A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 05

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[It is not requisite that you first read the earlier stories in this series prior to enjoying this one. However, if you are offended by excretory punishment or infibulation, you should not read the story.]


Eleanor was one very excited woman as she walked from her apartment to the best restaurant in the city, known simply as The Lounge. Senior Correctional Officer Annette had invited her to this going-away occasion and Eleanor was most grateful to Annette for making her horrible year on infibulatory punishment as tolerable as it had turned out to be.

After all, while Eleanor had suffered public humiliation for her adultery with another woman’s husband—her vaginal lips were closed for the year with the surgical insertion of small alloy rings in her labia—and the entire case had been thoroughly reported on in the Woman’s Compass newspaper, Annette had made sure Eleanor complied with the requirements set for those under correctional supervision and Eleanor had completed her sentence with no issues arising.

Eleanor now was a married woman herself, ready to move with dear Jackson to another city where they would be far less conspicuous. She entered The Lounge and the hostess smiled when she mentioned her companion and escorted her to a booth. Annette rose and welcomed her and then indicated that there was a third lunch companion, Justice Lesley, one of the three-judge panel that had sentenced Eleanor and also released her from correction.

Justice Lesley was blonde and Eleanor felt a slight bit better about her joining them for lunch because this justice had written the short opinion when Eleanor’s prosecutrix, Gail, had tried to extend Eleanor’s punishment, an unwise move that resulted in the court, per Justice Lesley’s decision, ordering that Gail be caned and that her counsel receive both a caning and some extra Mistress’s strokes, that is, imposed on her open vulva.

“Hello, Eleanor,” Justice Lesley said with a broad smile. “I hope we might be friends in future. I know you will harbor some resentment towards the court for your sentence but Annette has told me how well you have behaved and we are very pleased with that. And please accept my congratulations on your marriage as well. Dianne informed me [referring to the Chief Justice who had married Eleanor] as to how impressed she was with your husband.”

Eleanor smiled in return and told Justice Lesley she was very honored that the judge thought so well of her. Annette then added that she hoped Eleanor would stay in contact with her even when she moved, because after some additional time had passed, Eleanor would be entitled under the code of the Women’s Republic to move for expungement of her court record, assuming continued good behavior. “You seem to be a fine candidate for that when it is timely,” Justice Lesley noted, “and I will personally review Annette’s report when it is completed.”

This pleased Eleanor greatly, because it was a tuzla escort signal that she could depend on both of these two powerful women to advance her cause. There had been some good, she now felt, in what she had suffered.

The three ladies celebrated the occasion by ordering a split of Perrier Jouet. They had just finished toasting when Eleanor spotted her archenemy, Gail, walking toward them. She had a nasty look on her face and did not try to avoid seeing them.

When she arrived at their booth, no one invited her to join them. “Thanks for the non-invitation,” Gail said with a slight note of disdain, “not that I would want to join any of you for any reason. I’ll just wait until this lady”—pointing to Eleanor—”finds out what it’s like when her new husband cheats on her.”

Justice Lesley saw that this was not a meeting that would make anything better. “I think you had better go on and live without spending any more time here,” she said snappily.

Gail failed to take the hint and merely rejoined, “Oh, I’m fine and I’m certainly not spending any more time with this whore and the ones who support her behaviour.”

She did not instantly realize that she had overstepped the line.

“That is uncalled for,” Justice Lesley said in a severe tone. “I could have you charged but instead, Annette, will you take her to the ladies’ room, and have Eleanor go with you.”

Gail blanched and Eleanor somehow refrained from smiling at Justice Lesley’s statement, which was tantamount to an order to the senior correctional officer. The ladies room at The Lounge was quite large and in a sense, gave the whole restaurant its theme as well as its name. Women who had offended their superiors were traditionally escorted to the large ladies room here and taken over the lap of their superior to be spanked or otherwise disciplined right then and there.

This was the Republic’s carrying on of the old societal practice most of them remembered of mothers taking their misbehaving children into the ladies room to be punished. Here, there were a number of both couches and armless chairs clearly designed for this purpose in the ladies room. There were also a number of cabinets along the wall that contained many punishment implements for use by the chastiser. On the other side of the room were a series of stalls for the principal purpose of the room, which was to serve as a toilet for ladies lunching at the Lounge.

Annette escorted Gail to the ladies room by the hand. She detected some fear on the part of the woman of what was in store for her because of her indiscretion and nastiness. Eleanor followed them and she was mildly surprised to be joined by the very blonde and attractive Justice Lesley.

“I haven’t actually seen a ladies room punishment for some time,” the judge whispered to Eleanor. “It seems appropriate for me to join the two of you there.”

When they arrived at the ladies room, two of the couches and one tuzla escort bayan chair were in use for their intended purpose. Younger women or teenaged girls were spread across their senior’s—usually their mother’s—laps with their skirts rather shamefully pulled up and often rather colorful and skimpy panties down at their knees or lower. They were being punished either by the mother’s hand loudly spanking their nether cheeks or, in one instance, by the use of a large paddle by a slim, very stylish lady who was probably punishing her submissive, who wore a black leather collar.

Annette selected an available armless chair and with her finger, summoned Gail to stand at her side. “You will lift your skirt well above your waist,” she directed, “and lower your panties to below your knees. Then you will place yourself across my lap.”

Gail’s face immediately and presumably involuntarily reddened but she did what she was told, following the humiliating order. Then she lay across the senior correctional officer’s oatmeal tweed skirted lap. She realized an even worse extra punishment would occur as the oatmeal tweed was rough and was irritating her most private places as she lay across it, bared.

Gail was older than the other women being punished in the room and realized that the others were either teenagers or, in the one case, a youthful submissive. This further shamed her and she even began to be sorry that she had gone out of her way to confront Eleanor in the presence of such important women.

Annette now began to spank Gail’s white buttocks, which reddened faster than her face. Gail was starting to appreciate what her court-ordered caning had apparently not conveyed to her about the need to accept the court’s decision and to get over her anger.

Worse yet was Justice Lesley’s seating herself right in front of Gail’s tear-filled face. “You need to learn to be appreciative of what this Republic has done for you,” she told the woman as Annette spanked Gail. “We ordered a woman who had damaged you to receive a very severe punishment. She was infibulated for a year. You should be ready to move on, as she is.”

While Gail was starting to understand the situation she was in—she knew that all her friends would soon hear via the women’s grapevine about her being spanked in the ladies room of The Lounger—she did not respond quickly enough to Judge Lesley, who expected such deference based on her status.

Annette proceeded to complete the punishment by use of a riding tappet to administer some burning strokes to Gail’s crimson bottom. Now Gail was starting to whimper as Annette continued to hit her already bruised and fiery buttocks. Worse for her was to come, however.

Justice Lesley, clearly infuriated by Gail’s failure to respond to her advice, decided to intervene in the punishment. She said to Annette, “Bring her over to the punishment stall.”

Both Gail and Eleanor winced when they heard this severe escort tuzla statement by the judge. The punishment stall had been provided by The Lounge’s operators as a service to women who wished to administer especially humiliating punishment to those who had offended. Men by the way were not excluded even though this was the ladies room. There was a separate area for women to bring men to be punished so they would not see the women under discipline.

The person being punished in the punishment stall was made to lie on her back and insert her head through an opening that was then tightened. When she opened her eyes, she was staring up, her head resting on a shelf above the water level in a special toilet. This person was now Gail, who stared up through the hole in the toilet seat.

Soon the seat was occupied by the pale posterior of none other than Justice Lesley, who had raised her severe black skirt and lowered her white panties so that her bare bottom sat on the comfortable seat. The spread of her cheeks exposed her small anal opening and her larger vaginal lips. Gail now faced the truly devastating situation that one of Justice Lesley’s intimate openings would soon open and deliver its contents—of her bladder or her bowels—on Gail’s face, perfectly located as a target in the toilet.

Eleanor had never seen this punishment imposed and was most impressed with Justice Lesley’s presence as she exposed her intimate areas to view. Annette too was somewhat surprised although the senior correctional officer had both viewed and administered this kind of discipline during her long career.

A muffled scream from Gail indicated that Justice Lesley had apparently released something onto Gail’s face and from what Eleanor smelled, it likely was fecal matter from the judge’s anus. Then the women heard a spray hit the woman’s face, both washing off the soft feces and conveying the unmistakable scent of both urine and the excrement. Justice Lesley then wiped between her legs, front to rear, deposited the paper in a special container, and rose from the toilet, pulling up her panties and letting her skirt fall.

She turned back, retrieved a spray cord and nozzle, and opened the control, proceeding then to carefully wash Gail’s still stupefied face and upper torso as the spray cleaned off the judge’s own feces and urine from Gail’s body. Gail was then released from the toilet by Annette, who offered her a towel to dry her upper body.

She knew enough, although she hated having to do it, to stand formally in front of the now-seated Justice Lesley and beg forgiveness by apologizing to the judge and requesting to be released. The judge calmly told her she hoped Gail had learned a lesson and bade her leave.

Annette and Eleanor now joined Justice Lesley, as they returned to their booth for dessert and a final toast.

“To Eleanor’s continuing rehabilitation,” Justice Lesley proclaimed, and Annette and a shame-faced Eleanor joined in the pleasant atmosphere. As they soon saw, when departing the premises of The Lounge, Gail’s name was being placed on a chalkboard listing those who had been disciplined in the ladies room that day.

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