Apartment 718: Nothing But Butt

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Author’s Note: This is another entry in my series Apartment 718. This is a series of two people who are in a Dominant/submissive relationship. The first entrant of the series is called Welcome Home and has some of the background information. From there the rest of the stories can be read in any order, there is no chronology to them. As an added note you will see that Sara, the submissive refers to herself as i and to her Dominant, Ben, as He. These are not typos, but instead meant to show her submission to His dominance.



I’m lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling, listening to the bustling nighttime noises of the city that never sleeps below. Sara is sleeping next to me, exhausted from multiple orgasms. Now that she’s well versed in it, Sara always cums so hard from anal sex, and that’s all we did tonight. And I know that if she wakes up at all during the night she’ll love the feeling of my semen leaking out of her asshole. She hasn’t always been like this though.

When our relationship first started, the topic of butt play came up, and it went as well as I think it often does for most people. We both had had some prior experience, but it wasn’t great for either of us. And as for many couples, I wanted to try it with her, but Sara didn’t have much of an interest. We had so many new things to try that it really wasn’t that big of a deal and it didn’t really get brought up. One weekend, a few months after we started using the apartment, that all changed. I had my sex kitten positioned in the middle of our bed in a knees and shoulder position. I had planned on giving her a quick round of oral to get her juices flowing before sex, but in an odd position with me standing above her, I just couldn’t get the right angle and my tongue drifted from the cunt to asshole. It was only a few quick licks before I realized what I was doing and I pulled away, thinking Sara would be disgusted by it, but as I stopped she moaned “Ohhhhhh, Daddy don’t stop, that feels sooooooo good.”

I guess she liked it, so I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks spreading them apart and exposing her balloon knot. I stared down at her, pausing canlı bahis before I was going to purposefully give someone a rimjob for the first time. Leaning into it, I was surprised that, there was actually a very sweet smell to it and that there wasn’t a bad taste to it either. Sara seemed to be a bit unsure about the whole situation too, since I really wasn’t at it too long before she begged me to fuck my pussy.

We collapsed onto the bed in a post orgasmic bliss, staring into each others eyes.

I broke the silence “Well that was different. What did you think?”

“Oh. My. God. It was weird at first, but then it felt good, like really good. i think that i could cum just from that.”

“We will have to try that more in the future.”

“i think maybe i’d want to try more anal exploration in general if you’d allow it, Sir.”

“I’m sure that we can figure out something.”

The next week, we were texting one evening and Sara mentioned that she was that she had to hop in the shower. I instantly decided to see where we could take the anal play.

“I’ve got an idea.”

“Yes Daddy?”

“When you’re in the shower I want you to play with my asshole a bit. Touch the rim, rub it, stick your finger inside a little.”

“Lol Daddy, i think that was a typo. Its MY asshole not your’s.”

“Excuse me slut, but I own you. I own your whole body, not just my cunt.”

“i’m sorry Sir. It will give me great pleasure for you to allow me to play with your asshole in the shower tonight.”

“You may as long as you tell me all about it when you’re done.”

This scene repeated itself several times over the next few weeks, each time Sara pushing the envelope a little further, until she was able to get her finger fully in. A few days before our next scheduled weekend together, I told Sara I thought she was ready for the next step.

“Tonight when you’re showering, I want you to finger fuck my asshole, but while doing so I want you to rub my clit. You need to associate anal sensations with pleasure. And as a special treat I am granting you permission now for you to cum in the shower tonight.”

“You mean bahis siteleri i’ll be able to orgasm as soon as i’m ready without having to ask? Wow. Its been so long.”

“Yes. Enjoy. And one other thing. Don’t tell me about it until you see me this weekend.”

The next few days were torture as I wondered how the shower session went. At dinner on Friday night, anal play dominated the conversation. Sara ended up absolutely loving when she fingered her front and backsides simultaneously. She said it wasn’t the hardest she’d ever cum, but it was a much different type of intensity that she’d never felt before. That was actually the first day that she’d been able to walk without feeling a slight discomfort in her rectum. By the time we left the restaurant, Sara’s crotch was soaked. I know this because five times on the three block walk home we stopped to make out, me pinning her against a storefront window, or a brick wall, and even once to bus stop with people waiting on the other side of the plexiglass. During each of these pauses, I’d reach my hand under her skirt, feeling the wetness of my cunt as I reached between her legs to rub her asshole, even pushing my way inside during our last stop, at the entrance to our building.

When we got up to our apartment it was straight to the bedroom. I didn’t even bother undressing Sara, I just positioned her on all fours and flipped her skirt up exposing her butt. I started caressing and kissing her cheeks, eventually separating them and bringing her asshole into the open. Seeing it staring me in the face, I’d forgotten how much I missed it, and dove straight in licking furiously. Hard quick strokes, circling around the hole, even pressing my tongue inside a bit. I guess this was especially good, since in no time she was begging me to let her cum. “Ohhh Daddy. Please? Please let your sub cum? Your ass eating is so good, i can’t hold it in much longer.”

I kept at it as she continued to squeal in delight, continually asking for me to allow her to release. I could tell that she was losing it as her legs were trembling and she could hardly stay up anymore. I managed to mumble a “You may cum for me” bahis şirketleri barely removing my mouth from her as she quickly shook and jerked in orgasm underneath me. I collapsed on top of her as she began to calm down and once she’d caught her breath I stood up.

“Get naked right now” I commanded as I stripped my clothes off, my erection sticking straight out. As always, Sara quickly obeyed.

“How do you want me now?”

“Back in the same position, but further up in bed now. I’ll need the room behind you to work.”

I got behind her and stuck my cock into my wet cunt which was a soaked mess. I was so turned on that I felt like I was ready to explode after only a few pumps, which was not what I wanted to do so I pulled out knowing that the only point of fucking my pussy was to get my cock slippery. “Sara. I assume you knew where tonight was going to go. I’m now going to fuck your ass. I know you’ll be tight, but I know that you’ve been preparing all month for this.”

I guided my head towards her rear and pressed it against the hole, softly rocking

“Ugh Daddy. Just fuck my ass already. i’m so ready for it. Ughahaghhghag.” Apparently she wasn’t quite as ready for my wide shaft as she’d thought, and she moaned in slight pain. When I bottomed out, she exhaled, knowing that she’d completely taken me. Once she’d had a moment to adjust, I slid out slowly, stretching her anus fully. I repeated this a few times keeping a slow and steady pace.

“Ok Daddy. I’m good, you can go faster now.” I didn’t need a second invitation so I picked up the pace, fucking her ass faster and faster. Sara actually started getting into it as well, matching my movements in a beautiful rhythmic session of anal sex. Looking back at it, it was actually kind of surprising that we got it so smoothly on the first try. It was only a few more pumps until I exploded my balls into her ass, filling it with my hot white cum. We stayed like that few moments and rolled over on our sides, letting my goo leak out of her onto my softening cock.

Since then, Sara has become in absolute love with ass play. When were apart she often times masturbates her asshole and when we are together we typically have anal sex at least once every weekend and have found a ton of positions to do it in. We’ve even had a few all anal weekends, where it’s been nothing but butt.

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