Charlotte Loses a Bet

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This follows on from the two previous stories but can be read as a separate story.

As my time at North Carolina was drawing to a close, I was focusing on my exams and I had Craig as my casual sex outlet, but I was still enjoying teasing Ollie around the house.

One day, we were having a conversation in our communal kitchen area. As always, Ollie tried to impose his superiority over me with his knowledge of politics – both British and American.

I snapped at Ollie, “You’re not even that bright. You went to posh schools that your parents paid for and had to have extra tutors to help you pass your exams. You’d have been in the bottom sets if you’d been forced to go to my school without Mummy and Daddy’s money to help you.”

I immediately regretted saying it because I knew he wouldn’t take it without further comment. There would inevitably be a follow-up and sniping from him.

And here it came:

“That’s an interesting theory.” he replied.

I didn’t respond. I wanted the conversation to end.

“We should put a little wager on that theory of yours,” he continued, “we can put it to the test and the winner gets a prize.”

“Ok, whatever,” I retorted.

“You’re in then.”

Not wanting to back down having come so far, I snapped, “Yes!”

“Are you sure, no shying away from the bet now Charlotte?”

“Tell me what it is then?”

“We sit exams here at North Carolina but in different subjects. But we’ll both get a final score for the year as a percentage.”


“I bet you that I get a higher overall percentage score in Politics than you do in Biology.”

“Ok, you’re on,” I replied, thinking nothing of it, an easy challenge. I knew I had worked a lot harder than he had this year and his bravado and superiority wouldn’t actually translate to a higher score than me.

“Excellent,” said Ollie, clasping his hands together in triumph.

“I wouldn’t be getting so excited if I was you, you know I study harder than you.”

“So, you’re definitely taking this bet on?”

“Of course, I’m confident on this one.”

“Shake on it?”

We shook hands to agree the bet.

I thought that was the end of the conversation.

Ollie piped up again, “$1,000.”

“I can’t afford $1,000 Ollie, my parents aren’t part of the aristocracy. They don’t have servants.”

“But I thought you were super confident that you would win?”

“I am,” I said as I thought I’d got myself into a bit of a situation here that I was struggling to back out of it, “but $1,000 Ollie, come on, I can’t give you that much money.”

“You don’t have to then. Give me a blowjob if you lose. If you win, I give you $1,000. Cash.”

“That’s disgusting,” I said, “I couldn’t even imagine it,” as I made a motion with my little finger barely poking inside my mouth before making a ‘sick’ motion.

“$1,500 to you if you win but if I win it’s a blowjob and I choose your outfit.”

I mulled it over, it was a lot of money, I was confident I would win but I really didn’t want his penis in my mouth. If I was so sure, I had to say yes. I toyed with the idea but had to reply quickly.

“You’re on,” I said, “$1,500 dollars, but I don’t want any forgeries or one dollar bills.”

“Not to worry,” Ollie replied, always determined to have the last word, “I don’t want you to wear green, it’ll be red, white and blue.”

I went back to my room, I had an even greater incentive to study bahçelievler escort now.

As my time at North Carolina University was coming to an end, I struck a good balance between studying, exercising, having casual no-strings sex with Craig, my masseuse, and seeing friends.

Scott, who I’d kissed before Christmas and had declared his undying love for me via text messages, started going out with one of the girls in my house, Neeha. I got on well with Neeha, she was British Asian, a bit plump, short, but had fantastic blowjob lips and did her utmost to be nice to everyone she met.

I was pleased that Scott and Neeha were going out with each other because it meant I got to see a lot more of Scott, who I liked as a person and friend but wasn’t sexually attracted to.

Ollie teased me about our bet but the evidence, right in front of my eyes, was that while I was studying, he was partying. $1,500 was a lot of money but the principle of proving him wrong was worth more than that.

Once our exams were over, we had a week until we were due to leave our accommodation. I was making the most of Craig and his massages that led to sex. I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t cheating on my boyfriend Sam, who was working in the kitchens of a restaurant, because it was just for fun and he’d never find out. I’d told myself not to take things too seriously and that’s how I was planning to finish my time in America.

I was lying naked in Craig’s arms when I got the message through on my phone about my exam results. Because I was an international student, my papers must have been given priority marking. I was delighted with my results and averaged 80.4%. I’m not sure that Craig understood the significance of this but he told me has was pleased for me. He knew our time together was coming to an end and just enjoyed it for what it was – mutually beneficial sex.

I phoned Neeha, who had also had her results returned from her end of year exams and she too was delighted. I made plans to go out for dinner with her and Scott that night.

We were just about to have our main course served in a Mexican restaurant when I checked my phone.

I felt a sickness lurching down into the very pit of my stomach. It was as though my throat had closed over and I couldn’t breathe. I felt as though I was going to be sick but I couldn’t move.

I had been sent a picture from my housemate Ollie. It was a screenshot of his results confirmation slip from the university. He had scored 80.5%.

Underneath, he simply wrote, “I’ve shown you mine. I’ve heard about yours. Now it’s time to pay up. My room at 10pm.”


I had to leave the restaurant.

“I’ve got to go,” I said to Neeha and Scott.

I didn’t want anyone to know about this. I had lost my bet to arrogant Ollie. I was going to have to give him the blowjob I’d promised him if he beat my average score. How had he achieved a better score than me? I berated myself for not working harder. What was I thinking spending time with Craig when I should have been studying?

I walked around outside trying to kill time before arriving back to my house for exactly 9:59pm. I went directly to his room and knocked.

Ollie opened the door, “Well then Charlotte, Miss Clever?”

I simply said, “You won, let’s get it over and done with.”

“Not quite, Charlotte.”

Puzzled, “what do you mean?”, I said, “are you bahçeşehir escort going to give me a pass?” I had an overwhelming feeling of relief.

“Oh no Charlotte. I’m an honourable man. A bet is a bet. Remember, I said outfit of my choice?”

“Okay, I’ll strip off.” I wasn’t wearing a particularly sexy outfit and I assumed he wanted to see me naked. My face showing absolutely no hint of desire.

“Oh no,” he said waving a paper bag at me, “remember, I said red, white and blue.”

I took the paper bag and looked inside to see a red, white and blue micro bikini. The red, white and blue made up the stars and stripes of the American flag.

“Well, I’ll get changed in my room then,” I said as I left, thinking at least I wouldn’t have to have the indignity of Ollie seeing my perky pierced nipples, breasts and tight shaved pussy.

I went back to my room, it wasn’t far, in fact it was next door to mine but I made the walk as slowly as humanly possible. I stripped off my everyday clothes and put on the bikini. It was exactly my size, I thought that pervert Ollie had probably been going through my dirty washing to check. It was a tiny thong bikini with string ties to go around my neck and back and on either side of the bikini bottoms. I wasn’t counting but I don’t think it had enough space for fifty stars.

Ollie wouldn’t have been able to see my bare nipples but the piercings made them prominent enough to catch a glimpse of through the material.

I let myself back into Ollie’s room wearing the tiny bikini.

My hair was long enough to cover my bikini clad breasts so I tried to angle it so Ollie couldn’t see.

“Delightful,” said Ollie as he took a long lingering look from my long legs up to my blue eyes and back down to my breasts that I was glad were partially covered my the tiny bikini top and my long brunette hair.

“Come here,” he made a come hither motion with his finger to the spot he was standing in. I noticed he’d positioned himself in line of not one but two mirrors to get alternative angles for his view. I thought, he’s well prepared for this, he must have been studying in secret for his exams to beat my score.

I got to his spot in the middle of his bedroom floor.

“Come on then, show me what you’ve got,” I said as I dropped to my knees.

He undid his jeans and he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Further evidence of his preparations. His prick was already erect. He was bigger than I had imagined at about 6 inches but I thought it was a bit thin for the size of his length.

I kissed the side with my lips. I hadn’t really thought this through, convinced I’d win the bet and be spending my $1,500 winnings.

I didn’t want to be in Ollie’s room sucking his cock but here I was as I made a feeble attempt to get it in my mouth, stopping at the tip as though that’s all I could fit in, trying to have as little contact with his penis as I could. I didn’t touch his cock with my hands and I closed my eyes as I lazily sucked at his piece.

This went on for a few minutes and I thought I had two options. I could continue the rest of the blowjob like this but it could take a very long time for him to cum or I could start to improve my performance to make it all come to an end.

I moved my hand to the base of his cock and spat on it to offer more lubrication as I built up my speed, taking more and more of his length into my mouth.

I bakırköy escort stopped to make eye contact with him, even though I didn’t want to, I needed to encourage him to cum and this would soon be over.

I twisted my head as I moved down his shaft.

“I know it’s naughty sucking your cock Ollie because I have a boyfriend but it’s making me feel so horny. Do you like other men’s girlfriends to suck your cock Ollie?” I tried to say with his cock in my mouth. For the first time ever he didn’t reply and just nodded.

“I never knew I was sleeping next door to a man with such a long cock,” I lied trying to encourage him to a climax.

“If I knew you had such a long cock Ollie, I would have let you fuck me every day we’d been in the same house,” my lies streamed out of my mouth, none of them met with a reply.

“This is making me so wet down here. If this wasn’t just a blowjob, I’d have let you slip your cock straight inside me right now before. My pussy would have gripped your long dick and you’d have filled it up with your hot cum.”

“You’ve got a nice dick Ollie, I hope it looks good in my mouth.”

I continued with a stream of dirty talk.

“I fingered myself thinking of you wanking over my Instagram pictures,” I taunted him further, “when I put my pictures up,” suck, “it’s for your pleasure Ollie. It turned me on thinking of you looking at my pictures. Now I know exactly what your cock looks like and how good it feels in my mouth.”

I stopped, with his cock on the edge of his lips, “do you want me to put a picture of me on Instagram in this bikini for you Ollie?” Suck. “My boyfriend in England will think it’s for him.” Suck. “But it’s really for you Ollie.” Suck.

Ollie reached for my perky tits but I brushed his hands away.

“Oh no,” I said as I stopped sucking his prick, “you could have chosen to let me suck your long cock naked.” Suck. “But a bet.” Suck. “Is a bet. Right?” as I gazed up at Ollie making eye contact with him again, “you won the bet and you made me wear this tiny bikini while you put your dick in my mouth. I am going to do exactly as I said I would, my little titties are staying in this little top. My tight pussy is staying in these pants. Your cock stays in my mouth until you cum though.”

I resumed sucking his cock, moved my head faster and faster up and down his length, twisting my head causing my long hair to move with my actions, “I wish I could taste my pussy on this long dick as well, but a bet, is a bet.” I momentarily stopped and said, “cum for me now and I’ll put my picture on Instagram for you.” Suck. “As soon as you’ve cum and I’m back in my room.” This did it and I could taste the first of his cum coming from the tip of his hard cock.

“I’m cumming for you Charlotte,” he cried.

As Ollie was cumming he actually took his cock out of my mouth and wanked the rest of the cum onto and over my face.

This was my first ever facial.

“Wow,” said Ollie, “that was incredible. I never knew you felt that way about me Charlotte. I…I… I…,” he stammered, “I need to see you naked. I need to fuck you.”

“I don’t need you to see me naked,” I retorted, walking away towards the door, “I don’t need you to fuck me,” where I stopped, “but a bet. A bet is a bet. It didn’t mean anything to me Ollie. I love my boyfriend.”

As I turned the door handle and was on the corridor of our house I noticed the door to Neeha’s room open and shut quickly. I couldn’t see who it was, but assumed it must have been Neeha or her boyfriend Scott. I didn’t know for sure but I had quite possibly been spotted by either one of them leaving Ollie’s room in a stars and stripes micro bikini with Ollie’s cum on my face.

I went back to my room and looked at myself in the mirror. “How did that happen?” I said to my reflection.

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