A Tight Encounter Ch. 02

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I pulled up outside Sam’s house and walked to the door, rang the doorbell and waited. Jennifer opened the door and smiled, inviting me in. She called Sam and told him to get his things ready. As we waited we exchanged the usual pleasantries, Jennifer commented that it was nice of me to take Sam golfing for the weekend and that it was nice to see him get out a lot more lately. I assured her it was no problem and that we enjoyed each others company. Sam arrived at that point, carrying a large holdall and his golf clubs. He kissed his mother goodbye and loaded his bags into my car.

As we drove away he waved to his mother then turned back to me and asked me where I was taking him for our dirty weekend. I laughed at the comment, as I thought how absurd it was that I was taking a 19 year old guy away for a weekend of sex. I told him that we would be staying at my friend Angie’s and that she was an amazingly sexy lady in her late 30’s to which I could see a smile creeping across the young mans face.

As we drove along the motorway chatting, Sam hitched himself up and slid his trousers down revealing some very nice sheer black tights with his large cock making a nice tent. I told him to stop teasing as he would make me crash the car and he laughed as he began stroking the nylon bulge. He asked me to tell him all the things we were going to do over the weekend, what Angie would like and whether she would approve of our relationship. As I told him all the things that I wanted to do, describing all the tights we were going to wear and all the things we would do with Angie he closed his eyes and began to masturbate through the tights. I became so turned on watching this out of the corner of my eye, my descriptions became dirtier and more graphic, which Sam clearly enjoyed. After a short while I saw his hand stop as his cock pulsed in the tights, hot sticky semen oozing through the tights, the semen glistening in the streetlight.

I pulled off the motorway, telling Sam not to touch anything and quickly searched for a dark side road and pulled over. The engine barely died as I unbuckled my seatbelt and buried my face down into Sam’s lap, licking and sucking his lovely warm cum, taking his cock over the top of his tights I licked and sucked it clean before popping it back into it’s nylon encasement and telling him to pull his trousers up.

Sam couldn’t contain his broad grin as we drove on and as we chatted, I told him that he was a cock teasing slut and that he would be getting it when we got to Angie’s; this just made his grin even bigger.

An hour tuzla escort later we pulled up outside Angie’s house, grabbed our bags from the boot of the car and walked to the front door and rang the bell. Angie opened the door looking absolutely stunning in a sexy nightie and satin dressing gown. Sam stood dumbstruck as his eyes traced up her gorgeous legs up to her wonderful cleavage and then her beautiful face. He stammered a hello and then said that she was even more beautiful than he could have imagined, a bulge already appearing in his trousers. Angie laughed and invited us in. As we followed her my eyes followed her shapely legs and I noted that the tights she was wearing must have been super sheer as you could only just make them out.

There was no standing on ceremony as Angie lead us straight to the bedroom to drop of our bags, Sam asked which rooms were ours and I smiled as Angie told him that we only needed the one room and one bed for the weekend!

Angie left to get some drinks and I began to undress, I told Sam to relax and make himself comfortable as we wouldn’t be leaving the bedroom for the weekend! I stripped completely and searched in my bag for a nice pair of sheer grey tights. Sam stripped down to his black tights and I told him to get changed, he looked down at the white stain in the crotch and grinned as he realised that this might not be a good first impression. He searched through his bag and pulled out a pair of diamond patterned black tights and sat on the bed as he changed his tights.

Angie returned with a tray of glasses and bottles of wine, she asked if it was enough for the evening to which I replied that it probably would be as it was doubtful we would have much time to drink. She laughed as she placed the tray on her dressing table and walked towards me, we kissed passionately as I removed her dressing gown and nightie to reveal her wonderful breasts and sheer covered pussy. Sam watched, playing with his bulge as I laid her on the bed and we continued kissing, touching and stroking.

I told Sam to be a gentleman and start licking the lady which he eagerly did, burying his face deep in between his legs and pushing moist nylon deep inside her. As he licked her pussy through the tights I began kissing and biting her breasts before, Angie moaned in pleasure and closed her eyes. I began kissing all the way down her body, teasing her with gentle kisses on her tummy until I reached her pussy.

Sam moved down her thighs kissing her shapely legs all the way down to her toes where he began sucking and biting them through the tuzla escort bayan sexy sheer nylon. I started probing Angie’s pussy with my tongue and then ripped open her crotch buried my tongue deep inside her soaking pussy.

Sam alternated between her feet, savouring the taste of each toe and sucking the whole foot at times as I continued fucking Angie with my tongue. Her juices were now in full flow and I could feel her breathing rise as she held my head against her and pushed her crotch hard against my face, her hips bucking as the orgasm overcome her.

As her orgasm subsided, I moved up and knelt in front of Angie’s face so she could take my nylon cock into her mouth, as she sucked me deep through my tights Sam moved up in between her legs. He knelt in between her and slid his large cock deep inside her soaking pussy and began to work it in and out getting harder and harder as Angie continued sucking me deeper and deeper. Before long I could feel my orgasm pulsing through my body as my cock exploded through my tights and deep into Angie’s throat as she greedily swallowed all I could produce.

Angie removed my cock from her mouth and pulled it over my tights, she gently kissed and sucked my softening manhood and sucked me clean just as Sam began to moan. I quickly told him to pull out and moved down to take his load into my mouth, swallowing every bit of his lovely salty love juice as Angie joined me, sharing his cock and continuing to suck him until he grew hard again.

I told Sam to lay on his back and Angie continued sucking his hardening cock until he was fully erect then she moved up his body kissing him all the way up until as she kissed him passionately, pushing her tongue deep into his throat, she lowered her moist pussy over his eager cock. I positioned myself behind Angie as she gently rode Sam’s hard young cock and pushed her forward on top of him more. Taking my hard cock in my hand, I moistened it with some baby oil before moving it to the entrance of Angie’s anus.

As she pushed back towards me, whilst riding Sam, I pushed my cock deep inside her and began thrusting deep inside her with the same motion as she was riding Sam. It wasn’t long before we were all thrusting and moaning, are actions becoming more frantic as our collective orgasms grew until a cascade of shudders as Sam and I came almost simultaneously deep inside Angie and then we collapsed breathless on the bed and just lay for a while kissing and touching each other.

We slowly stood up and stripped off our sodden tights, Angie lead us to the shower where escort tuzla all three of us stood under the hot water. As it tumbled over our skin we washed and kissed each other as Angie paid special attention to our well used cocks, massaging them with shower gel and working them into a lovely lather. Sam pushed some fingers into my anus, giving it a nice clean as I slowly jerked his lathered cock.

I turned off the shower and Sam and I stood naked as Angie patiently dried us off in a very sub servant manor and we could both see that Sam was becoming aroused again.

As we entered the bedroom Angie said that she wanted to watch for a while and put some nice red tights on and sat in a chair . Sam and I both put tan tights on and moved onto the bed.

We lay on the bed and began to kiss, I pushed my tongue deep into Sam’s mouth and kissed him passionately as we played with each others cocks. I pushed Sam’s head towards my crotch and adjusted my position so that I could take him into my mouth at the same time. As we continued to suck each other in the ’69’ position, Angie sat and watched, massaging her pussy through her tights as she did so and playing with her nipples.

I told Sam to lay on his back and positioned myself between his legs then reached down and ripped a small hole in his tights. I poured some baby oil onto my hand and rubbed it around my fingers then massaged the oil through the hole in the tights and deep inside him. I pushed first one, then two of my slippery fingers into his tight hole as he lay back, eyes closed with me finger fucking him, going a little deeper with each thrust.

I pulled my fingers out and moved in between his legs, as I kneeled in between he lifted his backside off the bed allowing my slippery hard cock to enter his tight hole. His fingers gripped the duvet on the bed as I slowly slid my shaft deep inside him, right up to my balls and then I began to pump gently. I rested his ankles on my shoulders as I pushed my cock into his loosening hole, every now and then sucking his nylon covered toes.

I looked over at Angie who had ripped her tights and now had three fingers deep inside her pussy as she watched Sam and I fuck. I thrust harder and harder staring first at Angie then at Sam’s hard nylon covered cock which he was stroking and jerking. I took over the jerking with my hand as I fucked him harder and faster, my balls slapping against him with every thrust until my whole body shuddered as my orgasm came over me and my cock exploded deep inside him just before his cock twitched and pulsed in my hand as his a small amount of spent semen dribbled through his tights. I pulled out and lay next to him, kissing him deep as Angie joined us on the bed, kissing and touching until we fell asleep together…

To be continued

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