Bus Stop

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The scene is a bus stop, a three sided, shallow structure with a roof and a bench. It’s out in the country, near the end of a bus line created to bring commuters into the city. In a few years, suburban housing might make it out this far but for now it’s lightly populated. It’s the middle of the night, roughly 2:30 am, faintly lighted with a single bulb. One person sits in the shelter, a young man, perhaps 20, 21, 22 years of age, dressed casually. It’s a warm night, around 21 degrees C. He’s just sitting quietly, waiting. Not unusually handsome but clean cut, a presentable, intelligent looking young man. Perhaps a college student.

A young woman, generally the same age as the man, walks out of the dark. She’s dressed for a party, dressed to impress. A tight, short, black mini-skirt. Cream colored blouse, designed to show off her noticeable breasts. Long, slim legs with medium high heeled shoes which accentuate the curves of her muscles. Well groomed dark blond hair, slightly long, almost to her shoulders, around an attractive face. Not beautiful but well made up. Overall extremely appealing.

“Hi,” she says, sitting down on the bench at the other end from the young man.

“Hi,” he replies, looking a little surprised to see her at this place and at this time looking as dressed up as she is.

“I guess the next bus will be awhile, won’t it?”

“I think so. I don’t really know. But at this hour I can’t imagine they run very often.”

The girl exhales, leans back but can’t seem to relax. She puts her hands on her knees and looks around. She’s quiet for a couple minutes, moving every few seconds into slightly different positions. She exhales again. Noticeably. “It figures,” she finally says out loud. “Everything else has gone wrong so far.”

She’s quiet again but fidgety. She stands and takes a few steps then back again. Sits again. “This was going to be a big night. A great night. The best sex of my life. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, getting hornier and hornier, thinking about it. Now here I am. Frustrated as Hell.”

The young man looks at her, watches her, but says nothing.

She gets up again, paces. Sits again. She spreads her legs and puts her hand up inside her very short skirt. She moves it around some and then brings it back out. “I’m just so damn ready,” she says, turning to the man and holding her hand out. “Smell,” she says.

He leans toward her and gets his nose close to her finger and sniffs. He takes her hand and aims her finger into his mouth and licks and sucks on it.

“I really, really need a fuck,” she says. She slides over close to him and puts her hand down onto his crotch. She moves it, feeling him, feeling his erection beginning to form. “How about it?” she asks. “We’re liable to be here for a couple hours.”

He’s turned halfway toward her. He says nothing but he puts his hand on her knee and slowly slides antalya escort it up her thigh until he touches her wet pussy. “No pants?” he asks as he pushes his finger into her.

“No. They would just be in the way. I was planning on lots of sex,” she says as she begins to unzip his fly and slides her hand inside to grasp his cock. They sit there for a moment, him finger fucking her, her feeling his now erect cock, sensing its size and shape.

She then says, “Lets get on with this.” She turns more and gets both hands to his body, unfastening his belt and pants and getting his cock and balls out into the open. She then half stands and moves in front of him and then straddles him and starts to sit on him, taking his cock inside her. Her mini skirt has risen, her bare ass showing as she takes more and more of him into her.

“Aah,” she breathes out as she feels him inside her. “You have a very nice cock. I love the feel of it in me.” She starts moving, partly up and down but some back and forth as well. “I love this,” she says as she starts moving faster and faster.

He has both hands on her bare ass, helping her ride him. She moans and breathes hard and continues to bounce on him. Very energetic. “Aah,” she says several times, then starts a low moan that increases in volume and becomes almost a shrill scream. He can feel her tight insides grasping his cock, pulsing on it. She finally goes quiet and sits down fully and he can feel moisture leaking out around his cock onto his balls. She leans her head on his shoulder. “Oh I needed that,” she says quietly.

“I’m still hard,” he says. “How about you stand and lean on the bench back and I come into you from behind.”

She grins at him and almost jumps off him and moves slightly to the side, spreads her legs and leans out, stretching her arms and grasping the back of the bench. He come up behind her, lifts the short skirt again and pushes his cock back into her again. “Ugh” she says as she feels it moving into her. Then another “Aah,” as she feels him moving in her.

He starts slowly but fairly fast builds hiss speed so that he’s ramming into her fast and hard. He grunts and she grunts with each stroke. He has one hand around her, his fingers to her so that he can work on her clit as he fucks her. The other hand is holding onto her bare hip. It only takes a couple minutes and he cums, shooting a load into her. That seems to trigger another orgasm for her as she screams again.

He pulls out and steps back. She straightens up and moves to her small purse. She opens it and pulls out a packet of tissues and begins to wipe her pussy, clearing the flow of both their fluids. She puts one foot up on the bench. uses a second tissue to wipe herself as clean as possible. She then looks around, sees a trash can and walks over and tosses the tissues in and turns back towards the young man, who’s also standing, putting serik escort his cock back inside his pants.

She takes a step to him and reaches down to grasp his cock. “We’re liable to be here a while ,” she says. “Maybe I can use that some more.”

“I’m sure you can,” he says. He puts his arms around her, pulls her close and kisses her. She kisses back and they stand there holding each other. He has his arms around her back. She has one hand between them, holding his cock, the other around onto his butt. Their mouths work a little as they put their tongues to work.

As they break the kiss, he leans back a little and uses both hands to begin unbuttoning her blouse. He pulls the blouse free from her skirt and turns slightly to toss it onto the bench. He then reaches around her to unfasten her brassiere, then removes it and tosses it with the blouse. Holding her, he backs up a step to sit on the bench and get his hands and mouth to her breasts. He feels and licks and sucks on both, then kisses down onto her stomach.

He lifts her skirt and drops is head lower to get at her pussy. She lifts a leg and puts her foot on the bench, opening herself to him. He has both hand on her bare ass and his tongue moving in her slit. She moves her foot to spread even wider. He moves one hand and gets it up under his chin to slide a finger into her as his tongue works on her clit. She has her hands on his head, balancing herself and encouraging him.

He keeps licking and fingering her as she screams and jumps slightly. He pulls his finger out and tries to suck her whole pussy into his mouth, tasting her cum as she continues to flow into him. He finally sits back and looks up at her. “You taste as good as you look,” he tells her. “You have a beautiful pussy. Really tight when we fuck, nice and firm and delicious to eat.”

She sits next to him and they face each other and kiss again and again. She moves a hand to feel his cock, which is still hanging out of his loosened pants. “If I can get this up again, maybe we can do even more,” she says to him as she leans down to get her mouth to him.

He leans back and slides his hips forward slightly to give her room. She’s bent over slightly awkwardly and moves her hips back to become more comfortable as she sucks on his cock, taking all of it into her mouth. It takes a little while but she never lets up and slowly he becomes erect again. “I need this in me again,” she says, looking up at him.

He moves and she moves. She’s on her back, one leg bent up and against the bench back, the other spread out, with one foot on the ground. He’s over her, one leg on the bench, one on the ground as he pushes his cock into her. Apparently he can get plenty of traction because he’s really managing to pound into her very strongly. She’s moaning and grunting and giving little shrieks. She orgasms. He can feel it, side escort her insides working on his cock.

“Back again?” he asks as he pulls out. She grins and stands and turns to lean against the bench back, her legs spread and he come up behind her to shove into her again. They pump away, he reaching around to work his fingers on her clit, for quite a long time until she orgasms once again, with screams to show her feelings. He pulls out and sits, she straddles him again and starts bouncing.

This goes on for even more time. Him managing to slow her enough to kiss her several times. Most of the time his hands are on her breasts, squeezing her nipples. Finally he can feel it and says, “I’m going to cum.” She says, “Me, too!” and they do. In the distance they can see headlights. She quickly jumps off him, grabs her brassiere and puts it on and then her blouse. He gets his cock and balls back into his pants and when the bus stops, they’re both mostly presentable.

They’re the only ones on the bus. They share a seat. She gets some tissues out of her purse and gets them up between her legs to try and soak up everything that’s leaking out.

“What were you doing at that bus stop at this hour?” she asks.

“My fraternity dropped me there, said they had a deal with a sorority to supply a man. I guess your sorority dumped you there.”

“Yeah, it’s sort of complicated. I’m a Junior at State and joined the sorority over a year ago. I broke up a couple months ago with my boy friend. He was cheating on me. It really bothered me. The president of the sorority has been after me to loosen up and get over it. Get back to normal again. She set this all up, convinced me that I needed to seduce someone, prove to myself that guys still want me, that it was my boy friends fault, not mine. I made up that story to get us around to having sex. I guess it worked, didn’t it?” She leans against him, holds his arm.

“It sure did. But it makes me realize there’s more to this. The reason I was there is that the same thing happened to me. My long time girl friend was cheating on me and I broke with her. The president of my fraternity talked me into this pretty much the way your sorority president did. Is her name Meg?”

“Yeah, it is. How do you know that?”

“Because Brian, my fraternity president, is dating a girl named Meg. This was all done to get us two to meet one another, to set us up with each other. And it sure worked, didn’t it? I think you’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever met. I don’t know you well enough to know how much I like you but I love your body, your attitude. Could we meet some more, get to know one another better? Like, maybe our names? I’m Gary.”

“Deirdre,” she says and moves around to kiss him. They trade tongues for awhile.

As they break the kiss, he asks, “It’s only early Saturday morning. Could we get a motel room and continue this for awhile. Now that I’ve had a little taste of you, I’d like to go for the full meal.”

“I don’t have anything until classes Monday morning. I’d love to spend more time with you. Naked. In bed.” They h old each other and kiss some more as the bus moves into the main part of town.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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