A Snowy Encounter Pt. 01

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I want to find you. I want to turn around and find you looking at me, holding mystery in your eyes. Standing in snow above our ankles where lonely flakes still drift down, I want to find you. Snow holds a deep silence but as I look at you my heart thunders. My chest aches and I feel drawn to you.

I cross the distance between us and I reach out to you. You, to my surprise, reach back. When you grasp my hand I feel that flicker of lightning rush up my arm in excitement as you pull and bring me closer. I stumble in my blooming excitement and you laugh, breaking the silence like the shatter of crystal and I find myself laughing too.

I steady myself on your shoulder and with our faces flushed by laughter and cold I look into your eyes, and I see that mystery again. You reach out and brush some snow out of my blue-black hair, before bringing your hand down along the side of my cheek and along my jaw as my breath catches. You push your hand back along my jaw line and hook around that back of my neck and pull me in.

We kiss. It is not hesitant or meek, but confident and bold. I push my lips firmly into yours, tilting my head ever so, as our lips form together as your hand tangles in the back of my hair. I reach and wrap both of my arms fully around you, bringing your body flush with mine as our kiss deepens and we open our lips ever so slightly to each other.

I’ve far forgotten about the cold now as my body is on fire and I feel as your chest presses firm into mine your heart pounding strongly with the same excitement and rush that I feel. I keep one arm firmly anchored around your waist keeping you pulled close to my and bring my other hand up to cradle your face, breaking our kiss as my eyes explore your face. “You’re devastatingly beautiful.” I gasp, the cold air outlining my words as I trace your ear.

You flash a delightfully mischievous smile, before pulling me back into a kiss anadolu yakası escort and pushing your body further into mine but not before giving me a slight nip on my lip. I respond greedily opening more to you as we kiss in the snow and as close as we are, I am unable to hide my growing excitement.

I feel that grin on your lips while we kiss, and you slowly move your hips across mine rubbing, tormenting my rapidly growing erection. You continue this until you pull a groan from me before leaning up on tiptoes inviting me inside to warm each other up other from the cold.

We’re inside now, still cold from our time in the snow but now without our jackets. With our rush from earlier we waste little time in moving to the bedroom, as I grab your hand and pull you with me into the room. The second the door closes you wrap me back up in a kiss and we stand there for a moment, as I feel your breasts push into my chest and you feel my erection pushing back into you. I give you a quick hip thrust that pushes you backwards onto the bed with a small yelp of surprise as I quickly follow you down.

I continue to kiss you as I grab your butt and push you farther up on the bed. I’m in control, for now, and I reluctantly pull my lips from yours to bring them a new task. I make it my goal to learn every inch you with my lips, as I gently kiss down your jaw line to your neck.

Kissing softly here, and firmly there with an occasional nibble, I make a little circle with my tongue before kissing deeply at the base of the neck. I slowly kiss across your collar bones as my hand travels along the edge of your shirt line, slowly along tracing the edge of the border I am so eager to cross.

I hear your breathing quicken as I pull the edge of your shirt and bra forward, slowly exposing your breast and kissing each part of you as it’s revealed. I bring my other ataşehir escort hand to rest at the back of your head to entangle my fingers in your ear as I make a final tug, bringing your nipple jumping out of your shirt.

I reverently kiss it before starting to play with it, using my tongue to flick and circle. I pull one hand tight in your hair and using the other to squeeze your breast as I hear you gasp a little above my ear.

I pull my mouth away, returning to kiss you again before parting heading towards your other breast as my hand continues to play with your breast and my fingers toy with your alert nipple. I expose your other breast and kiss it firmly before gently grasping your nipple in my teeth and pulling it up ever so slightly, as I feel you buck beneath me.

You push against my shoulders and we sit up, I’m confused for a moment but it vanishes as you insistently pull my shirt off over my head. Not wanting to be rude I return the favor, then watching in growing excitement as you slowly unclasp your bra and reveal your breasts. You are gorgeous, your face flushed with excitement as your chest gently heaves, your breasts and perky nipples an exciting invitation.

We kiss again hungrily as I lay you back, trailing my kisses over your breasts, down your belly and to your waist. I rub both of my hands along up along your sides and down to your butt as I kiss along your waistline.

I hook a finger into your pants, peeling them back at the edge so I can kiss the edge of your hip and flick my tongue over it. I switch to give the other side the same treatment, trailing kisses along the way as I take my other hand and blindly unbutton the top of your pants and pulling the zipper down all the way. You graciously lift up your hips as I slide your pants up and off bringing a cute pair of panties into view.

My heart is pounding as my hands bostancı escort travel along your inner thighs, gently pushing them open. I kiss your inner thigh before bringing my mouth right above your clit and sucking on it gently through your underwear. I feel how wet you are, and I pull the edge of your underwear aside. For a moment I can only admire, but I cannot leave you waiting and I want to bring you that pleasure you desire.

I take my tongue to circle your clit as I feel you reach down and fist my hair while your back arches. I move from circles to sucking, with the occasional flick. I take my finger into my mouth, wetting it, before sliding it up and down the length of your lips.

With each stroke I part them more and more, enjoying the build up of your pleasure and anticipation. At the bottom of my stroke I cover your entrance with my finger, teasing you and slowly pushing it open in a sultry circle at the end of each stroke before heading back up. Finally and without warning I slide my finger fully into and I feel you arch sharply as your walls clamp down upon my finger.

I pump my finger in and out of you several times before adding another finger and then curling them upwards inside of you, as if I was beckoning you to come hither, rolling along your G-spot in the process and reveling in your moans and gasps of pleasure.

I remove my hand and lay my body across yours and kiss you excitedly. I hear you panting with excitement and I lean up a little, watching your breasts heave as you breathe and I trade you my own mischievous grin, as I push my now large erection onto your soaked panties and grind my hips gently back and forth, up and down, enjoying my own chance at this torture.

You, however, have had enough of my games and roll quickly, flipping me over before landing firmly on top of me, your hips planted over mine as your grind yourself on my erection. I look up at you, my shock of black hair on the sheets as you sit triumphant on top of me. Breasts firm and excited, face flushed and eyes glowing, ready to take your turn in this passionate rush. As my cock swells under you and my neck starts to flush I can’t help but admire as you confidently straddle me. You are glorious.

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