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One of Charley Abbot’s recurring fantasise was looking up women’s skirts. He had vivid images copied from the internet and was always keen to browse up the website every day to copy the latest offering and wank himself relentlessly.

The true story about this guy is that he was discovered peeking up through a pavement grill which was situated above a cellar directly below the caretakers room adjacent to the old Tormouth Town Hall. He was the caretaker and the cellar was the place where he kept all his cleaning implements.

It wasn’t until renovations were due to take place and the building was surveyed by architects in the presence of the Borough’s Chef executive that his secret was revealed. An old chair placed conveniently beneath the grill, newspapers and cigarette ends around it, porno up -skirt magazines all over the floor as well poor old Charley, being the obvious offender was taken to task and given the boot pronto.

It was a shame really because he was a harmless guy, never had a nasty word to say about anyone – and now he was without a job, without friends – nothing – just him and his overbearing desire to assume his daily habit.

Eventually, his acute loneliness and need for companionship led to him discovering the chat rooms on his new computer, which led to a completely new world for him, his mind still full of images from the past when he sat for ages beneath that grill. Looking up, waiting for the rare opportunity that a woman may ponder above, perhaps talking to a colleague for a real good up skirt view, now he could refresh his memory and actually see a multitude of images which he could enlarge full screen before him, wonderful. And how erotically thrilling that was, the touch of a key and a fresh new image to tickle his fancy.

One thing led to another and he met Dawn online and they eventually got onto the subject of what tuned each of them on. Charley was reluctant at first to express his particular sexual deviation but, prompted by Dawn who was very outgoing and to the point – “Come on, Charley, stop beating around the bush unless you want to beat mine.” – was typical of her brashness in innuendo which Charley was slow to comprehend, and she started to tease him, which in a way strengthened their relationship which would lead to a proposal to meet outside Drakes Circus in Plymouth.

Charley eventually broke his silence about his turn -on, and told her.

“Aww! Baby, that’s so sweet, that is so very sexual and interesting” and those very words gave him so much confidence in himself after the ‘torture’ he had gone though when he was instantly dismissed -almost to the accusation that he was a paedophile. But he could never have been that, his preference was always for adult women and girls, especially in skirts that is.

They both talked about getting a cam which they did and Charley was enchanted by Dawn, her dark flowing hair and beautiful brown eyes.

And he soon found out that Dawn had her particular sexual deviations too, talking about her desire to partake in oral exchange, something she had never done, just the thought of it gave her extreme palpitations she told Charley. She asked to see him on the cam and he submitted after her promise to let him see up her skirt. He unzipped himself and placed the cam in a suitable position and there it was, full Monty so to speak, fully revealed.

“Make it grow a little, Baby?” she asked. He fumbled hesitantly, well he’d never done anything like this before but the experience was really phenomenal.

“Just chill, Baby and it will be fine, you are lovely, do you know that, it is absolutely yum -yum!”

She asked for him to squeeze and stretch it back so she could imagine having oral with him. He watched her close her eyes and smile – mouth opening and closing. They seemed to be getting on ever so well together.

“Now baby, your turn to see me?”

Charley held his breath in anticipation and still holding himself, watched her move on her swivel chair to position herself, opening her legs just enough for him to glimpse her burgundy thong between those lace topped tights, she asking him if that was okay and if he was a good boy he could see more.

Charley kağıthane escort was absolutely beside himself, his face flushed, his erection hard, in his mind he was sniffing her, inhaling the sweet smell of vital womanhood in her prime.

“Yes please!” he replied and wow! was he in for the treat of his life, no more streaming pictures online this was for real, happening now as he watched. She’d put her cam on the floor facing upwards to give Charley the feel of looking up her skirt real time, and very seductively moved over the viewfinder to let him see tantalising glimpses of her underwear as she wiggled and very slowly parted her legs, “That okay?” she called off cam, he being only able to see what was under her skirt – and Charley immediately replied she looked so good. “Can I see more? She moved the cam once more and took a seat on her swivel chair again then, after so seductively pulling back her skirt, she gradually revealed her neat curves as she turned and bent across the chair, making sure he could see her all, wiggling her tight round ass so very provocatively, undoing the tie-on thong and exposing her beautiful femininity – giving him a wonderful view of her succulent glistening pussy in that shadowed crevice between white thighs – showing him that she also was on heat like a frenzied bitch dog and they needed to reach it together. He readily agreed as he watched her fingers doing wonderful things and he grasped his cock tight for a real stiff wanking, both in deep carnal ecstasy whispering and moaning just what they would like to do with each other; “Baby, you look so right for me” Dawn whispered, her fingers teasing her clit then whirling around and around beneath, watching his fingers wanking that so stiff hard cock, she was delirious with the look of him and yelled as the action became more manic that she so wanted his deep throbbing hot fuck!

Charley took all this in, never ever having shared such passion over the net, surprised yet pleasured by her cry for his fuck, but delighted that this gave him the reason and the opportunity to be equally as bold and he told her in so many words just how he yearned for the sniff and the taste of her, for her smothering and her hot fuck – and soon they were done. Their sounds of satisfaction shared as Dawn watched intently his love cream erupt, spurting out everywhere. They chilled, enjoying the pleasurable aftermath of that wonderful online fuck. Now they were an item and they would just have to meet.

So the meet was arranged, at Drakes Circus in Plymouth the following Sunday… Charley alighted from the bus. It seemed magic as he waited for Dawn to appear, like the whole world was out of focus, all he could think of was how it would be, how she really looked in real life, and how they would fare, would they be compatible in real time, and all the rest of it.

The a tap on the shoulder, it was Dawn, she’d come up behind him, he swing around and there they were actually facing each other flesh and blood for the very first time.

Charley flushed, lost for words as he knew he would be, but she broke the silence, telling him he was just how she had imagined in real life.

They stood there motionless for a while, taking in the special moment. She smiled at him, just how she had done on cam, already he felt the ice starting to break as she took his hand tightly and whispered to him that it was so good to see and meet him.

He asked her if she’d like a drink or something.

“A drink at a time like this, Charley. I have my car parked in the car park and I’ve booked a room for us not too far away, where we can really get to know each other quality time?”

“You are a woman who pulls no punches, baby” Charley gasped as she grabbed his arm and pulled him along in the direction of where her car was.

“Would you want me any other way, because if you do we can call it a day right now!”

There was a sense of firmness about her tone which Charley liked, he always felt he needed a good woman to take him in hand ever since his mother had passed on not so long ago. He was very close to her, too close because he never seemed to have time kartal escort bayan for girls, even though he had the inclination as was deemed though his under the grill experiences when he had managed many a good gratifying masturbation looking upwards and sometimes the special thrill of seeing a girl with nothing on underneath, wanking away he could almost imagine he was thrusting inside what he could just about make out between darkened thighs – and didn’t they look so good! and that always made for a strong climax.

But now he could forget all that, they drew up to a quiet cottage seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

“So this is your ‘room’?” he asked.

“Well I wanted to surprise you, it’s a holiday cottage I rented fro the day from a friend.” she smiled.

“There’s smoke coming from the chimney,” Charley observed.

She looked puzzled and angry, then she said well she wanted to make the cottage warm and cosy for their rendezvous, haven’t you never had it before a rumouring fire, it’s quite an experience I can tell you.”

But there was something that just didn’t tie up, but there again Charley thought, this was an entirely new experience so no doubt his mind would be playing tricks.

“You sit in the car for a moment and I will check, Charley.”

“Check?” he queried.

She hesitated and then said she wanted for the inside to be just right, wanted to give him the right impression and she was off before he could respond.

Then she appeared at the front door beckoning him to come in as he lurched out of the passenger seat.

Dawn greeted him with a long lasting and deep passionate kiss and instantly he felt like butter in her hands as she assisted him in taking off his coat.

“That’s better, ” she smiled, “you do look so sexy in chino’s. She gave a swirl and pulled him onto the sofa relentlessly like he was an animal or something. He felt his blood heat as she removed her top to reveal her burgundy bra embracing a well developed bust. It wasn’t long before she was performing for him like they used to on cam, but now he could inhale her perfume and get the feel of real woman, she swirled for him, pouting her lips as she went down on her knees, spreading his apart and nesting herself between.

“What would you like me to do now, Charley?” she asked deliciously.

He was lost for words and she chuckled – “As if I didn’t know, it is what all guys want,” she continued unfastening his flies and realising already he had a fair old hard on. With a little bit of deliberation and with her undoing his chino’s and pulling down his blue boxers shorts with her teeth, out popped his full erection, him looking as though he couldn’t believe it – it was all doing along so very quick, they had hardly met and already her mouth had taken him inside, tantalising all with tongue and gently squeezing hands. “Just lay back and relax, baby” she suggested, and simply enjoy, because that is what I aim to do,

She had her cock enjoying every inch, licking and enjoying him fully stretched, she felt herself below through that burgundy thong , stood up . Positioned herself so he could enjoy the full live experience of under skirt extravaganza . He looked up, eyes wide, his cock pulsating, lifting his head upwards as she lowered herself to him, his mouth in tongues reach now as he sniffed the scent of woman and say that her thong was well and truly drenched. Was she going to let him taste her? She wiggled and teased, moving away each time he tried, but finally she let him have what he so desperately yearned for and gave him the dill works, pushing his head down and nesting herself astride him, squeezing his head firmly between her thighs as she mover herself back and forwards enjoying the feeling of this guys face enjoying her.

He was out of breath, asked her to give him a breather.

“Can’t take it Huh? ” she teased

“Give me five and I will recoup, ” said he – it is just that I was unprepared that’s all.

“If you need to rest better off to bed with you, you will find the bathroom adjoining ” and she said he would be much sweeter for her if he showered and took himself kurtköy escort bayan to bed naked.

By this time Charley was shaking with excitement, never had he realised the intensity of that which a woman could give a guy, he still felt the tinge of her suck, the explorations of his cock and balls as she enjoyed him so much.

He did as she asked and in ten he was tucked up in the bed. When showing he thought he’d heard a guys voice and queried that when Dawn appeared seductively at the bedroom door.

“oops! Did you? Was just a guy lost his way, asking if I had a phone he could use. I said to piss of, I was busy!”

“That’s cruel isn’t it?” Charley responded.

“Not as cruel as I can be with you!” “Got some pictures to show you, from my special album, you should be honoured” she said handing him the album

He couldn’t believe it, there was he thinking the pictures would be family and such not lots of shots of her with other guys.

“Well I have been around, Baby – you can’t really think that you are my first surely. Now tell me what you see, what you like and we can have some real fun.”

But Charley was taken back, he somehow had in mind that Dawn was like him, had not had any real relationships, then thinking about it, he realised how could he possibly think that, a gorgeous and attractive girl like Dawn. He tried to understand looking through the pictures which showed Dawn in many com promising positions and one or two given to the mode he liked, like the face sitting especially although he noticed that most of the pictures were with just one partner.

“You okay, Charley,” Dawn questioned, “you look a little forlorn, you just have to say if you want to call it a day and I shall understand.”

He looked up at her, thinking he just didn’t want to surpass an opportunity like this to be with this very attractive woman complete. He asked her is the guys in the pictures were the only two she’d been with but she resolved not to say, instead she just commented it was really none of his business, that he didn’t own her by any means simply because he wanted to shag her. That shocked Charley even more but when she closed to him, taking the pictures away from him, he found her hard to resist. “Can see the pictures are not your thing now you have the real thing eh?”

Charley blushed again, “love the way you are so shy, Charley” she took him close to her, hugged him a, and before he knew it she had found some handcuffs in the bedside locker fixing each of his wrists and ankles to the bedrails.

No he felt her dominance, was even enjoying it. She threw off the duvet and squirted cream all over his body, he watched her climb onto the bed and spreading across his torso, naked now she murmured that he may just like what she was going to do and if he complained that was just too bad.

She manoeuvred herself upwards until his head was between her crutch again, and then turning around completely and facing down she worked her self into him, his nose firmly implanted in her ass and his mouth covered perfectly with her pink glowing pussy. “This is what you like, Huh baby” but all he could do was murmur as she rolled herself over his face smothering him then taking his half raised cock in to her mouth to replenish it, and that didn’t take long. Both sucking each other, their fun lasted a good two hours but still Dawn wanted more of him, they fucked and soon once more she was stifling him with the fresh wetness of their fuck, then someone on the cottage coughed quite strenuously, it sounded like a smokers cough and immediately Charley lost it, managing to free himself from her clutches he yelled “who the hell was that?”

“You poor pathetic man,” Dawn cried, it is perverts like you that give us working girls a bad name.”

“You mean?”

Entered the guy in the pictures, “All this has been for a new movie and you have a starring role. You poor fucker, this is a set up, Dawn works for me and we are using you for our latest movie, want to see it?”

Charley couldn’t get his clothes back on and away quick enough. “I’ll bloody sue you, I will” he yelled.

“What and let the whole world know that you were well and truly cudgelled, I don’t think so!” Dawn replied.

He was never quite the same again and it was all for a shag, yet time and time again us guys fall into the trap. He wished he had just kept himself to himself as before, no problems then, now he had to cope with the thought that his privacy had been exposed and he would be all over the porno pages of the internet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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