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The days have grown short as winter deepens. Every window of The Little House is lit with a flickering holiday candle. As he runs up the few steps to her door, he sees her peering at him through the window. She opens the door and he knocks the snow off his shoes in the entry hall. As he crosses the threshold, his hand brushes her ass and they kiss a quick hello. She is wearing a low cut, clingy black short dress that reveals the swell of her breasts and upper thigh. He stares openly at her, his gaze intense, and she smiles at him. She takes his coat and hangs it on the hall tree. They ascend the stairs to the bedroom.

Their demeanor changes as soon as they enter the room. He moves his hand slowly up her arm to the back of her neck and pushes her across the bed. He holds her still as he lifts the little skirt barely covering her bottom with his right hand. She is wearing a tiny pair of silky black bikini panties and he delivers two light smacks with the flat of his palm to each side of canlı bahis şirketleri her ample, yet muscular, round ass. The flesh feels resilient and firm beneath his hand. She remains absolutely immobile in the position he holds her, not resisting. He then rubs her ass with a circular motion, enjoying the heat already rising under his hand, and leisurely delivers a couple more smacks, a wee bit harder this time. He pulls the panties down over her ass and notices it is already turning pink. This time as he rubs her ass, he delves into her pussy with an outstretched finger, finding it surprisingly moist, and then lets loose five or six more whacks in quick succession. She gasps and he kisses her back between the shoulders and squeezes her neck. Her ass is now cherry red colored so he rubs and kisses it gently then pushes two fingers inside her. She moans with pleasure, pushes her hips back against his hand, and grips his fingers with the muscles inside her now thoroughly wet pussy.

He canlı kaçak iddaa repositions her body near the edge of the bed so that her head is touching the headboard. He drops his trousers. She turns her head and takes his hard cock into her warm mouth. It tastes of sweet pre-cum and she hums happily. He can see her upturned lips as she smiles up at him. He spanks both sides of her ass pretty hard as she sucks him. Spanking lightly now, he moves her legs apart so that some of the blows fall on her pussy, testing her receptiveness to this change by rubbing her ass and pussy and finding it thoroughly wet. He yanks his cock from her mouth and mounts her from behind. He squeezes her red ass in his hands and, pausing with his rigid erection at the entrance of her soaked slit, says “Now, beg!” She gasps, “Please, please fuck me after my spanking.” “Good girl,” he says as he slams his erect cock hard, as far as possible inside her, holding her hips steady. He tells her, “Yes, I will fuck you, canlı kaçak bahis my horny little bitch, any way I choose.” After six or eight thrusts that nearly knock her to her knees, he withdraws and turns her over onto her back, her legs drawn up to her chest so he can achieve maximum penetration. As he enters, she expels all the air in her lungs in one huge gasp. Steady on his knees and with his hand on the wall, he jackhammers in and out of her. He can feel her shallow breathing beneath him and commands “Ride me now.”

She slides from beneath him, rises to her knees, and straddles his hips. Her pussy feels swollen and tight as his engorged cock head penetrates her wet slit. Fearful that she will not be able to accept his entire length with her own efforts, she squats over his cock and slowly lowers her entire weight down. She is slowly impaled on his huge rod and is able to rock back and forth as she takes him entirely inside her aching pussy. She sits upright and his strong arms steady her; they lock hands, totally lost in sensation. Finally, he throws her off to the bed and sits astride her. He decides to deliver his load of hot, creamy cum onto her chest and they collapse onto the bed, laughing.

“Hello to you,” he finally manages.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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