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Anal Revenge in Triplicate

by FinishTheDamnStory ©

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Revenge is a two way street – my ending to Goldeniangel’s story Anal Revenge.

Goldeniangel’s own ending of the story wasn’t bad. A little humiliation is not that big a deal, he cheated, they split up, she showed him what he was missing. Case closed. No big deal, right? Except for a couple of things. First, getting his arch-enemy involved? And second, the stupid way it was done. Sending him a video, that had everyone clearly spelled out, and graphically showed what they were doing.

If there were still harsh feelings toward the guy that made his FIRST girlfriend a cheater, perhaps Walter wouldn’t be able to just let it go. Not when they made it so damn easy…

Warning: This story is WAY over the top, with non-consent elements, cruelty, and brief male on male interaction. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. That’s right, another big REVENGE story, and yes there’s some reconciliation, in a twisted manner. Rather than call it reconciliation, consider it payback, for an arch-enemy.

For those readers who think I’m warped and twisted, this one will give you a little more ammo.

Goldeniangel is a brilliant author, with a vast library of top-notch stories. I appreciate her granting me permission to work with this one.

I like finishing stories. I guess I’m a little weird. Sometimes they are stories that have been abandoned. In cases like this, it’s a story where the author has written a story with an unsatisfying ending.

When offered the opportunity, I’ll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don’t write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

Some of you won’t like my endings. That’s fair enough. I’m happy to hear your reasons. This is only one author’s idea of a fitting resolution. You’re welcome to try your hand at writing your own. I hope you enjoy this one.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Walter was pissed off.

The bitch had denied him, and got mad when he got it elsewhere. She dumped him. That should have been the end of it. But noooo…she had to go and try for some kind of stupid revenge.

If she hadn’t been such an uptight prude, they’d be together now, and it would be his cock that she’d be coming on, her asshole spread deliciously around his thick shaft. Instead, she went to the guy she knew he hated most, and gave it to him.

Doug. That scum, low life bastard. Stole his first girlfriend, and was now taking what should by all rights be his.

Fine, she wanted revenge? Two could play that game. Walter would take care of the bitch first, and then it was about time he got some revenge of his own on that asshole Doug. But one thing at a time.

He took the video, and ripped it to an AVI on this computer. He cut off the introduction and made one of his own, a compilation of clips from when they’d been together, all quite innocent. Only 30 seconds worth, or so. He ended with a close up of her face. “Hi, I’m Veronica,” it started, and faded to the good stuff. He started the ‘interesting part’ at the point where she was begging to have her ass fucked, well after the last time she referred to Walter by name.

He completed the video with her name, email, phone number, address, work address, and work phone number.

If she hadn’t done it with that bastard Doug, he might have been content to post it online and send it to everyone she knew. But that wasn’t enough. Not for this kind of betrayal. No way.

With the main movie created, he made a new one. Just a teaser. Barely a minute long, of Veronica moaning while her ass was plundered. Cassie had been kind enough to get a close-up of that action, no faces. Veronica’s voice was clear in the background, groaning, her voice pitched higher as she came close to coming. He overlaid the audio from earlier in the tape, when she moaned “Fuck my poor little virgin ass!” He watched it a few times, tweaking it, until he thought it was hot enough.

He created an appropriate title: Veronica’s First Anal, and added closing credits, telling the audience to stay tuned, for the full video.

It didn’t take him long to compile a list, with a little help from Google:

The websites,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and seemed to take almost everything. Sites like,, and several tumblr blogs were even more specific, targeting ex-girlfriends and wives. This was going to be epic.

Walter was a Linux geek, and it didn’t take him long to forge his IP and MAC Address. He logged into his anonymizer, making it extremely difficult to trace his actions back to his computer. It took him several hours to log into the various sites, creating his accounts, getting verified, creating false email trails, and finally uploading the sample to every illegal bahis site he could. And there were a LOT.

He slept well that night.

~ * ~ * ~

Walter checked the websites. On fourteen of them, his teaser was up, and receiving a respectable number of hits. Four and five stars, 80% plus ratings. Comments begging for more. Veronica was pretty hot, after all, and her ass was spectacular.

He ate, cleaned up and made some preparations. Then he brought up his anonymous mailer, sending his ex the links to her video debut.

She must not have been checking her email. He had a nervous couple of hours before he received the expected phone call around 4:00 pm.


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” His ex-girlfriend’s voice shrilled over the phone.

“Is that you, Veronica?”

“You know damn well who it is! Answer the fucking question!”

“Whatever could you mean, Veronica dear?”

“Don’t fucking play with me! Take them down. All of them, now!”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you have something you wish to discuss, we can do it in person.”

“Fuck you, asshole. Did you like my little present for you?”

“Interesting. I just received an email telling me to check out the 22 minute full-length video of you on What do you think that could be about, Veronica?”

“I swear, I’ll kill you, you bastard.”

“Hmmm. It’s supposed to go live promptly at 6:00 tonight.”

“What do you want?” she screamed.

“Nothing. However, if you did want to come over and speak to me, I’d recommend you do it before six.”

~ * ~ * ~

By 5:45, Walter was thrusting his cock where Veronica had sworn it would never go. Seeing the final video, the list of sites, and the email list was enough to convince her. She cursed him and insulted him the first five minutes or so, until he had his rhythm going.

“Bastard,” she groaned, as he held her hips and pounded her sweet, perfect ass.

She moaned, and when he leaned over and pushed her neck downward, she folded, ass lifted high, face and chest on the bed.

“Fuck, I knew you’d have a great ass,” he growled, holding her hips in his hands and hammering her.

“Asshole,” she gasped.

“Yes, a beautiful one. Thank you so much, Veronica.”

She only grunted, while he pummeled her backside.

He was grinning as she came for him. The bitch loved it. If only she hadn’t been such a prude in the first place.

They cleaned up, and she sucked him hard. He started in her pussy the second time, but moved to her ass before long. Her anger was fading, as he fucked her silly.

“Harder,” she gasped, pushing back against him, when he slowed, teasing her.

The third go round, it took her longer to get him up. He put her on her back, and fucked her slowly, like they used to. Kissed her treacherous lips. He pulled out, tilted her legs back, and slipped into her amazing ass.

“I hate you,” she moaned, before pulling his face down and sucking his tongue into her mouth.

They lay side by side in the bed, both sated and exhausted. “You got what you wanted,” she said.

“Yes, and it was every bit as wonderful as I expected. You bought yourself three days.”

She sat up, glaring at him. “What? Three days? You said if I let you have my ass, you wouldn’t post it!”

“I said I wouldn’t post it at 6:00. I had you three times, earning you three days.”

“Fuck you, Walter! That wasn’t the deal.”

He chuckled. “It most certainly was. Every time I have your ass, it postpones it one more day.”

“Damn it! You expect to have my ass forever, for one stupid video?” she snapped.


“Or what?”


“Cassie? Cassie? How the fuck am I supposed to work that?”

Walter shrugged. “Bring her to me, give me her ass, and the video is yours, free and clear. No more threats.”

Veronica stared at him. “How? Seriously Walter, how is that supposed to work?”

“I don’t care. You brought her into this mess. You couldn’t be happy to just let things go. You couldn’t even be reasonable. Doug, Veronica? That was too much.”

“You hurt me, you bastard. Fucking that tramp.”

“Whatever. That’s the deal. Take it or leave it.”

“God, you’re such a fucking pig.”

~ * ~ * ~

Three days later, he was plowing her ass again. “Two days?” he asked.

“I…think…so,” she moaned.

“God you have the best ass, Veronica. Why weren’t we doing this all along?”

She groaned, thrusting back against him. “I…didn’t…know.”

It took a few hours. They took a break for a snack, cleaned up and went to bed. In the morning she bought herself a third day. Just in case.

~ * ~ * ~

Walter didn’t know how she managed it, but Cassie was with her on Saturday, two days later. Unfortunately Doug was also with them, and he didn’t look happy.

The bastard marched into the room, getting in Walter’s face. “No way, asswipe. It ends here and now. Give her the video.”

Walter wiped his face of the stray illegal bahis siteleri spittle. “It goes live in an hour. Automatically, unless I stop it. Now shut the fuck up and sit down.”

“Cancel it,” Doug growled, “or I’m gonna kick your ass.”

Walter looked over at the girls. When Doug did the same, Walter brought his knee up as hard as he could between the asshole’s legs. His nemesis dropped to the floor, groaning, holding his crotch. Walter stepped forward and kicked him between the legs as hard as he could. The hands didn’t provide much protection. The girls looked on in shock, as Doug groaned and threw up.

Walter barked at Veronica. “You two clean this mess up. Bad idea, bringing the asshole along, threatening me in my own home.”

Veronica whined, “We couldn’t stop him. He heard us talking about it.”

“Well the price just went up.”

The girls ran into the kitchen, which Veronica knew so well. When they got back with the cleaning supplies, Walter had rolled Doug out of the way, and tied his wrists and ankles, using both their belts.

Walter grabbed the curtain ties off the rear drapes, and re-secured the bastard, pulling the knots tight.

“Don’t hurt him,” Cassie pleaded.

“You shouldn’t have brought him. You know how I feel about the fuckwad, you cheating slut.”

Cassie looked nervous. “Please, Walter. That was long ago. I made a mistake, Okay? I’m gonna do what you want. Just don’t hurt him.”

“Every time you plead for him, you know you’re making it worse, don’t you? You chose him instead of me, cheating with him. You think I want to hear you choose him again? You invited him to fuck Veronica’s ass, knowing what it would do to me!”

“I’m sorry, Walter. I am. It was stupid. I’m gonna make it up to you tonight. Whatever you want, Okay? We can end it here.”

“Get in the bedroom. Both of you. I’m not gonna hurt him anymore, but I don’t want him interrupting us.” He pulled Doug’s moaning form upright. “Now. I expect you both to be naked when I get in there.”

The girls walked off slowly, and Walter started dragging Doug to the bedroom. He left the fucker outside the door, and brought back a high-backed chair. He set it beside the bed, and with a good bit of effort, while the girls watched nervously from the bed, he leveraged Doug into it, and tied him in place.

Doug was furious, cursing his captor. It got him a solid punch in the gut, and a threat of another blow to the groin.

Veronica spoke up. “You said you weren’t going to hurt him.”

“If he struggles or fights back, I’ll more than hurt him.” Walter grabbed a sock from the dirty laundry and one of his ties. Before long, Doug was thoroughly gagged and helpless.

Walter laid back on the bed. “So, Cassie. It’s been a while, huh?”

She nodded, sitting naked, one hand covering her crotch, her arm covering her tits.

“Come on, there’s no need to be bashful. It’s not like I haven’t seen it before. Move your arm,” he said, a little more forcefully.

She uncovered her breasts, and Walter couldn’t help notice her nipples were hard.

“When’s the last time you gave me a blowjob, Cassie?”

“Senior year. After Homecoming.”

“That’s right. The same night I found you in the room with asshole. You lousy cheating cunt.”

She pouted. “I was drunk, Walter. I swear, I tried to tell you, I thought it was you.”

“Bullshit. You knew exactly what you were doing. You were going steady with the bastard within the week. You knew how I felt about him.”

“Please, Walter, you have to-“

“I don’t ‘have to’ anything. Suck my cock, Cassie. Suck it now.”

She sighed, and started doing as he asked. After a couple of minutes he was as hard as he was gonna get. She pulled her lips away. “I’m sorry. Can we forget about the past for a while? Let me make it up to you.”


She sucked, for the audience of two. Her live-in boyfriend, and Walter’s ex-girlfriend got a hell of a show. She felt him pull her up by the hair. She was surprised to see he was smiling. “The sucking was good. Now fuck.”

She mounted his cock, enjoying the thickness, remembering how it had been. He’d been her first. She had loved him, loved him so damn much. Then that stupid party, too much flirting, way too much to drink. It was the biggest mistake of her life. She lost him, and he never even let her explain, never game them a chance. Maybe this was her chance. She rode him, and put everything she had into it. She tried hard to make him understand. She took her time. Walter had always had stamina. He got hard and stayed hard.

She worked it, trying to get him to come for her, to let the others see. It was great. Walter had to know. Faster and harder, she rode him desperately until she felt herself slipping over the edge of pleasure, into release. She screamed his name, shuddering, letting the pangs rush through her. She laid on him gasping, feeling his strong hands caress her.

“Other hole,” Walter said softly.

She blushed, and at the same time, felt so damn excited. The simple way canlı bahis siteleri he was using her, telling her what to do, making the other two watch. Luckily, she knew this was coming and had prepared herself thoroughly. She shifted forward, and moved his cockhead to her rear pucker. It took a couple of tries before he slipped past the tight entrance.

She grunted, and he slapped her butt cheeks. “Good,” he groaned. “So damn good.”

Cassie was pleased. She knew that groan. He was trying to act in control, but he was loving it. She moved slowly, taking him deeper, squeezing down on him. “Is that what you wanted? My poor little butt-hole? Stretch it all out, make me suffer? Do you want to hurt me, Walter? Are you going to punish my aching hole?”

She wasn’t aching. Not at all. She was definitely enjoying it.

Walter held her hips, driving into her, going faster, deeper. “You hurt me, Cassie. And you couldn’t stop, could you? You just had to get involved.”

“We hurt each other. I’m sorry. Fuck my ass, Walter. Fuck it hard, make me pay. God, I love your fat cock, baby!”

Walter looked over and smirked at Doug. How does it feel, dickbreath? he thought. Doug didn’t look like he was enjoying the show. Not at all.

Cassie wanted it hard. So Walter was gentle with her, caressing her, loving her, moving her through different positions, kissing her back, working her up slowly to a frenzy. Then he gave her what she’d asked for, hard and rough. By the time he came for her, he’d wrenched another huge orgasm from her willing body.

They cleaned up, shared some wine, and then he let Cassie suck him hard for Veronica, who’d been so very patient, quiet, waiting. Walter had a blast, positioning the girls how he wanted them, using them both, first their mouths and pussies, and finally alternating between their tight asses. He was in heaven.

Walter was surprised when the girls started kissing, playing with each other’s tits, sucking on them. It never went any further than that, but it was enough. Having Cassie on the bottom, with Veronica on top of her, the girls kissing passionately while he switched from one tight ass to the other was nothing less than fantastic. He had them coming easily, panting, crying out, soothing each other, while he used them hard.

He entered Veronica again, knowing it was possibly his last time. Cassie held his ex in her arms, kissing her softly, while he pounded her perfect butt into submission. One last beautiful trembling orgasm set him off, pumping his cum into her.

The girls lay together, holding each other, blushing. “Is that it, Walter?” Cassie asked.

“One more. One more and we’re done,” He gasped. “Let’s shower first.”

They allowed him to lead them into the shower, where they cleaned each other. Veronica was wheedling her preference. “Isn’t it enough, Walter? It was my fault. You don’t have to do her anymore.”

Cassie was cleaning his cock. “No, it’s Okay. I agreed. Whatever you need tonight, Walter. I promised. I don’t go back on my promises.”

Walter pinched her nipple. “Really? I guess that’s something new.”

She blushed. “It was a mistake, and I’m sorry. I was young and stupid, alright?”

“No, it’s not alright. You cheated on me. You left me for him.”

“No, baby. I didn’t leave you. I cheated, yes. I was a kid, and an idiot. I…I got drunk and let him seduce me. I was so wasted, I didn’t even know it was him until you walked in the room. You threw me away afterward. I’m not blaming you, but I would have stayed with you. Made it up to you. You wouldn’t have anything to do with me, remember? All because of a childish mistake. I was stilled pissed at you for that, for not fighting for me, for just throwing me away, over one ignorant mistake. That’s why I did it, and I was wrong. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

Walter knew she was right. He’d been furious, incensed. He’d shut her out of his life after she’d cheated with Doug. He knew it was Doug’s fault, he’d pursued her doggedly, waiting for any chance to slip in.

“You’re right.” He lifted her chin and kissed her softly. “I’m a screw up. I was young too, I couldn’t handle it. I…I should have tried to work things out, not abandon you.” He looked over at Veronica. “You too, beautiful. I was wrong, very wrong, and I’m sorry I hurt you.”

Veronica leaned into him, kissing his shoulder. “Me too. I was afraid to experiment, and I was cruel to make that tape and send it to you. Forgive me?”

He kissed her deeply passionately, then found himself doing the same with Cassie. “Me too?” she asked softly. “Forgive me?”

“Forgiven,” he assured her, alternating soul kisses, while their soft hands brought his cock back to life.

He pulled away. “You two are forgiven. Not the asshole. He did his best to steal you from me, Carrie. He tried and succeeded. Then he went and stole what should have been mine.” He turned to Veronica, pulling her close. “I know I had forfeited any right to you, but that bastard jumped right in at the first opening.”

Walter turned off the water, and the three of them dried off. He sat the girls on the bed back-to-back. “We’re going to try something a little…kinky,” he teased. He tied their hands together behind them, and to each other. He tested the knots until he was satisfied. The girls were giggling.

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