Bridgette’s Sexy Adventures Ch. 01

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As soon as the sun settled on the night of Halloween, Bridgette began to get ready for the coed party that night, knowing full well that there would be several of the older professors in attendance, not only to monitor the partying (making sure no one underage drank, for example), but also doing a bit of the partying themselves. It was a well known fact on campus that different professors were the choice ones for having at your party, due to their willingness to overlook certain rules.

Standing in her dorm room, she admired the outfit she had chosen to wear, having been picked out with help from one of her many boyfriends on campus. Being only in her second year at school, this was far from the first big party she had attended. Bridgette had always been known as a party girl, even in her hometown. Here, she was a wild redhead that the guys were always after.

Bridgette had dressed in her casual jeans and T-shirt for the journey over to Mason Hall, carrying her Halloween outfit in a bag. And now, standing in the upstairs dorm of one of her boyfriends, she began to get dressed in the outfit. Rolling her long white stockings up her sexy legs, Paul stood and watched her in the corner. She stood up, just standing there in the stockings and nothing else. “What do you think so far?”

Paul’s lecherous grin formed on his face, and he walked to her, placing a hand on her hip. His pirate outfit mostly completed, all he lacked was the hat to top it off. “Damned sexy, as always, Bri,” he said, calling her by his pet name for her.

Bridgette stepped closer to him, her bared breasts brushing against the front of his outfit. She moved her hips against him teasingly, knowing what his reactions would be. She had been his bed partner more than once in the past year, and he seemed to love it when she would tell him of her adventures with other men. “What if I told you that tonight, I was going to flirt with Mr. Harrison, and make him want me.”

Paul’s eyes flashed.. any other woman would have pulled back, sensing danger, but Bridgette knew that this flash was one of hungry eroticism, one that they shared in abundance. She felt his antalya escort cock hardening against her bare leg, and he purposely pushed himself against her, grinding against her smooth, milky flesh. His words were heavy, laden with desire. “Damn Bridgette.. are we not enough for you anymore?”

Her smile turned wicked, naughty. She reached down between them, running her hand across the front of his pants, feeling his cock twitching and jerking in response. She knew just how to touch him, how to tease him, to give him the most pleasure. She gripped him through the material, then pressed her palm flat against the erection, rubbing him seductively. “And what if I told you I wanted you to fuck me… right now… before the party.”

Her words were more than enough to send Paul over the edge and into the sexual oblivion of need and passion. He gripped her wrist hard and pulled it away from his now aching cock. Turning her arm around to pin it behind her, he held her hand there -gently, but firmly, just as she liked – and his mouth claimed hers roughly, intensity there that she brought out of him with her sexy acts. Backing her up to pin her against the wall, he did not release her arm.

Bridgette moaned into his mouth when her own was claimed, and grunted when he pinned her up against the wall. She felt him fumbling between them while they kissed hungrily, and heard the zipper of his pants, the rustling of his clothes. He finally released her arm, only to bring that hand around to tease her already wet pussy with his rough fingers. She cried out, her mouth leaving his. “Fuck me, Paul,” she groaned out. “Please.”

He pushed himself forward, his rock hard cock exposed, and it slid between her thighs. He lifted her right leg up to rest against his hip, then he pushed into her all the way at one thrust, sending a scream of pleasure from her lips. She wrapped the one leg around him, then the other, and he pinned her against the wall, fucking her like a madman, pushing her soft, pliant body up and down the smooth surface.

Each thrust brought a moan from her lips, and a gasp of pleasure. Paul felt himself slamming into antalya rus escort her, all the way inside, over and over again. Her pussy clenched around him, her muscle control allowing her to squeeze herself around him each time he filled her completely. Paul’s hand cupped the back of her head, bringing her ear down to his lips. “You’re my little fucktoy, Bridgette.”

A loud moan escaped her lips, and she moved her ear against his mouth, feeling him licking the supersensitive shell of it. Her next words were high pitched and loud, knowing that the dorm mates next door could hear her. More than once they had put on a loud show, for everyone else’s benefit as well as their own. “Oh yes, Paul… yes… fuck me more.”

A hungry growl escaped his lips and his hand left her head, to grip her hips. He turned and fell with her onto the bed, his hips instantly bucking wildly against hers, pounding her sexy little body over and over again. The bed moved and slapped against the wall with each thrust, and Bridgette’s legs wrapped him tighter, her stockings sliding against his bared hips. The sensation was one of Paul’s favorites, having fucked her in just her stockings many times. “You still want to fuck Mr. Harrison, don’t you, you little slut,” his words ground into her ear.

“Uhhhn!” she cried out, a hard thrust accompanying his last word. Her body wildly moved beneath his, rotating herself upward to meet his thrusts. As low as the bed was to the floor, Paul moved to his knees and moved Bridgette forward on the bed, pinning her hips with his large hands and pounding her hard, while holding her still. Her breasts shook wildly, and she arched her back in response. “Fuck me, Paul! Harder!”

Paul felt himself leave his body, the delusional experience of knowing she was going to tease Mr. Harrison after they were finished bringing him to the pinnacle of desire’s edge quickly. He held back, wanting to hear her scream his name as she bathed his cock with her sweet, hot cum. “You’re going to cum for me first, my little slut,” he harshly demanded.

Bridgette’s hands moved upward to cup her antalya ucuz escort own full breasts, her long nails teasing across the nipples before she grabbed them and kneaded them, teasing herself. With one final arch of her back, Paul’s name echoed in the small dorm room, her pussy spasming around his cock, her body bucking wildly against his strong hands. “OH YES PAUL!”

Paul moved quickly to pin her under him again, bringing her legs around him once more to finish her off, riding out the wave of her orgasm as his own released into her, his head leaned back, his teeth clenched. Despite the desire to just remain still in her and fill up her hot little pussy with his seed, he pumped wildly into her, his head swimming.

Bridgette cried and screamed with the change in position, the orgasm peaking and then shattering her again in its intensity. She felt his body tighten above her, his cock twitching and exploding deep inside of her.

Paul suddenly reached up to grab her hands and pin them above her head, dipping his face to hers and kissing her madly, his hips still grinding away at her. “You’re going to fuck him, aren’t you, Bridgette,” he said as he pounded away at her body. “Promise me you will.”

“Uh…I… promise!” she said between the hard thrusts into her pussy.

“And… you’ll let me… watch, won’t you,” he licked across her earlobe, feeling her body shuddering in response. He knew she would cum again, if he kept it up, and it pleased him to no end.

She whimpered in pleasure, the thought of Paul watching her fucking another man sending her to the brink once more. She could not answer him, her mind overcome with the pleasure he was bringing her. Her pale, freckled skin was covered in a sheen of sweat, as were Paul’s face and arms.

“My little slut,” Paul said with a possessive whisper, even though he knew that he would never possess her, not in the way that he wished. “Cum for me again… knowing that I will watch you tonight.”

His words send her over the edge once more, her second orgasm more intesne than the first, her body convulsing wildly under him. He rode it out, his cock pistoning in and out of her tightness, loving the feel of giving her the pleasure that she craved. He lay his body atop hers for a moment; kissing her, licking her earlobe, suckling at her sweaty, salty skin.

He knew what the night would bring. And he knew his pleasure was only just beginning.

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