Chemistry Teacher Ch. 01

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This is my first story and part 1 of the series that I have planned. Many thanks to ‘The Seeker’ for editing it.


My name is Jason. I am just an average looking guy, living in Mumbai (Bombay), India. At the age of 18, I was 5’11 weight 70 kgs. For many reasons I was shy around girls. My face would turn red every time a girl started a conversation with me.

I was brilliant in studies. My grades were top of my class in all subjects. I was expected to top my board examination by everyone who knew me; my parents, my relatives, my teachers, my friends and my classmates. My life seemed to be perfect. Perfect that is except for my ‘girl’ problem. But that didn’t affect me, because I always thought that I would have my whole life for pursuing girls after I completed my education.

As they say, ‘life is never perfect’. And this proved true in my case. My studies were perfectly on course for getting the top rank that I deserve for my hard work and dedication. Just couple of days before the examination I was bitten by a mosquito, which transmitted malarial germ into my body. Even though I had a fever of 1020F I decided to go to my exam rather than wasting a whole year and getting ‘second attempt’ mark on my report card. My parents were against this move, but they allowed me to appear for the exam for the sake of my happiness.

Two months later I got my report card in my hands. I was shocked to see I barely got distinction. My language papers (the first three) were worst hit by malaria. I got 50/100 in first, 40/100 in second, 37/100 in third languages respectively. After the three papers, since I was healthy again my marks showed. I got 148/150 in Science, 149/150 in Mathematics and 147/150 in social studies. I topped the board in the latter three examinations. Due to just a distinction I had to take admission in a substandard college for the subjects of my choice on the out skirts of Mumbai. So I had to endure long rides in a very crowded Mumbai train.

My parents tried to cheer me up by saying ‘every thing happens for a good reason’, and ‘never to lose hope till the end’. Their attempt at cheering me up didn’t seem to work on me. I went to the college with a heavy heart. I thought the world had ended for me. The college campus seemed like a place on a distant planet, and every body on campus was alien to me. I found my class room only after some difficulty.

I checked out my classmates. There were around the same number of men and women in the class. Some of my old school friends were even there. Amongst them I also found my first crush, Ginny. She always considered me as her best friend even though I didn’t talk with her anymore than required. We had shared the same desk at school.

I took the most distant seat available. The first few days were uneventful; the only difference was I started feeling better as the college was not as bad as I expected it to be, plus Ginny also made a constant effort to cheer me up.

When I had my first chemistry lecture, my life got a new meaning. My chemistry teacher was a bombshell. I guess she had a figure of 36c-28-36 and between 23 to 26 years old, approx. I later found out that it was 36, and the rest of her stats. were correct. She was tall, maybe even taller than me. It was hard to tell her exact height from where I sat in the last bench. She was fair skinned, and wearing a stylish sari (an Indian dress).

Now what my parents had said about the beauty of life sunk into my head; just to be able to see her was more than a good reason to come to this college. From the next day onwards I sat on the first bench whenever I had a chemistry lecture, in order to see her. I paid full attention in her class. I kartal escort tried to impress her with my knowledge of the subject.

Few of my friends from school including Ginny told me not to show off. Ginny also told me that I should stop thinking about her, as she is too old for me. I don’t know how, but from school it seemed to me that Ginny could read my mind. I just blushed and moved away from Ginny. Slowly I started to flirt with Mrs. Rebelo, my chemistry teacher. Yes she is married, but that doesn’t make me stop ogling her. Nothing much in the way of flirting, just casual flirting like saying “nice dress” and “you’re looking extremely beautiful today”.

I was surprised that I could manage to say this, not to a girl, but to a woman. Ginny would get very angry whenever I displayed any affection for Mrs. Rebelo. This behavior intrigued me, as I was not her boyfriend or something, and not at all committed to her in anyway.

A month passed by, we had just started our practicals in biology, chemistry, physics, and Information & Technology. Needless to say, I enjoyed my chemistry practicals, because I got more time to spend with Mrs. Rebelo, and I could be even closer to her body while I conducted the experiments.

In time she started to linger more around me, I enjoyed the extra attention, but this annoyed Ginny to no end. Mrs. Rebelo became more open with me and started casually flirting with me, just like I had flirted with her.

Last summer, this is when the real story starts. Today Mrs. Rebelo was not wearing her usual sari, but a Punjabi dress. This is another traditional Indian dress, quite similar to jeans & top that the modern girls wear, with a few exceptions. First, the top is long and comes down to the knees of the person wearing it, and there is a piece of long cloth, known as dupata, covering the breast, to cover the cleavage area visible from the top.

After the chemistry practicals, when I was leaving the lab as I am usually the last one to leave, Mrs. Rebelo came to me and said in a very sexy low seducing whisper ; “Jason, I know you ogle at me, want me, and are too shy to say so. If you want me, meet me outside the ladies toilet on the third floor”.

Hearing this gave me an instant hard-on, which I tried to cover up with my bag, and I moved out of the lab, for I knew that Ginny would be waiting for me.

For some reason these days Ginny would always wait for me outside the labs under the pretext ‘we live close by so we can go home together’.

It was difficult to hide my still erect penis from Ginny and try to get past her. My hard on still had not gone away… just from the thought of Mrs. Rebelo’s invitation. I gave Ginny an excuse that I had to do some more work for the chemistry teacher, so I would be late. She asked me where I am going with my bag, I replied to the toilet (my excuse was nearly true, it had to be, for Ginny could come to know when I am lying to her). I think managed to hide my erection from her and convinced her that I was really going to the men’s toilet.

I reached the toilet before Mrs. Rebelo did. Waiting for her outside the toilet, my fantasies went into overdrive. My anxiety took over and thought’s such as ‘what if she doesn’t come?’, ‘she was trying to make a fool out of you’, ‘did you really believe that a woman like her would want you’, ‘what if it was a day… my thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of Mrs. Rebelo walking towards me from the staircase. She moved toward the toilet, checking if anyone was around. But by this time almost the entire college would be deserted. Chemistry practicals would take the longest, because of the time required by the chemicals to attain the proper temperature, pH, colour, kurtköy escort etc. So she took my hand and pulled me into the toilet.

I was completely stunned by her actions, as she seemed equally desperate for me as I was for her.

Inside the toilet she pushed me into a cubicle and closed the door. She felt my hard-on through my pants. Her touch felt wonderful.

“Your penis feels nice in my hands; I wonder how it will feel in my month and my vagina?!”

She said this and began to open my pant buttons, pulling my pants down, along with the underwear, releasing my cock from its prison.

“O! It is big! Almost six inches! Are you a virgin?” she asked.

I said, “Yes” feeling a bit embarrassed.

She was surprised at my answer, and said something that amazed me; she said;

“I thought you already slept with Ginny and that why she was jealous of me”.

“What…” was all I could say, for at that very moment she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a pro cocksucker. At least I thought so at the time, as I still was a virgin when she sucked me, but the felling was out of this world. I was tremendously enjoying the feeling of my cock being sucked by the woman of my dreams. It was much better than I had fantasized. Like any normal male, I also jacked off. The way she was sucking my penis, the way she applied the pressure, the way she was using her hands, gently squeezing my balls between her fingers, sucking them one by one, while jerking me off using her hands, taking my cock back in her mouth. She must have felt that I was very close to my first orgasm of the day, and started sucking me with more force. That was all I could take. I shot my very first load in her eagerly waiting mouth; she didn’t let even a single drop escape. She kept sucking my cock till my orgasm subsided. She cleaned my cock with her tongue. That was the best orgasm I ever had in my entire life, up to that time.

“Hmm! your cum is tasty, just as I thought it would be!”

She said this, stood up, and started undressing herself. She removes her top in a slow and teasing manner, and shows me her bra covered breasts, slowly removes her pants, revealing her soaking wet panties.

O man! She knew how to tease a cock, I thought to myself.

She slowly unhooked her bra; her left breast came into view. What a sight it was! Her nipple was standing bolt upright, begging to be sucked. So I took it in my mouth and started gently sucking her nipple. Using my other hand I completely removed her bra. She gave a low moan of pleasure.

To my surprise I felt milk in my mouth coming from her breast. I pulled my mouth away from the breast and looked up. Our eyes met and she understood what I was trying to say. She looked at me smiled and replied “I have a problem my breast milk hasn’t stop flowing even after 18 years of my children being born it needs to removed or my breast starts paining.”

“What… you are a… mother?” I stuttered, looking at her panty which was soaking wet.

She smiled saying “Looking at my figure you can’t tell I am mother of two children, can you?”

“No” I replied.

“Come over here and start sucking my breast dry. There is plenty of milk for you and while you are at it finger my pussy.”

Saying this, she pulled my left hand towards her waiting breast. I started suckling her like I was her little baby and fingering her pussy through her panty. After a while I sucked her other breast and moved back and forth until there was no milk available to drink. While I was suckling on her and fingering her I realized she had her first orgasm.

She pulled her panties down and revealed her gorgeous pussy, which seemed to be maltepe escort drenched in her juice. She took my now erect cock and guided it in her pussy taking away my virginity. I never felt such pleasure in my entire life. Her pussy was gentle squeezing my dick, like it was milking my penis for cum. She told me to move in and out of her pussy. I started fucking her slowly, doing it as she instructed, since I was completely inexperienced.

Judging by her moans I was doing well. I was enjoying every moment fucking her. I knew that I was going to last long since I had cum just a little while ago in her mouth. We made are love making session slow, to enjoy every moment spent in contact with each others’ body.

Suddenly I felt her pussy walls contract around my cock. She was having her second orgasm! Her pussy juice covered my dick. I fucked her through her orgasm. Her pussy became even more slippery. It was easier for me to move in and out of her pussy.

She told me that it was one of her best orgasms ever. After a few minutes she had her second orgasm which was as wild as the first. Meanwhile, my cum had started to build up. I told her that I would be cumming soon.

“You can cum in me there is no problem in that” she said in between her moans. I was now fucking her like a wild animal. The pressure in my balls was building up. As I approached my second orgasm, I knew she was approaching her third orgasm with my cock buried up inside her. Her pussy contracted again, trying to squeeze and milk my cock. This took me to my limit and I exploded in her. I could feel it was her most intense orgasm. I was in the seventh heaven. The feeling I had is hard to put in words, nothing can be compare to it.

“You were the best student lover I have ever had. Yes, there were quite a few before you”, she added looking at the puzzled expression on my face. “You’re the first person to give me 3 orgasms in a single fucking. You’re even better than my husband. Now go down on me and lick my pussy clean.”

I removed my flaccid dick from her pussy. I knelt in front of her and kissed her pussy lips, and gently parted them with my tongue. I tasted the mixture of my cum and her pussy juice. My tongue found her clitoris. She let out a soft moan and instructed me to lick it more. She started thrashing my face with her crotch, almost like fucking my face. She had her fifth orgasm cumming in my mouth. It tasted quite good actually. I proceeded to lick her pussy clean.

She told me not to drink the mixture of our juices but to just hold it in my mouth. After she stopped cumming, she pulled my face up and kissed me full on the mouth. She drank the mixture from my mouth, sip by sip! I also drank a bit of it.

Our actions had given me another hard-on. She felt it near her pussy opening and said, “Oops! Did I do that again, well anyway I better take care of it.”

She bent down and placed my cock in between her tits. She started moving her tits up and down, taking the head of my cock in her mouth occasionally.

I knew that I wasn’t going to last long so I blurted out “I going to cum.”

She told me, “cum in my pussy, I love when it is filled with cum even when I am working.”

I obliged her, and put my dick into her pussy. I felt great for second time. I moved in and out a couple of times before I exploded again.

She told me to leave it there, and pulled my flaccid dick out of her.

“Get dressed, it is getting late and I must leave now. My children must be back at from their school by now, and there is no one at home to feed them. We then got dressed and left.

“We can walk to the station together since my house is on the same road near the station. Come on, I’ll show it to you.”

End of part 1.

This was just part one of the series. I will write more if I get a decent review on this. This is the first story I have written. Suggestions, if any, are recommended. If I like the ideas offered, I will try to incorporate in the series that I have planned.

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