A Taste Of The Islands

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The hypnotic sounds of goat-skinned drums drowned out the loud roar of the plane as it neared Nassau’s International airport. Jake’s heart danced in time to the music, click don boom, da boom, boom, boom.

God it feels good to be home, he thought. Never would he have imagined that a preppy kid from The Hamptons would find his soul on the gritty streets of a third world country while sweetly ensconced in the arms of a devilishly handsome rasta man.

But from the moment that he had first visited Nassau six years earlier as a wet behind the ears travel writer for an upscale New York magazine Jake Royal had had a hard-on for the seven hundred islands and keys that comprised The Bahamas.

Like a beautiful, sexy woman the burnt orange spectacle of the early morning sun took his breath away. The tropical air caressed his face like a lover’s touch leaving in its wake the faintest hint of Jasmine carried on sea air.

He felt the island’s voodoo spell embracing him with thick scented arms like an arduous lover with a wet hungry pussy. He smiled. “Sweet brown sugar mama I’m home,” he said.

After he had cleared customs Jake’s dark gaze eagerly searched the crowds of scantily clad tourist and colorfully attired natives for his friend and lover Malik Jones. When their eyes connected Jake felt a fire crawl through his body before settling in his cock.

The two men stared at each other. There was no need for words as their bodies cried out in longing. They had met at a club and the attraction between them had been too explosive to ignore.

They had ravaged each other that night but over time their sexual passion had evolved into a deep love and trust that Jake had never expected to find. He felt near tears as he walked towards Malik.

The two men embraced modestly in a desperate attempt to keep their raging desires in check until they were finally alone. Still Malik’s tongue refused to behave. “I can’t wait to fuck you man,” he whispered in Jake’s ear.

His warm breath and exotic Bahamian lilt sent shivers down Jake’s spine. He groaned and took Malik’s hand. “Let’s get out of here,” he said.

As Malik expertly blended his car into the hazardous maze that was island traffic Jake sat back in his seat and tried to relax as the colorful mosaic that was Nassau slipped by.

On Bay Street Jake was astounded all over again at the perfect fusion of old Spanish style architecture with suave clubs and trendy coffee houses catering to the dot com generation.

Historical Fort Charlotte built in 1787 still guards the Nassau Harbour though today she shares her regal glory with a nearby Holiday Inn. In the clean air international and local voices battled for attention against blaring car horns, reggae and calypso music.

The funky eclectic mix of sight, sound and smells had been lost in the two dimensional world of his research. Now his senses were on overload trying to soak it all up.

He had to remind himself that he was here on business as well as pleasure. His editor would be expecting an article on the local Junkanoo festival. Before he could even think about catering to the demands of his cock he had to act professional and meet with the owner of the local Junkanoo museum for a private tour and insights into the African festival that had survived the middle passage and become a cultural odessy for a nation.

“Man you will love Nadia,” Malik told him. “She is one hot Bahama mama believe me.” Jake was curious to know exactly what it was about Nadia that had brought a gleam to Malik’s eyes. He often lived vicariously through his more adventurous lover. Malik’s bi-sexual bedtime tales would keep them both up until way into the night.

Jake tried to clear his head of all things sexual even as his cock grew harder inside his shorts. When Malik pulled up in front of the wooden two-story building that housed some of the most intricate and exotic costumes in the world Jake had regained some of his professional composure.

He grabbed his backpack and followed Malik into the cool interior of the museum. As soon as he stepped over the threshold Jake felt as if he had been transported to Africa. An old Africa spirited and proud, with centuries of kings and queens calling it home.

The life size African sculptures and giant exaggerated costume depictions of everything from trees to mythical gods and beast. Jake sensed that the museum was more of a memorial than a showcase.

He could actually feel the presence of souls, beaten into a physical slavery while their spirits and their traditions refused to die. But it was the woman behind the counter that commanded his attention.

With her regal bearing and her silky glide across the illegal bahis room she conjured up images of Pharaoh’s bride. The high cheekbones and full bee stung lips relaxed into an easy, open smile. Her body encased only in a chocolate tank top and black Daisy Dukes took Jake’s breath away. She had what the natives called a Coca-Cola shape in reference to the hour glass contours of classic coke bottles.

Her skin was the color of the purest honey and glistened with suntan oil. Jake could not keep his eyes of her large firm breast. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra and her oversized nipples were unabashedly showing off.

What little blood was in his brain rushed down to fill his cock leaving him senseless. He barely heard Malik introduced them. But when Nadia took his hand and rubbed it with her thumb he felt every nerve stand up and take notice.

“Hello Jake,” she said in a soft voice. Jake recognized the look of desire in her dark coffee eyes. Jake managed a hello and told her how much he liked the museum.

“Then let me give you the grand tour,” Nadia said. As Jake followed her rounded ass around the museum he wondered why they didn’t just stop the pretense and go at it like dogs in heat.

She was giving him historical facts while her eyes wandered to his crotch and Jake asked questions and took notes while his cock grew painful. He wondered what her ancestors would think if they all started fucking among their legacy.

Would they think that the white man sandwiched between two beautiful black bodies was progress or an outrage? The torture went on for over an hour. Jake could tell by the smirk on Malik’s face that he was enjoying his misery.

Occasionally he rubbed Jake’s ass adding fuel to the inferno in his pants. When they finally came back out to the front desk Nadia took Jake’s hand again.

“I’ll see you tonight at the Junkanoo festival baby, there is so much more we have to share.” She gave Jake a soft kiss, her lips barely touching his. But he felt the full force of her breath, sweet and powerful like she carried the life of her mothers inside of her. Jake felt his knees grow weak and his head start to spin.

He wanted to fall into the mysterious place between her breast and loose himself in her arms. But Malik grabbed his hand and pulled him to the door. He turned around for one last look but Nadia but she had disappeared into the dark confines of the museum.

When he got outside Jake gulped air into his lungs. Malik laughed. “Man she really got a hold on you.” “Does she practice that black magic that she was talking about?” Jake asked him.

“Nadia practices black magic but not the kind our ancestors did. She got black pussy magic and dat’ make people fall under her spell. I am addicted to her now and I hope I never get rehabilitated.”

Jake had never been so intrigued about a woman. He was looking forward to becoming her slave. Wouldn’t the gods love that?

Malik lived in a little cottage near the beach where he created almost ethereal sculptures out of wood, stone, marble or anything else that he could get his hands on. His trademark “nudes” engaged in various deviant, delicious sexual acts were displayed throughout his tiny studio.

The studio was their favorite place to fuck, among the inanimate lovers their every act was glorified. Jake was taken aback by Malik’s rendition of the Hindu mythical god Shiva which spouted eight circumcised mahogany cocks instead of the traditional abundance of arms. His many goddess wives feasted on his huge dicks while he rode another man with pleasure.

In one corner of the room Jake spotted a life size painting of Nadia wearing nothing but a huge boa constrictor with its head inches from her open pussy. Her eyes were devilish as she gazed at Jake pulling him into her world like a zombie.

He caressed her perfect breast. Malik expertise had given it an almost three-dimensional quality. He groaned and turned to face Malik. They began to kiss hungrily, their tongues wet and unmerciful. Jake ran his tongue over Malik’s face. He loved the saltiness of his smooth brown skin.

“Eat me baby,” Malik pleaded. Jake ate at his mouth like it was the Last Supper. Frantically they tore away each other’s clothes. Jake grabbed Malik’s huge black cock and caressed the mushroom head. He moistened the length of it with his mouth.

“Tell me about Nadia,” he pleaded to Malik. “What makes her hot?” Malik ran his tongue over his full lips and tried to remember how to speak as Jake attacked his cock with a vengeance.

“Nadia is a bitch man. She like to make grown man feel pain, she will torture you like a Chinese dictator and make you love every minute of it.” Jake illegal bahis siteleri groaned around Malik’s huge cock as his mind envisioned a million delicious ways Nadia could inflict pain and pleasure on him.

Malik watched Jake’s pink lips slide up and down his cock. He squeezed it in his hand causing a wad of come to foam at the top and making it look like a giant twinkie. Jake lapped it up with his tongue.

He released Malik’s cock and traveled up his body to deposit it into his mouth. “Make me hurt baby,” he whispered in Malik’s ear. Malik spun him around and bent him over a table. He took his big hands and stretched Jake’s pale ass open wide. He lubed his fingers with his own juices then inserted three into Jake’s hole.

His fingers played catch up with Jake’s ass for a while. Then it was time to get down to business.

“Man I miss this so much,” he said. Slowly he eased himself into Jake’s tight hole. Jake whimpered as his asshole was stretched to its limits.

He loved the feel of stretching human flesh; the slight pain drove him wild. He ground his hips back into Malik’s. “Do it hard man,” he pleaded.

Malik began pounding into him. Jake grabbed the table for support. Malik grunted and groaned above him. His dreads tickled Jake’s face and back.

The wet smacking of their hips sounded loud in the room. Malik pulled all the way out then plunged back in.

“Oh fuck!” Jake cried, “hurt me baby, do it harder!”

Malik’s hips became insane; his body became drenched in sweat as he tried to please his lover. But he knew that what Jake really wanted was the lubed hardness of mahogany between his cheeks.

Malik pulled out of Jake to retrieve his greatest creation, an eight-inch dick made of pure mahogany. When he had first introduce it to Jake he had balked at the idea of having something that unforgiving up his ass.

But after he had used it on Malik a few times Jake had changed his mind and their sex life had skyrocketed to a whole new level. Jake’s eyes closed in anticipation as he felt the warm toy kissed his ass cheeks. Slowly and gently Malik slipped the cock inside. The feel of having a true “woodie” in his ass made Jake groan like a crazed lion.

As he began moving it in and out Malik picked up the pace all the while being careful of what he was doing. To them letting the other person invade their bodies like this was more than a sexual act. It was the greatest measure of trust.

Malik ran his tongue over Jake’s ass and back licking away the salty moisture. The wooden dick was turning Jake’s insides to Jell-O; it liquefied everything in the path to that ultimate release.

It took over his mind; body and soul, possessing him like some voodoo queen. When he became incoherent Malik knew that he’d reach his threshold of painful pleasure. It slipped the mahogany out and replaced it with his bigger but softer dick.

He grabbed Jake tight around the waist as they settled in for the home stretch. As they slammed into each other Jake’s eyes rolled back into his head.

Jake cried out as he came. His cock pressed between his body and the table sprayed them both with hot come. Malik closed his eyes tight as his own release exploded from the inside out. He cried out Jake’s name then slumped against him. The men slid to the floor. In a few minutes they had regained their strength. Just one more time then I’ll get down to work Jake thought as he slid between Malik’s thighs.

The Junkanoo festival began at 3am that morning. Malik and Jake walked to Bay Street holding hands. Jake had never felt so free and full of excitement. He was almost panting to see Nadia and what a night in her company would be like.

They jostled for elbowroom with the throngs of Bahamians that had come to watch the festival and to cheer their favorite competing team on. They were to meet Nadia and her assistant at the museum and then go on to the festival grounds.

When Jake saw Nadia standing in the doorway of her business with the light surrounding her he was struck again by how beautiful she truly was. Tonight she was wearing a dried grass skirt and a bikini top.

Her braids were decorated with flowers and she wore a flower anklet on her barefoot. She looked like the quintessential island girl. Her assistant who she introduced as Laquesha was one of those intriguing people that walked a thin line between man and woman.

She had a rich honey complexion, long blond hair and breast the size of ripe island melons. But the strength of her handshake told Jake that she was packing heat down below.

To Jake she was the embodiment of everything bi, a perfect fusion of both worlds with a little style and attitude thrown canlı bahis siteleri in for good measure. The walk to the festival was filled with laughter and flirting.

The rhythms of the goat skin drums, cowbells and whistles lured them into the dancing carefree crowd. Jake’s three native companions began to grind their hips in motions that came as naturally to them as breathing.

The moonlight illuminated their dark bodies; the fresh morning air grabbed Jake around the throat and pulled him further into an odyssey of the spiritual and the carnal. The drums sounded loud in his ears, boom, boom, boom, da boom, da boom.

He heard the wild cry of an African jungle cat. Desire ripped through his body like wild fangs and claws tearing out his flesh. Weak and panting he found himself supported between Malik and Laquesha.

The music grew more frantic and the crowd matched its tempo. Jake felt himself slipping into another realm. He felt the African voodoo magic take over his body. Transporting him to the land of the Gods.

His space on earth became intangible except for the very palpable hard cocks pressing into his ass and groin. Nadia appeared at his side and brought him back to earth with a wicked kiss that branded him as hers forever.

Her breast pressed into his arm as they moved together. Their sweats and breaths mingled. Laquesha began caressing Nadia’s breast. Taking that as his cue to begin the fun Jake reached out and touched Lequesha’s fabulous mounds. They felt surprisingly real.

He squeezed them hard and Lequesha encouraged him with a big smile. Still keeping in time with the music Laquesha and Jake removed Nadia’s top. Her perfect breast glowed from the heat of the streetlights.

Malik and Jake played with Nadia’s breast. She arched her back and ground her hips further into Jake’s side. Laquesha removed her top. Her breast spilled into the small space between her and Jake.

Jake’s mouth began to water at the sight of those succulent tits. Greedily he began sucking on a dark nipple while Nadia took the other into her mouth. Her own aching breast weren’t neglected for long.

Malik took a cocoa hued nipple into his mouth and began sucking hungrily. Their tangled bodies still managed to keep time with the music as they got their fill of chest meat.

When their cocks became too turgid to ignore Jake and Malik pulled down their shorts. Jake watched in excitement as Lequesha lifted her skirt and pulled out the biggest cock that he had ever seen.

It had to be at least twelve inches, thick and cut. “You can play with this later,” Lequesha shouted in Jake’s ear. “The queen bee has to sample your goods first.”

Nadia slipped between Jake and Lequesha. She parted her grass skirt in back. Jake watched in amazement as Lequesha slipped that giant cock up her tight ass. Nadia held on to Jake and screwed up her face as her flesh was stretched to its limits.

But when Lequesha was fully embedded in her posterior she relaxed and a look of pure bliss crept across her beautiful face. She smiled at Jake. “Let me taste that white meat big boy,” she told him. Jake’s cock slipped easily into her wet pussy. Her muscles grabbed him and held tight. Jake felt Malik open his ass. He closed his eyes as Malik’s slippery cock filled his hole.

No one seemed to notice or care about the partially nude group of people fucking their brains out in public. Nadia’s pussy was so sweet it made Jake cry. Her tongue was unmerciful in his mouth. Malik’s warm breath fanned Jake’s face as his cock fired up his ass. They were oblivious to everything but the intense pleasure that they were giving each other. Their cries were drowned out by the drums that serenaded them to an explosive climax.

People moved around them as they grabbed at each other. Their hips grew frantic. The men bared their teeth as their come spewed out of their bodies. Nadia, taking a load at both ends, dug her nails into Jake’s shoulders and screamed to high heaven.

It was a while before they could untangle their sweaty bodies. Still in a sexual daze they helped each other put their clothes back on. When the blood was flowing upwards again Jake remembered that he hadn’t seen much let alone photograph the Junkanoo festival.

“Guys I have to get some work done,” he said. “My boss would be pissed if he knew that he was picking up the tab for me to fuck my brains out.” “Or maybe he would make a few trips himself,” Nadia said giving him a wicked smile.

Jake was tempted to pull her towards him and turn that beautiful smile into a sexual simper. But the festival would be over soon and he was above all else a man who could deliver the goods.

They spent the next two hours helping Jake take an impressive collection of stunning photos and commentary of the festival. As the morning sun arose from its long slumber Nadia took Jake’s hand in hers. Her hungry smile assured him that the fun had only just begun.

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