Brown Paper Bag

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I walk into the door of our bedroom, holding a brown paper bag. You run to me wrapping your arms around me and lean in for a kiss. You tear at my clothes, pulling the buttons off my shirt, bite into my shoulder. I set the bag down.

I press you against me, then hold your shoulders and push you away. You ask if something’s wrong. But I assure you that everything is right, whilst removing your revealing blouse. You must trust me, and after some hesitation fear is lost. I unbuckle your belt, undo the button on your jeans, allowing them fall to your ankles. You step out of them instinctively, remaining in only a red thong.

“Face the bed, spread your legs, and lean forward.”

I walk up behind you, reach between your v-shaped legs, pull your thong out of the way, and begin to fondle you from behind. You start to bend your legs, trying to press into my hand as I flick quick little circles around your clit. But every time you do, I pull my hand away, slowly training you not to move, and to grant complete control of your soft, sensitive self to me.

Your antalya escort left leg twitches as the first wave of orgasms hit. I slap your ass lightly, playfully, and return to your clit. I slide a finger inside you, slipping in one, then two digits. You turn your head back to look at me, but I push your chin forward again. No peaking. Your eyelids clamp shut and your eyes flutter as you’re lost in the wonderful sensations of orgasmic bliss.

I reach into the brown paper bag and you see me pull out a pink object. It’s a pink gel vibrator with a small clit nub. I teased your outer labia for awhile before forcing it inside you, fucking you with it. It is thicker than my fingers, and you feel it parting your hot, dripping hole. it presses against your cervix and I grind the vibe’s nub against your clit.

I turn it on and the vibrations cause your knees fail. I catch you, help you stand back up with feet still at shoulder’s length. I kiss your shoulder, then place my hand on it. I slide my hand down your arm, to your wrist, and fethiye escort guide your hand to the vibrator. We slide it in and out together, until you are overcome with lust and begin fucking yourself furiously. I let you, while I pull a tube of astroglide from the brown paper bag. I place some on my finger and rub it around your asshole. I slide a finger in, then two. You are extremely wet now, dripping from both holes, and I cover my cock in the lube. I press the head of my penis against your puckered ass, and it pops in with little effort. You feel an electricity shoot through your body. I place my hands on your hips, hold you against me, and sit down on the edge of the bed with you sitting on my lap, my cock in your ass, the vibrator buzzing in your pussy, the nub stimulating your fully-hard clit. You place one hand behind you to steady yourself and begin to rock back and forth on me as you pull the vibe out and grind it hard against your clit. You moan softly, rhythmically, every wave of pleasure causing a tightening of kaş escort your ass around my stiff member. My hands fondle your breasts, pinching and pulling at your nipples. I nibble the back of your neck and bite your shoulders.

I reach around and once again take control of the vibrator. You lean back on both arms, rocking yourself back and forth, your head rolling along your shoulders, your eyes clenched shut, biting your lower lip. You can feel it building, burning inside you…orgasm after orgasm hits you, each one stronger than the last, and you know that one more powerful than you’ve ever had is beginning to surface. Your legs move involuntarily, your hips grinding toward the ceiling, your ass clenching. I feel myself swelling inside you, and just as I’m about to cum you clench down with great strength, holding back the torrent. You seem engulfed in joy for a full minute before you start pulsing, constricting, then releasing, then tightening again. As you release, the dam breaks, and I fill you with my hot seed. I hold you for what feels like hours. As I pull out, a small bead of cum drips from your ass; your hot juices have dripped all over the bed, leaving a damp spot. You turn around, lay with me, and we hold each other whispering sweet nothings. I lightly kiss your forehead, your cheeks, your lips, your chin…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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