Burning Coals

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(This is just a tease of an idea, please let me know what you think, good or bad comments both welcome)

The first time I laid eyes on him,

His stance was on the edge of relaxed,

With a hint of a natural tension in his wide shoulders,

He walked with an air of authority,

His tall frame half a head taller than the majority of those in the club,

His hair was cropped close to his scalp,

It was dark, from what I could see in the dimmed lights,

And then our eyes met,

Ice against burning coals,

His stare was possessive,

Many would have had difficulty breaking the gaze,

I felt my lips quirk upwards, wanting to grin,

But I kept myself passive as I looked further into the crowd surrounding the bar,

I turned in my seat, nursing a simple Jack Daniels and coke,

Too much ice had melted,

It was losing it’s effect,

I felt him as he approached me from behind and stood behind my bar stool,

His large hands resting on the sides of my seat, trapping me somewhat in his arms,

He leaned over my shoulders as I fought the growing urge to grin,

“Are you alone?” was all he said, a deep reverberating voice that flowed not only teasingly into my ear and warmed the back of my neck, but pulsated through my back, where his chest hovered,

I took my drink and took another antalya escort sip, suddenly thirsty,

I didn’t answer him, only waited, sitting patiently,

He leaned away from me and took a seat to my left, nudging my knees with his,

His stare was molten,

He was a temptation,

And I have been ever so bored recently.

I licked my lips and looked up at him, staring him straight on,

I looked him over, a small smirk breaking free over my lips, yes, I definitely liked what I saw.

“Are you?” I asked issuing my challenge, my defeat, my utter surrender.

In a strange apartment my back slammed against the wall in the darkness, a large body pressed into mine, large slightly calloused hands taking possession of me.

His lips smashed against mine savagely driving my mind away from me, as well as my breath, as he tenderly explored my mouth and I was powerless against his probing.

At first he had seemed starved, but then he slowed his wondering hands, slowing them to feather over the exposed skin of my shoulders, over my dress, my breasts, down to my thighs where the skin was beginning to ignite in ways it hasn’t for over a year. His lips trailed away from my lips as he went for my throat. As he kissed just under my jaw, at the jugular my breath hitched and his teeth nipped gently.

He pulled me away from the wall and dragged serik escort me down the dark hall way, and into what looked like a bedroom. The bed was a double, nothing majestic, just enough room for company.

I yelped as he grabbed me and threw me down onto the bed, suddenly tearing off my clothes like an animal. Two could play at this game.

I stopped him as I was left in my bra and panties, and I pushed him with all my strength so he was on his back surprised. I straddled his hips and grabbed his shirt collar in both my hands bringing our faces close, dangerously close.

“My turn.” I growled and he smiled up at me, his hand covering my left hip and rubbing gentle circles into my skin as he waited for me to make my move.

I however had a different approach to this game,

My hands dragged lightly up his abdomen under his shirt, feeling the fair hair that trailed in the V shape of his groin, up to his chest which flexed under the intrusion of my cool touch.

The shirt was becoming an annoyance, and I slowly undid the buttons, one by one, up till the mid way up, where he had unbuttoned it earlier.

When his shirt was finally open, and his grasp on my hip the tiniest bit heavier, I brushed his shirt over his shoulders and ran my hands over his chest, massaging and exploring this new landscape presented before me.

He growled side escort below me, frustrated with my teasing and sat up suddenly, ripping his shirt completely free of his torso. His sudden movement threw me off balance and I fell back against his thighs. His hands ran slowly up my shins, lightly over my bruised knees, and dragged heavier over my thighs up to my inner thighs and I suppressed a shiver, he’d have to work harder to get a rise out of me.

He skipped my panties and his hands seared a path up my small torso, his hands were large and enveloped my frame easily, pouring heat into me, which I greedily revelled in, his hands skimmed the underside of my bra and then skipped my bra to pull my head up, to bring our lips together once again in earnest.

I kissed him hungrily and slowly led him to lay on his back once more under me, when I broke from the kiss I ran my hands down his chest, his toned stomach, to the waist band of his dark jeans and unsnapped his belt quickly, undoing the button and then slowly brought down the zipper, my head resting on his thigh.

I began to tug his jeans and he got the picture and quickly eradicated himself of them and his boxers.

He stood beside the bed in front of me, I licked my lips, I still wanted to play with him, but the coals were burning like a furnace in his gaze as he stared at my remaining clothing.

He leapt onto the bed, over me and tore away my undergarments. Now, no more play time, there will be time plenty for that later.

He pushed me back on the bed, ripped my legs apart and lay between them, rolling his body up to nip at my breasts and I gasped from the full body contact sensation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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