Anna Tries Pony Girls

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It was break time at work. Being shy I had taken out my book and was finding my place when Becky, who was my age, nineteen, sat down beside me.

“Good book?” she asked.

“Uh huh, yeah really good,” I replied nodding. I put the book down and looked across at her with a smile. She smiled back and we sat together both, I guess, wanting to say something and both too shy to do so.

Suddenly she spoke,

“You should try being a pony girl.”

‘Excuse me?” I replied, startled. She was taken back by my response and blushed.

“I said, um, you should try being a pony girl.”

I looked at her, I was puzzled- like was she one, and why me- but to be honest excited at the same time. I knew what pony girls were but it hadn’t interested me as something I’d want to do.

‘Why do you say that?” I asked quietly. She could see I was interested and moved closer.

‘Oh, its a few things really, I just think you’d love it- I do.”

I was looking at her with my mouth open.

‘Um, well what do you do?”

“Well its like the word says we’re ponies. Like we pretend to be ponies really. “

I was staring intently and nodding, she continued on,

“like we have to strut on two legs obviously but we act like ponies. I love it.”

I was still staring, my mouth was still open and now I was nodding.

“I have to be totally submissive when I’m a pony and do everything I’m told. I love that. Oh and sometimes I make mistakes and I have to be punished- love that too. Oh some girls have masters but I have a Mistress.”

“Who’s that?” I asked , moving in closer as well.

“Its Rachel my sister, she’s eighteen but she’s really good and she’s got a friend Juliet who’s nineteen and she taught Rachel how to train me. Her pony had to move away with her family and now she’s looking for a new pony.”

She looked at me after she’d finished.

“So do you think I might be interested?”

“No, I mean yes, oh look, I am sure you will want to be a pony girl, but she has very high standards, so its really if she wants you.”

‘Oh hey,” I asked,” can I give it a try? If I don’t like it or I’m not good enough you’ll still speak to me, won’t you?”

“Course I will,” she answered,” and I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

We continued the conversation with her giving me an insight into a pony girl’s mind and her lifestyle. She had me wet and my fingers went under my skirt. She saw what I was doing and smiled. Her fingers went under her skirt too and we sat there playing with ourselves until the break was over.

I went home that night, stripped naked in my bedroom and practiced the pony girl prancing step. My boobs bounced up and down as I did the high knee action. Oh I loved it, I stared in the mirror as they bounced so beautifully up and down and thought of my self like this, naked, in front of all those Masters and Mistresses with my boobs bouncing.I turned and watched my butt – I had to arrange the mirror doors so I could see my butt easily. Oh yes, it quivered as I pranced.

At work the next day I couldn’t wait to speak to Becky. She saw my face,

“You tried it?”

My face glowed.

“Oh my yes, Oh it was fantastic.”

“We’re having a session tonight if you’d like to come along?”

“Oh I’d love to but I don’t have a car,” I answered sadly.

“That’s OK, I’ve got Mom’s car today so I can give you a ride,” she answered.

So after work she took me home and I told Mom I was going to try out as a Pony Girl. She was delighted and hoped I’d have lots of fun and she didn’t expect me home until late, if at all.

As we headed to her place Becky gave me an idea of what to expect when I met her sister; she would be looking at me as a pony girl and I needed to obey her commands and not make eye contact. I could feel myself getting wet at the thought of meeting Rachel and had my legs pressed together the rest of the way.

At Becky’s place we got out and went inside. I had thought I was going to be stripping off but it was not to be. Instead Rachel summoned me over and I stood still as she took hold of my jaw and opened my mouth to have a good look at my teeth, then tilted my head to look in my eyes-I looked away – and in my ears. She felt my butt, my thighs , calves and closely examined my feet.

When she had finished she nodded, obviously pleased with what she had seen and how I had behaved. She got all the equipment ready, put it in the car and we were on our way, Becky driving as she had her license, Rachel in the front seat and me in the rear.

Our destination was a large hall on the outskirts of town. The property was down a winding driveway and was not visible from the road. There would have been twenty cars in the car park and I wondered how many people would be there. It looked like a lot and I felt curiously excited at being naked in front of them. Becky parked the car and we got out.

As Mistress Rachel walked in front and as ponies Becky and I walked a respectful two paces behind her. illegal bahis Rachael walked straight in and went over to another Mistress. This one was tall, brunette and very assured, it could only be Juliet.I was immediately in awe of her and longed to be hers, both as her pony and as her submissive, I guess.

Rachel looked at me and gestured for me to come forward to meet this Goddess. I moved forward timidly and stood as erect as I could with my head up, shoulders back, chest out, tummy in and legs straight.

I was so nervous I was nearly peeing myself but she was pleased.

“Yes Miss,” I replied quietly looking down.

“So you want to be my pony?”

“Yes, Miss, if you want me to Miss.”

“Hmm, well lets see how you go this evening.”

She turned to Juliet, ignoring the pony Becky, and said,

“Thanks Hon, she looks like a really good prospect, I’ll see you out there later.”

They exchanged nods and Juliet led Becky away to be prepared while Juliet led me off in another direction. We were away to the side but still in the exercise ring. She started to undress me. I stood still as my blouse was unbuttoned and removed, then folded neatly, my bra was removed and also folded, my shoes and socks, then my jeans and panties- which were wet.

So now I stood naked where everyone could see but the trouble was no one appeared to be watching; there were naked pony girls everywhere and their owners were too busy fussing over them to look at me.

Juliet was thorough; she went through the same routine as Rachael had; examining my mouth, eyes and ears then she examined my body minutely. I was still a virgin and had never had anyone look at me like that. She got me to bend over and she pulled my ass cheeks apart and I could feel her finger in my anus, then I felt her fingers in my pussy pull the lips apart and from her breath on my exposed pussy she was very close examining in there as well.

I kept my pussy trimmed so there weren’t any stray hairs showing from my swim suit or panties but otherwise it was quite hairy.

“I’m going to prepare you to be a pony girl Anna,” she told me.

She led me to a bathroom area where other Owners were preparing their ponies. I was to be hosed off first- well ponies don’t have showers- do they? The water was cold and I turned and raised my arms then bent over and pulled my cheeks apart on her orders. I was then soaped with a brush and hosed off again.

Wet and cold with my nipples like rocks I was walked over to an area beside the hosing area and Juliet spread shave cream all over my body from just under my eyes down, front and back. She used a cut throat razor and shaved every inch of my body. In front of us was a wall mirror and I watched as my, in some places slightly hairy and in others very hairy, body became completely hairless. I was dying to stick my fingers in my pussy but I knew I would have to behave so I just stood still and tried to think like a pony.

Once finished she walked me back over to the hose off area and hosed me off again. This time though I was dried and made to kneel while she braided my hair and put pony girl make up on me. Pony girls wear lots of makeup, part of the appeal I guess- it sure was for me. Next step was the pony girl shoes. These are always very high, much like walking on your toes in ballet. The ones I got resembled a hoof where my toes went and I had to angle my feet down as steeply as I could to fit in them. Once they were on I felt like I was a pony. my movements were now very restricted and walking was very difficult.

Finally it was time for me to have the bridle put on my head while a belt was fastened round my waist. This is what the shafts would be connected to when I reached the stage of pulling a cart or buggy. There were also links at the side and Juliet put cuffs om my wrists and hooked them to the links on the belt. I was now restrained.

I loved the sensation of being so under her control I couldn’t help it and my cum started dribbling down my thigh.

She looked at me and pointedly at my wet pussy and smiled. As I stood there she patted my butt and rubbed my shoulders.

“Good girl,” she said and I couldn’t ever remember being happier than at that exact moment. She walked me over to the edge of the exercise ring and told me to watch the pony girls in training now because they were the Elite Grade- the best of the best as she put it.

So I did. They were good, having had a try I was aware of how difficult the steps were and mixing a slow step with a trot and pulling the cart round the course , changing direction, backing up and so on was a complex string of commands all of which they obeyed flawlessly. I was in awe of them and realized how much work I would require to reach their standard.

It wasn’t a conscious decision I simply knew my one desire was to be a pony girl, the best pony girl I could possibly be and I would do everything I could to be that. After a time Juliet came back to me, she had been chatting with some illegal bahis siteleri other Mistresses, and walked me away from the ring and out the back into the open. It was cold outside but I didn’t mind, I was with her and I had her undivided attention.

“You saw what the top ponies can do?”

“Yes Miss.”

“They took years to reach that standard and some of them still require work in some areas. What I’m saying is don’t be over awed, we will start and you will improve and then we will move up to the next level. OK?”

I nodded and I couldn’t help smile, my eyes lifted to hers for just a moment then I looked down as I instinctively knew a submissive should.

She smiled again, patted my butt (I loved that), and attached a training rope to my bridle. It was twenty feet in length and she had me move away so the rope was at full stretch and on command I started a slow pony girl trot- high knee lift and slow movement- moving in a circle as she controlled me on the rope. I was subjected to a string of commands and corrections; tummy in, head straight, chin up, bring your legs down straighter and so on. She must have been happy finally as I moved to a trot and then the prance.

We had been exercising for over an hour and the sweat was pouring off me. I was exhausted but wanted to keep going for her and because I felt so hot having her stare at my naked body. I could feel my tits bouncing up and down and my pussy was just wet.

She pulled on the rope and I walked submissively over to her.

“Anna, you’re a pony not an exhibitionist. You keep doing things to show off your body for me and your cum is running down your legs. You need to think in terms of being a pony or I can promise you your enjoyment will be short lived.”

I was crushed, my shoulders slumped and I suddenly felt terribly embarrassed. This was the moment she had been waiting for and as I wallowed in self pity she took hold of my shoulder and turned me to face her.

“You were born to be a pony girl. I can train you and you will love what you do, you will not be aware of being naked in front of the Mistresses and other pony girls, it will seem completely natural for you. You will delight in being a pony girl but it is not the place for you to have orgasms.”

I nodded, still looking down.

“OK, well I think you’ve had enough, the first time is always difficult. I won’t keep you in suspense, you will be my pony. After each session you will become a submissive and I will use your body for my, and your sexual pleasure. That is the other side of being a pony girl- Becky enjoys it,” she added quietly.

I couldn’t help it; my pussy was wide open and glistening with my cum.

“Now I will hose you off and brush you down and you can watch Becky go through her paces.”

She removed my waist belt, bridle, cuffs and pony girl shoes- it felt strange to be walking on the soles of my feet again.then led me to the hose down area and hosed me off, I was washed again and the soap hosed off. She dried me with a towel then brushed me with a curry comb. It felt fantastic on my skin.

I was now naked and she left me so as we walked round to a vantage point to watch Rachael put Becky through her paces. Becky had the high plumes in her bridle and a bit in place. Her hands were secured just behind her sides and she wore the very high pony girl shoes.

Her routine amazed me, and I watched as her breasts bounced rhythmically up and down in time to her prancing step. She got her knees up higher and just a bit wider than mine but it made seeing her pussy that much easier. Rachael was in the cart Pony Becky was pulling and her whip lashed Becky’s back and bottom as she gave her commands.

Finally the exercise finished and Becky was covered in sweat with her chest heaving. Rachael got out of the cart , went up to her pony and patted her on the shoulder. I could see Becky moving her weight just a bit closer to Rachael who held the reins and led Pony and cart to the dismount area.

She released the trails, undid the belt, removed the bride and bit then pointed to the hosing area. Becky obediently walked in her pony shoes to the area.She lay on her back with her legs up so Rachael could undo them and take them off. With her shoes off she walked to the hosing area and stood as I had to be hosed with cold water, scrubbed with soapy water and hosed off again. She was then dried and brushed, although only lightly on her rear.

We had been among the last to get started and given our exercises happened one after the other there were just a few ponies and Mistresses left in the exercise yard; the rest were in the lounge. Juliet led us in. The pony girls and Mistresses were congregating in two separate groups. Becky took my arm and led me to the pony girl group while Rachael and Juliet joined the other Mistresses. I was momentarily disappointed to lose Juliet like that; I had expected her to get a strap on and start fucking me- so did my wet pussy.

“Hi girls, this is Anna,” canlı bahis siteleri Becky announced to the other pony girls. They crowded round, hugging ,fondling and kissing as they introduced themselves and each other. In no time I was lying on the floor with my legs wide apart and a hand probing my pussy.

“Holy fuck!” Cindy, who’s lovely hand was at work down there, exclaimed, “She’s a virgin!” The others stopped and stared.

Juliet heard too,

“I know,” I heard her say.

It hadn’t occurred to me in this day and age to be anything special, but it was here obviously. So now I lay on my back with my legs spread on my own with a circle of pony girls around me.I looked over to Juliet and I saw she had moved to the side and was stripping off, still talking with the others and quite at ease.

While she was getting ready the other pony girls gathered round me; in their pony girl role their faces were impassive but now they sported grins and smiles. Quite a few were lovers and they stood with their arms round each other looking down at me. The Mistresses came over too and mingled, some were lovers with their pony girls and others loved another Mistress. When she was ready Juliet walked over to me. She knelt at my pussy and smiled at me.

“I would like to take your cherry hon, is that OK with you?”

I beamed; that was exactly what I had been dreaming would happen and I couldn’t wait. I reached up for her and she positioned the strap on she was wearing in the entrance of my vagina then lay on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and tilted my tummy up so her shaft could get in easier.

Everyone was silent and I could hear my breathing. Juliet got the tip to just pushing on my hymen then pushed a little more. I felt it stretch and then she drew back and rammed it home. She tore through my membrane and I felt the tearing sensation and the pain- nowhere near as bad as I had expected and with the shaft deep in my pussy and my Mistress in my arms it was of no consequence to me.

But it was to the others and they clapped and cheered when Juliet had rammed her cock home. They fell silent again until the blood started to seep out, then they clapped and cheered again. I didn’t look up- if I had I would have seen one face not smiling. I had my eyes closed as Juliet fucked me with her strap on, she fiddled with my clit with her fingers as she rammed the shaft deep in my pussy. It didn’t take long and I came; she pulled out and I lay with legs apart as my orgasm started. My body wanted to press my legs together but two girls took a foot each and pulled to keep them apart and my pussy on display.

I lay there after I had come and opened my eyes, some of the girls were still watching and smiling; over to the side was one who wasn’t smiling – Becky.

She looked very unhappy and stood with shoulders slumped and arms crossed.I realized at that instant just how much she meant to me; I had thought of her and me and it made more sense than Juliet and me because we would never be equal enough to have a relationship. I worshiped her and when she was going to fuck me, ohh that had made me so hot. The girl I cared for though truly was Becky and I looked up at her and stretched my arms out for her.

She looked surprised. She pointed to herself in that ‘what me?” gesture and I nodded. She lay down on me just as Juliet had done only without the air of authority- or the strap on. She trembled as she lay on me and I turned her so that I was on top and kissing her. Her body shook as she held me so tight.

‘Hey baby,” I whispered in her ear,” its alright, I’m here for you. “

She looked at me with a look of such fear then pressed her face to my cheek and shook.

“I couldn’t stand that,” she stated finally”, I want you to be mine.”

No please or modifiers just a straight out heartfelt declaration.

“I am,” I replied, then squeezed her. I felt her relax and the hands that had squeezed were now stroking me gently as she turned me and now we were side by side on the floor.

We kissed and cuddled, I noticed a naked Juliet fucking a naked Rachael and it was clear that that was where Juliet’s love lay. Cuddling with Becky was good enough for me though, I hadn’t realized how strongly I felt about her and I just couldn’t press my body hard enough against her.

After half an hour the Mistresses came over and told us to get dressed, it was time to head off.

Juliet had her own car so they said their good byes there then Becky and Rachael went via my place to drop me off. It was late and I expected Mom to be in bed but the lights were on and I could see her through the window.

She came out to the car and said hi to Rachael and Becky, we stood together and waved as they drove away, then went inside.

“So?” she asked,”and how did it go?”

‘Oh Mom I loved it,” I replied a huge beaming smile on my face. And I went over everything for her, meeting Rachael and her inspection of me, the hall, meeting Juliet and how overawed I felt and how I wanted to be her pony girl, then the being stripped, showered, shaved, wearing the pony girl shoes, watching the others and watching Becky, how amazing Becky was, being a pony girl, and being fucked by Juliet in front of all those women and girls.

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