Business Away

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It was strange, we had spoken so many times on the internet and now we were going to meet for the first time ever. I was so nervous, I didn’t know butterflies in the stomach could feel so bad but so good at the same time. Paying the taxi driver I took my overnight bag out of the boot, walked into the hotel and over to the reception desk, Oz had told me that he would have the room in both our names so all I would have to do is ask for the key at the front and go up.

“Hi, booking for Gothchick,” the woman behind the desk looked up and then back at the computer screen.

“Ah, yes, you’re booked into one of the four poster rooms.” I looked blankly at her as she explained handing me the key and directing me to the room in question.

As I walked to the room my head began spinning with everything I had teased him with and hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed with me, yeah I can act like the bitch but when people look at me it’s a different thing all together.

The door was right in front of me; taking a deep breath I pushed the key into the lock and promptly fell into the room as the door swung open and I looked up to see a mask of terror upon the face of the guy who had kept me moist for months. He put out his hand and I grasped it getting back up to my feet.

Kicking my bag to one side and closing the door in one fluid movement Oz pushed me against the door kissing me hungrily on the lips, face and neck, his hands traced over the lines of my bra inside my baby doll top. Pulling the straps down his kisses followed down my shoulder to the soft tops of my breasts, I could feel myself getting very moist and knew there was nothing to I could do to stop it. My hands grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face back towards my own noticing for the first time that he had no shirt, just a pair of leather jeans and a smile on.

“Hello to you too,” I breathed as I pulled his lips to mine and stroked his tongue with my own.

As our tongues explored each other’s mouths I felt my skirt being pulled up slowly, my pussy started dripping at the anticipation as I felt Oz’s fingers gently part my pussy lips and stroke my clit. My body sizzled with an explosion of orgasm, it was the first time he had ever touched me and it was amazing.

My hands moved down his back and raked around to the front, I could feel his cock trying to fight its way out of their confines, moving swiftly I opened his jeans and pulled his huge cock out stroking it to its full size.

Moving over to the bed Oz gently laid me down I could feel his cock now against my exposed leg as he pulled the straps of my top and bra farther down to reveal my breasts. Suckling on the nipple he moved his body between my legs and I felt his cock press against my soft pussy.

“Oh, yes Oz please,” I breathed as he pushed slowly, the tip teasing my soaking pussy, finally he could take it no longer and pushed hard and fast.

Feeling his cock twitch inside me as my own orgasm started pulsing I screamed out his name and felt as Oz filled my pussy with cum. I had dreamed of antalya escort this moment for years.

“Oh Lisa,” Oz whispered as he leaned in and kissed me again, my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to throb right out of my chest. My arms wrapped round his back and raked lines up and down his back.

Sitting up on his knees Oz looked down at me, smiled and began pulling my skirt down my legs revealing my suspender belt and stockings, I was sure I heard a low growl come from him but I didn’t have time to think too much as he lent down and kissed my pussy lips. His tongue flicking in and out lapping up the juices and finding my clit, just the tiniest of touches made my body convulse in waves of sheer pleasure. Oz’s hands reached up and stroked my breasts, feeling the start of a strong orgasm storm across my pussy I arched my back and called out, “Oh Oz, god yes.” As I came hard on his tongue my juices flooding out to his waiting face. Oz sat up; his face glistened with my juices.

“On your knees,” he almost pleaded; I knelt in front of him and felt as he positioned his cock pushing gently again into my pussy. I pushed back hard to take him all in one go; I wanted him in me so bad. Oz’s cock filled my pussy as he pumped it in and out grabbing my hair and gently tugging it so my back arched. Slamming his hard man hood into my pussy Oz pulled my hips to him faster and faster before pulling out and spraying his hot cum up my back. It was time for a shower.

Pulling him off the bed and towards the bathroom I peeled my top off and discarded it on the floor then did the same with my bra. My stockings were rolled off and were thrown across the room, my suspender belt unhooked and dropped to the floor, then I turned to Oz and kneeled in front of him pulling down his leather trousers and taking his semi-hard cock in my mouth, I licked and sucked my juices off until he was hard again. Then getting up and walking into the bathroom I started the shower off and got in letting the warm water flow over my body, I knew Oz would follow and soon I felt him behind me, his cock pressed against my backside he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the nape of my neck, biting gently here and there. I turned round and sunk to me knees and took his hard cock into my mouth again, sucking the length of it in and out of my mouth. I could hear Oz moan as I moved his cock in and out of my mouth, my tongue flicked over the head. I reached up and felt his balls, I massaged them in my hand as I sucked his cock, feeling a twitch I knew he was going to cum again and sucked harder feeling Oz’s hot seed hit the back of my tongue. I swallowed every bit before releasing his cock from my mouth and licking it clean.

Oz helped to wash me down before leading me back to the bed wrapped up in a towel and laid me down. Taking position beside me Oz just stared, gently removing a strand of wet hair from off of my upper chest Oz let his hand trace up my shoulder to my cheek cupping it in his hand he moved in and kissed me softly. New tingles zoomed round my body lara escort as Oz lovingly kissed me in the most romantic surroundings I wanted him again, feeling all the tingles reach my pussy and the moistness started again. Oz’s hand slowly caressing down my body and untucked the towel and opened it to reveal my body in all its glory. I pulled hard at the towel to try and cover my body again but Oz hushed me and my feeble protest, looking at my body I could see him getting hard again. I couldn’t understand it myself but my pussy was not going to pass on the opportunity to envelope him again, his touch was more controlled and gentle. Feeling both our hearts beating Oz leaned close to my ear and whispered, “I want to make love to you.”

Not waiting for an answer he pulled his own towel off and leaned in, kissing my lips so softly before tracing my whole face with tiny kisses. Shifting his body so that he lay between my legs Oz drew back looking me in the eyes, his whole face told me that he had been wanting this just as much as I.

I gasped as I felt Oz enter me again; rocking gently my hips met him with every stroke as he placed feather light kisses over my face and shoulders. His cock felt so good rubbing against my g-spot I felt myself rocking my hips faster, Oz felt this. “Oh Oz, I’m gonna cum my darling,” I whispered to him as the first tingles started and travelled through my body followed by a second lot and then a third, My pussy pulsing with every new orgasm. I closed my eyes and lifted my head back as Oz kissed my now exposed throat. “Oz my darling, cum for me.” I wanted to feel him cum so bad.

His strokes became faster and I met every one feeling his cock delve farther into my pussy, as Oz came the pulsing set another rocketing orgasm off in my already quivering pussy. Oz lay upon me his body spent, his cock slowly retreating from inside me, “Oh my darling,” I whispered as he lay his head on my chest I stroked his long hair, I love my men with long hair.

I thought I heard Oz whisper he loved me but I could not be sure.

When I woke up the covers of the bed had been pulled up over our bodies, Oz lay beside me, his arm wrapped protectively around my waist. As I looked at his handsome features and wondered whether it would wake him if I kissed his forehead Oz opened his eyes and looked deep into my soul.

Just a look from him and I was his.

I moved in and kissed hungrily at his lips and traced his jaw with my tongue getting to his neck biting lightly and gently using my body to push him onto his back, this was going to be my time to make him feel like a god. Pushing the covers down the bed exposing both our bodies to the cool air I kissed down to Oz’s cock which was becoming harder with every kiss, I pushed my breasts around his cock and massaged them. I could feel Oz getting more and more excited, his hands reached down and stroked my back flowing down to my ass and under to my pussy. Moving slightly, Oz’s cock sprang up to my waiting mouth which I closed around him. Oz’s cock manavgat escort tasted so good, his body moving now to fill my mouth with more and more of himself. I pulled my mouth away and swiftly positioned my pussy over his cock, lowering myself and taking his whole length in one go I sat back and started bucking my hips, Oz’s cock stroked my g-spot and I rocked faster as I came again, hating myself a bit for being so quick. Looking down at the most beautiful man I had ever seen I felt his cock pulsing wildly as he grabbed my hips and sped my pace up to cum. “Oh Lisa,” Oz breathed as he came in my pussy again.

Laying back next to Oz, my head on his chest I heard his heart beating hard, what a lovely sound.

The only thing going through my mind was that it was not to last, we both knew that, getting out of the bed I walked over to my bag and opened it taking out fresh clothes. Oz sat up and watched seeing what I was about to do.

“Don’t go yet,” he spoke softly, his face showing his growing heartache I hated this part.

“You know I have to go soon my darling,” I looked down at the soft carpeting under my feet and wished it wasn’t so.

“You never know I may just have to come and see you again soon,” I said trying to alleviate the growing pain inside his wonderful big heart. Getting dressed in silence I felt like the worst bitch in the world, but I knew that this was not to be.

I collected my soiled clothing and packed them into the overnight bag, picking it up I walked over to the side of the bed and lent over to kiss Oz. Suddenly I found myself flipped over and pressed between the bed and Oz.

“Hey, no fair!” I protested as Oz fixed his mouth upon my own, I felt his hands cupping my breasts on top of my t-shirt.

“I having one last fuck and you can’t stop me.” He said tracing his hand down and unbuttoning my jeans, rushing the zip down and sliding his hand into my pants. I started to push against his shoulders, his weight keeping me from moving as his fingers found my pussy lips and parted them stroking my clit. I pushed at him again but found myself melting to his touch as he found the sweet spot on my clit and rubbing it softly. Pulling him closer I felt my hips start bucking with each stroke of his magical fingers. Oz stopped and sat up on the bed, pulling my jeans and knickers down and discarding them off of the side of the bed, my shoes slipping off with them. He focused on my t-shirt pulling it up over my head and sliding it up my out stretched arms stopping at the wrists and using it to bind them together.

“What are you doing?” I looked into his eyes and saw a twinkle.

“Whatever I want this time,” hooking one end to the t-shirt over the head board and securing it in place he moved down to my bra which he unhooked the back and the straps and threw across the room.

“Now you’re my little pet for one fuck so let’s make it a good one. You can’t really think that I was going to let you go without wanting more did you?” I already wanted more but I wasn’t going to let him know that. Looking down at my prone and exposed body I saw Oz lick his lips.

“I think I will start with tasting you again,” he said leaning down the bed and gently pushing my pussy lips apart and flicking his tongue over my clit I knew he was going to be my regular “business trip” from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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