Adam’s Lover(s) Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Maggie’s Husband Meets Adam’s Friend

This is a continuation of a story begun several months ago. The earlier versions are available under my profile.


My wife, Maggie, and I decided to head down to the local bar. We had a business party we needed to attend that night but we both thought a drink before we attended might be a good idea. Actually it was Maggie’s idea. I think she knew she’d see Adam. He was typically there on a Friday night. It was clear from our conversations that she was really enjoying the time she was spending with him. He was pleasuring her in way that I never could. The size of Adam’s cock and the way that he used it had reawakened in her a longing for the big pricks she used to seek out in college and before we were married.

The thing was, I too also knew first hand how much pleasure Adam could give with his thick and long manhood. After years of living vicariously through Maggie’s exploits and fantasizing myself about being seduced by strong and powerful man Adam had taken me. In an early evening seduction at his house Adam had fed me his thick hard cock and I had savored the taste of his seed. Adam then fucked my virgin ass and gave me the most powerful orgasm of my life as he pumped deep into my man pussy.

Yes, I knew why Maggie wanted to be near him again, even if it were for just a drink or two. I imagined she would flirt, a little more publicly and in front of me now. She might, no I’m sure she would grab his cock through his pants for a quick feel in the crowded bar. And while I also wanted to see Adam I was hesitant. Maggie didn’t know of my encounter with Adam and I hadn’t seen Adam since we had been together. I didn’t know how he would react when he saw me.

The bar was your typical local watering hole. Filled with blue collar and white collar workers and on a Friday evening there ataşehir escort were two or three deep at the bar. It was impossible not to be squeezed against somebody else as waited for a drink or let somebody pass by.

When we got there Maggie saw Adam immediately and headed towards where he was. I followed. Adam was with his friend Greg. Trying to decide who was better looking of the two would be like trying to decide who was better looking; Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Maggie latched on to Adam as soon as we got there and trying to be useful I went to the bar to order drinks. Adam glanced at me quickly with a wry smile and then settled into an obviously engaging conversation with Maggie. Their body language said it all. Touching of the shoulders, the hips, leaning into each other as they whispered into each others ears. It would have been obvious to anybody in the bar if they were paying attention that there was a sexual energy between them. After the first glance Adam gave me, I might as well have been in another state as far as they were concerned.

I waited at the bar for service and I soon realized Greg was standing there with me. Greg is gorgeous. An incredible specimen of a man that even the most homophobic would have to admit was good looking. He stood 6′ 2″ and weighed about 200 pounds. He had sandy blonde hair and was chiseled from hours in the gym.

Greg started to make small talk with me. I knew him casually but had never really spent a whole lot of time in conversation with me. I figured he was just killing time while his friend Adam flirted with my wife. The bartender eventually got around to taking my order when Greg grabbed my wrist and told the bartender he’d pay. Greg then paid for my beer and Maggie’s and bought one for himself. I was a little surprised but again figured it was nothing but a friendly gesture.

Maggie kadıköy escort looked over long enough to take her beer before falling back into conversation with Adam. Adam clearly had his hand low on her hip now and Maggie had arched herself back so that her pussy was in contact with Adam’s crotch. I was sure she could feel his bulge against her. Because the bar was crowded it wasn’t obvious want was going on but I saw Greg take a look and knew that he was seeing what I was seeing. He arched an eyebrow and then just continued with his conversation with me

Greg didn’t say anything to me about Maggie and Adam. I was a little ashamed and turned on by what was going on. I felt a little humiliated that this was happening right in front of me but I also couldn’t help feeling envious of Maggie. I would have loved to have had Adam’s cock rubbing against my crotch right then. The combination of that though and my humiliation was causing my own arousal.

At first I hadn’t noticed that Greg had moved closer to me. The bar was crowded but he didn’t need to be as close to me as he now was. He was also reaching out and touching my arm. I was surprised by this but still thought nothing of it. Our conversation was still just general but as he talked he was now pressing his hips into me. I was at first alarmed. I was afraid that he might feel the erection that had been stirring and I had been trying to hide from watching Adam and Maggie. But then it dawned on me. He was flirting with me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect after my evening of passion with Adam. I was a little nervous that Adam might talk about what had happened but then he told me it was something he wasn’t going to talk mention. Even though he had clearly been the man in our tryst and I had clearly taken and enjoyed the role of the female Adam’s reputation might still suffer in our small town bostancı escort bayan if word had gotten out that he had had a gay encounter.

But from the actions of Greg, Adam had clearly shared some of what went on with his best friend Greg and now Greg was working his seductive powers on me as well. In a public place I wasn’t quite sure how to react. Just as those around us weren’t noticing Adam and Maggie it was doubtful that they were noticing Greg’s even less obvious flirtations with me. Once I realized that I began to enjoy Greg’s touches. My face flushed, my erection grew stiffer, I’m sure Greg felt it, and I began returning Greg’s touches to his arm and shoulders. At one point I let my hand fall between our hips and turned my open palm towards his cock and pressed it against him. He was huge and I let out soft but audible moan. Greg pressed into me harder.

It was time for Maggie and I to attend the business party. Maggie actually interrupted my conversation with Greg to remind me. As Maggie was saying goodbye to Adam, I had almost forgotten about them, I thanked Greg for the beers and he suggested I come back in on Saturday. I wasn’t sure if I could but told him I’d try.

I had a thousand emotions running through me as we left. While I had initially encouraged Maggie to hook up with Adam, the events after had gone in a completely different direction. I was sure Maggie and I could handle her affairs and I would have the pleasure of living vicariously through them. But after touching and being touched by a man as strong and powerful as Adam I realized how hard it would be not to enjoy the pleasures Maggie always spoke of. Like Maggie I now needed the taste of a man’s cum. Like Maggie I now needed to feel a strong hard cock deep inside me. Like Maggie I now wanted to bring a man sensual pleasure as I felt his dick spasm and then subside inside of me.

I could tell Maggie had enjoyed her forty minutes with Adam. As we left the parking lot she said, “Sorry, I spent so much time with Adam. I hope Greg was able to keep you entertained.”

I answered, “Uh, yeah.”

I was crazy with lust.

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