eyes to look into the blue ones of Mike. Her chest tightened as she noticed the spark in his eyes. “Mikey” She breathed out, pulling him towards her and feeling him pin her to the wall.

As he leaned closer against avrupa yakası escort her, she felt his still rock-hard cock against her stomach. She reached a soapy hand down and started stroking him, and toying with his head. He leaned in even closer to kiss her, and she eagerly pushed into the kiss, their tongues dueling. He pulled his dick out of her hand, rinsed it off, and set the head against her hot and welcoming pussy. She moaned as he started to pump in, first just the head, but then more and more with each stroke until he was plowing her with his full length, slamming her cute, tight ass against the shower wall with each stroke.

Resting her arms on his shoulders, she leaned her head back, her moans echoing off of the walls of the shower as she arched her hips towards him. Her hands found themselves back in his hair again, tangling in the soft, wet strands. She tugged on them, moving her mouth to his neck and leaving a few bright red marks. He grunted as he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock, making it even tighter than before. He kept thrusting, feeling her writhe with pleasure under him, and sensed she was close to climaxing again. He could feel his cum rising, too, and slammed into her even harder and faster, his balls slapping against her ass.

Jen knew she was close to cumming again all over Mike’s big dick. Just as the sensations were becoming too much for her, she heard him grunt, then moan, and felt his hot cum explode into her pussy. It sent her over the edge too, and she clamped down on his spasming dick, massaging every last drop of hot, sweet seed out of it. They sank down to the floor of the shower, his cock still deep inside her, and lay together, letting the warm water flow over them as the euphoria gradually settled.

She buried her face in the crook of his neck, panting as the hot water helped her to cool off and calm down slightly from her orgasm. She reached for the soap after a few minutes, cleaning herself and Mike off slowly and then resting against him again, allowing it to wash off. He lifted her up, his cock still inside her, and carried her out of the shower, grabbing a towel and pulling out of her slowly, before drying them both off.

“That was… wow” She breathed out, leaning up to kiss him again, her fingers tracing the planes of muscle on his torso. Lifting her by her ass again, he carried her quickly to her bedroom, throwing her onto the bed as roughly as he was comfortable with. She bit her lip, quivering slightly as he crawled on top of her, his mouth trailing slowly up her body to her mouth. He reached up, holding her hands above her head at the wrists with one of his hands, as his other hand slowly trailed down her side and across her stomach.

“Look in the top drawer on your left” she whispered seductively into his ear. While keeping her hands pinned at the wrists, he reached one long arm over to the nightstand drawer and opened the top drawer. Inside, he found an assortment of toys, but what interested him the most was the handcuffs, so he grabbed those and closed the drawer. He locked them snugly around one of her wrists, then looped the chain around a bar in the head of the bed, and closed it around her other wrist. She was locked to the bed, completely at his mercy.

He stood up and opened the drawer again, this time extracting a short, thick vibrator. He turned it on, and began teasing her nipples and stomach with it, while she moaned and writhed, attached to the bed.

“You bastard” she gasped, as he twirled the tip of the toy towards her pussy, only to flick it away just before it reached her clit. Groaning with frustration, she came up with an idea, her eyes glinting as she smirked devilishly. Her tongue flicked out to wet her lips, tracing along them as she let out a quiet, husky moan, winking at him. Her eyes fluttered shut as she proceeded to groan, moan and pant in the most seductive way she could, causing him to get hard again quickly. “Oh, Mikey!” She panted out, wiggling her hips slowly as she locked eyes with him, hers darkened with lust.

He set down the vibrator on the nightstand, and kissed her briefly before settling his hips over her face, his cock forced bağcılar escort down deep into her mouth. She began to lick his head, and he moaned and leaned down, both to give her a better angle, and to allow him to give her tight shaved pussy the same attention. As he leaned down, his cock went deeper, and she swallowed it, the head and part of the shaft in her throat. She began to rapidly swallow, building up incredible sensations for him. He was no slacker either, nibbling her lips, and then tonguefucking her.

As she built him up, he moaned into her pussy, causing her to squirm and gyrate, but she could not move far, trapped as she was by both the cuffs and his weight. His chin had been brushing her clit every once in a while, causing her to jump every time. He turned his attention there now, sucking and flicking her little nub with his mouth. She cried out around his cock as she came, flooding his face and the bed with her juices. He rode out her orgasm with her, then lifted himself up and turned around, settling himself astride her stomach.

Then he grabbed her tits and pressed them together, teasing and slapping them, and then forcing his dick into her cleavage, started titfucking her. This was great for him, watching her under him, and soon he came, even harder this time, all over her tits, throat, and face.

Jenna licked what she could off of her face and chest, smiling up at him seductively and licking her lips. “Wow, babe, that was tasty” Her voice, husky and soft, was alluring to his ears, and he climbed off of her chest, laying on top of her and kissing her briefly, grabbing the vibrator again and teasing it along her nipples and stomach again, moving lazily and slowly between her tits and her flat stomach. She whimpered slightly, her body arching towards the vibrations as he chuckled huskily. He leaned down to kiss her again, moving the vibrator lower, along the outer edges of her lips, but not going near her clit. Snaking her tongue out, she traced his lips, before nipping at them. He pulled back from the kiss, biting the joint between her neck and shoulder harder than she expected.

“Ow, you bastard” Cursing, she glared slightly at him, before he did it again, pressing the vibrator against her clit at the same moment. She moaned out, biting her lip as he did it repeatedly, biting her all over her shoulders and neck and teasing her soaking wet slit with the vibrator. As he was tracing the tip of the toy down her pussy, she thrust forward with all of her reach, but only managed to get the first inch or so into herself. She clamped down on that and moaned loudly.

“Give it to me Mikey! Give it to me!” she screamed with tension and frustration from being teased so long. He finally gave in to her, and sank the toy deep into her pussy. He worked it back and forth, wiggling and angling it to try to find her g-spot.

“AAHH FUCK” she cried when he succeeded. Her hips arched upwards towards him as she panted, a bead of sweat and cum rolling down between her tits. Quivering with need, she locked her eye on his, loud moans and pants escaping her mouth. He leaned towards her, capturing her lips with his again and tangling their tongues together, sucking on hers and teasing her tits with his free hand. Her pussy spasmed as she came yet again, the vibration causing it to last a long time. Throughout, he kissed her mouth and neck, teasing her nipples as well.

Suddenly, Mike had an idea. He climbed off of Jenna and dug around in the drawer for the cuff keys. He found them and leaned over Jenna to free her, unintentionally giving her a shot at his cock, which she eagerly shoved into her mouth. He pulled back and slapped her tit.

“Naughty, naughty Jen.. Not now.” She groaned in disappointment but laid back down.

“What are we going to do?” she pouted

“We,” he said triumphantly, pulling a small wirelessly controlled bullet vibe out of the drawer, “are going to the mall. And you are going to have this nestled deep in your tight cunt.”

Mike slid the bullet all the way into her tight pussy, and told her to stand up and walk around. She was so tight it stayed in place with not trouble. It had five strengths of vibration, and he put it to the first.

“Feel good?” he asked. She could only bite her lip and nod, and he turned it off.

“Get dressed, we are going to go for a drive.”

She obeyed, and they both found their clothes and he grabbed his keys. They got into the car and headed to the mall.


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