Bisexual Black Man in The Hood

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Marcia Brown comes home from work. She’s been working all day at the Cheesecake Factory and now she wants some rest and maybe a bit of excitement. She almost got fired today for getting into a long argument with Sarah, the skinny white woman who runs the place where she works. Marcia is a loudmouth who often snaps at customers when she gets stressed out. Also, she tends to get a lot of attention wherever she goes. To call her a five-foot-ten, thick and curvy woman with jet-black skin and a large behind would have been a fairly accurate description. Marcia Brown is a chunky girl, always had been and always will be. She’s also one of the most arrogant bitches in the hood, which is full of them.

Marcia comes home and sees her man, Maurice Henderson watching television. He’s a big and tall black man who usually carries himself like a stud. Standing six feet two inches tall and weighing two hundred and thirty pounds. A former high school football player who became a cab driver in his later years. Marcia sees Maurice stroking himself and amazingly, his attention is too riveted on the screen to see her. He is watching something on the tube. Something which captivates him so much that he doesn’t notice Marcia standing in the dark.

Marcia watches, and her eyes grow wide. On the screen, there’s a tall and ugly black woman having sex with a skinny white man. Marcia takes a closer look and notices that what she thought was a black woman is actually a transvestite, and an ugly one too. The transvestite bends the white guy over and shoves a big black dick up his ass. Maurice watches this and strokes himself. Marcia raises her eyebrows. Who knew Maurice liked that kind of stuff? this just goes to show that you can never really know someone one hundred percent.

The black transvestite continues to fuck the white man. The dude appeared to be enjoying himself as the transvestite rammed her cock up his ass. They changed positions and the transvestite bent over and spread her ass cheeks while the white dude rammed his cock up her ass. The black transvestite stroked her thick black cock as the guy slammed it into her. Maurice watched this and it wasn’t long before he came. When he did, he cried out in pleasure. Marcia watched, finding herself excited in spite of the strangeness. Maurice did something she had never seen him do before. He drank his own cum and then pulled something out of his ass. Apparently, while he had been masturbating and watching the movie, he had a slim blue cylinder buried in his ass.

Maurice pulled the dildo out of his ass and got up, turned the TV off and left. He went to the bathroom. He never noticed Marcia for she kept to the shadows. Marcia remained hidden while Maurice used the bathroom. She went back to the living room and opened the door. Let Maurice think that she had just come home. Marcia dropped a book on purpose so that Maurice would hear the noise. Surely enough, he did. He came out of the bathroom looking normal and composed. He said hey to her and then went to the TV. He took out the nondescript tape and went back to the basement. Marcia watched him, careful to keep her face neutral.

Marcia went to the bedroom and undressed. Although she had been living with Maurice for about a year, he was definitely not what she thought. Her mind illegal bahis raced with questions. Was he bisexual? Was he having sex with men on the side? Did he sleep with transsexuals behind her back? Marcia sighed. She didn’t know him as well as she thought. She had read a lot about bisexual black males. The topic of black men who led straight lives yet were secretly gay or bisexual was discussed everywhere from the Jerry Springer Show to the Oprah Winfrey Show. Black women everywhere were keeping a closer eye on their men. This made a lot of men angry and frustrated. Marcia thought about this. There was no way that Maurice didn’t enjoy doing it with her. He liked the pussy way too much. She could tell.

Later that night, Marcia and Maurice lay in bed together. He wasn’t asleep and neither was she. They talked about their day. Marcia stared at him. He still looked like the same man she had feelings for. There was no way in hell that this man was gay or bisexual. Maybe he was just curious. Should she confront him about the tape? She thought about it. Nah, he might just get angry and leave her. Maurice was a quiet and reserved man most of the time but he didn’t like to be provoked. Marcia didn’t want to lose her man to a transsexual or a sissy. She also didn’t want him to get all defensive and shit. What’s a girl to do? Sex him down, of course!

Marcia thought of an ingenious idea. Yeah, it would work perfectly if she could get him to go along with it. She asked him if he was in the mood. Maurice grinned. He was always in the mood. He pulled her in his arms and kissed her. He kissed her breasts, licking them just the way she liked. He kissed her sexy and plump body. Then, he made his way down to her pelvis and began eating her pussy. Marcia lay there, gasping and moaning while Maurice pleasured her. She felt his thick finger slip into her asshole. That was unexpected. Maurice began exploring her dark hole with his finger. Probing her. He continued to eat her out and probe her asshole with his finger until she came.

Later, Marcia returned the favor by sucking on his thick uncircumcised dick like a frigging lollipop. Maurice groaned in pleasure as Marcia sucked on his cock and balls. When he came, she drank his seed. He put on a condom and thrust his cock into her pussy. He flipped her on her back and his strong arms held her thick but sexy legs in the air as he rammed his cock into her pussy. Marcia rubbed her large breasts together as he fucked her. They went at it like this for some time, then he came and pulled out of her. Marcia smiled at him. Maurice smirked and nodded, then went to sleep. Marcia smiled with satisfaction. Her man still knew how to work it in bed. No way a man like that should waste his time chasing sissies and transvestites while there was a willing woman next to him. No way. She’d find a way to keep him.

The next day, Marcia went to the adult video store and bought a special toy. The following night, after they had sex she asked Maurice if he was willing to try it with her. He got mad when he saw that she had bought a strap on dildo and told her that he wasn’t a faggot. He was a strong black man and not a sissy. He didn’t take it up the ass. Marcia looked at him. She felt like telling him that she’d seen him shoving a dildo up his own ass illegal bahis siteleri when he thought he was home alone. Nah, that just wouldn’t be right. She didn’t want to mess him up like that. There had to be a way to get him to try it. The way she figures it, if he liked having something up his ass, she’d rather he do it at home than outside with some transvestites or some sissies.

Marcia decided to try some bargaining. Booty bargaining that is. She offered him a deal. She’d let him fuck her in the ass any time he wanted if and only if he was willing to try the strap on dildo once. Maurice laughed. He had always wanted to fuck Marcia in the ass but she had always refused him. Now, she was willing. He told her that he wasn’t making any promises, but was always open-minded. Marcia smiled. She could live with that. She got on all fours and spread her butt cheeks wide open. Maurice’s eyes went wide and his cock hardened visibly. He positioned himself behind her and pressed his cock against her tight little asshole. He grabbed her ample hips, and pushed.

Marcia gasped when she felt Maurice’s thick cock slide into her asshole. Desperately, she tried to flee. Maurice’s firm hands held her into place and he began thrusting deep into her. Marcia’s eyes bulged. Maurice had a huge dick and it felt impossibly large in her ass. She had only been fucked in the ass once and that was on a drunken night at a dyke bar. Marcia had lost a bet to a large black dyke named Deanna and the bitch had used a dildo to sodomize her in the bathroom. It was the single most humiliating experience in Marcia’s life. Maurice’s dick was a lot bigger and wider than Deanna’s dildo. A lot bigger. He continued to pump his cock into her butt hole, shoving deep where the sun didn’t shine. Half an hour later he came, sending hot cum deep inside her ass. Marcia screamed as Maurice’s hot seed flooded her asshole. Maurice roared victoriously like a lion and pulled out of her.

Later, Maurice and Marcia lay in bed. Marcia winced, her butt still hurt from the serious pounding it had received from Maurice’s dick. Maurice was lying there, looking very relaxed. He was talking about how much he had always wanted to fuck her in the ass and acting so smug about it. Marcia grimaced in displeasure. Whether he was straight or bisexual, he was still a jerk after sex. He was still the man she loved. He went to sleep. Marcia looked at him as he slept. He looked so handsome. And so vulnerable. The next morning, both of them went to work.

After that night, Maurice was becoming seriously addicted to anal sex and although Marcia liked it, it was beginning to tax her. He took her in many different positions. Once, she was cooking food in the kitchen in her underwear. Maurice asked her if she was down for what he had in mind. Marcia nodded. He snuck up behind her, grabbed her and rubbed cooking oil against her asshole before shoving his big dick inside her. He bent her over the counter and fucked her in the ass. He fucked her like this until he came, then he went to work after giving her a kiss. Another time, he visited her at the Factory and fucked her in the ladies room. He was naughty and she was glad to accommodate him. As long as he was fucking her, he wasn’t out there messing around with sissies and punks. canlı bahis siteleri Still, her butt hurt. Marcia was beginning to think that Maurice should get a taste of his own medicine.

One night, they had quite bit of wine while in bed and Marcia asked him to try something kinky. For whatever the reason, Maurice was down for whatever. Marcia smiled wickedly. Maurice lay there, looking all satisfied and a bit dazed by the wine. Marcia moved him so that he lay on his back. She went to the closet and got some strong sheets to bind his legs and hands with. He lay there, almost half asleep. Marcia grabbed the dildo and the lube, greased up his asshole. The large black woman moved into position between the big black man’s legs. She pressed the dildo against his ass, after spreading his butt cheeks. She pushed. Maurice’s eyes snapped open when he felt the dildo up his ass. He looked at Marcia. Marcia smiled. Maurice gasped, protested. She froze.

Maurice looked angry and scared. Marcia looked at him. She wanted to fuck him, not violate him. So she pulled out of him. He asked her what in hell she was doing. That’s when Marcia told him. She told him that she knew he was secretly bisexual and craved being with transsexuals and gay men. She didn’t want to lose him to another man or to the AIDs virus which affected so many gay and bisexual men. For this reason, she wanted to give him what she thought he wanted. That’s why she let him fuck her in the ass whenever he liked. That’s why she bought the dildo. Only to please him.

Maurice glared at her, surprised and angry. Marcia untied his hands and feet. She realized that she had done something wrong. Even though she knew he liked being anally penetrated, she shouldn’t have taken him without his permission. What she did was wrong. If he was mad at her, as he had every right to be, she would face whatever punishment he saw fit to give her. If he felt like tossing her out of the house, she would understand. Maurice looked at her. He sat up on the bed. He gave her a stern sermon about doing things to him against his will. He also told her that while he was bisexual, he wasn’t about to leave his woman for another man, nor had he been cheating on her with anyone. Marcia nodded, and apologized. Maurice looked at her and smiled. He told her to resume what she was doing.

Marcia looked at him. She couldn’t believe her luck! Smiling, she embraced and kissed him. Maurice embraced her. She raised his legs in the air and spread his cheeks wide open. Pressed the dildo against his ass. Then, she pushed it inside him. Maurice stroked his own cock while Marcia thrust into him. The strap on dildo went into his ass. Swiftly and quickly, as he dictated to her. They went at it like this for some time, then he came. Marcia pulled the dildo out of her man’s asshole and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked all the cum out of him, and then some.

Later, they lay in bed, talking. Marcia had a lot of questions. So did Maurice. He told her about his bisexuality, and his past affairs with men which he ended when he met her. He told her that his bisexual desires weren’t going away. Marcia was understanding. She told him that she would do anything to make him happy. If he needed a dick, she had her strap on. If he needed a hole, she had a willing pussy and asshole at his disposal. Maurice laughed. Marcia kissed him. He rolled on top of her and entered her. Marcia gasped when she felt his cock enter her ass. Smiling, she put her arms around him. Roughly yet tenderly, they began to make love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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