A Story from My Youth Pt. 02

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Since my last encounter with Pete we had crossed paths several more times though the end of my final year in High School. We’d been in Phys Ed sessions together and even on the same football team at the end of the summer. All the trouble between us had stopped and we spoke occasionally, albeit only briefly. I’d felt like he was more distant than I was, which was strange since he’d been so confident in the past.

Anyway, the summer ran out and I went off to University. I thought nothing of Pete specifically, although dreams of our encounter had made me pursue my real sexual identity more confidently. My first year at University was fun and I began to explore relationships with other guys without the awkwardness of having my school friends about.

My second encounter with Pete was quite a shock in many ways. I was back in my home town for the summer vacation and there was a party being thrown at a friends house to celebrate us all being home again. I was excited to go.

I don’t know why, but it all felt different when I got there. Sure, I loved catching up with friends and hearing about their various exploits at University. But I wasn’t ready to share my homosexuality openly. I kept quiet mainly as everyone got more drunk and the music got louder.

Later on another group crashed the party and I noticed Pete immediately. He was bigger than before – more muscular – and I could see how his neck and shoulders clearly showed signs of hours in the gym. He was with a girl – long dark hair and slim but with absolutely no interest in the party.

Seeing him for the first time in a year peaked my interest in the party, but I lost sight of him and never found him to chat to. As it got later, with my friends entertained themselves with drunken fumblings on the sofa with ex-girlfriends and the like, I decided it was time to go. I headed upstairs to get my sweater for the walk home.

We were in a farm house, so the upstairs corridor was really long, leading to my mate’s bedroom. Before I reached the door, it opened and Pete’s dark-haired date pushed past, clearly really pissed off. The door slammed behind her. I hesitated. My instinct was to ask her if she was okay…but, then, I didn’t even know her name. And she looked really annoyed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at something. So I just opened the door and walked in.

I’d expected it to be dark, but both bedside lamps were on. I immediately saw Pete sitting on the bed, facing away from me and naked apart from some white briefs pulled loosely up around his hips. He was bent forwards and, judging by his arm movements, was masturbating.

“Yeah, look…come back. I’ll be ready in a minute…I don’t know why I can’t…” He trailed off as he turned and realized I was standing there instead of his date. He stood up, hand massaging his semi-hard cock over the white briefs that were stretched across the top of his thighs. He stopped moving, but didn’t let go of his cock.

“Oh, shit! I didn’t realize it was you…I thought you were…” he stopped speaking again. Embarrassed and confused. He suddenly sprung to life again, pulling up his briefs and pushing his soft cock inside. “I was…we were…erm, well…you know. Fucking.”

Finally, I spoke. I knew I was smiling at the whole situation, but I wasn’t prepared for the turn he conversation was about to take. “Hey, no problem. I hope I didn’t interrupt. I just needed my sweater, which you…well…might have been fucking on top of.” I pointed at my blue sweater among the pile of jumbled and squashed clothes.

“Oh, erm…sure…” Pete motioned for me to come in.

“Was she okay?” I asked, walking around the bed to reach for it. “She looked pretty upset.”

“More like pissed off, I’d imagine.” Pete replied, adjusting his small bulge and sitting on the bed.

“Really? Should I be worried about what went on in here?” I was standing in front of Pete. I needed to reach to his right to get my sweater but I was again dumbfounded by his lack of concern about being almost naked or this strange situation we were in.

“Hardly. Nothing did happen. Literally. For some reason I couldn’t get it up and she got really pissed at me for it. To be totally honest, her temper was a real turn off!” Pete shrugged and scratched his chest. I noticed how much bigger and stronger he seemed. Defined and clearly muscular, but still stocky on the whole.

“Ah…” was all I could manage. What güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri do you say to that?! “Maybe it was the condoms?” I said, motioning to the used condom laying in the middle of the bed.

“Nah. Sadly not.” Pete said. At this point he looked right at me for the first time. “To be honest, I’ve had this problem a few times since we shared that shower together last year. It pops into my head all the time. When I’m with a girl it throws me off and I can’t stay hard. You ever get that?!”

At this point the conversation might have gone either way. But I felt so confident in my own skin that summer that I didn’t hesitate.

“I don’t remember you having any trouble under the showers, Pete. In fact, I think about that moment all the time and can’t help getting hard when I think of it.”

“Really?!” Pete smiled a little. “Erm…like…erm, is it happening now?” He was looking at my crotch.

“Mmmm, I don’t know. But I can see it is happening to you.” I motioned towards his own crotch, which was shifting under the white pouch of his briefs. “I have to say I’m pleased you’ll get hard thinking of me but can’t for that brown-haired girl you’re with!”

Pete smiled again, looking down at his growing cock. He leaned back a little onto his elbows. “The problem is, you’re the only person I can always get hard for…”

I wasn’t about to wait any longer. I stepped forward to him, knelt down between his knees and gently spread them apart. I looked right at him. “Let me see then…”

I caressed him from the knees, up his thighs and around the elastic at the top of his legs. His whole groin raised up at my touch. I shuffled forward as I ran my hands up and over his hips and enjoyed the feeling of his abs twitching as my fingers ran down towards the waist band of his briefs. As I lifted them I took in the sight of his stunning cock again.

It was slim and smooth. Hardly any veins to speak of and with a gentle upward curve towards the head. It was still only semi hard, but I wasn’t about to wait. I took the base of the shaft and balls in one hand and pointed it downwards towards my face. I slipped my tongue across the tip and felt Pete’s hips tense.

“Fuck yeah” was all I needed güvenilir bahis şirketleri to hear. I took the entire cock head into my mouth and gently wet the entire dome of his cock. I felt him throb and continue to grow in my mouth, so took the opportunity to take his whole length before he was too hard. Sliding my wet mouth around his shaft until I was bent over his abs with my nose buried in his pubic hair.

As I began to work him into a rhythm I knew he was now rock hard. His hips pushed into me in time with my sucking, only stopping when I broke the rhythm to tease him. I’d pull out and caress his wet pole with my hands while I worked on the head of his cock from underneath.

As I licked him from under his balls to the slit of his dripping cock, I asked “you’re hard enough now, Pete.”

“Fuck yeah…but not for long, mate…” was all he answered before I cut him off by swallowing his length again.

He was right, though. Only a few more deep thrusts into my mouth and I could feel his hips tense and his hands grab for the mattress.

At first I worked him even more, sucking gently on the cock head while teasing him firmly with my hands around the base of his cock. But then, as spurt after spurt of hot cum shot up and into my mouth I pulled off…

His groans of joy were amazing as he shot load after load into the air above his hips and abs. I watched as his soaking cock tensed and pulsed each time he spurted.

And then, slowly, he relaxed. Each time I moved my hand it set off another spasm followed by a small spray of watery cum. He laughed each time and moved my hand over his shaft to encourage more.

Finally, when everything had relaxed, I looked up. I had expected to find him staring at the ceiling but he was looking right at me.

I smiled. “Did you watch the whole time?” I asked.

“Are you kidding me?!” said Pete. “I’m not going to miss that kind of show!”

“Well…” I said, trying to hide the fact that I was wiping his cum from my lips “I hope you liked it as much as I did…”


And, at that, I stood up. I looked at his stunning, toned body and slim, limp cock and smiled. “I only came in for my sweater” I said as I reached past him.

“Sure.” He said, smiling from ear to ear.

And with that I left the room. Feeling more aroused that I’d ever felt to that point. Wondering desperately what Pete would do next, alone in that room.

And, as it happens, I’d find out one day, less than three months later. Pete and I would have one last fling together…

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