Bryony and the Swimming Pool

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Bryony is an 18-year-old who has long ginger hair and has just entered a relationship with her boyfriend. They had recently moved into a house with a swimming pool.

One night they were fooling around in the bedroom while kissing and fondling each other. Her boyfriend Jon makes the first move by trying to slide his hand under thong, but Bryony keeps pushing his hand away as she is a virgin. She had never let anyone touch her private place except through her trousers.

Jon convinces her to slowly take her clothes off, one bit at a time. Bryony removes her top followed by her jeans which leaves her in her matching lacy bra and thong. Jon then strips down to his pants. Seeing his fully erect penis through the boxers, she starts blushing and Jon convinces her to go for a late-night swim in the pool just in their underwear.

As they enter the barely warm water she starts shivering. Jon comes over to her and cuddles her to share his warmth. Bryony could feel his hard penis pushing against her thong and she starts blushing and getting flustered. He convinces her to remove the rest of their clothes so they can maximise the heat between them. Bryony slowly complies and soon they are fully naked. They started to kiss and as their bodies entwine, Jon’s floating cock slowly makes its way between her legs and slightly brushes against her tight slit.

When she feels his cock, she jumps initially but then relaxes and starts to squeeze her thighs forcing the cock to float upwards and press against her pussy. Bryony rocks her hips from side to side working his cock inside her slit. She is getting so horny that she whispers into Jon’s ear that she is ready and with no hesitation goes underwater and starts to give him a blow job popping up every couple of minutes. When he cums in her mouth she gets back up and kisses Jon, Then Jon goes down to lick her out popping up every couple of minutes and all he can hear is her moans from underwater as she cums.

He comes back up and moves down to the shallow end and lay’s her on a big float so that her bottom is hanging off the edge forcing her 32C breasts up pointing at the night sky. Jon moves to stand in between her legs and positions his cock at the opening of her tight virgin pussy.

He rubs his cock on her pussy and she says that she is ready, so Jon bends down and licks her and ataşehir escort bayan when she is about to cum, he pushes his cock in slowly but hard enough to pop her hymen. She winces in pain but soon the pain subsides, and he slowly starts moving in and out.

She is so small and tight that she can feel Jon’s hard 8-inch cock hitting the back wall of her pussy. Jon starts moving quicker and she starts screaming and to muffle her screams he pulls her up and kiss is her to muffle her screams and moans.

He lets her go and sit on the side to catch breath while he gets her to wrap her legs around him with his cock still buried deep inside her. Then he carry’s Bryony to the hot tub where he sits down, and she turns round so she is facing away from him and starts to bounce up and down on him.

Soon she starts to climax to another orgasm as one of the jets is hitting her clit. As she comes on his cock, he releases his load into her and gives Bryony her first cream pie. They get out to dry themselves and then go back to the bedroom to fall asleep naked and cuddling each other.

When they wake up Bryony thinks to herself that something feels different that apart of her is missing, Jon can feel her moving and askes her what is wrong and she tells him and he replies by saying it is because you are no longer a inexperienced lady, you are now an extremely attractive and beautiful young women. Bryony smiles to his and she starts to rub her swollen clit and jumps at how sensitive it is.

Jon pushes backwords so she is laying on her back and he leans down and starts to lick up and down her new non virgin slit causing her to moan loudly and as she is about to cum Jon sucks all her juices up and lapping at her like a thirsty dog. Bryony rolls him over quickly with abit of force and climbs on top of him and slowly inserts his cock deep into her still tight but wet pussy moaning as she reaches the base of his cock.

She bounces up and down for a good 5 minute and then Jon sits up and tells her to wrap her legs around his waist and with his cock still berried inside he takes her back over to the pool and jumps in the deep end and his cock goes even deeper into her pussy. He then moves her down to the shallow end and tells her to lean back and hold on to the ladder and he moves back stretching her out so she escort kadıöy is floating with just her breast’s floating out the water and starts to move in and out at a fast pace causing her to moan as she is about to cum for the second time that morning, as she lets her self-go Jon releases his load into her causing her to cum again as she feels stream after stream of cum hitting the wall of her womb.

They then stay still till they have fully calmed down and they get out to shower and get dressed. Jon then kisses her on the lips and walks out the front door on his way to work. Bryony gets dressed into one of her favourite black skimpy bikinis, which just barely covers her boobs and has a very thin bit of material that covers the front of her pussy and arse.

She then goes out into the garden after fixing her a drink and goes to sunbath around the pool, she rubs suntan oil all over her front and says down on her back with her sunglasses on and her earphones that Jon had gave her for her birthday. What she did not realise was that one of the next-door neighbour kids was spying on her. He had seen Bryony and Jon having sex the night before and this morning, he had just turned 19 and was a very horny teen. He often was as playing football in his garden and sometimes would accidently kick the ball over their fence.

The next-door neighbour’s boy was called Ben and he was not as strong and was not as big as Jon in all aspects, and Ben knew he wanted to lose his virginity to her ever since Jon and Bryony moved into the house. He had read up that you could get sex enhancing drugs for men and women, so he went to the local chemist and got some for women, his plan was to accidently kick the ball over into their pool and go round their and ask to go and get his ball.

When he gets home, he starts to play kicking the ball up in the air and then on one of the kicks, he kicked it into their pool and Bryony was none of the wiser, so he then went down the bottom of the garden and went out is gate and then walked round and opened Bryony’s gate. He makes his way up to where she is laying seeing the small beads of sweat on her upper chest and stomach, he the taps her on the shoulder and she opens her eyes and jumps, he asks if she could get his ball back from the pool as he cannot swim.

Bryony gets into the pool and maltepe escort as she swims over to it Ben puts the dissolvable tablet in her drink and mixes it in, when Bryony gets the ball, she throws it back and he thanks her and walks off back to his garden and went into his house. Ben goes to his room and looks out the window and sees her drinking her drink he then continues to watch her as she lays back down, he can se her breathing slowly and seeing her breasts move up and down with her pointy nipples showing through the fabric, he knows it will not be long before she is ready.

A couple of hours have gone by and he has been constantly watching her and he starts to see her move her hand inside her bikini bottoms and starts to rub her clit, Ben then rushes down and runs through the gates and walks up to her and he can see that she is moaning load and with her eyes shut, he moves round and slowly unties the strings both sides of her bottoms and slowly peels the front way. His eyes go wide as it is the first time, he has seen a real pussy, he slowly moves her hand out the way and starts to rub her clit and she realises that it is not Jon who is doing it, but she is so horny and in sheer bliss that all she wants is a cock inside her.

She sits up and pulls his shorts off revealing a small cock that is half the size of Jon’s and to Bens surprise she starts to suck his cock and he tries to hold off as best he can as he is in heaven, and before he is about to cum Bryony stops and lays Ben back and sits on top of his cock and she is still abit tight but not as tight when Jon fucks her.

She starts to move slowly at first and as she is getting hornier and hotter, she starts to move quicker and starts to grind on him, Ben cannot hold it any longer and dumps his load into her soaking wet pussy and she cums on his cock. Ben then hears a car pull up on the drive and he gets up and runs next door and Bryony jumps into the pool and takes off her top, so she is completely naked for Jon. Jon walks into the garden and seeing her in there strips off and jumps straight in and they start to kiss.

Bryony then starts to toss him off and then pushes him to the side and tells him to go in the hot tub and when he sits in Bryony sits straight down on his cock and starts to ride him hard and fast and for the third time that day she gets filled with cum and as Jon cums she starts to cum grinding her hips at high rhythms. They then get out and dry off, Jon then starts to cook dinner while Bryony has a shower thinking of what a day she has had and plan’s on getting fucked at least 2 more times before they go to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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